Let Them Eat Carbon Credits

Blacklocks- Inflation Hikes Poverty Rates

“We noted a growing sense of hopelessness and desperation,” said a Council report Blueprint For Transformation. “Persons with lived expertise of poverty and service providers alike told us things seem worse now than they were before and during the first years of the pandemic.”

“Recent increases in the cost of living represent one of the most important socioeconomic challenges faced by people living in Canada following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic,” wrote the Council. “It is expected this will put upward pressure on poverty rates.”

The Honourable Member From Air India

Reached by phone Wednesday,
an NDP spokesperson said Ashton was in Quebec City “to discuss language priorities”…

An NDP MP who frequently joins parliamentary proceedings remotely from her riding billed the House of Commons for a trip she took to reportedly meet with “stakeholders” over the Christmas holidays in Quebec — travel that included bringing her husband and kids along at taxpayers’ expense.

Parliamentary travel records indicate NDP MP Niki Ashton was only in Ottawa on one occasion for four days during the fall 2022 sitting.

But on Dec. 21 of that year, Ashton flew from Thompson, Man. to Ottawa — five days after the House of Commons had already risen for its Christmas break.

Ashton’s partner Bruce Moncur, a former NDP nomination candidate, and their two children also made the trip with the MP to the nation’s capital.

Then, on Christmas Day, 2022, the family of four travelled to Quebec City. Ashton billed the Commons for some of the expenses they incurred along the way.

Social media posts show Moncur and the children took in some of Quebec City’s winter attractions, including an ice slide and snow tubing at Village Vacances Valcartier outside the city centre.

Ashton is also seen in those posts skating with her children and visiting the city’s German Christmas Market.

Deep Impact

Western Standard;

The axe fell on Global News on Wednesday with cuts across the country.

In a tape recording of a address to Alberta staff obtained by the Western Standard, employees were told the cuts involved multiple stations, bureaus and Global National.

The number of staff cut hasn’t been disclosed as those who have been targetted could use union seniority to fight for a job. […]

The Global News cuts come despite the company receiving mainstream legacy media bailout money from the Liberal government.

The federal government approved a $595 million media bailout in 2019, including annual payroll rebates of up to $13,750 per newsroom employee. Two years later, in November 2021, the Trudeau government doubled annual rebates to a maximum $29,750 at an additional $129 million.

We Don’t Need No Flaming Sparky Cars

AP News;

Thieves have been targeting EV charging stations, intent on stealing the cables, which contain copper wiring. The price of copper is near a record high on global markets, which means criminals stand to collect rising sums of cash from selling the material.

The stolen cables often disable entire stations, forcing EV owners on the road to search desperately for a working charger. For the owners, the predicament can be exasperating and stressful.

“tin foil hats are twitching”

Coffee time: Was “Dr” Michael Mosley a spook who faked his own death?

For those who are unaware, which likely includes most non-UK readers (although I can see it’s hit the headlines in the US), for the last several days, the UK media has been gripped in a feverish and high-octane state of excitement, as “TV doctor” Michael Mosley – famed for his diet books, and more recently, contributions to Covid hysteria – suddenly went missing whilst on holiday in Greece.

Ha-Pea News!

New York Post- Vegan fake meats linked to heart disease, early death: study

“While ultra-processed foods are often marketed as healthy foods, this large study suggests that plant-based ultra-processed foods do not seem to have protective health effects and are linked to poor health outcomes,” she said.

The Lancet Regional Health- Implications of food ultra-processing on cardiovascular risk considering plant origin foods: an analysis of the UK Biobank cohort

Conversely, plant-sourced UPF consumption was associated with a 5% increased risk (1.03–1.07) and a 12% higher mortality (1.05–1.20). The contribution of all UPF was linked to higher CVD risk and mortality, and no evidence for an association between contribution of all plant-sourced foods and CVD incidence and mortality was observed.