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It’s Not Just Trudeau

There’s a long line of petty little tin-pot dictators in every province, endlessly subjecting us to their ever changing, micro-authoritarian fantasies. It needs to stop.

Lorne Gunter- Roll on, Freedom Convoy

Over the weekend, even Dr. Howard Njoo, Dr. Theresa Tam’s deputy chief at the Public Health Agency of Canada, recommended against mandatory vaccination.

Vaccines are vital, but it’s just not done in a free country to force people to get injections under threat of jail or hefty fines or loss of jobs.

I understand why many Canadians are beyond frustrated after two years of pandemic and support a hardline against the unvaccinated. But there is no scientific basis for Trudeau’s harsh treatment of truckers.

Roll on, Freedom Convoy!

A Canadian COVID Hysteric Goes to Florida

At 1.17 deaths per hundred, Florida’s case fatality rate over the full course of the pandemic is 2/3rds that of Quebec’s (1.54).

What possesses a person to travel to another country for a luxury vacation only to complain it doesn’t mimic the dystopian hellscape they came from? I wouldn’t know, but perhaps Josh Freed, a writer for the Montreal Gazette, can offer some insight. That’s exactly what he did after vacationing in Florida and then returning to his home in Quebec, Canada.

h/t JM

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Its Wednesday In Trudeau’s Canada

Justin’s police will be out in force.  Truckers may form world’s longest convoy.

More money needed. First Nation finds a gazzion burial sites.

Biden checking store shelves. Joe finds lots of ice cream.

Just what the world needs. Woke Capitalism

Germany embraces its inner fascism.  Mandatory vaccinations for Germany?

Uncle Joe.  Biden is dangerous.

Justin has ordered his bought and paid for media to attack the truck convoy.  CTV and Global warn about far right groups and Jan. 6th like event on parliament hill.

UPDATE:  Kamala Harris celebrates communism.

Blacklock reports that newspapers are whining for more government money.

How Dare You Not Pretend

Some insist that not indulging modish pronouns, including animal pronouns and clown pronouns, and pronouns that can change randomly, several times a day – and being reluctant to indulge any other attendant psychodrama – is a violation of human rights and a basis for severe legal consequences. One might think that coercively eroding the probity of other people, demanding that they lie, and even hallucinate, is a pretty bad thing too. At best, a recipe for grim farce. But there we are.

On pronouns, pretension, and feminist catfights.

The Legend Of Larry Eby

The amazing thing about him is that he was just a farmer from West Central Saskatchewan, and he was a big guy, so he had to come up with something to go faster than the other guys,” recalled Fitterer, “So what does he do? He takes two 440 motors, cuts one apart, and he made a triple 440 into a 660 with rotary valves. First guy ever to do it in the world. After that motor beat the world champion, they started building motors like his.”

Even the people who knew Eby’s passion with sleds may not have realized how innovative his work really was the sport. The part those people should relate to, is that he did it out of his own shop.


Click for full size.

East Bound and Down

Convoy makes its way through Manitoba today. Southern Manitoba shows support for trucking convoy

“We’re not backing down and we are going to Ottawa,” Tamara Lich, a protest organizer from Medicine Hat, Alberta, says in a Facebook Live video posted on Sunday.

Organizers describe the vaccine mandate as an example of political overreach resulting in economic harm, arguing the policy hurts small businesses and denies some workers the means to survive. They also say they are not protesting the vaccine mandates for truckers, but all mandates and lockdowns linked to the pandemic response.

Some good pictures at the bottom of the linked story as well.

John Robson: Justin Trudeau the supreme divider of Canadians, This convoy appears to me to reflect a great deal of legitimate anger and frustration at our pandemic responses



Featured Comment DaninVan:

Think about this. From a standing start, this ‘army’ was mobilized, organized, financed, and shipped out in 3 days. In another 2 days it’s covered over 1,500 miles heading East, and additional columns have headed West, not sure how far they’ve traveled at this point.

It’d take the Cdn. Forces weeks to accomplish the same thing, with the same size force.

I’m not knocking the Cdn Forces; I’m just pointing out how incredible this enterprise is. The organizers are a folklore in the making.
This is going down in History no matter how it turns out.

Professor Robert Clancy- Australia

A very good high level and spirited discussion of how some of this stuff works and what’s going on.

One of the things that’s become apparent over the last couple of years listening and watching all these guys is that no one expert has all the relevant information. The more of them you listen to the more new things you learn.

They do get into early treatment at one point. Carefully so the youtube censors don’t ban them.  What they don’t talk about is the importance of good oral and nasal hygiene with diluted iodine solutions. To my knowledge its something only Peter McCullough has been recommending. Its something that, like vitamin D, deserves to get more attention.

VDH: Wokeism Is a Cruel and Dangerous Cult

Highly recommended read:

Wokeism has been described by its critics as the omnipresent use of race—and to a lesser extent, gender—to replace meritocracy and thus ensure equality of result. What follows from implementing that ideology are reparatory actions to reward those of the present by atoning for the injustices done to others in the past.

Some see it as an update of 1960s cultural Marxism fads. Others scoff that it is just a return to 1980s-style political correctness.

Still more see it as the logical successor to 1990s-type race, class, and gender obsessions—albeit with a shriller and more dangerous Jacobin, Soviet, and Maoist twist. Wokeism’s hysteria also invites comparisons to the Salem witch trials and McCarthyism.

But few have described wokeism as the cruel creed that it is.

Ontario the Cruel

The mainstream Canadian media has a general policy of omertà on discussing places in the world where the covid tyranny has collapsed, and where it never took root in the first place. I believe a large majority of Canadians, relying on the Trudeau-bankrolled traditional media, has no idea that life is normal in other parts of the world.

I thought perhaps some international sunlight and shaming might shake things up, so I wrote this piece about Doug Ford’s Ontario: Ontario the Cruel. 

My main concern right now is our children but I’ve tried to chronicle the sadism of Ontario’s “leaders” to the best of my ability.  Please read the whole thing.

“Ontario’s children are the victims of abuse. Under any other circumstances, what Ontario’s children are experiencing would be investigated by our police as child abuse.” 

Since publishing this article, I’ve been completely overwhelmed with e-mails from other equally angry, outraged, exhausted and concerned parents from all walks of life and from all over Ontario. I can barely keep up with the volume and I’m not alone. I am working with a group of parents to end this. It’s overdue. Now is the time to end this forever, to put a nail in the covid coffin forever. I take inspiration from the #TruckersForFreedom and from other jurisdictions in America that have forced the hands of their governments to end mask mandates, end vaccine mandates and to return, however grudgingly to normal.

We want nothing less than normal. And we will get it.

Ford government be warned: We are parents and concerned citizens and we are working together, we are united and we will win this. You can pivot now, or politically go down in flames. There are hundreds of thousands of us. And we will be working night and day to ensure that our children are set free. We will make sure that you, Christine Elliot, all of the cowardly complicit MPPs in your government, the Ontario “Science Table” members, the hysterical and hypochondriac celebrity Twitter doctors and the child-hating local and national medical officers of health and sociopathic modellers and gloom-mongering epidemiologists never have any power over us ever again.

We will make sure our children are set free from the hell of masking, from the outrageous vaccination pressure and coercion and from the social, psychological, emotional, and economic carnage you have inflicted upon us over the past two years, damn you to hell.

Ontario parents and other concerned citizens:

  1. Please make sure to bookmark the BackToSchool web site for updates and calls to action.
  2. Join us this evening at 8:00 PM EST for a Zoom session with American and Canadian doctors, teachers and other caring individuals as they present Children, COVID and The Urgency of Normal, which has a tool kit for dealing with school administrators, trustees and boards.
  3. Listen to Dr. Martha Fulford on “Let Kids Be Kids“, she is a kind, sane voice and this is specifically directed at Ontario parents.
  4. Don’t despair. The entire House of Covid Cards is coming down. Can you feel it? We are going to win this.