Sunday On Turtle Island

Blackie’s Canada:  602 girls have had their breasts removed. Canada’s teacher unions.  CBC explains how you can give a portion of your property value to the Indians.  The renaming in Ottawa.

Dementia Joe’s America:  The canary in the coal mine.  Democracy without elections is communism.  The legacy of Dianne Feinstein.  Give me liberty, not Democrats.  Your morning meme.  Bonus meme.

Today In Islam:  This week in Jihad (JW).  The cost of migrants (JW).

The Iron Rule

Another good essay at Anarchonomicon: On the Origin of All Political Authority

You lose to tony Soprano in a game of cards, can’t afford to pay him?

He sets an interest rate. Still won’t Pay?

He’ll show up to bust out your business make you take out loans you can’t pay to pay him, make you purchase good online for him to resell, and make you destroy your life in fraudulent loans, til nothing is left…

And if you refuse or lie to him he’ll get violent. He’ll beat you, and if you over violence in turn and resist… maybe even win the fistfight with him and his goons…

He’ll either shoot you then and there, or he’ll leave and you’ll be shot by a henchman who can’t be tied to him.

The Sound Of Settled Science

Roger Pielke Jr;

In 2011, the United States experienced more than 500 deaths and over $30 billion in losses from tornadoes. As is now common, climate activists were quick to claim that the destructive tornadoes that year were due to climate change. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) rejected such claims, advising: [A]pplying a scientific process is essential if one is to overcome the lack of rigor inherent in attribution claims that are all too often based on mere coincidental associations.

The 2011 tornado season motivated us — Kevin Simmons, Daniel Sutter and I — to take a close look at trends in tornadoes and their impacts across the United States. The result was a peer-reviewed paper with the first comprehensive normalization of U.S. tornado losses, for 1950 to 2011.

Our results surprised even us — U.S. tornado damage and tornado incidence appeared to have decreased dramatically, contrary to conventional wisdom…

“Know yourself, know your enemy.”

New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay: Learning and Countering Leftist Strategy

Leftism, including Marxism, is operational. It is strategic. It knows what it’s doing and how to do it. It might look crazy, but that’s deliberate. In fact, Leftists proudly publish and disseminate activist guides for their agenda like the book Beautiful Trouble that spell out for anyone how to do “transformative” activism through deliberate and strategic troublemaking.[…] He starts by laying out that “Your Target’s Reaction Is Your Real Action,” explains how that progresses through “Put Your Target in a Decision Dilemma,” and illustrates how the program is accelerated with “Escalate Strategically.” He also takes pains to point out that all of their activism contains a performative element, like theater, to sway public or political opinion

Saturday On Turtle Island

Happy Whiny Indian Day!

Britain:  Another history lesson with Neil Oliver.    Today In Islam:  Mohammad is taking over the world.

Dementia Joe’s America:  The evidence of corruption.  Joe’s Democrat Party hates America.  An American nightmare.  Looting is reparations by other means.  Thanks to U.S. policy, China controls key resources for weapons.  The MAGA threat.  Victor Davis Hanson on rogue government agencies.

Blackie’s Canada:  Truth and Reconciliation Day poll.  Today Big Chief Gay Eagle With No Balls, burns jet fuel to Saskatchewan.  One of the leaders of the Freedom Convoy speaks out.

“In the first decade of the 21st century, the seeds were sown for another global contagion.”

What would we do without research?

In 1972, British psychologist Gerald Russell treated a woman with an unusual eating disorder involving binging and purging. Over the next 7 years, he saw a further 30 woman presenting with the same condition.

In 1979, he wrote a paper published in Psychological Medicine, in which he gave it the name bulimia nervosa. The condition was included in the DSM-III the following year. Then something remarkable happened. The illness swept the globe like wildfire affecting an estimated 30 million people by the mid-1990s, the majority of whom were teenage girls and young women.

The explanation for this rapid spread is what philosopher Ian Hacking calls ‘semantic contagion’ – how the process of naming and describing a condition creates the means by which the condition spreads. The epidemic of multiple-personality disorder in the 90s was spread this way Bulimia entered the lexicon via women’s magazines such as Mademoiselle and Better Homes and Gardens, which ran stories about this new and worrying disorder affecting women and girls. Multiple studies demonstrate the media’s culpability in the spread of social contagions.

Canada is in the Best of Hands

Prime Minister announces changes to Cabinet committees

National Security Council
Serves as a forum for strategic decision-making and for sharing analysis of intelligence in its strategic context.

Chair: The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau

The Hon. Bill Blair
The Hon. François-Philippe Champagne
The Hon. Chrystia Freeland
The Hon. Mélanie Joly
The Hon. Dominic LeBlanc
The Hon. Harjit S. Sajjan
The Hon. Arif Virani

What could possibly go wrong?

Confirmation bias

Liberal water carrier Frank Graves has released a new “poll” which purports to show that conservative voters overwhelmingly buy into “disinformation”. Not surprisingly, his definition of disinformation is tailor-made to get the polling results he wanted. If you differ with his view on any of these questions, well, you are simply disinformed:

-Canada’s economic growth lags well behind the G7 average;

-Vaccine-related deaths are being concealed from the public;

-The right to bear arms is guaranteed in Canada’s constitution;

-Climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions.


Friday On Turtle Island

Biden’s America:  Illegal immigration is the worst in U.S. history.  The Steele dossier.  The Left’s worst nightmare.  Bidens sold out America to China.  Latest Hunter Biden document dump.  Joe Biden hates you.  Your morning meme.

Blackie’s Canada:  Pipeline to be built on the land of the sacred tree frog.  No whites allowed.  Praising a Nazi.  Instruction on how to unlearn whiteness.  Justin celebrates Safe Abortion Day.  And today our Dear Leader burns jet fuel to diverse Toronto.

Today In Islam:  Diverse bombings in Sweden (JW).  Robert Spencer and Jack Posobiec discuss the new Armenian genocide (JW).

Global Warming Scam News:  Destroying agriculture in New Zealand.  The Net Zero farce in Britain.