August 16, 2022: Reader Tips

Today, on the 45th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, SDA regular Denise takes over this edition of Reader Tips:

It was an ignoble death for the man they call the King. Forty-five years ago – August 16, 1977 – the years of prescription drug abuse and a truly dreadful diet took a final toll on 42-year-old Elvis Aaron Presley. “Like Elvis” is a song written by my husband, James Frazer. It offers a quirky, cautionary song for all wannabe Elvis impersonators, whatever their vice. There’s lots of unique phrasing to enjoy! Here are the lyrics.

Bonus: On August 7th/8th I (Robert) drove the 444 mile Natchez Trace Parkway from Nashville, TN to Natchez, MS. One of the highlights was stopping in Tupelo, Mississippi, at the birthplace of Elvis. Here are a few photo I captured there:

The Broken Telephone Cafe

Technique.  Just go to a Writers’ workshop, and you will hear about technique.  Now a days, most people associate sex skill with ‘technique’.  From the shape and intensity of the pox pustules you can visualize points of contact, intensity, and, duration.  Not that.  I mean varying sentence length; and, to save steps, when you say ‘varying sentence length’, it also means ‘saying shocking things’.  Here at The Broken Telephone Cafe, there are no passive aggressives.  I think they went to the Past Office.  Ask Bob, the guy drinking warm Dr.Pepper.  How about a ‘get you thinking’ exercise?

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Make Borscht not War

A long but interesting read here. Grab a beverage. And try to stay on topic if you’re leaving a comment.

London Review of Books- Blast Effects, James Meek reports from Ukraine

Ukraine’s fate​ won’t be decided in Donbas, where the biggest part of Ukrainian and Russian forces are concentrated, but hundreds of miles away, on the more obscure battlefield of the south-west. The country’s future turns on Russia’s ability to hold on to a piece of land on the western side of the Dnieper, between two port cities: Russian-occupied Kherson, and Mykolaiv, less than forty miles north-west. If Ukraine manages to sweep the Russians from Kherson, the western half of the country will be protected by the great barrier of the Dnieper, Putin will suffer a politically damaging defeat and Kyiv will be closer to freeing its biggest ports from Russian blockade. European leaders sceptical of Ukraine’s ability to resist the invaders may think again. If, however, Russia clings on to its western bridgehead, it will retain the potential to swallow more of Ukraine, threatening Mykolaiv, Odesa and the rest of the Ukrainian Black Sea coast all the way to the Danube, and, eventually, the whole country.

Margin Of Fraud

I’ll take my civic engagement in Triple Grande Juxtapose, please.

Starbucks, 2016: Schultz wrote a letter to employees on Sunday criticizing the “epic, unseemly” election, and he asked them to share in compassion and empathy.

Starbucks, 2020: Espinel said the company’s effort begins with conversations between managers and their employees to make sure its nearly 200,000 workers have the tools and time to vote. The chain has created a portal for its baristas with tools to register and vote.

Starbucks, 2022: Starbucks asks labor board to suspend mail-in ballot union elections, alleging misconduct in voting process

It Could Have Been So Much Worse!

I think we can legitimately call him an anti-vaxxer now. I mean, he (allegedly) only got four doses of Magic Juice to prevent The Thing from happening but got it anyway. Fabulous product! What a success story. But really, if he had gotten five, or hooked up to a 24 IV drip maybe this would have never happened.


ZINCHUK: SaskPower just signed a massive carbon leakage interchange agreement with the States

… and Estevan (and SaskPower consumers) will suffer the consequences.

SaskPower is going to beef up its power transmission interconnect with the U.S. Southwest Power Pool (SPP), from the existing 150 megawatts to 650 megawatts. It’s a connection to 106 utilities across 14 states from North Dakota right down to include the Texas panhandle.

The idea is when they need power, and we have power to offer, we sell power into the SPP. And when we need power, we can buy it from the SPP. And for that privilege, we will pay a tariff of $52 million per year. More on that later.

This sort of interconnected grid is really important when it comes to intermittent power sources like wind and solar. Especially wind and solar. When I was typing up the initial story this morning, I checked on how Alberta’s power grid is doing. And at that moment, at 10:46 a.m., Alberta’s power grid was producing 188 megawatts out of a theoretical 2,389 megawatts of wind power connected to their grid, a measly 7.9 per cent. And this has happened numerous times this summer. I’m losing track, really. […]

Let me be clear on this – Alberta is one of the most energy-rich jurisdictions on the entire planet. It’s got more oil, natural gas and coal then almost every energy producer on the third rock from the sun, never mind wind and solar. And it is routinely, almost every single day, drawing on power production from its neighbours to keep its lights on.

And this is what I anticipate will happen in Saskatchewan. Sure, we could send power to North Dakota. But it’s more likely that we will be drawing power from the SPP, nearly all the time.


But what really got me thinking were these comments: “Over 50% of North Dakota’s power is coal fired. Carbon tax free,” said one. And that’s true. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, “In 2021, coal-fired power plants provided 57 per cent of North Dakota’s electricity generation, and wind energy accounted for 34 per cent, which was the sixth-highest share from wind power for any state.”

And this comment hit home, as most of my neighbours are either coal miners or work for SaskPower.

“And no jobs here in coal. Goodbye Estevan, you’re ruined.”


And that $52 million annual fee – which I must compliment the Leader Post on finding that out. I missed that. That’s a lot of bucks. Indeed, it’s much more than what SaskPower pays the provincial government in coal royalties via its coal purchases.

Wait, what?

You got that right. We pay next to nothing for coal – at least the coal on crown land, which is most of it.

Read it all and subscribe. Then, call your SaskParty MLA and remind them what happened to the Alberta PC’s.

Related: Judge revives Obama-era ban on coal sales from US lands

Temporarily Unexpected

The NY Fed Empire Manufacturing Index goes Thelma and Louise…

The New York Fed’s Empire State business conditions index, a gauge of manufacturing activity in the state, plummeted 42.4 points to negative 31.3 in August, the regional Fed bank said Monday.

This is the second largest monthly decline on record and among the lowest levels in the survey’s history, the regional Fed bank said.

Economists had expected a reading of 5.0, according to a survey by The Wall Street Journal.

Any reading below zero indicates deteriorating conditions.

Key details: The index for new orders dropped 35.8 points to negative 29.6 in August.

The shipments index fell 49.4 points to negative 24.1.

Unfilled orders fell for the third straight month.

Labor market conditions weakened. The prices-paid index fell 9 points to 55.5, its lowest level in over a year.

In addition, manufacturers were not optimistic about the six-month outlook.

It’s Monday On Turtle Island

Biden’s America:  Mar a Lago raid is a farce.  Today’s Hunter Biden story.  Yes, Disney still pushing perversion.  The FBI’s Mar a Lago panty raid.  Your morning meme.

Today in Islam:  The Victor Davis Hanson Show.  The motive is unclear.

Global warming scam news:  Golf course holes filled with cement because of global warming or something.  German socialists don’t believe in heat during the winter because of capitalism.   The Hollywood dark money lawsuits.

Woke Britain:  Don’t upset the vegans.  Where are the left wing and feminist voices?

Trudeau’s Canada:  Justin celebrates Pakistan.  Tam likes Monkeypox grants.

Sunny Ways, Danny

This is Danny.

This is Danny getting what he voted for.