Author: Robert

AI-Powered Kamala Noise-Kancelling Kontraption

Let’s face it, the next few months are going to be incredibly painful for anyone with an IQ over 85 and reasonably functioning hearing. To help preserve the sanity of everyone, we have created an AI-Powered Auditory Device that is specifically designed to prevent you from ever again hearing the hyena-like laughter of Democrat Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris. Best of all, our device snugly fits inside of your old Covid masks, so you can celebrate in being able to recycle them. Sold in pairs, we offer a money-back guarantee that you will never again have to endure such torture!

No Matter How Much You Hate The Media

It clearly is not enough! Yesterday, MSNBC’s Joy Reid said that Joe Biden successfully recovering from Covid would convey exactly the same thing [as Donald Trump surving an assassin’s bullet].

Well, if he does survive Covid, and we certainly hope that he does, we now know the perfect picture the White House photographer will stage: