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Endless War

NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, explaining how Putin’s peace proposal is not real, and how the peaceful solution is actually to keep fighting a war they cannot win.

NATO are in no position to negotiate. Whatever leverage they had is now gone. Putin is offering an olive branch. NATO/Ukraine can admit defeat, spare the remaining Ukrainians and negotiate, or Putin is just going to take what he wants by force.

The West know they cannot take the political hit by admitting they lost this war, especially before the US election, so they will continue to sacrifice the Ukrainian People to advance their own nefarious agenda.


“Mayor Jyoti Gondek” Is Not A Character In A Tim Burton Movie

But it should be.

I admit, I don’t understand how it all works so I have questions.

A water main break in NW Calgary has now put all 1.5 million residents under a severe water restriction status where they can’t even shower.

We don’t know how long this will last.

So how is it that one water line in a city so huge and spread out impacts the entire city so suddenly and severely? Is it a matter of shared pressure? Lack of ability to segregate the supply? Even by quadrant?

I am genuinely curious. I imagine many of those questions will be asked over the coming days.

For a city that size, it is surprising that the supply for the entire city is so vulnerable with just one line break.

Either way, I hope this gets rectified as soon as possible. Its going to be a miserable period for Calgarians.


UPDATE: Read the comments for more details on the break.

EV Promises Replaced with EV Losses

Ford Cuts Battery Orders as EV Losses Top $100,000 Per Car

As EV prices have plunged and demand has slackened, Ford’s losses per EV exceeded $100,000 in the first quarter, more than double the deficit from last year, one of the people said.

Bloomberg Intelligence estimates the losses Ford expects to sustain in its EV unit this year will come close to wiping out the profits it earns from its Ford Blue division, which makes traditional internal combustion engine vehicles like the Bronco SUV and gas-electric hybrids such as the Maverick truck.

The Modern State of Government

A recent public exchange in Santa Monica, California illustrated how obstinately deaf public officials are:

An eight-year-old Santa Monica resident caller, via zoom, said “there is something scary happening in our parks. Lots and lots of needles are left everywhere. They can make you sick if you step on them or touch them. I know people need help, but it’s making it scarier for people like me.”

When a Santa Monica public parks commissioner asked if the program could be moved out of a public park, Ferrer said, “We are not going to stop doing needle exchange, it is a proven strategy, it has decades of evidence. We’re not going to stop. I want to suggest that wherever we go with our mobile team there will be complaints.”

When queried if she had ever been to the Santa Monica Parks, Ferrer said, “No.”

Adam and Dr. Drew Pinsky dissected this in their most recent podcast.

Hey Danielle, Justice Needs a Little Help from You!

Persecution of Coutts Political Prisoners via Denial of Medical Treatment:

An unsung hero of the ongoing Coutts Political Prisoners story is Nikki Thom, friend and business associate to Tony Olienick, one of the remaining Coutts “2” of the Coutts Four prisoners, arrested on February 13, 2022, and who remains in custody, having been denied bail and yet to face trial.

Nikki has been tirelessly advocating on all four men’s behalf since day one, taking on what amounts to another full time job, doing the work of endless paperwork, emails, meetings, court appearances, and untold hours of legwork in assisting their legal counsel.

h/t James MacMaster