Its Wednesday On Turtle Island

Woke Britain:  Just Stop Oil and the Last Supper.  Comedy shows can’t be funny.  How are those electric police cars working out?  And Islamic outreach.

Biden’s America:  True facts about guns.  America has at least two dozen genders.  Your morning meme.  The Woke feminists.  And the Babylon Bee ban.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Pride forever at the CBC.  Our Dear Leader is making three stops across Ontario today, at taxpayer expense.  Great photo ops for his loyal media and adoring fans, at Vaughan, Simcoe County, and North Bay.  Canada’s Joe Biden.

Transgender Is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization Of Pedophilia

Change my mind.

A recent, high-level hire at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy defended a controversial gay prostitution website with a track record of allowing children to be promoted for sexual services on the platform, The National Pulse can reveal.

The revelations, from unearthed op-ed, follow The National Pulse exposé of appointee Samuel Brinton’s past as a drag queen, LGBTQ+ activist who has “lectured” on kink at college campuses and participated in interviews about fetish roleplay.

In an article published on September 15th on the pro-LGBT+ website Advocate, Biden’s latest top nuclear hire dives into a defense of the “” website, which shuttered following an August 2015 illegal prostitution raid. “Rentboy” is a colloquial term for young men who have sex with older men in exchange for money, often under dubious circumstances.

Nobody saw it coming.

Deja Brown, All Over Again

Patrick Brown has been kicked out of the Conservative Party leadership race by organizers by the Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC), National Post has learned.

Michelle Rempel Garner hardest hit.

CPC Statement here.

Rebel News: Senior Brampton city staffers have been allegedly working on Mayor Patrick Brown’s Conservative leadership campaign instead of working for the people of Brampton.

Your Notebook of Evil

I am a human resources professional.  It says so on my card.  And here I am, in my home, with my adorable house cat, Mister Whiskers, on my lap.   I am paid well as a human resources professional.  I get paid to work from home.  But not today; not right now.  Now I have to field a call; I have to work from home.   I have to work.  I am inconvenienced.  I will take off my pyjamas, and put on a presentable shirt.  Continue reading

This Is The Way

I’ve been watching Alex Christoforou’s videos for awhile now. What’s striking about them is both the simplicity of the presentation and how good they look. If you get a chance try to watch this on a big screen. You don’t need fancy camera’s, lights, a studio, a team of researchers and a crew to do the news. A couple of smart phones and maybe a laptop and you can do a better job of it than 99% of the obsolete medias talking heads.

He’s on multiple platforms, sells some merchandise and asks for donations. Here is the same video on Rumble. He’s beholden to no one and probably un-cancelable.

Help Wanted

My body, my choice? Armstrong Economics- A Future Draft is Possible in the US

The US military is having trouble recruiting new members, according to the Pentagon. A much lower percentage of Americans are eligible to serve, and within that population, an even smaller amount is willing to enlist. Ret. Lt. Gen. Thomas Spoehr of the Heritage Foundation said, “This is the start of a long drought for military recruiting.” A recent poll by NBC News showed that only 9% of those eligible want to join the military, a major decrease from 29% in recent years.\

Lich’s Day In Court

Is being live tweeted by Mathew Horwood.

Lich will not be physically be in court this morning, as she refused to submit to a rapid COVID test.

She is instead appearing by video link from the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre. […]

Greenspon is cross-examining Benson now.

Two homicide cops, a detective, and a supervisor went to Alberta to retrieve Lich after she was taken into custody.

Benson says police looked into Lich’s gala event because they got complaints she might have breached bail conditions.

I Want A New Country

Just get on with it.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has asked a former Saskatchewan Party MLA and former MP who recently was a part of the Wexit movement to co-host “in-house” meetings about increasing Saskatchewan autonomy.

Allan Kerpan — who served in opposition with the Saskatchewan Party and was also a Reform MP — and veteran SP MLA Lyle Stewart (Thunder Creek) have been chosen by Moe to lead the closed-door meetings across the province this month.

“The premier has been speaking about some sort of independence from Ottawa for quite a while in terms of the economy,” Kerpan told the CBC’s Morning Edition host Ted Deller on Monday.

Down The Primrose Path

Ludwigshafen is most relevant to today’s discourse…

…because it is home to the largest integrated chemical complex in the world. Mere blocks away from the Casino lies the fence line delineating this staggering display of technical complexity and raw industrial might. With approximately 2,000 buildings and 200 production plants, BASF’s Ludwigshafen site is home to roughly a third of the company’s total global production. All told, nearly 20 billion pounds of stuff is made there every year, and that stuff serves as the starting material for countless global supply chains.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal published an important story about how sanctions on Russia – however justified the motivation to impose them might be – are beginning to backfire in ways Western leaders seem to have been unable to calculate in advance…

It’s Tuesday On Turtle Island

Biden’s America:  Suffering at the pumps.  Students cancel Justice Clarence Thomas.  A Candace Owens video.  Another January 6 lie.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Justin’s CBC is outraged that a church doesn’t bow down to the gay mafia.  The NDP and “people” that are pregnant.  Rex Murphy writes about Tamara Lich.  Dear Leader is burning jet fuel again. Today he heads for Toronto, where he will explain to his adoring fans, how he’s going to solve gun violence.

Woke Britain:  The Scouts go Woke.  The Drag Queens and Coke.  My name is Muhammad, and this is my brother Muhammad and my other brother Muhammad.  Top baby names in Britain.

The diversity in India.