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Transgender Is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization Of Pedophilia

Never forgive.

Adult transgender clinics in England are facing a Cass-style inquiry into how they treat patients after whistleblowers raised concerns about the care they provide.

NHS England has announced that it is setting up a review of how the seven specialist services operate and deliver care after past and present staff shared misgivings privately during a previous investigation.

As a first step, NHS England will send “external quality improvement experts” into each of the clinics to gather evidence about how they care for patients, to help guide the inquiry’s direction.

The move follows the publication on Wednesday of a landmark review by Dr Hilary Cass, a former president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, which recommended sweeping changes in the way that the health service treats under-18s who are unsure about their gender identity.

BACKPEDDLE HARDER BUTCHER: Labour pledges to implement the recommendations of the “Cass Review” into trans healthcare.

Transgender Is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization Of Pedophilia

Transgender ‘MAP’ Activist Connected to Pro-Pedophile Group Influencing Academic Research

A trans-identified male who identifies as a “minor-attracted person” and has been running a “MAP” merchandise shop online is also working with a prominent pro-pedophilia group that has consulted academics. Katie Cruz, a pseudonym used by a man who calls himself Cali Miller, has been “working behind the scenes” with activist group B4U-ACT, which campaigns to have pedophilia recognized as a sexual orientation, and which has contributed to academic research at some of North America’s top universities.

The term ‘MAP’ is an acronym which stands for ‘Minor-Attracted Person,’ and is used in online pro-pedophile communities as a way to reduce stigma against individuals who seek to sexually abuse children. It was coined by the co-founder of B4U-ACT, convicted child rapist Michael Melsheimer. Melsheimer explicitly stated that the purpose of the organization was to normalize pedophilia where the National Association of Man-Boy Love (NAMBLA) had failed to do so.

On Patreon, Cruz has stated that his “age of attraction” is between 9 and 13 years old. He also claims to identify as having a “trans age” of between “13 and 17ish.”

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Transgender Is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization Of Pedophilia

In a groundbreaking study from the Mayo Clinic, a globally recognized leader in medical research and patient care, researchers examined the effects of puberty blockers on testicular development in gender dysphoric male children. Their investigation revealed evidence of mild to severe atrophy in the sex glands of these children, leading the authors to express doubt in the claims of “reversibility” often made about puberty blockers.

The authors assert, “We provide unprecedented histological evidence revealing detrimental pediatric testicular sex gland responses to [puberty blockers].”

Planet Brokeness

Via HotAir;

Planet Fitness saw the valuation of the company’s stock drop this week after an Alaska gym canceled a woman’s membership when she photographed a male using the women’s locker room.

The company’s stock price, which traded at a monthly high of $66.92 on March 7, plummeted to a low of $56.46 on Tuesday.

The price drop followed an incident in which Patricia Silva encountered a “man in women’s locker room shaving.”

Embrace Hollywood!

“Democrats need to embrace Hollywood because this is where they need to come to learn how to tell a story.” – Michael Moore.

By now, everybody with an ounce of sense knows that Hollywood is filled with child molesters and degenerates.

The stories of sexual abuse are legion and horrifying. Yesterday I was reading about an executive at Nickelodeon who was a creepy pedo, and today’s example is former NBCUniversal executive Mike Sington, who has displayed a creepy obsession with Barron Trump, celebrating the fact that the former president’s son is now 18 and “fair game.”

Yes, he meant that kind of “fair game”.

Queer Theories

Have a glance at this well-written and concise commentary that dives into the deeper philosophical roots of the gender fluid movement, roots which are heavily intertwined with Marxism and assorted post-modern thinkers. No matter how you look at it, the message is clear: the individual is nothing but a helpless “social construct” who needs to sink into the abyss of nihilism.

This is a work so embedded in neo-Marxism it’s impossible to grasp it without accepting its collectivist and revolutionary premises. For Butler, in matters of sex and the body, nothing is as it appears, the individual has no independent existence or capacity for reason outside social and cultural forces, and even the basics of anatomy, like a penis, are just socially constructed all the way down. There is no independent, stable variable like nature or biology or evolution that can help us understand our bodies, and our sex. Everything is in our heads, and our heads are entirely created by others in the past and present:

Nature is not the ground upon which construction of gender happens. Both the material and social dimensions of the body are constructed through an array of practices, discourses, and technologies.


Transgender Is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization Of Pedophilia


Saskatchewan man and Canadian National Matthew Norman Ballek, 31, has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly distributing child pornography. According to U. S. court documents, Ballek allegedly distributed videos depicting the sadistic sexual abuse of toddlers and prepubescent children.

According to the Jan. 23, 2024, indictment, which was unsealed in February, Ballek distributed three video files depicting adult males engaging in sexually explicit conduct with minors via a social media communication application. U. S. court documents allege that the videos, allegedly shared by Ballek for purposes of his own sexual gratification, depict extremely young and vulnerable children who are crying in pain as they are being raped by adult men. The FBI say that Law enforcement has come to learn that the application is used by some individuals who have a sexual interest in children.[…]

According to Ballek’s LinkedIn, he has been living in Washington, D. C., working as a financial risk specialist for The World Bank for the past two years. His LinkedIn also states he worked for the Bank of Canada for five years as a senior financial specialist and was a program manager in LGBT capital markets to “empower LGBT+ talent.” He obtained his Bachelor of Arts from McGill University and his Master of Financial Economics from Western University.

Let Us Pay Homage To The Las Vegas Nostradamus

“I’ve just flown in from California, where they’ve made homosexuality legal. I thought I’d get out before they make it compulsory.”

While homosexual is now a term you must avoid using, GLAAD wants you to be familiar with a whole bunch of made-up terms, like allosexual, gynesexual, and pansexual. I don’t know what any of those mean. I don’t care and won’t even bother sharing their definitions with you because I most certainly won’t legitimize this nonsense by learning them.

There’s also a term in the glossary called Same-Gender Loving.

I won’t bother with that one, either.

I Want A New Country

Tristan Hopper;

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in a recent sexual assault case that it was “problematic” for a lower court judge to refer to the alleged victim as a “woman,” implying that the more appropriate term should have been “person with a vagina.”

In a decision published Friday, Justice Sheilah Martin wrote that a trial judge’s use of the word “a woman” may “have been unfortunate and engendered confusion.”

Martin does not specify why the word “woman” is confusing, but the next passage in her decision refers to the complainant as a “person with a vagina.” Notably, not one person in the entire case is identified as transgender, and the complainant is referred to throughout as a “she.”

The case was R. v. Kruk, which involved a 2017 charge of sexual assault against then 34-year-old Maple Ridge, B.C., man Charles Kruk

Transgender is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization Of Pedophilia

@Pagmenzies: Man, I read the @edmontonjournal and @CBCNews coverage of AB’s decision on this and it was pretty clear that Danielle Smith was just making things up. So imagine my surprise

Children who have gender dysphoria will no longer be given puberty blockers, NHS England has said, ahead of a radical change in how it cares for them.

There is not enough evidence about either how safe they are to take or whether they are clinically effective to justify prescribing them to children and young people who are transitioning, it added.

The government welcomed NHS England’s “landmark decision”, which it said was “in the best interests of children”.

NHS England made the announcement in response to the results of a public consultation on the ban, which it first proposed last June, and a review of available evidence by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice).

Another surprise: Rate of suicide attempts doubled after vaginoplasty

Transgender Is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization Of Pedophilia

So lovely.

A trans-identified male and “recidivist pedophile” residing in Quebec has been arrested and charged with possession of child pornography for the second time. Krystel Lauzon, 39 of Val-David, was detained on January 11 after officers from the provincial police force’s Internet Sexual Exploitation of Children Investigation Team conducted a search of his residence and his computer was seized for forensic analysis.

While details on the case are limited, it is known that this is not Lauzon’s first run-in with the police for child sexual exploitation material.

Related: Our group was curious about the Bay Area doctors mentioned in the #WPATHFiles. After just a cursory glance at the Yelp reviews for Dr. Satterwhite we found a distressed young person w/severe complications from surgery. This young person died at 23 years old.

Transgender Is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization Of Pedophilia


Newly leaked files from the world’s leading transgender health-care organization reveal it is pushing hormonal and surgical transitions for minors, including stomach-wrenching experimental procedures designed to create sexless bodies that resemble department-store mannequins.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health documents demonstrate it’s controlled by gender ideologues who push aside concerns about whether children and adolescents can consent to medical treatments that WPATH members privately acknowledge often have devastating and permanent side effects.

Yet the US government, American doctors and prominent organizations nonetheless rely on WPATH guidelines for advice on treating our youth.

The files — jaw-dropping conversations from a WPATH internal messaging board and a video of an Identity Evolution Workshop panel — were provided to journalist Michael Shellenberger, who shared the documents with me.

The WPATH Files, via Michael Shellenberger on X.

WPATH’s internal files, which include written discussions and a video, reveal that its members know they are creating victims and not getting “informed consent.”

Victims include a 10-year-old girl, a 13-year-old developmentally delayed adolescent, and individuals suffering from schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses.

The injuries described in the WPATH Files include sterilization, loss of sexual function, liver tumors, and death.

WPATH members indicate repeatedly that they know that many children and their parents don’t understand the effects that puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries will have on their bodies. And yet, they continue to perform and advocate for gender medicine.

Read it all, put the butchers at the CMA on blast, and pass it on to your MLA and MP.