The Sound Of Settled Science

Smarter than they looked;

“We can now say with confidence that our human ancestors were making simple Oldowan stone tools inside the Wonderwerk Cave 1.8 million years ago,” says geologist Ron Shaar from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.

“Wonderwerk is unique among ancient Oldowan sites, a tool-type first found 2.6 million years ago in East Africa, precisely because it is a cave and not an open-air occurrence.”

While ancient evidence of wildfires and human fires might get mixed up in open-air sites, that’s not the case in the Wonderwerk Cave. What’s more, other indicators of humans making fires were found: burnt bones and ash, for example, as well as the tools.

Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors

Their FBI source burned them. Good.New York Times, WaPo, NBC forced to retract false claims about Giuliani


When The FBI Does It Update: According to reports, federal investigators are looking for evidence that the former Mayor of New York City violated the foreign agents registration act (FARA) by illegally lobbying on behalf of Ukrainian officials. But that’s just a pretext to search his communications and records to find something with which to take revenge against a man who helped uncover the corruption of America’s first family.

The Wiley and Illusive “Natural Immunity”

From Nature

Data now suggest that the majority of infected individuals develop robust and long-lasting T cell immunity, which has implications for the durability of immunity and future vaccine approaches.

The authors studied T cell responses six months after infection in 100 individuals (median age 41 years) who had relatively mild infections (56 people) or asymptomatic infections (44 people).

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And The Vaccines Will Manufacture Themselves

COVID-19 vaccine maker Providence says it’s leaving Canada after calls for more federal support go unanswered

Brad Sorenson, the CEO of Calgary-based Providence Therapeutics, told CBC News he’s had enough of the “runaround” from federal and provincial governments and he’s working with the company’s board of directors to move its operations overseas to focus on developing a vaccine for people in the southern hemisphere.

“I’m moving on, that’s where I’m at now. I’ve prostrated myself at the altar of government in Canada for a year and I’ve received nothing for it. I’m tired of begging and pleading,” Sorenson said.

“I can’t tell you how much this pains me. The reality is, I can do more good for the world outside of Canada than I can in.”

Sorenson said the company will be “redomiciled” but he hasn’t settled on a country yet.

Because you’re not WEPharmaceuticals with a head office in Montreal and a brown bag in hand.