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Caroline Glick;

A report this week about the discussions Israel and the U.S. are now holding regarding the Iranian nuclear program was nothing short of an earthquake. Tuesday, Israel Hayom ran a red headline on its front page: “Frustration in Jerusalem: U.S. Passive Against Iran.” The story, by military correspondent Yoav Limor told us two deeply alarming things about the state of American-Israeli coordination on Iran’s nuclear program. First, the Americans are not working with Israel to block Iran from becoming a nuclear power. They are working against Israel. […]

In short, Limor’s article reported that the U.S. has made clear to Israel that it will take no effective action to block Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

The second stunning bit of information in Limor’s article is that the Lapid-Bennett government has no idea what to do in the face of America’s position.

Why Aren’t the Police Arresting Colorado Teachers?

Insanity has infected the minds of some teachers in Colorado:

Teachers in a school district in Colorado are allegedly taping face masks to kids’ faces.

An investigation is underway after a sixth-grader from Chinook Trail Middle School sent a selfie to her mother with her mask taped to her face using blue painter’s tape.

Stephanie Butler, the young girl’s mother, told Fox21 she posted the photo on Friday to make other parents aware of the strict mask policy and to see if other students were ‘being taped’. The disturbing photo has since made its rounds on social media.


A scuba diver discovered a 900-year-old sword encrusted with seashells off the coast of Israel.

An Israeli scuba diver has salvaged an ancient sword off the country’s Mediterranean coast that experts say dates back to the Crusaders, according to Israel’s Antiquities Authority.

The diver was about 500 feet off the coast in 17-feet-deep water, which experts say is an area that is home to many archaeological treasures, some dating back 4,000 years, according to Israel’s Antiquities Authority.

The thing looks pretty cool.