Author: Robert

Aloha, Let Me See Your Papers!

In what may be the stupidest decision in tourism history, the state of Hawaii is supposedly working on a mandatory app-based vaccine passport:

Hawaii’s tourism officials see the initiative as a way to fast-forward the state’s economic recovery. “Businesses have lost a lot of money during this whole period here so there’s a lot to recoup,” Mufi Hannemann, president and CEO of the Hawaii Tourism and Lodging Association, told Hawaii News Now. “But more importantly, we’re anxious to get this economy moving forward in a safe and healthy manner.”

The notion of vaccine passports is a politically contentious issue in the United States, with Republican governors in a slew of states — including Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Nebraska, Utah and Idaho — banning vaccine passports in their states, arguing that they violate users’ privacy rights and discriminate against the unvaccinated, and GOP elected officials frequently rail against the idea on social media.

If this proves to be the death knell for an economy that very much depends upon tourism, they only have themselves to blame.  We can already imagine the advertisements that Florida tourism promoters will be running.

Like San Francisco in California, Texas Has Its Own S-Hole and its name is Austin

Drive through much of Texas and you’ll find well kept communities with friendly, hard-working people.  But arriving in Austin, you’ll find something very different:

As is typical of most every Leftist government the world over, they refuse to admit their policies have absolutely failed, that they are not competent enough to run a simple lemonade stand, and that new people must replace them.

Thankfully the people of Austin appear to be rising up and have forced an important referendum to be held on May 1st.

Is United Airlines Knowingly Compromising the Safety of their Passengers?

If there are two candidates to become a pilot at United Airlines and one scores higher on their tests, you would think they would choose that candidate, right? But if the better candidate happens to be a white male, then they’ll choose the lesser candidate. They state this unequivocally, in their own words. Does it not seem bizarre that an airline would knowingly compromise the safety of its passengers?

Fly the Unfriendly Skies

Non-Spirit Airlines knows how to treat its customers with disrespect, animosity and malevolence:

Honest Discussions the Leftist Elites Don’t Want You to Hear

For decades, we’ve seen Race Grifters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton constantly utter absolute nonsense but help no one but themselves get rich & powerful. 2020 has seen a rampant increase in Race Grifters and a new outbreak of Covid Fear Grifters and Socialist/Communist Grifters. Their messages are vacuous and don’t hold up to even the slightest amount of scrutiny. Thus, they’re not interested in discussions, just getting others to shut up so they can impose their will and collect more power. In this video you’ll hear some voices that would rarely, if ever, appear on the MSM: