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Our Chinese-Installed Government In Ottawa

Sam Cooper exclusive:

CSIS planned a major intervention in 2017 to shut down rapidly growing Indian intelligence networks in Vancouver that were monitoring and targeting the Sikh community, according to a confidential Canadian foreign interference review.


But Ottawa blocked CSIS’s operation due to “political sensitivity” and fears it would impact Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s upcoming trip to India, the top secret June 2019 report says. And so, the Indian diplomat in Vancouver targeted by CSIS continued to run his networks “unabated.”


These allegations — from NSICOP’s “Canadian Eyes Only” 2019 draft report — shed new light on the bombshell dropped in Parliament yesterday by Trudeau, who accused India’s government of links to the targeted murder in June of a prominent Vancouver Sikh community leader, who was designated as a terrorist by New Delhi.

Our Chinese-Installed Government In Ottawa

Rebel News;

The China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development receives funding from an organization founded by a British hedge fund manager who has previously bankrolled the radical Extinction Rebellion group.

The billionaire backing the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, a key player in the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED), has also donated extensively to radical Extinction Rebellion activists.

The CCICED, a joint venture between the Chinese Communist government and Canada, is chaired in part by Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault.

Minister Guilbeault travelled to China this fall on a diplomatic mission to participate in the annual general meeting of the joint China-Canada venture.

Ding Xuexiang (丁薛祥), a former top adviser to Xi Jinping, is the official head chairperson of the committee, ranking number six in the CCP Politburo pecking order and currently acting as the vice-premier of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Xuexiang and Guilbeault are flanked on the executive by his overseas counterpart, Huang Runqia (黄润秋), minster of ecology and environment.

Our Chinese-Installed Government In Ottawa

Sam Cooper;

Mayor Brad West, arguably Beijing’s sharpest critic in Canadian politics, says he was provided evidence the Chinese Communist Party plotted to run a candidate against him in British Columbia’s 2022 municipal elections, and CSIS warned him that diplomats in China’s Vancouver Consulate were concerned West’s political trajectory could “represent a real threat to their aims and objectives.”

In an exclusive interview, the two-term Port Coquitlam mayor disclosed to The Bureau that CSIS is aware of posts on WeChat suggesting Beijing tried to unseat him in last year’s election.

While West doesn’t know how CSIS has assessed the case, he thinks Canadians need to know the details, in part to hold Ottawa’s feet to the fire as attention wanders from Beijing’s federal election interference, and the Trudeau Government remains inactive on Chinese threats.

West said weeks after he was acclaimed mayor in October 2022, several Chinese community sources delivered records showing that pro-Beijing figures tied to Chinese diplomats in Vancouver used WeChat in August and September 2022 — albeit unsuccessfully — trying to recruit a candidate “the Chinese community could get behind” to defeat West.

Our Chinese-Installed Government In Ottawa

Brian Lilley;

Justin Trudeau’s environment minister, Steven Guilbeault, is pulling double duty as an official adviser to the Chinese government. Turns out, he also wants to make Beijing an ally on the environmental issue and will head to coal-powered China at the end of the month after lecturing Canada’s premiers on using fossil fuels.[…]

Guilbeault is going to a meeting of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development. It is described as a think tank but is actually a creation of China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

The ministry, part of the Communist Party of China, selects the leadership as well as “providing guidance for its operations, implementation, and daily management.” The council is tasked with conducting research and offering proposals to the Chinese government.

Guilbeault is also currently listed as Executive Vice Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the CCICED. He sits alongside Ding Xuexiang, who serves as the chair of the CCICED. Xuexiang is also the first vice premier of the People’s Republic of China and stands just behind Xi Jinping in the pecking order of the Communist Party of China.

Our Chinese-Installed Government In Ottawa

And their Chinese installed affiliates in media.

China’s election interference and political influence in Canada has been enabled by Beijing’s covert “takeover” of Chinese-language media, plus sophisticated, massively-funded schemes targeting mainstream outlets and seeking to control “key media entities” according to intelligence documents.

These clandestine operations have involved threats against journalists, the documents say, but also inducements, such as benefits offered by Vancouver’s Chinese Consulate to cultivate “key editors, producers and high-ranking managers.”

While the Trudeau Government faces a crisis of public confidence after intelligence leaks alleged Chinese diplomats directed funds clandestinely into Canada’s 2019 federal election, this new documentation adds another layer of concern, outlining Beijing’s overarching strategy to subvert democracy using Canada’s free press.

Beijing’s ultimate objective is influencing Canadian media to help elect politicians friendly towards the Chinese Communist Party and promoting reporting that favours its interests, the documents say.


According to the unredacted June 2019 NSICOP report, the Chinese Communist Party also increasingly targets Canada’s media giants.

Under the subheading “Mainstream Canadian Media” it says Beijing has switched from a defensive strategy, focused on domestic censorship and expelling foreign journalists, to flooding international media outlets “with massive infusions of money.”

These funds aim to have Beijing’s propaganda published by major newspapers and broadcasters.

“CSIS assesses that Canadian media outlets have been heavily targeted in this regard,” the NSICOP document says.

It adds CSIS reported in 2017 that “PRC authorities have … attempted to use Canadian media outlets in order to deliberately publish false or misleading information.”

Throw Sam a few bucks if you’re able, he’s earned it. Unlike the jokers coasting on taxpayer largess.

Our Chinese-Installed Government In Toronto

Passive resistance.

As Olivia Chow campaigned successfully to become Toronto’s new mayor, she received some unsolicited help from controversial sources.

Two prominent community groups aligned with the Chinese government — including one that allegedly hosted a Chinese police station in Ontario — “went all out” to support Chow’s push to be mayor, supplying numerous volunteers to the effort, a letter from one of the groups claims.

A post last month on WeChat from Felicity Guo, deputy secretary general of the Canada Toronto Fuqing Business Association (CTFBA), one of the two groups, urged followers to back Chow. The message was accompanied by a photo of Guo, Chow and another woman.

The mayor-elect’s staff stressed that Chow never requested the two groups’ help, nor did they reach out and enquire if she wanted it.

Good Morning, Chinada!

Dan Knight;

In the crisp air of my home in Vancouver, BC, I find myself grappling with the disquieting silence from two of our nation’s senators – Yuen Pau Woo and Victor Oh – in the aftermath of a violent incident at a protest they themselves had orchestrated. Amid the towering evergreens and the serene waters of the Pacific, the idyllic tranquility of my surroundings is jarringly at odds with the storm that’s brewing on our political landscape.

You see, Senators Woo and Oh had rallied the troops, so to speak, to oppose Bill S-237, a proposed legislation aimed at establishing a foreign agent registry. The idea behind this bill is a simple one – it’s about transparency and protecting our democracy from external interference. It’s about ensuring that our nation’s decisions remain in the hands of Canadians. But Senators Woo and Oh see it differently. To them, this legislation is an affront, an act of discrimination against specific countries.

They went to great lengths to express their dissent, planning a demonstration that saw up to 3,000 individuals making the journey from Toronto to Ottawa, transported via buses arranged by Senator Oh himself. The protest, timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the Chinese Immigration Act of 1923, was a testament to their conviction. But behind this show of solidarity, we have to ask ourselves – what were they really standing against?

Our Chinese-Installed Government In Ottawa

Dan Knight;

Good afternoon, fellow Canadians. As your vigilant observer, I want to share with you some concerning revelations brought to light at the PROC committee meeting yesterday. Investigative journalist Sam Cooper unveiled the depth of foreign interference in our 2021 elections during his interview with Erin O’Toole.

Cooper’s sources indicated that as far back as 2021, CSIS was aware of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents tracking an MP. Even more disconcertingly, these agents supposedly approached potential voters about this candidate, a move CSIS regarded as ‘coordinated and alarming.’ Cooper himself became a target of the CCP after he published his book detailing their foreign interference.

Our Chinese-Installed Government In Ottawa

Andrew Haynes;

These current and former Members of Parliament undermined Canadian security and democracy by seeking to stop CSIS pursuing People’s Republic of China interference in Canadian elections [in 2010]. They tried to get then CSIS Director Richard Fadden fired for publicly warning about Chinese electoral interference.

Each of them owe Canadians and Mr Fadden an apology, and we ought to ask some serious questions about any potential relationships they have with Chinese Communist Party and United Front members.

See the shocking report from the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security here and with screen-shots below…

Our Chinese-Installed Government In Ottawa

Has lost a good man.

A special investigator named by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to probe alleged election interference by China on Friday said he would quit, citing widespread opposition to his appointment and work.

David Johnston, 81, said he would leave his post by the end of June, or as soon as he has delivered a brief final report. Last month he said Trudeau’s government had not ignored evidence of Chinese meddling and recommended against an official public inquest.

Such interesting times.

Chris Selley: Good grief. Judging from his resignation letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Johnston still doesn’t seem to understand what the problem was. At all.