” It has escalated quickly, shall we say. “

Year of the Graves: Terry Glavin, on the reaction and fallout to his adventure in residential school truth telling.

For a “mainstream” Canadian journalist to be too closely associated with me right now might be bit dangerous, owing to the bosses responsible for all the shoddy journalism I catalogue in Year of the Graves. […]

Then there are the senior journalists at top-drawer news organizations who have come to me privately. Here’s one: “We in this business have become a bunch of wankers. . . much of the industry decided it knew what was right and wrong, and chose its orthodoxy. Orthodoxies allow no room for dissent.”

It’s Saturday On Trudeau’s Turtle Island

New Zealand’s socialist dictator still lecturing America on guns.  I wonder if she will be visiting Dear Leader at his holiday retreat in Nova Scotia?  And saying goodbye to Dementia Joe’s press secretary.

Trans man sexually assaults three women.  Time to cancel cancel culture.

New York Post reports on the mass Indian grave hoax.

WEF praises fascist China for its fight against climate change.

Creepy Old Joe reminds people that he’s the Commander In Chief.

A diversity is our strength story.  How to spot a white supremacist.  British civil service recognises 100 genders.

Your morning meme.  UPDATE:  Rex Murphy on gas prices.

Lost In The Mail

Via email;

This is a very small story but I thought you might be interested:

I live in a tiny community in the southern California desert. Our voting precinct, located in {redacted] County, has always been vote by mail only, and we currently have 13 registered voters. (The mail is delivered daily to a USPS contract station, a community postal center, formerly a rural branch, which is general delivery only. The clerks are actually my employees and under my supervision and receive daily mail directly from a USPS employee.)

No one registered here has received their ballots and the primary is June 7th. I talked to family members and neighbors and then called the registrar’s office and they said my ballot was mailed on May 5th.

My mother, 84, has lived here and voted here for most of her life. This has never happened before, according to her.

Come on San Andreas… looking for some beachfront property. 🙂

What Would We Do Without Peer Review?

Journals were historically important in disseminating work and in organising peer review, feedback and curation. These are important functions and the hard work that we put into them is not wasted, but it is inefficient. We do not need journals as they exist now. With preprint servers, publication and dissemination is a solved problem. There are already multiple solutions for post-publication peer review and paper recommendation, and there are many active projects exploring alternatives. We need to find a way to maintain the good things about the current system while getting rid of the harmful aspects.

I am, therefore, resigning from all my editorial roles.