He Admires Their Basic Dictatorship

Dan Knight;

In an era where information flows as swiftly as a river’s current, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems eager to dam the waters. Many have suggested that Trudeau and his administration are determined to dictate the narrative, controlling the free flow of information in the digital realm. This, critics argue, is not only a threat to the democratic principles of free expression and access to information but also a misdirection from more pressing issues plaguing Canadians.

With a nation grappling with skyrocketing inflation, rising interest rates, exorbitant fuel prices, and grocery bills that pinch harder each day, Trudeau’s apparent focus on controlling the digital narrative seems out of touch. For a generation that grapples with the disheartening reality that homeownership might remain an unattainable dream, their frustration and resentment grow. Yet, every time their voices rise in criticism, they are quickly dismissed or labeled.[…]

In a world burgeoning with diverse digital content, a world where the power of voice is no longer the monopoly of a select few, we witness a potentially perilous encroachment by the CRTC, wielding legislative control over the once-free realm of podcasts. The unregulated charm of podcasting, its organic and unfiltered essence, stands at risk of being suppressed by the looming spectre of the CRTC’s regulatory machinations, seemingly imbued with the motives of the Trudeau government to infiltrate and manipulate the narratives within social media platforms.

The Trudeau government’s subtle quest for control within the social media realm, under the guise of the revamped Broadcasting Act and the nuanced ordinances of the CRTC, is indicative of a larger, ominous agenda. The alleged oversight and regulation, cloaked in terminologies of caution and prudence, are not mere protective measures but perhaps are intricate designs of an overarching governmental grip on the digital information landscape.

Canada is Back

Gord Magill brings us up to date on Trudeau’s political prisoners.

Condemnation was swift—hence Trudeau’s apology. But what everyone missed about this deeply embarrassing episode is the irony, for Trudeau has a penchant for seeing Nazis everywhere except right under his nose. The same Justin Trudeau who took part in a standing ovation of an actual Nazi in Canada’s House of Parliament allowed hard-working Canadians to be roundly smeared as Nazis for simply disagreeing with him politically during the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy.



When The Lights Go Out

Daily Mail- Switzerland plans to BAN electric cars from the roads 

Switzerland will ban the use of electric cars for ‘non-essential’ journeys if the country runs out of energy this winter, the government has announced.

Emergency plans drawn up in the event the Swiss are hit by blackouts also call for shop opening hours to be reduced by up to two hours per day, heating systems in nightclubs to be turned off, and other buildings to be heated to no more than 20C.

Crisis measures could see streaming services and games consoles banned, Christmas lights turned off, and all sports stadiums and leisure facilities closed.

Forget a northern energy corridor to Hudson Bay – just do it within Manitoba instead

There’s an election today in Manitoba, so all bets are off if the NDP forms government. But on the off chance that the Conservatives hold power, here goes. The conservative premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have been talking about building a new port at Port Nelson, Manitoba, on Hudson Bay. They would build a corridor of pipelines running oil and natural gas to said port, as well as rail, allowing potash exports. Maybe grain, too?  And Power from Manitoba could run west. Anyhow, here’s an alternative way to look at it, probably for a lot cheaper than building over 1,000 km of pipeline through some of the hardest rock on the planet.

And on the topic of energy, any business in Saskatchewan who wants to get in on building multi-billion dollar nuclear reactors should get someone down to Regina Wednesday morning to attend this conference.

And the Energy Transition Podcast talks about France’s Macron going full Trudeau.

And the Coastal GasLink Pipeline is now 98 per cent complete.

Net Trudeau: “Let the Western bastards freeze in the dark”

Toronto Sun;

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has launched an $8-million national ad campaign urging Canadians to protest Ottawa’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions from Canada’s electricity sector to net zero by 2035, saying it will lead to skyrocketing energy costs and blackouts.

The rest of Canada should listen, especially provinces such as Ontario, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, which would be particularly hard hit, along with Alberta.

Stating the obvious

When you see media articles puzzling over how the pandemic seems to have made society less civil, you just have to wonder how brain dead someone must be not to have seen this coming.

A lot has happened in the time since March 2020, and some Canadians feel that one of the characteristics the country used to be known for – kindness – may no longer be an accurate stereotype.

They’ve turned to social media to ask whether anyone else has noticed society being “increasingly unkind” and “disrespectful” since the pandemic.

CTV is soliciting opinions in regard to this problem, but it’s unlikely anyone who strays from the narrative is going to see their thoughts publicized.

The Libranos: Business-As-Usual


Documents reveal the Liberals’ Climate Change department paid the World Economic Forum (WEF) to produce a report that made an economic case for their environmental agenda, including the ever-increasing carbon tax.

In August 2019, the Environment and Climate Change (ECCC) department’s then-minister, Catherine McKenna, gave $493,937 of taxpayer dollars to the WEF to produce the report, as revealed in response to an Order Paper Question sent by Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis.

Specifically, the documents reveal the ECCC gave money “to enable [the WEF] to produce and disseminate a report that will establish the business and economic case for safeguarding nature.”

“This report will be directed at senior decision makers in governments and businesses who have the influence and ability to shift business-as-usual approach,” the ECCC stated. [Emphasis added]

In the report provided six months later, the WEF sourced papers favouring a carbon tax. It concluded its policy recommendations by stating, “What is required is bold policy ambition and decisive political leadership to signal that business-as-usual is no longer viable.” [Emphasis added]

In the report provided six months later, the WEF sourced papers favouring a carbon tax. It concluded its policy recommendations by stating, “What is required is bold policy ambition and decisive political leadership to signal that business-as-usual is no longer viable.” [Emphasis added]

Tuesday On Turtle Island

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Global Warming Scam News:  The climate crisis lies.  A former Extinction Rebellion activist.

Blackie’s Canada:  Podcast platforms must register with broadcasting regulator.  The Waterloo school board director.  A cultural revolution in higher education.  Liberal Party membership list remains secret.

Today In Islam:  Abandoning free speech.    Globalism News:  Global control of your money.

I Was Assured There Would Be No Consequences

Hey, it’s an easy mistake to make. Accidentally putting on a balaclava and stalking someone, based on their race, then menacing them, and tasing them, and tugging the wedding ring from their twitching finger, and then barging into their home and taking their stuff. And then doing it all over again, and again, and again, all entirely by accident. I mean, who here hasn’t done it?

And as we’ve been told, repeatedly, from on high, the creatures who do such things are just like us.

On crime and (belated) punishment.

Diversity Is Their Strength


Sweden has asked its military to help police fight gang crime, following a sharp increase in deadly shootings and bomb attacks in the Scandinavian country.

Ulf Kristersson, the centre-right prime minister, said after a meeting on Friday with the head of Sweden’s defence forces and its police that he would next week ask the military to help.

He would also look at changing the law to allow the armed forces to give even more assistance, he said.

“I cannot emphasise enough how serious the situation is. Sweden has never seen anything like it before. No other country in Europe sees anything like it currently,” Kristersson said in a televised address to the nation on Thursday night.

Police chiefs have said that Sweden is facing its most serious domestic security situation since the second world war as immigrant drug gangs engage in a bloody conflict.

Police believe the gangs are increasingly using children to commit the crimes, as those under 18 often go unpunished or receive low sentences from the courts.

Last year already set a record for the number of deadly shootings in Sweden, and this September is on track to become the worst month since records began.

“It is political naivete and cluelessness that has brought us here,” said the Swedish prime minister. “It is an irresponsible immigration policy and failed integration effort that has brought us here.

“Social exclusion and parallel societies feed the criminal gangs. There they can ruthlessly recruit children and train them as future killers,” he said.

Voting for dollars

Any predictions out there as to who is going to triumph in the Manitoba provincial election being held on October 3rd?

Here’s mine: The tax and spend party is going to win out over the borrow and spend party.

Here’s why: voters are upset that seven years of rule by the borrow and spend party have not fixed socialized medicine. As happens in every election cycle, each party takes a stab at trying to make this centrally planned system function. It’s now the NDP’s turn to engage in a vain effort to accomplish the impossible. No one dares challenge the single payer model since that would result in electoral defeat.

Wab Kinew’s plan to reopen the ERs closed by the Tories is only going to happen by shifting staff from other areas, since extra staff are largely unobtainable. If you really want to determine the proper number of ERs that Manitoba needs, you would have to allow free interaction between health care practitioners and consumers in the context of a system with actual price signals. Since we have neither, good luck to Wab.