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Global- 30 years after Rwanda genocide

An estimated 800,000 Tutsi were killed by extremist Hutu in massacres that lasted over 100 days in 1994. Some moderate Hutu who tried to protect members of the Tutsi minority also were targeted and killed.

Romeo Dallaire, in an interview that aired Sunday on The West Block, told host Mercedes Stephenson he remains concerned about the continued presence of the genocide’s perpetrators and masterminds in Africa and around the world — including in Canada — who have not been brought to justice.

Winds of Change

Think of it as the tail end of love bombing.  Or as Mark Knofler once said, “Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug”.

UnHerd- The ugly return of homophobia Bigotry is coming from the progressive establishment

Whereas we have always been accustomed to this kind of thing from the far-Right — one recalls Nick Griffin’s remark on Question Time about how he finds the sight of two men kissing “really creepy” — but now the most objectionable anti-gay comments arise in online spheres occupied by gender ideologues, from those who claim to be progressive, Left-wing and “on the right side of history”. The significant difference is that the word “cis” has been added to the homophobe’s lexicon.

Fake Tears And Hissing

Despite the competing feats of Olympic-level hyperbole, two formal investigations by the university uncovered no evidence of racism or indeed violence, whether colonial or of some other kind. However, the social work department – this bastion of “equity,” “diversity,” and “decolonisation” – was described in one of the reports as an intimidating and hostile workplace, with one witness favouring the phrase, “cliquey, scary, and tense.”

Or, when one Designated Victim Group collides with another.

Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

16 pages of new names.

A new drop of Epstein docs reveals a list of “individuals likely to have discoverable information relevant to disputed facts alleged with particularity in the pleadings.”

The document was part Exhibit N of the recently released trove of documents from the case between Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre and Epstein’s right-hand Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell is currently serving time for 20 year after a conviction on sex trafficking.

She was accused of having procured teen girls for Jeffrey Epstein to essentially pimp out and sexually abuse.

Exhibit N is a 16-page list of witnesses who may have “knowledge concerning matters at issue” in the complaint from Giuffre. It includes individuals from New York, London, Palm Beach, Fla., Utah, Washington, DC, and many others whose addresses or locations are not listed.

New: Tucker Carlson interviews his brother Mark Epstein.

Y2Kyoto: Shut Up And Eat Your Bugs

Daily Caller;

The United Nations (UN) climate summit, known as COP28, featured a Tuesday discussion on sustainable yachting.

The discussion centered on finding “a variety of technical solutions developed to make the yachting experience more responsible and sustainable,” according to its official COP28 website. The event, titled “Responsible Yachting. Today & Tomorrow,” was moderated by Nico Rosberg, a yacht-owning former race car driver, and organized by Sunreef Yacht, a company that builds custom yachts and luxury vessels.

The discussion also included “a conversation about electric, hybrid and hydrogen propulsion, battery technology, plant-based composites, bottom paints, modern photovoltaics, sustainable interior finishing, water management, energy management (and) air conditioning,” according to the event’s COP28 website.

Revolutionary Slush Fund

Details are now emerging regarding Google’s decision to pay protection money to the federal government. In something that seems to have come straight out of Atlas Shrugged, only media outlets who are part of a “collective” can get a piece of the action.

Google agreed to provide newsrooms with up to $100 million each year, indexed to inflation, in exchange for an exemption from the law. The company will negotiate those payments through a single collective bargaining group, which will operate much like a media fund.

St-Onge said the law allows any eligible media to join the collective, which could include newspapers and broadcasters, as well as French-language and Indigenous news organizations.

I imagine that Rebel News won’t be eligible or otherwise will never get a dime, but they’re just counter-revolutionaries anyway.

What Would We Do Without Economists?

Peter St Onge, Ph.D.

Bloomberg predicts recession, complains how mainstream economists keep getting it wrong.

In fact, the “Soft Landing” line has been trotted out before every single actual recession since 1969. To the point the phrase itself is a red flag, like “our banking system is fundamentally sound.”

If Bloomberg wonders why top economists get it so wrong, the truth is pretty simple: they’re paid to get it wrong.

Video at the link above.

Via @WallStreetSilv Nice to see Bloomberg noticing how dishonest regime economists are, but they let them off with “economics is complex” when the reality is a lot simpler: When government is paying their salary, the economists say what they’re told.

Healthy Options

Robert Graboyes;

For many years, I asked roomfuls of doctors and nurses how employers might help stanch Americans’ rapid increase in obesity. Their answers usually fit this cloistered stereotype:

“My office had a walkathon competition.”

“My company opened a gymnasium for employees.”

“My employer pays 50 percent of gym membership costs.”

“We have twice-weekly yoga classes in the boardroom.”

“Human Resources offers wellness classes.”

“Our cafeteria offers healthy options.”

Ask the same medical professionals what the government and other employers ought to do to fight obesity, and the answers reflexively veered toward “encourage or require employers to do all those things my employer does.”

The problem is that many of America’s most serious health problems reside in people whose lives and jobs do not remotely resemble those of healthcare professionals or policy-shapers.

How Dare You Notice Things

A tale of a schoolgirls’ tennis team, a locker room, and a cross-dressing coach:

The reprimand mentioned above – or rather, reprimands, because, well, what’s behaviour without a pattern? – did not seem to deter Mr Yates. Nor did the provision of private changing facilities, typically used by sports officials, including coaches. Direct appeals from the girls also failed to discourage him from parading around their locker room in a bra-and-panties ensemble and various states of undress. Such that the girls were left in little doubt that their cross-dressing coach was, as one board member put it, “still fully a man.” And all while seeking out details of the girls’ menstruation cycles and their preferences in underwear.

I think you’re supposed to pretend it isn’t happening.

Socialisme pour les Quebecois

Central planning is like a washing machine cycle that never ends:

Step 1: Subsidize production.

Step 2: When production exceeds consumer demand, subsidize the losses.

Step 3: When the losses become terminal, pay producers to exit the industry.

Step 4: When prices rise, go back to Step 1.

The first stage of the production-cut program is voluntary. Those that agree to participate must leave the industry for a minimum of five years. Two-thirds of the cost will be covered by Farm Income Stabilization Insurance, a taxpayer-funded provincial program that, when market prices are low, covers the costs of production. One-third will be paid by Les Éleveurs de porcs du Québec.

This will mean that every producer who remains in the sector must pay $2.86 to the union for every hog they sell, to cover producers’ share of the expense, according to reporting by La Presse. The pool of cash will be used to pay producers who leave.

“We understand we need the taxpayer helping us‚ but at the same time we bring lots of money, too,” Mr. Roy said.