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We Don’t Need It

*Bumped this back up to the top. The video just hit 100,000 views.

Team O’Toole had a golden opportunity to have a long conversation with Jordan Peterson and his over 4 million subscribers right before election day but they weren’t interested. Maybe the strategic thinkers thought the MSM would treat them better. A few hours after this mornings disastrous press conference a new video dropped.

An hour and sixteen minutes with Maxime Bernier.

Amateur Hour

This week’s media pile-on directed at Alberta and Saskatchewan was a deliberate political trap, timed and designed to benefit the federal Liberals and NDP on Monday.

The strategy: to force a humiliating public policy reversal on vaccine “passports” to anger the libertarians/conservative base and drive votes from Erin O’Toole to the PPC.

Premiers Jason Kenney and Scott Moe took the bait.

Mission accomplished.

O’Toole the …

GUNTER: Erin O’Toole playing the fool, If he doesn’t believe in his platform, why believe in him?

Want to know why Stephen Harper won three elections (even though two were just won minorities) and Erin O’Toole likely will not win this one? It’s because, when the liberal establishment — political and media — squawked about some right-of-centre Conservative policy, Harper stood his ground. He ignored the liberal carping and whinging and paid voters the respect of explaining why his ideas would work.

So Basically The Same


Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is the latest federal party leader to promise a national system for proving residents have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

O’Toole says he would work with provinces to devise a national proof-of-vaccination system, adding such a setup would help Canadians during international travel.

O’Toole says he wants 90 per cent of eligible residents vaccinated against COVID-19, and is pledging to cover the cost of time off for employees to get a shot, free transportation to vaccine clinics and a national booster shot strategy that would initially target seniors and the immunocompromised.

Anyone have anything different on the table? 

The Democratic Republic Of O’Toole

The Counter Signal;

One of the most senior members of the Conservative Party leadership ring has resigned following Erin O’Toole’s decision to fire the Yukon candidate.

Ted Laking, who was the Yukon National Councillor resigned his position Friday morning, according to multiple sources within the party speaking to The Counter Signal off the record.

Jonas J. Smith, the Yukon candidate for the CPC, was booted out of the party by Erin O’Toole on Thursday after rumours spread that he was personally opposed to vaccine mandates and passports.

It was widely expected Smith would win the Yukon race.