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Stating the obvious

When you see media articles puzzling over how the pandemic seems to have made society less civil, you just have to wonder how brain dead someone must be not to have seen this coming.

A lot has happened in the time since March 2020, and some Canadians feel that one of the characteristics the country used to be known for – kindness – may no longer be an accurate stereotype.

They’ve turned to social media to ask whether anyone else has noticed society being “increasingly unkind” and “disrespectful” since the pandemic.

CTV is soliciting opinions in regard to this problem, but it’s unlikely anyone who strays from the narrative is going to see their thoughts publicized.

Diversity Is Their Strength

Sweden has asked its military to help police fight gang crime, following a sharp increase in deadly shootings and bomb attacks in the Scandinavian country.

Ulf Kristersson, the centre-right prime minister, said after a meeting on Friday with the head of Sweden’s defence forces and its police that he would next week ask the military to help.

He would also look at changing the law to allow the armed forces to give even more assistance, he said.

“I cannot emphasise enough how serious the situation is. Sweden has never seen anything like it before. No other country in Europe sees anything like it currently,” Kristersson said in a televised address to the nation on Thursday night.

Police chiefs have said that Sweden is facing its most serious domestic security situation since the second world war as immigrant drug gangs engage in a bloody conflict.

Police believe the gangs are increasingly using children to commit the crimes, as those under 18 often go unpunished or receive low sentences from the courts.

Last year already set a record for the number of deadly shootings in Sweden, and this September is on track to become the worst month since records began.

“It is political naivete and cluelessness that has brought us here,” said the Swedish prime minister. “It is an irresponsible immigration policy and failed integration effort that has brought us here.

“Social exclusion and parallel societies feed the criminal gangs. There they can ruthlessly recruit children and train them as future killers,” he said.

Voting for dollars

Any predictions out there as to who is going to triumph in the Manitoba provincial election being held on October 3rd?

Here’s mine: The tax and spend party is going to win out over the borrow and spend party.

Here’s why: voters are upset that seven years of rule by the borrow and spend party have not fixed socialized medicine. As happens in every election cycle, each party takes a stab at trying to make this centrally planned system function. It’s now the NDP’s turn to engage in a vain effort to accomplish the impossible. No one dares challenge the single payer model since that would result in electoral defeat.

Wab Kinew’s plan to reopen the ERs closed by the Tories is only going to happen by shifting staff from other areas, since extra staff are largely unobtainable. If you really want to determine the proper number of ERs that Manitoba needs, you would have to allow free interaction between health care practitioners and consumers in the context of a system with actual price signals. Since we have neither, good luck to Wab.

Confirmation bias

Liberal water carrier Frank Graves has released a new “poll” which purports to show that conservative voters overwhelmingly buy into “disinformation”. Not surprisingly, his definition of disinformation is tailor-made to get the polling results he wanted. If you differ with his view on any of these questions, well, you are simply disinformed:

-Canada’s economic growth lags well behind the G7 average;

-Vaccine-related deaths are being concealed from the public;

-The right to bear arms is guaranteed in Canada’s constitution;

-Climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions.


No profits for you!

One really has to wonder why any investor would ever sink a dime into France.

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday the government would ask the fuel industry to sell at cost price and would grant 100 euros ($106.52) in aid to the poorest workers who drive to work, to stem the impact of inflation on households.

“The Prime Minister will bring together all the players in the sector this week and we will ask them to sell at cost price, that is to say that no one makes a margin,” Macron said in an interview with France’s TF1 and France 2 television stations.


Stalling out

When regime water carriers like the CBC start to run stories about an imminent recession, that’s a pretty good indication that they’ve run out of ways to sugar coat bad news and are coming to the same conclusion that many SDA readers arrived at months ago.

Soaring inflation has eroded purchasing power, and climbing interest rates have clobbered households. Now, cracks have begun to appear in the data, and economists expect those cracks to grow. GDP contracted in the second quarter of this year.

Next week, new data is expected to show economic growth flat-lined in July and perhaps contracted again in August. Some of that can be chalked up to specific factors, including labour actions like the port strike in B.C. or wildfires.

But before any of that, momentum was clearing being sapped out of the Canadian economy.

The Milquetoast Party

In Weimar Germany there was a political party, the Democrats, whose motto was “Nothing will sway us from the middle road”. By creating a party based on the non-concept of “moderation”, however, they wound up helping to build a society that embraced outright statism. It seems that history is rhyming again in Canada. Hopefully, voters won’t fall for it.

Canadian Future is the brainchild of Centre Ice Canadians, formerly known as Centre Ice Conservatives. It was founded in April 2022 when it became clear that Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre had a huge lead in the Conservative leadership race. They preposterously claimed the party was moving too far to the right, and desired a supposedly more moderate political alternative.

Radical centrists are more naturally at home with the Liberals, NDP, Greens and others on the political left. How do they expect to gain support in an even more crowded political field? With ex-Conservatives at the helm, and policies on trade, democracy, the environment and health care that wouldn’t sway many left-leaning Canadians, I have no earthly idea.

Soviet food systems

With rampant crime infesting so many inner cities in North America, is it really any wonder that large retailers are exiting those environs? Responding with a proposal for state-owned food stores is about as far from a solution as you could possibly get, but these days it seems to be par for the course.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said he wants to open city-owned grocery stores to serve neighborhoods that have become “food deserts” after four Walmart stores and a Whole Foods closed.

Johnson announced last week that his administration would partner with the nonprofit advocacy group Economic Security Project to put stores in underserved areas of the city — a proposal Republicans called something out of “Soviet-style central planning.“

Drowning in “stimulus”

One can assume that Canadians are in the same, or perhaps an even leakier, boat. These figures, by the way, do not include mortgage interest.

We Don’t Need No Flaming Sparky Cars

The wheels of the Clown Bus go bump, bump, bump;

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Thursday addressed her now-infamous electric vehicle charging fiasco, saying her “young” staffers showed “poor judgment” when they used a gas-powered car to hoard a spot for Granholm at a crowded public station. …

Granholm’s charging fiasco occurred during the energy secretary’s June 27 drive from South Carolina to Athens, Ga., which included a stop at a public station outside Augusta to recharge Granholm’s electric vehicle fleet. But before Granholm’s arrival, the energy secretary’s advance staff determined the station would not be able to accommodate the caravan, as one charger was broken and others were in use. A Granholm staffer subsequently used a gas-powered car to hoard the station’s only available charger until Granholm’s arrival, prompting one angry family to call the police.

Let them eat cheaper cake!

I won’t object to any tax cut, but this one strikes me as too little, too late, coming from a government which happily shut down restaurants during the pandemic, ultimately forcing many into bankruptcy.

Dining out in Manitoba would cost less under a re-elected Progressive Conservative government, the party says, announcing plans Friday to ditch the provincial sales tax on restaurant meals.

The Tories say the move would give the restaurant industry a much-needed boost after being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it would make dining more affordable.

The ethics of emergencies

The misappropriation of millions of dollars is a feature, not a bug, of systems guided by short-term, “emergency” thinking. Or rather, a complete lack of thinking.

Rai led a “fraudulent scheme” targeting the hotel and PHAC officials, according to the statement of claim, telling the other owners the government was taking over the entire hotel but only paying for 100 rooms — when he had actually negotiated government payment for all 247 rooms.

It’s alleged he misappropriated the revenue difference of those 147 rooms: at least $15.7 million.