Making It All Make Sense

In the Reader Tips before the last one, SDA regular ‘richfisher’ pointed out that Tucker Carlson’s interview with Mike Benz was a much watch. This partially emanated from a recent Scott Adams podcast episode, in which he asked a whole lot of questions about various happenings in the world the past 10 years that just don’t make any sense. So why are they happening? Adams extrapolated some of the key points of what Benz said in the interview, did some of his own research, and added his own insight. The start of this portion of his much longer podcast can be watched here. Think of it as “The Unifying Theory Of Modern Insanity” (TUTOMA).

Update: Some have suggested that this law change, in 2016, is what has permitted the CIA and U.S. Military Complex to turn its extensive forces on the American people.

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    1. Well lets hope this trucker pushback against NY and that Idiotic judges ruling, goes viral. Starve those liberal rats.. “The Honk heard around the world”.. I fkn hope its the about face we have been waiting for. If nothing else it will be fun to watch. Lets do the same for Ottawa, and downtown Toronto.

  1. One other point missing which is the real reason for the massive funding the United States government needs and keeps increasing, is that nobody is fired. I mean all those agencies that increase more and more people. The individuals fired are usually replaced quickly but all those institutions are passed down over the decades as more agencies crea
    Our politicians surrounding themselves with advisors including the new Toronto mayor with her own advisory council.

      1. “So technically nobody was fired but they did roll back some outrageous legislation. Before that San Francisco could trade with China but not with Texas.”

        Yeah, how DARE those other states demand proof of residence before they allow citizens to vote! The nerve of them, right?

    1. Maybe I’m old fashioned but shouldn’t the actual city council be the Mayor’s advisory group? Of are we heading towards every city councilor having their own advisory group?

      I can see any politician needing to get specialized advice on legal matters or on a financial projection as those are skills most politician doesn’t have, but why couldn’t the city staff provide such information. UNLESS the politician is looking for advice that will support what they want to do.

      Back in the olden days politicians would present a platform and voters will yea or nay them on that platform and if they don’t deliver, they are gone in the next election.

        1. More than that, they are now gods. What western city nowadays does NOT have a Global Climate Change Policy, intended to control the weather. Forget about potholes, so passe.

  2. Recent history is explained by realizing that worldwide the Left is turning our world into Bizarro World where every reasonable, decent and honorable thing is inverted.

    1. Nothing new under the sun.
      Isaiah 5:20
      Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    2. Well, I think Benz and Arams are saying, the left are just useful idiots, controlled by Soros money. The people doing this are doing it purely for their personal and group power.

  3. “”””in 2016, is what has permitted the CIA and U.S. Military Complex to turn its extensive forces on the American people.”””
    Good lord Robert, are you that far behind the times. It all started in 1963, and then 1968. After that they took Nixon down, and kept control through the WH, president and VP.
    9-11 was the big jump, under bible pounder Boosh. Then O’Butthole iced the cake .
    now we gots this “com down the pike ”
    After the 2020 election steal, I predicted a civil war was on the horizon, and here we are. I think the truckers refusing to deliver NY NY will be the trigger.

      1. fc
        One of the first things the corrupt CIA did after being instituted was set up a liaison with the corrupt vatican!


        1. “…liaison with the corrupt vatican!”

          That’s not Bible pounding…

          But if I may after watching your posts over the years, I want to apologize for the hurt you have received from those institutions.

        2. Would you be surprised to learn that I agree with you, GYM? That the Vatican has been corrupted?
          I have no love lost for the current pope or the Vatican. I’ve said that many MANY times here, but that does not mean that the faith itself is corrupted.
          When you demean “Bible Pounders,” you ATTACK everyone in the LAITY who still professes their faith in Jesus Christ — People who have nothing to do with the Vatican leadership, or the (anti-)pope.
          Fortunately for you, anti-Christian bigotry is not only tolerated in the current political climate, it is encouraged.
          I understand that you have had a painful experience with the religious, but please try not to inflict and pass that pain onto others that had nothing to do with your experience, and at the same time, you should try to get past whatever evil has been done to you. Do not forget. Obviously your pain is part of who you are, but try to forgive, or at the very least, try not to inflict that pain onto the innocent.

  4. It’s important to remember something else Scott Adams has mentioned a few times lately:

    Beware the “Documentary Effect”.

    He talks about it from time to time, pointing out how a piece that is well presented entirely on its own terms and without challenge is maximally persuasive. So you can be absolutely convinced one week that the CIA killed JFK, and the next week that Oswald was a lone shooter trained by the Russians (OMG, them again). It’s a shame he forgot (or didn’t want) to remind people on this occasion.

    I should add that I recommend anyone to watch the Benz piece if at all possible; it’s very interesting but should be taken with a pinch of salt. A book-selling sized pinch . . .

    I’d also recommend watching the Scott Adams podcast at 1.75x speed. It’s less time out of your day and he speaks more like Ben Shapiro rather than someone who smokes a lot of weed.

    1. What I found interesting is how the same people keep resurfacing in all these quietly organized groups that seem to play a role in limiting our freedom. And how so many have played previous roles at the CIA or FBI. That on its own is un-natural (i.e. it must have been planned).

      1. It’s quite normal for people in an area of interest to turn up multiple times in multiple connections. It’s very common in science and business, for example. This is not to say that the revolving door between government, corporations and NGOs isn’t a problem in general, just that such connections do not indicate a conspiracy as such. Remember, Mike Benz himself is the former State Department Head of Cyber Portfolio. Is he really a whistleblower or is he part of the squirrel cabal trying to throw you off the true scent.

        1. Another interesting aspect is the circular route of donations and expenses. In many of these groups the largest donor is the largest receiver of money as revealed through the expenses. Check out the Atlantic Council, for example.

          This combination of the same people showing up again at different companies that seem to have the same purpose and the same donor list, with the financial donors being the largest receivers of money in the form of expenses paid to them seems a little peculiar to me. The Mafia have a term for that.

          1. Funded by and insider traded by all the players in cronycapitalist rackets like ( excuse the language) military industrial complex, big pharma, media, energy….

    2. I watched the Benz piece, and all the info was jarring. But it occured to me if what he said was all true, how is he able to say it?.. Is it just X who is keeping him visible?

      1. He’s not visible.
        Here’s an experiment, try, like I did, to send the Tucker Carlson link to any of your TDS or MSM (conservatives or Liberals) watching friends.
        I sent it to three with this as a header.
        “This Tucker Carlson interview with Mike Benz is incredible”
        The responses were “glad you liked it” from one and the rest were scatological / gay sex /Russia /Nalvany touretts …. from friends.

        1. I have stopped forwarding links to friends and family.
          It takes a while for the forwarding urge to subside but it does after a few weeks. I have found it to be a very time-consuming and pointless exercise. And the only ones I respond to are ones that I can honestly state I agree with 100%.

      2. How is he able to say it? Cuz the Patriots are in control . We are in the Disclosure phase. 2025 will be the justice phase. You’re watching a movie, grab some popcorn. Also, I made a comment yesterday that most of this information has been out there for 4 years, it’s actually been out there for 6.

    3. PJF, the origin of the internet and the search engines and social media is DARPA. Benz is on target.

    1. Yup – sign of the times…
      Isaiah 5:20
      Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  5. Do I really need to watch 4 hours of Benz/Adams to realize and understand that the world has gone to s41t?

    1. Only if being bored to tears is a priority. For me, Adams is unwatchable. I really don’t get that anyone is surprised by any of this and why it takes an hour or two to reveal it. But if anyone thinks all is well or just needs their suspicions confirmed, by all means watch it.

      1. ” just needs their suspicions confirmed” ,” unwatchable” and “4 hours” ??

        / squinting meme /

  6. Benz reminded a few times about AI. I would bet that AI right now is the biggest hope for these bastards. All these organizations would loove to unleash bots out there and kill every attempt at freedom of speech with AI methods: ridicule/mock/character assassination, engage in unending verbose/volume messaging, fabricate on the spot ‘fact-checking’ and ‘evidence’ etc. And even if caught red handed, these guys will just say: oh well, it was a bad robot, it wasn’t us.

    1. 2 other benefits of AI vs humans in this business of “keeping-us/ours-at-all-cost” : AI would never get tired/can work 24/7 + it’s far cheaper.
      Yes, AI is rudimentary/laughable now but it’s improving rapidly.

  7. A political system, taken over by the human resources department.. The crime of racism, equity, diversity, inclusion and any other impossible to define offence.. A new set of law books to support the green agenda that’s being used to take over our entire economy.. Why fight when you can defund..

    A revolution where the government is the last thing to fall.. Isn’t that always the way.. A rotten heap of commissars, overseen by globalists with their own foreign interests / agenda.. We are the world?.. You are the problem..

  8. Have listened to the Benz interview a couple of times now. I think we’re pretty much headed towards civil war throughout the West. But it’s going to be much more pervasive than we can imagine. It’s not just about removing leaders and holding them to account in modern Nuremberg trials. We’re going to have to hold the entire civil service to account – everyone who works for any level of government – to de-Marxify everyone who has any role in slouching towards totalitarianism. When we talk about the Deep State or shadow governments, we have visions of spooks and operatives and sinisterly powerful people in the shadows. But it’s also the everyday bureaucrats who toe the party line – those people who we don’t often think of as having real power, but they contribute in their small, everyday-in-the-office way, to the aggregate of power. They are a spectrum, from the obvious power of the Secretary or Minister who can send your children to war, to the subtle subversion of the municipal librarian who can send your children to the propaganda bookshelf. The conflict is going to be ugly. It will look more like an ethnic cleansing or holy war than a war between states.

    1. Yes .. You see those drones on the broadcasts of the different parliamentary committes. Stone face librarians, some obviously pissy when they have to answer questions from conservative MPs.

  9. quislings.
    vichy fwance.
    lord ha ha.
    conflicts and certainly major ones bring them out.
    the traitorous ones that unlike the rest of us just squirm and avoid contact with the enemy but EMBRACE them and the opportunities to curry favour with the apparent new masters.
    the vital step and decision naturally is the point at which to commit the betrayal.

  10. It’s difficult for me to listen to Scott Adams for extended periods, though I do follow his X/tweets as they’re generally concise and not so many people have for example, 20 minutes to listen while…
    “I feel this meeting could have been an email” is maybe the polite response.

    Mike Benz is on Bannon’s show now, further explaining how he’s been saying this for 8 years and it’s nice of the world to catch up. It’d be nice too if the MSM would clue in but my hopes for that are actually zero.
    Benz does good work just pointing out the MSM’s ways and there’s no love lost between them, you’ll recognise many of his “followers” too.

  11. After Waco, Clinton changed the rules with good intentions realizing law enforcement and intelligence looked liked they were getting a little out of hand. Obama however, changed the rules with no good intentions at all. It was purposefully done to criminalize opposition to socialism and the biggest threat was Trump. My favourite Trump moment was his SOTU speech when he said America will never be a socialist country.

  12. Every great civilization ends because the elite become to taxing and oppressive on the everyday class.
    Our STATE has weaponized EVERYTHING into a weapon against us and is fixing elections. By their obfuscation, lying and industrial level of censoring It is not too far to deduce that they have murdered millions of us by introducing a banned biological weapon just to overthrow a sitting US President.

    Make them prove they didn’t do it.

  13. On the one hand, it sounds far fetched. The CIA? Really? Come on.

    But on the other hand, people are running around in the streets of Canada proclaiming -Palestinians- the victims after HamAss committed the greatest atrocity against the Jews since WWII, and broadcast their murders to the world.

    Which is equally far fetched, but there they are, doing it. They were standing on a f-ing bridge overpass over the 401 in Cambridge Ontario yesterday, I gave them the finger on the way past.

    So I must admit that -somebody- is certainly arranging all this. Truckers get trampled but murdering terrorists and their supporters get a police escort and have coffee delivered to them? Wow. You can’t ignore that.

    And really, since when does Canada care about Jews or Palestinians? Never before, that I can recall. Even the Arabs hate Palestinians. But now I see their flag all over the place.

    And since when has Canada -ever- allowed bums to sleep rough in city parks? Never! Not ever. But there they are. Shooting up fentanyl on the TTC subway platforms, with the cops standing -right there- trying to talk them out of it.

    Not to mention, when has Canada ever had a bunch in government that were so self-evidently unfit? They’re not even sneaky. They’re just ridiculous. But there they are.

    So yeah. Something’s up. Somebody is calling these shots and getting rich off them. One of them is Soros, he hasn’t been shy about it. The rest? I guess we’ll see.

    1. Times of the Gentiles in Luke 21:24 are coming to a close.
      All being set for a charismatic world leader to show up and solve all our problems.

  14. “Heat mapping” the entirety of social media everywhere for phrases so that machine learning AI can pre-censor/ throttle down/ shadow ban /censor messaging / narratives (example Benz used was “mail in ballots” just as one example, the same for anything covid, anything climate sciencey Palestine, border, fentanyl, Canada, …. EVERYTHING IS WEAPONIZED, EVERY TOPIC. It will be either promoted or censored (ban all things) So the US military/intelligence with their MSM and NGO’s like Atlantic Council (7 of the last 7 CIA directors on their board and have a “Statecraft” section and “Burisma”on their website) and 100’s of others like them (ie “Blob”) pressuring other countries like Canada, the MSM, social media companies they are using it to “fix” their own elections and by extension ours.
    Defacto we are living under military rule.

    Soros is probably their most obvious “bank”, makes sense in trying to understand why he’s on the wrong side of everything but is allowed to prosper “fund DA’s for example”

    1. It’s the greatest threat to the United States, and the greatest threat to Israel as well. Bankrolled by the same people who bankrolled the Shoah.

      One day we’ll find out Yahya Sinwar was a CIA agent.

      The entire “rules-based order” is no such thing. Its only real objective is to keep the architects of the Shoah from ever being held accountable for their crimes.

      Nations have a right to defend themselves against existential threats, be that the globalist “Ukrainian” rebels, the gang of murderers and rapists styling themselves the Islamic Resistance Movement, or the Global Money Trust.

    2. Thomas, doesn’t it give you pause that you’re being persuaded that the government departments that might protect you from Russian nukes in space are your real enemy, by the guy who was peculiarly impressed by Russian shopping trolleys during his trip to do a peculiarly friendly interview with the big boss of Russian nukes in space?

      1. “…doesn’t it give you pause that you’re being persuaded that the government departments that might protect you from Russian nukes in space are your real enemy…”

        Did you see Kate’s post from the British NHS declaring men can have breast milk, and that it will be good to feed a baby with it? National Health Service, right? You think the CIA nuke protection people are doing a better job than the NHS these days?

        Next question, does broke-@ss Russia still have any nukes that work? For that matter, does the USAF? It’s been a long time since they made the last one, or so they say.

      2. Um, no and I’m not going to address your straw man. Russia has 6,000 nukes apparently and could put one in space quite easily by launching one. Funny how all this come up when Congress actually threatens to do its job.

        1. Well, it wasn’t a “straw man” but you did address it by answering. So thanks for that.

          Do its job? Congress has gone on holiday.