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Hey Danielle, Justice Needs a Little Help from You!

Persecution of Coutts Political Prisoners via Denial of Medical Treatment:

An unsung hero of the ongoing Coutts Political Prisoners story is Nikki Thom, friend and business associate to Tony Olienick, one of the remaining Coutts “2” of the Coutts Four prisoners, arrested on February 13, 2022, and who remains in custody, having been denied bail and yet to face trial.

Nikki has been tirelessly advocating on all four men’s behalf since day one, taking on what amounts to another full time job, doing the work of endless paperwork, emails, meetings, court appearances, and untold hours of legwork in assisting their legal counsel.

h/t James MacMaster

Ontario Public Sector Workers: More Money for Me, More Taxes for Thee

It appears that “conservative” Ontario Premier Doug Ford has caved and will be opening up taxpayer wallets to his unionized public sector workers:

An ill-fated attempt by Premier Doug Ford to cap the wages of public sector workers has been wiped off the books.

His government has followed through with a promise to repeal its controversial Bill 124 public sector wage restraint legislation, cementing a win for thousands of unionized workers.

Twice struck down by the courts as unconstitutional for restricting collective bargaining rights, the 2019 law limited pay increases for most public sector workers — including hospital nurses, teachers and civil servants — to one per cent annually for three years.

h/t James MacMaster

Making It All Make Sense

In the Reader Tips before the last one, SDA regular ‘richfisher’ pointed out that Tucker Carlson’s interview with Mike Benz was a much watch. This partially emanated from a recent Scott Adams podcast episode, in which he asked a whole lot of questions about various happenings in the world the past 10 years that just don’t make any sense. So why are they happening? Adams extrapolated some of the key points of what Benz said in the interview, did some of his own research, and added his own insight. The start of this portion of his much longer podcast can be watched here. Think of it as “The Unifying Theory Of Modern Insanity” (TUTOMA).

Update: Some have suggested that this law change, in 2016, is what has permitted the CIA and U.S. Military Complex to turn its extensive forces on the American people.

Misunderstanding Tucker Carlson

Here is an interesting discussion between two gentlemen who I generally respect and watch often. They’re talking about Tucker Carlson’s recent missives from Russia. While they make a few good points, I believe they mostly have misunderstood why Carlson is publishing the videos he has. Here are a few comments on this video that much more resonate with me:

The left/right divide is simply not the crux of the struggle in the West. It’s elitism vs populism.

Pointing out the cleanliness and safety of Moscow’s underground works even better for Western Europe. Until quite recently we had that. Most people who live today in Paris, Berlin, Rome etc. can remember a time when public spaces where clean and safe. Then politics moved dramatically to the left and we have a world in which the lives of ordinary people has become highly susceptible to crime, financially precarious and public spaces look like shit. There is a disconnect between the upper echelons of politics and ordinary people. If it goes on for too long, the consequences could be grave indeed. The majority of people are utterly disappointed with politicians, if that doesn’t change over the next couple of years through democratic change at the top, people will indeed question the entire political system.

It’s not complicated. Our cities are crumbling while our leaders take care of other countries. We grew up being told Moscow was a shit hole. He’s using it for an example of how we’ve been lied to. Also, it shows by comparison how bad cities are. He’s not saying overall Russia is great. He’s simply highlighting how far we’ve slipped. Not complicated.

What do you think?

Update: Related:

h/t ‘richfisher’

We are living in 1979 on the way to 1984

NDP MP Charlie Angus wants to shut down all oil and gas advertising.

In a move that would effectively destroy media like Pipeline Online,, BOE Report, Daily Oil Bulletin and more, Timmins-James Bay NDP MP Charlie Angus on Feb. 6 proposed eliminating all advertising from oil and gas firms. “It is prohibited for a person to promote a fossil fuel, a fossil fuel-related brand element or the production of a fossil fuel except as authorized by the provisions of this Act or of the regulations,” the private members bill, which was just introduced and is not law, says.

Note, this was clearly endorsed by the national party and leader. There’s even a donation collection at the bottom of the press release.

Fines in the million dollar range, jail up to two years. This is what the NDP want of Canada. And I would be going to jail.

To quote Andor, “Fight the Empire!”

Exposing the Swamp

In a shocking hidden camera interview, some facts, many of us suspected, are revealed:

A Capitol Hill intern reveals how members of Congress are coerced to vote a certain way through blackmail and extortion after affairs & sex parties: “Cawthorn wasn’t lying neither”

O’Keefe Media Group founder James O’Keefe has discovered that nothing is as it seems when it comes to Congress Members’ voting patterns, the staffers they hire, or their activity outside of Congress.

Meet Titus Warren, a Democrat working for Republicans in Congress. These Republicans do not care about Warren’s political views or the potential of him tipping off the other side. In fact, Titus states that he “loves” Nancy Pelosi and believes that Donald Trump “needs to die.”


Featured Comment

There are a not insignificant number of right-of-centre folks who don’t like Donald Trump. Yesterday, SDA regular ‘Kenji’ posted something interesting about why he does support Trump:

Let me explain the MAGA movement coming from someone who is 100% dedicated to PDJT. Back in 2016, when I jumped on the Trump train, I publicly stated: I could care less about “the Trump brand” … I think his buildings are ugly … and he is a shameless self-promoter cum huckster. But he is OUR VESSEL. Our vessel of a candidate who is the anti-McCain … and the anti-Romney … anti-GOPe version of DeSantis, and now the anti-Haley. We MAGA nation are DONE with weak, centrist, globalist, neocon wimps foisted on us by the RNC. Done with it … forever. Nobody beside Trump can deliver America from the EVIL that envelops her.

Later this year … the American people will VOTE with their paychecks and their gasoline tanks. They will VOTE their credit card debt … and they will VOTE for what ACTUALLY works.

Look at our nation!? What a mess! And it cannot be blamed 100% on the Communist Democrap Party. Count the number of Global Warming shills and true believers in the Republican Congress. They’re just as dedicated to destroying our energy infrastructure as the Communist Dem’s.

Evil Incarnate

If you want an example of pure propaganda, which goes a long way to explain why Leftists think the way they do, watch this “interview” of Gavin Newsom.

One thing that is not clear is whether Brian Tyler Cohen was wearing kneepads the entire time he was “interviewing” Newsom. Another curiosity is whether Cohen has had his conscience surgically or chemically removed given the massive damage Newsom has done to California generally and the people of San Francisco and Los Angeles in particular.

How About Removing Ridiculous Taxes for ALL Canadians?!?

We’re clearly in the political season in Canada:

Pierre Poilievre is trying to squeeze Justin Trudeau once again on the carbon tax.

On Monday, the Conservative leader pledged to take the carbon tax off food and asked Canadians to help him.

Poilievre is launching a campaign in support of Bill C-234, which passed the House of Common in March, with the Bloc Quebecois and NDP voting with the Conservatives. Now, this bill, originally put forward by Ontario Conservative MP Ben Lobb, is before the Senate and has a chance of passing.

Why only farmers? What about the truckers who haul the produce? What about consumers who have to drive to buy their food?

h/t James MacMaster