How the Woke Left Destroyed Rotten Tomatoes

I just finished watching The Great Raid.  It’s not a perfect movie but was enjoyable.  I’d definitely give it a 7 to 7.5 out of 10.

Yet according to the critics, it was only has a 38% rating.  This low rating is definitively not true, so why did so many critics pan it?  One reason: Woke Leftism.

Most critics subscribe to the teachings of this religious cult.  As such, everything they think and say must go through the filter of wokeism.   They are soy boys and unhappy Karens.  They literally had to rate this movie poorly because it dared show the reality of the evil and sadistic nature of Japanese soldiers during WW2.  Woke critics aren’t allowed to like such a movie because to do so would, in their minds, show them criticizing Asian people, which is a huge no go zone.  Conveniently, they ignore the plight of Filipinos, who suffered terribly under the Japanese oppressors.  So they group Filipinos together with white people just like they do the same with Israelis.

It’s truly sad, and actually pathetic, to see so many woke, often white critics destroy their credibility and profession.  Interestingly enough, none of them ever seems to give up their jobs so that an underprivileged minority could replace them.  After all, their virtue signaling does have its limits.

Wuhan Flu: Put Your Trust In The Experts

September 20th.

The new certificate with digital QR code supports proof of vaccination at border entry if travelling internationally, and is aligned with work the federal government is undertaking on a national solution.

“This is the next, improved, version of Saskatchewan’s COVID-19 vaccination record,” Health Minister Paul Merriman said in a news release.

September 24th.

QR codes are being temporarily removed from Saskatchewan COVID-19 vaccination records due a privacy breach.

The Government of Saskatchewan said the vaccination records of up to 19 residents have the potential to display another person’s QR code.

Expert: QR codes can be safe for vaccine certificates, if done correctly: expert

Someone Needs To Say It

It may as well be me.

If the politicians and health officials and faceless bureaucrats across western democracies don’t shake off this mass psychosis and walk back their obscene, insane power grab soon, someone’s going to get hurt. And I don’t mean “thrown to the street by riot police” hurt. I mean School Book Depository window hurt.

There are broken people all around us, people who have nothing to lose. They number in the thousands, yet our untouchable elites seem unaware of how brittle the line can be between quiet desperation and suicidal retaliation. They’re lighting fuses in places they don’t even know exist.

I hope I’m wrong. I won’t be surprised if I’m right.

If 2021 were 1941 . . .

This is a most interesting discussion between Zuby and Adam Carolla:

In this video, Carolla compares the current insanity over Covid and the Covid vaccines to the persecution of the French Resistance during WW2. This got me thinking, if 2021 were 1941, here’s how the following people who likely line up:

  • Pro-vaccine zealots insisting on vaccination for everyone at any cost: Nazi sympathizer turning in French freedom fighters
  • Australian politicians: The actual Nazi leaders
  • SDA trolls: Turn in the French resistance without any hesitation
  • UnMe: Turn in the French resistance and … you fill in the blank
  • Jason Kenney: Turn in the French resistance
  • Justin Trudeau: Demand a senior position in Berlin
  • Joe Biden: A dementia patient in an old folks home
  • Kamala Harris: As a French woman, would definitely be sleeping with a Nazi officer (and have her head shaved after the war)
  • Bonnie Henry: Apprentice for a certain Doctor M. in a certain camp

Exaggeration deliberate for comedic purposes but do you have any doubt that all of the above would be the first cowards to turn on their own people and join the new elite in power?

They Don’t Need No Flaming Xparky Cars

The least important bills go to the bottom of the pile;

China Evergrande Group’s electric-car unit missed salary payments to some of its employees and has fallen behind on paying a number of suppliers for factory equipment, according to people familiar with the matter, evidence the stricken property developer’s debt woes are having an impact beyond its core business.

The cash flow difficulties mean China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group Ltd. will likely miss its target to start mass deliveries next year considering trial production of electric vehicles at its factories in Shanghai and Guangzhou has been dialed back, the people said, asking not to be identified as they’re not authorized to speak publicly.

Most employees at Evergrande NEV are paid at the start of every month and again on the 20th, however for some mid-level managers, the second installment for September hasn’t arrived, the people said. Several equipment suppliers, meanwhile, began withdrawing their on-site personnel from the Shanghai and Guangzhou sites as early as July after payments for machinery in Evergrande NEV’s factories weren’t made.

Back to Normal

2022 Manitoba Games cancelled

The announcement was made by Sport Manitoba and the Niverville Host Society Friday afternoon. The games were scheduled to run from February 27th to March 5th and would have had upwards of 1,500 participants and required over 1,000 local volunteers.

Along with continued uncertainty about the pandemic, and public health restrictions, it became clear it would not be possible to host an event of this magnitude and execute a safe and successful multi-sport Games experience.

Everyone feels much safer already.