Author: David

Woke Sports, Where The Laughter Never Ends

On Olympic cycling and its terrible, terrible “whiteness”…

I’m unfamiliar with Ms Dygert or her views, but the sole, supposedly damning, example of her “transphobia” is her liking of the statement “Men who identify as women are not actually women.” This does not strike me as phobic, or scandalous, or indeed inaccurate. And for a female athlete to prefer competing against other women, i.e., fairly, should not be controversial – in a sane world. As for alleged racism, the only evidence provided is the liking of a tweet that says, “White privilege doesn’t exist; good choice privilege does.” But even to dispute woke conspiracy theories is, it turns outs, itself proof of racism and a basis for “disgust,” which seems enormously convenient, for the accuser, and must save a lot of time. And so, this liking of a tweet is framed as, “an expression of the violent normality of anti-Black racism in the world.”

Which is in no way hyperbolical or ludicrous, obviously.

Oh, there’s more.

Get Them While They’re Soft And Yielding

Once suitably ashamed and disintegrated, the victim – and the word victim is entirely apt – is quizzed on whether their submission to this psychological abuse has resulted in sleep deprivation and broken relationships – these are good signs, apparently. Signs of “change-making” and “solidarity.” Of emerging wokeness.

Did I mention we’re talking about children?

Unthinkable Reciprocation

On the kinds of “microaggressions” that one really mustn’t mention:

Curiously, the terms “black microaggressions” and “microaggressions by black people” yield few pertinent Google results and the phenomenon of, say, overtly contemptuous teeth-sucking, a common enough occurrence in some classrooms, is not, it seems, widely discussed. Except, of course, when exalted as a great accomplishment.

One of these.

The Progressive Pecking Order

Inevitably, objections to being shouted at, and sworn at, are framed with great haste as a sign of complicity in oppression… In short, when a suitably black or gay person shouts at you, you “need to be quiet and listen” – and by implication, should promptly defer, however wrong or ridiculous, or nakedly opportunist, the shouting person may be. You must “validate” their rage, and any incoherence, with lots of silent nodding, before rolling submissively onto your back.

Because reciprocal courtesy is “rooted in colonialism and white supremacy.”

What, you didn’t know?