Author: Robert

Rampant Racism Breaks Out on the Left

Here is an excellent interview with Adam Coleman, author of this recent article.

Do share this with your Leftist friends and family members who are active on social media. Ask them if they are okay with singling out Clarence Thomas and using racial epitaphs against him. Request that they post on social media, demanding people stop these attacks against Justice Thomas. If they refuse to do so, know that you have a closet racist in your midst.

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From Meritocracy to Mediocrity

Canada Day, 2022 Edition

Ottawa Police fined a protester $1,130 for writing “FREE TAMARA” in chalk

Just curious, were these members of the Ottawa Police Force actually Canadians or imported from Justin Trudeau’s paternal homeland of Cuba? Asking for a friend.

July 1, 2022: Reader Tips

Though Canada is suffering through a tumultuous time these days with an aspiring dictator at the helm, we can all envision much better times in the past and hopefully a brighter future.  To that end, we present One Week, a 2008 movie filmed and actually set in Canada.

Also, here’s an NFB film focused on the turbulent summer of 1967.

Please do share how you and your loved ones plan to spend Canada Day.

As a special bonus, here a song from Greg Arcade called The Ballad of James Topp:

James, THANK YOU and your entire crew for this incredible march that you’ve done from Vancouver to Ottawa. It’s historical and hopefully will eventually help in restoring Canada to the once free country it was, but is no longer.