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Keeping Up Appearances Down on the Farm

Guest post by SDA regular, James MacMaster:

In a belated response to lacklustre investigations and weak-kneed prosecutions of anarchists who undertake farm invasions involving criminal acts, our MPs are patting themselves on the backs for coming up with a new federal bill related to trespassing on farms.  But if you were thinking that this is some kind of endorsement of the freedom and right to own, use, and enjoy property, well, give your head a shake.  As it is with Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association, our cowardly MPs just can’t take a public stance on anything resembling fundamental freedoms.

Conservative MP and ag critic John Barlow, who sponsored the Bill, said it was vital to deter people from illegally entering farms because of the risk of, get this, spreading disease among the animals.

Stay tuned for more dislocated shoulders in the hierarchy of Canada’s farm organizations as they pat themselves on the back for getting their Sugar Daddies to come up with this tough, timely, and necessary response.

“He died happy at the hands of those he loved. RIP “

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward schadenfreude;

A Los Angeles social justice advocate was killed on Monday when a homeless woman, who lived out of her car, broke into his home and shot him.

Michael Latt, 33, the founder of the social justice group “Lead With Love” was the victim of a “tragic act of violence” after he was found suffering from a gunshot wound before being transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.


How Deeply Has China Penetrated into Canada?

Ottawa dragon boat festival apologizes for telling man to remove Falun Gong shirt

It took four years, but a retired Ottawa man has finally received an apology from Ottawa’s dragon-boat festival over an incident he considered an insidious example of the Chinese government’s influence in Canada.

The festival’s CEO had persuaded Gerry Smith to remove a Falun Gong T-shirt while at the event, mentioning the Chinese embassy’s sponsorship of the festival. The spiritual movement — a target of longstanding repression by the Chinese government — says the incident was just one part of an ongoing campaign of interference and intimidation against the Falun Gong here in Canada.

h/t James MacMaster

Clean Electricity Regulations, pipelines, new nuclear


I’ve been on the road, so there’s a whole lot to get caught up on:

Clean Electricity Regulations:

Saskatchewan and Alberta are tag-teaming the fight with Ottawa on the Clean Electricity Regulations. First, Alberta says on Monday it will use its Sovereignty Act (and Guilbeault has something to say about that). Then Saskatchewan names its tribunal panelists to look into the Clean Electricity Regulations and the harm they will do to the province. One of the panelists is Ken From, former CEO of SaskEnergy and occasional columnist for Pipeline Online. Another is former NDP finance minister and deficit-slayer Janice MacKinnon.

Wilkinson says Ottawa has always been flexible on clean energy rules. Yeah, right. A Canadian Press story.


Oilsands producers confident in their massive carbon capture project.


Enbridge is finally, really, totally, completely done on Line 3 replacement. Really.

Coastal GasLink pipeline, the one to feed LNG Canada and finally allow LNG exports, has now been hydrotested and is now mechanically complete.

Nuclear, small and large:

Saskatchewan funds the Saskatchewan Research Council getting its first micro reactor. Notably, it’s a Westinghouse eVinci. Who closed its 49% purchase of Westinghouse a few weeks ago? Cameco.

SNC-Lavalin under a new name launches its first 1000 megawatt CANDU reactors.

The biggest opponent to nuclear development in Saskatchewan for decades was NDP MLA and cabinet minister Peter Prebble. Guess who is now complaining about Saskatchewan’s greenhouse gas emissions?  – a Zinchuk column


A huge change occurred in Saskatchewan media, with the retirement of John Gormley, the king of talk radio in the Land of Living Skies for the last 25 years. His replacement is former Regina Police Service chief Evan Bray.

The Emperors Have No Clothes

The recent events in Ireland clearly illustrate the global elites’ modern playbook:

  1. Introduce policies that do not benefit the best interest of most citizens.
  2. When, as a direct result of these policies, something very bad happens:
    1. Don’t accept any responsibility.
    2. Refuse to blame the actual culprits.
    3. Instead cast aspersions at anyone who dares point out the obvious connection.
    4. Be sure to make use of any/all of these terms when squelching your opposition: far-right, hater, Nazi, deplorable, extremist, denier, conspiracy theorist
    5. Encourage your legion of “journalists” to support your narrative.
  3. Fine and/or jail anyone who dares to keep complaining about your incompetence/corruption.
  4. If/when you kicked out of office in a future election, move onto another job provided by your fellow global cretins.

We saw this throughout the pandemic, throughout the Ukraine war, and now once again with the recent stabbing of little children in Ireland. But Connor McGregor is not letting Irish PM Leo Varadkar off the hook.  Even more from PJW.

Update: Commentary from the Lotus Eaters.  h/t Marc from Calgary

CBC Fiction

I just spent 2 weeks “back home” in Vancouver. There was an elevator I frequently used which had one of those Information Monitors in it. The following ad kept appearing:

CBC News
Get the news you need, without restrictions.
The news you can trust.

Do you see anything wrong with this ad? How about everything?!

It refers to this event. But this story, as just one of countless examples, is written in such a way to spin a narrative that is palatable for both those who run CBC News and the Trudeau regime. Yet it undoubtedly works perfectly to fool all of the unquestioning NPCs across our once great land.

Lest We Forget

Carefully listen to what MSNBC’s Chuck Todd had to say in mid-2021. Everything he said was completely wrong. He aggressively encouraged people to get the experimental jab. How come he was not deplatformed for disinformation, which may very well have lead to harm?!? Viva Frei has more.

Related: The US Army won’t apologize for what they did but essentially issued a mea culpa.

Do keep all of this in mind over the coming year when the same playbook may be used once again.

Woke Ideology: Playing with People’s Lives

Female boxer withdraws from Canadian tournament after being told her rival was transgender with an hour’s notice, leaving her fearing for her safety:

Dr. Katia Bissonnette, from Saguenay, claims she was given just an hour’s notice she was being matched with transgender fighter Mya Walmsley last month.

The two had been due to face off in the 2023 Provincial Golden Glove Championship in Victoriaville, Quebec.

But Bissonnette withdrew at the last second after learning the identity of her opponent, resulting in Walmsley being declared the winner by default as they could not find anyone else to take her position in the same weight class.

‘Women shouldn’t have to bear the physical and psychological risks brought by a man’s decisions regarding his personal life and identity,’ Bissonnette told Reduxx. ‘There should be two categories: biological male and female.’

h/t James MacMaster