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Not My Fault, Part 406

Exactly how Ms Roth, a writer and Pilates instructor, is oppressed by “patriarchy,” and how she has been traumatised by it, crushed by the aforementioned “systems of inequality,” is not made clear either, and no examples are forthcoming. None whatsoever. Perhaps expectations of evidence – even a single, relevant anecdote – are now considered superfluous and impolite. Readers of Scary Mommy are nonetheless expected to nod in agreement, before checking their breasts for signs of “inherited trauma.”

On Patriarchy Stress Disorder, allegedly a “collective intergenerational trauma,” and “genetically transmitted,” “passed down in our genes” – albeit in ways left entirely mysterious.

I Find Your Competence Disturbing

At a time when, despite increases in school funding, almost 80% of black and Hispanic eighth graders have been deemed “not proficient” in maths or reading, it’s unclear how improvements might be made while simultaneously graduating high-school pupils regardless of their performance, or even their attendance, and while shying from the existence of such terribly oppressive things as correct answers. But as we’ve been told, more than once, “suspending proficiency requirements” will – in ways that are somewhat unobvious – “benefit” those on whom these things are inflicted.

And parents will doubtless take comfort in the feats of mental contortion performed by those to whom children are entrusted – including the self-satisfied insistence, by high-school teacher Josh Thompson, that behaving in class is “white supremacy.” You see, paying attention and not being disruptive, so that things might actually be learned, if only by some of those present, is “passive” and a product of “white culture.” And expecting basic standards of behaviour – say, respecting other pupils who are trying to hear what’s being said – is “the definition of white supremacy,” and therefore very, very bad.

On woke academia and the urge to level down.

Ideological Capture

“Education is political,” says Ms Myart-Cruz, who boasts of her ability to act with near-impunity, and whose list of Intolerable Things includes cognitive testing, “structural racism,” border controls, policing, and the supposed “privilege” of parents who would like their children to actually learn things, including times tables.

A teachers union president shares her deep wisdom.

Being innumerate is fine, apparently. What matters is “social justice.”

Wokeness And Woo, Together Again

Note the implication that “whiteness,” being white, equals racism and is therefore by default a thing to be discussed in terms of pathology, a thing to be cured. “Colour-blindness” – i.e., not being weirdly fixated by race – is, it turns out, deeply problematic, and must give way to deconstructing “the whiteness=greatness fallacy in white psyches.” Which is what “white psyches” are all about, you see.

An “anti-racist” speaks.

Are You Feeling Better Yet?

When the head of your local rape crisis centre is a trans woman:

Wadhwa, a self-styled “strategic thinker,” insists that “therapy is political” – which apparently means that a woman who’s been raped by a man and then seeks help from other women will be told, on the orders of a man, that she “can’t really… recover from trauma” until she “reframes” that experience to incorporate the most modish and deranging iteration of transgender ideology. Failure to do so is “unacceptable” and will of course be “challenged.” Because priorities.

Oh, there’s more.