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Keeping Up Appearances Down on the Farm

Guest post by SDA regular, James MacMaster:

In a belated response to lacklustre investigations and weak-kneed prosecutions of anarchists who undertake farm invasions involving criminal acts, our MPs are patting themselves on the backs for coming up with a new federal bill related to trespassing on farms.  But if you were thinking that this is some kind of endorsement of the freedom and right to own, use, and enjoy property, well, give your head a shake.  As it is with Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association, our cowardly MPs just can’t take a public stance on anything resembling fundamental freedoms.

Conservative MP and ag critic John Barlow, who sponsored the Bill, said it was vital to deter people from illegally entering farms because of the risk of, get this, spreading disease among the animals.

Stay tuned for more dislocated shoulders in the hierarchy of Canada’s farm organizations as they pat themselves on the back for getting their Sugar Daddies to come up with this tough, timely, and necessary response.

How Deeply Has China Penetrated into Canada?

Ottawa dragon boat festival apologizes for telling man to remove Falun Gong shirt

It took four years, but a retired Ottawa man has finally received an apology from Ottawa’s dragon-boat festival over an incident he considered an insidious example of the Chinese government’s influence in Canada.

The festival’s CEO had persuaded Gerry Smith to remove a Falun Gong T-shirt while at the event, mentioning the Chinese embassy’s sponsorship of the festival. The spiritual movement — a target of longstanding repression by the Chinese government — says the incident was just one part of an ongoing campaign of interference and intimidation against the Falun Gong here in Canada.

h/t James MacMaster