Newfie oil – delays and conversion

Geez, wonder who the federal government likes best? Federal government gives $86 million to convert Newfoundland oil refinery to biofuel.

And you know it likes Newfoundland because when they wanted to open up a major new oilfield, the federal Liberal government bit their tongue and said, “Sure!”

But now Newfoundland will also got a taste of what Alberta usually chews on – delays on energy projects. The Bay du Nord sailed through federal approvals (sailed – see what I did there?) , only to find out that Norwegian proponent Equinor is going to delay it three years. Didn’t they know the federal government is supposed to delay oil projects three years, not the oil company?

Friday On Turtle Island

Biden’s America:  What lefties think public schools are like.  A woke Target executive.  It’s Gay Sex Month.  The left’s climate change indoctrination.  How to parent through Gay Sex Month.  Los Angeles Dodgers to honour anti-Islam group.  Old Joe falls down.  The Pelosi insurrection exit.  This week in really big lies.  Your morning meme.

Today In Islam:  Muslim tries to burn down French church (JW).  Migrant attacks German police (JW).  Muslim attacks French police (JW).

Woke Britain:  The eco-terrorists are at it again.  Another lockdown achievement.  And special treatment from the police.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Canada’s Olympic team celebrates Gay Sex Month.  Justin’s gay military.  Diverse Toronto’s harm reduction strategy.  Our Dear Leader is still in diverse Toronto. After solving gun violence yesterday, Trudeau will be meeting with the Prime Minister of Poland today.  Justin’s National Security Advisor.  A farm junket to Rome.

The Sound Of Settled Science

The Illusion of Consensus

The project of science calls for rigor, humility, and open discussion. The pandemic has revealed the stunning magnitude of the political and institutional capture of science. For this reason, both of us — Rav and Jay — are launching a podcast devoted to investigating the concoction of pseudo-consensus in science and its ramifications for our society. To start — and for quite some time — they will be examining the illusory consensus during COVID. However they will soon branch out into issues pertaining to transgender care, mental health, psychiatry, and nutrition — topics that have been wholly corrupted with one monolithic consensus that has proven to bear many costs on our society.

The Most Interesting Man In The World

Jonathan Turley;

Putting aside the genuine desire to protect a family member with a history of drug abuse, the unpredictable Hunter also represented a threat to the entire family.

A panicked Hunter threatened more than family harmony. There were millions that were being generated in countries like Ukraine, Romania, Russia and China.

The messages show that Hunter was spinning out of control and needed money fast — a lot of money. He told Jim Biden that he could not even afford “food and gas,” including his monthly alimony to his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle.

He relays how President Biden was told that he “was in a real danger zone.”

Thursday On Turtle Island

Biden’s America:  Old Joe helps female climate activists in Kenya.  The Biden crime family.  Wapo attacks home schooling.  Protecting porn in schools.  Why men are fleeing college.  Greeting girls at Disney.  A woke kidnapping.  The war on white people.  Your morning meme.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Justin wants protection for his lapdogs.  Is there a shortage of shovels in Canada?  Still no remains found in Kamloops.  Ontario’s Doug Ford to march in gay sex parade.  A Twitter fact check regarding Kamloops.  The Liberals celebrate terrorism in Nigeria.  Toronto’s TTC makes subway safe for gays.  Our Dear Leader has solved another problem. Today Trudeau burns jet fuel to Toronto.  There he will announce the National Day Against Gun Violence. That should solve the issue.  Liberal Senator explains that the Freedom Convoy was a terrorist group.

Neil Oliver:  Mass Dissatisfaction

Woke Britain:  Only black men need apply.  Unions unite to destroy Britain.

Global Warming Scam News:  Canadians are suffering from eco-anxiety.  Only Justin and more carbon taxes can save us.

Whatsisname’s Britain

Where the foxes caper unmolested, the government packs your school lunch, and you are not to stray from the Primrose Path.

British counter-terror police detained journalist Kit Klarenberg upon his arrival at London’s Luton airport and subjected him to an extended interrogation about his political views and reporting for The Grayzone.

As soon as journalist Kit Klarenberg landed in his home country of Britain on May 17, 2023, six anonymous plainclothes counter-terror officers detained him. They quickly escorted him to a back room, where they grilled him for over five hours about his reporting for this outlet. They also inquired about his personal opinion on everything from the current British political leadership to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Wednesday On Turtle Island

Woke Britain:  A story you won’t find in the North American media.  Britain ends the slave trade.

Biden’s America:  A ticking time bomb.  An antidote to despair.  The loneliness epidemic.  A Mom Show.  The deep thoughts of Kamala Harris.  Furries and drag queens are upset.  The future of globalism.  Your morning meme.

Trudeau’s Canada:  I guess he wore out the current fleet. Trudeau gets new planes (CBC).  Some more funding from Justin (CBC).  Mayor of Mississauga wants to be leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. She also wants to change the lyrics of O Canada.  While Justin’s media remains upset about the York Catholic School Board, they don’t seem interested about violence at diverse Toronto schools.  Do you self-identify as black or indigenous?  Justin’s lapdog won’t trigger an election.  Our bought and paid for media.

Today In Islam:  Muslim outreach in Nigeria (JW).   Is this the future of Canada?  And Muslim outreach in Florida.