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      1. Oh please … you are beginning to sound pathetic. Just accept your boy Zel has lost, and won’t be long for this world. Be a grown-up and move on. Like you demand the Palestinians do over their losses and defeats.

        1. Get bent. Tucker is just a low rent whore and simp for a genocidal sociopath. And you’re just a troll on a farm in a St Petersburg warehouse basement dreaming of ever becoming a discount Tucker. You’re not in a position to judge anyone as they are several steps on evolutionary ladder above you.

          1. You sound like a Palestinian whining and whinging about something Ariel Sharon did or didn’t do 10 or 15 years ago. Grow up.

          2. ^ Like I said, you are a low rent troll in a dirty cubicle pointlessly regurgitating false parallels.

          3. Wow, comparing Tucker Carlson to your mother! That’s a serious mancrush you got there, fag boy.

          4. Do you wear your Black JackBoots to bed Colon..??
            You talk about steps on an evolutionary ladder, yet it Seems to me you’ve fallen off a long long time ago.

            Your support of an illegitimate NAZI Regime is telling…
            Betting you’re a fan of the Einzatsgruppen hmmm?

          5. Steaky, you have reached the range of single digit Freddie (*) count with your pathetic “Nazi, Nazi, Nazi…” fixation. The only Nazis in Ukraine are russians. Until you absorb this simple fact I will treat you like I treat Freddie.

            (*) Freddie is a basic IQ measure.

    1. Man in the arena. Tucker did something no hack journalist did. Not the government hack Canadians, BBC,DW. None. Zero.

      So he wasn’t perfect. Find a better Putin interview.

      1. Have to agree with you on that. A commentary on the ZH piece, last night pointed out, that had this interview been done by MSM it would have been much shorter and interrupted with several commercials disrupting the flow of the discussion of information. This format may be challenging for those accustomed to social media and MSM delivering sound bites disguised as information.

    2. Got an idea, you and your sons and girls sign up in UK and go fight Russia.
      Sick of your effing North American BS
      Soon the EU wi beg Russia to come and save them.
      Meanwhile in Kanada will be sucking each others dickz nust not to offend anyone.
      Never seen or heard of bigger morons than Kanadians.
      Burn this moronic country down to ashes…
      And start learning punjabi to survive here..
      Sick of idiots like.

  1. If Putin is to be believed, regardless of who is POTUS, the US intelligence agencies AKA “the deep state” wants no part of getting along with Russia.

    1. There is no getting along with a chimp holding a straight razor. It needs to be put down.

        1. At first I thought he was their russian instructor, but then I have noticed that his level of personal hygiene was too high.

          1. “At first I thought he was their russian instructor, but then I have noticed that his level of personal hygiene was too high.”

            So sad, you thinking that was a clever enough retort to share with grownups…

        2. LMAO every time I see that. Only one intelligent biped in the bunch and he gets to raise the trophy overhead in the end.

        1. Actually I wish he wouldn’t. It brings down the level of the comment section of this blog. So much so that I rarely read it anymore.

        2. Colonoscopy really is the gift that keeps on giving. It exists for one purpose: it makes me feel better about myself and my life!

          Thanks Colonoscopy. You elevate many of us to much greater heights by your contrasting pathetic childishness. Thanks for being you!

          1. Sure, having your betters pay attention to you must be uplifting … though objectively, you in particular, should never be feeling good about yourself.

      1. After yesterday’s fiasco with Biden and his investigator’s report, that is increasingly obvious. Not fit to charge but still fit to be in charge. Sure.

        1. Great point Thomas! The courts and Left are throwing one legal suit after another at Trump and trying to derail him!
          Trump had his classified document at least in order in Florida and Biden had his classified documents scattered around his garage! It’s alright for Biden because of cognitive impairment but Trump being of sound mind is charged! And the Dems never rig the last election?!
          Canada has gone the same way!!!
          John’s quote suits—–“When tranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty!”—Thomas Jefferson

    2. Of course not, that would mean a halt in Std weapons manufacturing, Bio Weapons Manufacturing, Nuclear Weapons Manufacturing….etc.
      Their very existance would be threatened.

      It would destroy the NEO-CONS world
      Let’s hope that actually happens.

      1. Time? Besides, it was a simple question (lacking any snark) and I don’t need two guys spending almost as much time as the original interview explaining to me what I just watched. What did I miss? Nuance? What Carlson could have, should have asked?

        1. It’s helpful to have another Russian interpret the history Putin proffered. Most of us don’t have to knowledge to know if he was pumping mud or not.

          Additional info is generally a good idea.

      2. I, for one, found Konstantin’s comments … those of a highly intelligent/informed former Russian citizen … to be very informative. I have a couple small disagreements … but I expect if we met … we’d have a fun discussion.

  2. I always am suspect of the mentality of an individual who thinks ignorance is more important than knowledge. You don’t have to agree with the interviewee. You don’t have to take him at his word. But, you can still learn about that individual by what he wants to talk about, how he says it, and what micro-expressions accompany those comments.

    The very fact that there is a massive disapproval of this interview (not on substance, but on the actual act of interviewing) is very telling. It suggests that a faction doesn’t want a contrary opinion to be heard. Personally, I am intimately familiar with Putin’s past history, idiosyncrasies and historical actions/ activities. I know not to take him at his word. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear what he has to say, and how he says it. But, someone doesn’t want to hear from him.

    1. That pretty well nailed it, Orson. I was watching this last night and thinking what a hell of a resource this would be for investigative interviewing classes.

    2. I haven’t watched the interview, but I have read, (and partially responded to), detrimental comments, (from the ‘usual suspects’), of the woulda-coulda-shoulda category elsewhere.

      “Why didn’t Tucker say this?, ask that?”, sorta thing, with the anticipated “Trump’s Putin’s lapdog” assertions……with zero acknowledgement that there are always provisos in engagements of this nature.

      Did I expect it to be otherwise…..naah.

    3. “The very fact that there is a massive disapproval of this interview”. This is what draws me to the flame.

  3. Trudeau or Biden could not sit and be interviewed like that. They are not capable . Trudeau would sputter and change the subject. Biden wouldn’t remember anything. When your opponent tells you something,it is best to listen. That is why this interview is worth watching. It may be propaganda, but it is not our own Pravda cbc.

  4. I’ve said this from the very beginning two years ago when Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine.

    That in times of war, things are never as it seems. Yes, I watched all two hours of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin.

    That being said, I know Colonialista will not appreciate this comment, but I am beginning to understand Putin’s POV. I still can’t say that Putin was justified in invading Ukraine, but I can understand why he felt he had to do it. I think I understand why Putin felt that Russia was under threat, that Ukraine started the war in 2014, and that his actions were intended to stop it, or so he believed.

    Again, I do not necessarily agree or sympathize with his views, only that I can understand where he’s coming from, and I think that is what we all need going forward… trying to understand and address the other side’s perception of the global order.

    A little bit of empathy could go a long way.

    1. Putin defended his position extremely well. Why exactly did NATO continue to push eastward when they were warned not to? It also is true that the US was instrumental in arranging the 2014 coup. Putin’s actions are entirely understandable and I would go so far as to say warranted.

      1. “Why exactly did NATO continue to push eastward when they were warned not to? ”

        The reason NATO expanded east is because every new member begged to be admitted. Because they all feared russia, and justifiably so. The expansion of NATO was one of the greatest gains in freedom in history.
        Besides NATO wasn’t expanding into Ukraine, russia was.

        “It also is true that the US was instrumental in arranging the 2014 coup.””

        Nope, also not a coup.

        And who the f*** is that subhuman Pootin to decide where is NATO allowed to push?
        He does not get to warn anyone about anything. He, like the rest of Siberian Mongols, gets to stay in russia, drink itself to death, mutilate its litter, be colonized by Chicoms, and for once, finally close the greatest mistake in human history called russia.
        Who says that the cancerous afterbirth of the Mongol Empire, otherwise known as russia, has a right to exist in the first place?

        1. If a nation with significant weaponry draws a red line in the sand, one must govern themselves with prudence. Push east at the request of nations terrified of Russia, sure, but be aware pushback is coming.

          How can Putin dictate how far NATO is to push, who says they have a right to exist? His / their armaments.

          Who said the US can dictate Middle East policy, e.g. removal of Hussien? Their armaments.

          Strength matters. It’s not rocket science.

          1. If you argument is that force only matters and you’re willing to sacrifice Central Europe to appease the beast then you’re at least honest. Fine, therefore now that russia is collapsing economically it must be finished off.

          2. Colon, Russia is only collapsing in your mind. Good grief man look around and stop with confirmation bias every day.

          3. Nope, the process of russia’s collapse has already started. Like Kate says “Slowly at first…”

            As for confirmation bias, oh boy, look at the mirror and the rest of the howler brigade.

        2. That argument would then justify the Soviet missiles in Cuba. Castro definitely wanted them “to protect his socialist paradise from America” as much as Khrushchev.

          1. False parallel obviously, but if we were to accept it at face value, then since russia is much weaker now and caught in a war that ruins her it is time to finish her off.

        3. You reveal yourself by insisting the 2014 CIA fabricated color revolution/coup “election” in Ukraine was somehow legit. And you probably believe Joe Biden got 81million votes and is the legitimately elected US President?

          1. Do you need to have the logical fallacy of your argument explained to you or can you pause and figure it out by yourself?

      2. LindaL is right. The war started in 2014 by the US. Putin’s actions are d e f e n s i v e.

        FC you wimped out.

        1. How so? Really, I don’t understand. Was it my acceptance that Putin believed Ukraine started the war in 2014, or was it that I still don’t believe that justification exists for his invasion of Ukraine?

          Really. I have taken a neutral position since this whole thing started. Was I wimping from the very beginning by not taking a side?

          Why do I believe that there was no justification? Because there was already an agreement in place between the two nations before the west threw a monkey wrench into the negotiations, and so I do not accept that invasion was the only recourse Putin had at his disposal.

    2. “but I am beginning to understand Putin’s POV”

      You understand that Pootin says one thing in English, one in russian and then does a third?

      I watched the interview, it was a pathetic spectacle in demagogy on one side and slobbering and simping on the other. It was meant for the gullible, was carefully crafted and like everything coming from russia in general, and from Pootin in particular, was a load of lies that help to create the narrative many here want to hear.

        1. The message at home is that russia is already fighting NATO in Ukraine, the message to the gullible west is that Pootin has no interest in future hypothetical war against NATO. That’s just one example.

          1. “The message at home is that russia is already fighting NATO in Ukraine, the message to the gullible west is that Pootin has no interest in future hypothetical war against NATO. That’s just one example.”

            Yes…an example of you either being your usual dishonest POS or just proving yourself not bright enough to understand the question. You were asked for an actual *example* of Putin saying one thing and doing another, not just your misinterpretation of one.

            1) Russia IS already fighting NATO in Ukraine. It is an obvious proxy war, since Ukraine by itself would have been defeated a year or more ago without the endless weaponry, money and logistical support provided by NATO.

            2) The word ‘future’ has confused you, has it? Or was it ‘hypothetical’ ( lots of syllables, I know) ? Because both of those terms clearly separate what is happening now ( the message at home) from what *might* happen in the future ( the message to the West).

            IOW, no doubletalk whatsoever…quite the opposite, in fact. I understood this right away, as did most others here. But feel free to get someone to explain all this to you slowly and using smaller words if necessary, okay?

          2. No idiot, not the proxy war. Russia has repeatedly claimed it is fighting actual NATO units. Polish units and black (skin color) American units (yes entire units made of blacks) have, according to Kremlin media, been spotted in Ukraine. Several captured russians begged Ukrainians not to give them to the Poles who murder all of them and not to blacks because something.

          1. Yeah … what a shame that Obama sat on his hands and did NOTHING while Biden took Crimea. Oh. I’m sorry … he sent some strongly worded missives. Yeah … Rand Corp. … propaganda …

          2. You’re confused again. Biden did not invade Crimea (is this a typo or some new theory you people have concocted, serious question). What Obama did when Pootin invaded Crimea was opposite to what Biden has done when Pootin invaded the rest of Ukraine. Can you square that circle?

      1. Well, before I come to the conclusion that Putin is a lying hypocrite, I would like to see some evidence to support that claim.

        I have never taking anything coming out of this conflict from either leader at face value. You know that. I’ve said this time and time again, and I will continue to take a “wait and see” attitude. History will eventually reveal the truth.

    3. Russia started the war on 2014. Go read Strelkovs comments. He literally talks about kidnapping Crimean politicians and firing the first shots in the Donbas.

      1. Ukraine started the war in the 1600s. With Lithuania..The again in the 1800s – under Napoleon, then again in 1920. Then again in 1914. And again in 1941. And in 1948. And they were NOT “Ukrainians” but Poles and Lithuanians. The modern Ukrainians are mostly Russians, under the spell of card-carrying N@z1s like Colonoscopy, AllanS and Freeland.

        1. You should not be going back in history as you’re nothing more than a cancerous afterbath of the Mongol Empire and as such always in justified need to be eliminated. No one who has ever invaded you was in the wrong. Even Hitler was merely as bad as you. Everyone else was always better.

          1. They didn’t. It was UDI. And included areas filled with Russians who did NOT agree with the decision to split from what has become the Russian Federation. These things, left festering, eventually blow up. In the modern setting, the West started this war in 1948. In Galicia.

          2. Yes which is why all orcs left civilized countries should have been marched at bayonet point to the border. They are nothing but remnants of orc occupation and deserve no consideration.

  5. Tucker got the interview that every Taking Head in the world would kill their mother to get, I find that very funny.
    I also think that by Putin giving Tucker the interview he basically give every other media corporation a giant F*ck You!

  6. Joe Biden, it’s me Vladimir Vladimirovich. About Alaska. It’s Russian territory and I want it back.

      1. Joe Albertan

        According to your previous arguments, the US are occupiers of Russian land. Thus Russia can use any means necessary to expel the occupiers.

        Re the Israelis, perhaps they should expel all the Palestinian (aka Philistines). After all the Philistines are occupiers too.

  7. Tucker: Mr Putin why did you invade Ukraine?

    Putin: Four billion years ago the Earth was in its cooling phase …

    – thirty minutes later –

    Putin: Anyways in 1019 Yaroslav the Wise became Grand Prince of the Rus’ and then–

    Tucker: Yes but can we talk about the present day?

    Putin: Excuse me I thought we were going to have a serious discussion and not some cheap talk show

    – motions to flunky to hand over documents –

    Putin: Everything I have said has been fully documented. Take these papers as a souvenir of your visit here, you can even get them translated into English if you choose.

    Tucker: lol

  8. Someone needs to ask Bill Clinton if Russia actually inquired about joining NATO and, if so, why not? Putin would have you believe that the US controls NATO entirely and therefore the threat to move NATO to the borders of Russia by including Ukraine (as well as the Baltics and Poland), something Russia was apparently promised would never happen, was more of a threat than our certain someone would admit since he doesn’t see that as an expansion of NATO into Ukraine. “Besides NATO wasn’t expanding into Ukraine, russia was.” You can argue whether it was a good or bad thing but it certainly was a thing.

    1. “…if so, why not?”

      Because it is a bad idea to have a rapist join staff on rape survivor clinic attended by said rapist’s victims?

    2. “Russia was apparently promised would never happen,…”

      There was no such agreement signed.
      But since fairy tale arguments count, note that Walensa did get Yeltsin drunk (more than usual) and he agreed to Poland joining. So an agreement to the contrary was made.

      Anyway, your line of argument leads to a logical conclusion that only nations west of Oder get to be safe from russia and others are supposed to learn to live with the Siberian subhuman boot on their necks, forever handicapped, forever to be plundered and raped. And as such there is no point to argue with you.

      Muscovy delenda est.

      1. There was no such agreement signed.

        It’s not even that (as that could be interpreted as there being a verbal agreement or something). The whole nonsense about no movement east was made in the context of German reunification after the “wall” fell, and specifically about the placement of nuclear missiles. The West undertook to place no missiles on the territory of former East Germany (and they still haven’t to this day as far as I’m aware). There was no question of NATO expansion east; it just wouldn’t have been an issue for discussion because the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact were still right there on the Polish border.

        Mikhail Gorbachev himself (who signed the missile agreement) specifically and emphatically clarified this point that it was nothing to do with NATO enlargement (of which he did not approve).

        It’s both funny and infuriating that this bullshit keeps coming up.

        1. “It’s both funny and infuriating that this bullshit keeps coming up.”

          Yes, and it keeps coming back because the other side is disingenuous.

      2. If not, there should have been such an agreement signed. Russia should not have to deal with the NATO threat on its doorstep. Also, I have heard elsewhere that there was such an agreement, so I think you are wrong. Vaclav Klaus states that NATO’s moves ignore geopolitical realities.

        1. There was no such agreement. Really, name the document, it should be easy to find. Does the freedom of people on Central Europe matter? Or are they supposed to accept the threat that is russia permanently, because they are inferior or something? It is russia that is a threat, not the other way around. Also like Islam, russia cannot thrive unless it is conquering superiors civilizations, hence it needs to be eliminated.

        2. You’ve got that completely wrong. The countries around Russia shouldn’t have to deal with Russia at their doorstep

          1. “You’ve got that completely wrong. The countries around Russia shouldn’t have to deal with Russia at their doorstep”

            Welcome to the real world, Allan…you know, the one that most other adults already inhabit?

            Life is hard. It’s even harder if you’re stupid.

          2. “…It’s even harder if you’re stupid.”

            Freddie finally coming to realization. Keep pulling at that thread.

        3. Gorbachev himself said theres no agreement. Baker himself cannot make any sort of promise like that anyways.

        1. ^^^ Low IQ savage grasping at straws.

          There was no verbal agreement either, but Yeltsin made a verbal agreement with Walensa, so according to your logic NATO had every right to expand. Anyway, russia does not get a say in NATO expansion so the whole point it moot to begin with.

          1. Nope, explained above by PJF already. Beasides since russia routinely violates every international agreement then there is no reason to honor argeement with them (they never existed in the first place).

    3. “You can argue whether it was a good or bad thing but it certainly was a thing.”

      Nonsense, prior to orc full scale invasion, it was not a thing at all. Majority of Ukrainians weren’t interested. This of course have changed since and there will be no peace there without Ukraine joining NATO (good0 or russia getting eliminated (better).

      1. You really need to go to Ukraine and stand a post in a frontline trench. Come on, put your money where your big mouth is. Man up and fight for your N@z1 Empire. Or don’t your believe in it all of a sudden?

        Me, I don’t give two shits about far off wars in far off lands. I got enough shite to deal with right here at home.

        Cut the money off NOW!

        1. Foreign policy is one of a few good reasons to have the government in the first place and return on sending the money is huge. For a fraction of the military budget West is getting one of its arch enemies neutered and going back several decades (and that is a the best scenario for russia and it is already inevitable).

          1. How is fighting and winning a war in Ukraine supposed to help me and my family deal with the madness of the Macron-Trudeau-Biden-Scholz set? Please explain. I need concrete examples of how I am better off.

            Because from where I am sitting, only Putin kicking their asses is ever going to have a snowball’s chance in hell of dislodging the WEF set from power.

            And I am 100% sure that a victory over Putin would cement the WEF set in power over all of us indefinitely.

          2. First of all stop pretending to be a westerner. You’re probably in russia so stop pretending , or you are an expat in the western world then go back to russia. You’re not not invested in the success of the Western World. You want it to fail.

            If I trusted that you were indeed a westerner (which you’re not) then I would point out that your hatred of one evil makes you ignore the even greater evil and that enemies are many foreign and domestic. But since you’re just an orc pretending to be civilized I will not bother explaining that.

  9. Colonialista is 100% right. I grew up in E Europe near Russian empire, it was USSR back then. No country nearby has good memories about Russians. It was joy and hope for “Americans are coming” whereas for “Russians are coming” no one was looking forward to say the least.
    Yeah sure, Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky etc but Russians as a group still have barbaric, nationalist and predatory mentality.
    I have great respect for Tucker Carlson but this interview has no value for me. I know that Putin is a top snake (KGB trained) and he’s selling snake oil with this thing. I have even less interest for the ‘decoding’ video.

    1. Thanks, a 1908s joke in Poland went something like that: “Let’s declare a war on US in the morning and offer unconditional surrender in the evening”.

    2. Wow, which Azov group did you hook up with? Yeah, if you or your family sided with Nazis in WW2, or with von Hoetzendorff’s gangsters in 1914, with Napoleon’s thugs in 1812, or with the Polish – Lithuanians even earlier, I am not surprised you got a rough shake from the Russians.

      1. Also those you list were still better than the best of russians on the good day. Your biggest problems is that you refuse to recognize what is obvious to all that come into contact with you. You Mongols have been a menace ever since 1220s, never evolving, never civilizing, always delusional and in denial. it is time for you to be made good for once.

    3. Russia is no longer the Soviet Union. Different roles and perspectives apply. You need to update your thinking,

      1. Bingo. And the Soviet Union of 1945 was very different from 1939. Same for France, UK, USA, and most countries. The war changed everyone and everything. Starting with the insurgency of 1948. That altered Soviet strategies massively. To the point where they were dumb enough to send Soviet tanks into Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

        Here is a hint: if you hate the Russians more than the Hungarians do, … you might be a Nazi.

      2. @Linda: Re “Russia is no longer the Soviet Union”.

        And today’s Neo/eco-Marxism is not the same as ’90s Marxism. Different roles and perspectives apply.

      3. Soviet union was russian empire under new malmanagement, same whore, different lipstick.

      4. LindaL:

        So true. So much of the negative commentary assumes that Russia is the Soviet Union. I am a long term conservative / libertarian. Because I supported Putin instead of the USA a very old friend asked me if I was a communist. Too many people, who should know better, equate Russia and the USSR. As Putin said, we too are bourgeois now, like you.

        1. Putin wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes if Stalin was still in power. THAT is how bourgeois him and the Russian leadership are today.

  10. Stoltengerg, who is not Amish, stated twice that they, NATO, have been at war with Russia since 2014.
    Butt ASSHOLES like Colonhole like to ignore what stolty said.
    Hollande’ told the Russian trolls that the Minsk accord was to buy time to train and arm the Ukes, butt colonhole likes to ignore what Hollande’ said.

    1. Good old Stoltenberg. Like others, when Russia repeatedtly stated that Ukraine joining NATO was a red line, he replied as some of the comments above: Russia has no say on who joins NATO, so up yours. And here we are. They treated a major power with disdain and dismissal. They kept poking and got what they wanted. Now they get to “weaken Russia” using a generation of Ukrainian men and NATO’s gear. Zelensky gets his mansions.

    2. Something wrong, GYM? You forgot to blame the bible pounders.
      This WAS a pretty good thread until… well…

  11. An axiom of interviewing is that when a subject does not answer a clear direct question, they have in fact answered. Then you can ponder and interpret their reasons for, and methods of, evasion.

  12. The West is no longer the cock of the block and Putin along with others know it…we’re weak, anemic and feckless. Quite adept at flattening countries who have pyjama clad armies as we witnessed in the Middle East and that’s about the extent of it. If you think throwing money at a fictional country run by an attention whore whose claim to fame is playing the piano with his dick and all this so Raytheon and others can see an uptick on their stock price …well, that’ll only last so long and people will soon tire of that as well, in fact we’re seeing it already.
    I noticed scant mention of the Crimean War when Russia was humiliated by England, France and Ottoman Empire Muslim rejects. I wonder if it was intentional.

  13. Putin is a great-Russian chauvinist who openly says he looks at Ukraine as an illegitimate nation state that should realize its only possible legitimacy is to come cap in hand to great moscow and beg to be reincorporated as a junior partner in a new reduced version of the USSR. Belarus has already accepted this fate and Putin is generally well pleased with his (very) junior partner Look-a-Stalinclone.

    This does not excuse details of Ukraine’s relationship to the neocon establishment of the west, nor does it excuse NATO from (especially before 2000) setting up a better security framework for Russia’s slight change of orientation to the world. Under Putin, this became very slight to the point where one is justified in wondering if Putin really sees any separation between himself and his former Soviet bosses. I think he has accepted some of the economic reality that China had earlier accepted, but none of the deeper cultural or political freedoms that, unfortunately, we are also losing in the west over the period of 1992 to present.

    Does Putin have anything useful to say? To some extent, when he speaks partial truths about our leadership (self serving also). Can he make a case for the special military operation? No, beyond asserting certain rights in Crimea that reasonable people would realize should be respected, the rest of it is naked aggression and hardly what he says it is, a Christian crusade against Nazis and debauched western regimes.

    We need a third option, and that is the option represented by Trump, Bernier and the rhetoric if not the real intentions (or abilities to deliver) of Poilievre. We need a partner we can trust in Russia but those people often fall from windows or eat a dangerous bowl of soup, or disappear into a prison gulag that still exists. And the Russian people do not seem to comprehend that they are distrusted for obvious reasons, not out of racism or chauvinism. Nobody forces them to be as corrupt as they have been under so-called freedom, nobody forces them to cheat whenever possible in international sports, nobody forces Putin to stage terror attacks and kill journalists and opponents.

    A better world might come after Putin and Biden are both gone, and their cliques and support structures are dismantled. I see ways that can happen in America (not vastly optimistic) but I do not see movement towards it in Russia. Dmitry medvedev is basically Putin lite, or Putin younger.

  14. The title of the video is misleading. It is not “Putin vs Tucker”, it should be “Tucker Servicing Pootin”.

  15. Why can’t we listen to Putin and decide for ourself? Oh, I forgot why. Sorry.

  16. I love how triggered all the Ukeelamees are.
    It is very clear that freedom of speech holds the same value for them as is it does for the CBC, ie only when people they like saying things they wanna hear, everything else is verboten. What a bunch of aholes.

  17. I have not stated anything with confidence like I actually know what happened unlike our know it all Russian hater. He is like Zelig or Gump. Present at all important events. I have only my opinion.

    To me, this is what Putin was saying. Ukraine is an historical part of Russia or, at least, in our back yard. If the West did not actually agree to not expand NATO beyond the German border, the Russians thought they had an understanding that they wouldn’t. Different US presidents have been made to change their minds on certain understandings by the deep state.

    We saw what happened to Donald Trump when he went against the same people. Carlson was fired from Fox News for voicing the same anti war, anti swamp sentiment.

    We almost had WWIII over missiles in Cuba. An airstrip on Grenada got them invaded. Does anyone believe the US wouldn’t have taken Cuba if not for the USSR’s nuclear umbrella? I mean something more official than the Bay of Pigs? I wonder how the US would have responded if Mexico joined or threatened to join the Warsaw Pact. Ever heard of the Monroe Doctrine? What happened in Iraq? Russia is not allowed similar acts of self “protection”? If not allowed, is it beyond anyone’s ability to understand their actions under the circumstances?

    I think it’s obvious that Putin is not the only one who could profit from this conflict and he was basically suckered into it by those on the other side who are profiting madly. Including the guy running Ukraine.

    1. “he was basically suckered into it by those on the other side”

      Is Putin really that stupid?

      1. Was Reagan that stupid? Bush? Don’t answer that question. Perhaps suckered isn’t the right word. There are certain inevitable and predictable reactions to certain provocations. As my big brother used to say, “Bug the bull, get the horns.”

        1. Wasn’t asking about Reagan, Bush, or anyone else.
          Is Putin that stupid that he can be suckered?

          1. Not necessarily. But he got a bad hand. You ha e to hand it to Ukraine. They were the 5th largest economy in 1991. By 2022, … not so much. Compare with Russia – a collapsed mess in 1991, now with an economy bigger than Germany (on PPP basis). Mind you, nowadays that isn’t saying much.

            So something Ukraine has done has clearly not worked. I wonder what that could be? Oooh I dunno maybe thuggish anti-Russian Nazism makes you stupid, corrupt and lazy?

            Like a Colonoscopy.

          2. “now with an economy bigger than Germany (on PPP basis).”

            LOL, none believes that, all nonsense based on IMF report that quoted official Rosstat data. Besides russian economy is “growing” now like German and Japanese in 1944. You build a bomb your GDP goes up, your bomb explodes you GDP stays constant. That war has already ruined russia, it is only a matter of time now.

          3. “You ha e to hand it to Ukraine. They were the 5th largest economy in 1991. ”

            Also nonsense.

          4. Thomas

            You talked about Reagan and Bush

            My question is simple; is Putin that stupid that he let himself be suckered?

          5. PPP is a socialist measure. It heavily favors countries that have price controls and subsidies on food

      2. A snippet in time.
        The open mic. gaffe with Medvedev
        Meanwhile, in Ukraine….
        Defense missiles were the squirrel.
        They were played and they know it.
        NATO is a globalist entity.
        The real mystery, in my mind, is Putin’s role. Given the ridiculously costly way “Russia” has fought this war coupled with Putin’s extensive rhetoric on global economic factors (also his Bush / Rice comments), I think he is on board with the NWO.

      3. “Is Putin really that stupid?”

        Why does he have to be ‘that stupid’ ? Why can’t he just be ‘that patriotic’?

    1. And that was a mistake that should have been rectified in late 40s. Von Neumann was right and was George Patton.

    2. Actually, it’s the other way round. The US is a pathetic, neoNazi gangster state (it will not exist 30 years from now, thank God) founded on smuggling and piracy. The existence of Russian counterbalance in Europe for ed the British to focus on Continental Europe from 1750 onwards. That is the ONLY reason the US exists. It continues to be that, but has since become genocidal as well. The US is the BIGGEST threat to word peace today. 800 terror bases worldwide, and in its 240 year history, there are but 16 in which it was not at war.

      I will shed no tears for the final destruction of America. Without America, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, WEF, and Bill Gates, would be nothing.

      1. The world tolerated America when it stood for individual freedom, prosperity, and justice. It is none of those things now (if indeed if ever really was).

        Now it will be destroyed. First by migrants. Then civil war.

      2. Be quiet savage, the civilized are talking, go back to your hut made of sticks and shit. .

        1. Colonialista, you can disagree without being disagreeable. Civil discussion is helpful, ad hominem attacks are not. Get off your high horse.

          1. Nope, not with that orc. In general I reply in kind. But that operative from St Petersburg bot farm needs to be reminded about its inferiority …

      3. Bdsm
        neoNazi, genocidal, terror bases.

        you forgot:
        – facist
        – capitalist landowner robber barons
        – reactionary
        – dictatorship

        1. Indeed. The US military today exist for no other purpose than to secure the wealth and position of the American hedge fund billonaires.

          Come to think of it, was there ever a time it didn’t?

          It’s weird how obsessed f*cknuggets like Colonoscopy and AllanS are with propping up the Western feudal oligarch nobility.

          They’d be slaughtered in minutes if/when the nobles decide they no longer need them.

      4. Lend-lease

        Germany would’ve steamroller the USSR without it. In fact they got pretty damn far with it.

        1. Debatable. Still letting both sides finish one another and then mop up what was left would have been a preferable solution to arming either side.

  18. People think they have a great grasp on history but history doesn’t pick sides. It simply is what it is except generally written by the winners to make them look good.

    1. Mostly true, except WW2 history is laregly written by retired Wehrmacht generals and/or their accolytes in Western military circles. You get the occasional decent work, but for some bizarre reason, NATO still thinks Wehrmacht operational methods are a recipe for success. Weird, because Monty, Ike and Zhukov clearly showed otherwise.

  19. Amusing take,an interview about an interview.

    Just as CBC earned my enmity with their insistence on telling us “What Harper said” , blabbering on for hours..When they could have shown us all some respect and simply played the sound bite..Saving all hours of time..
    But they knew better,so had to tell us what to think.
    Every thinking person knows that other people have their own points of view and own axes to grind,yet the morons amongst us insist that we Must think as they do,while demonstrating their unthinking..

    Every proponent of restricting free speech and controlling the story demonstrates their insecurity.
    The empty vessel echoes most magnificently.
    I watched the original interview with some amusement.
    I wish we had a Western Leader who could speak so coherently for so much time.
    Tucker was not ready.
    Watching him squirm and attempt to get the interview back into familiar territory was interesting.
    Better luck next time?
    Cause Putin will probably be around longer than most of our Dear Leaders.
    Now all the protectors of the Narrative,AKA the Western State of Thuggery,will rush around in fear,citing the “Propaganda Coup,gifted to Putin by Tucker Carlson”

    Because they FEELZ.
    History,facts and present reality are all closing in on “Ukraine Victorious”.
    And as Putin says,”Who shall we (Russian Forces)negotiate with”?
    When all our leaders are self confessed Liars..

    And Colon..
    Don’t waste your keyboard stroking,haters with heads as empty as yours are not worth hearing from..go clog up someone else’s blog,even better start your own and cease abusing our hostesses hospitality.

  20. I heard Carlson has an interview with Assange just waiting to be released as soon as a decision is made on his extradition. Ooooooooo baby…that’ll be a doozy.

  21. “Somewhere Europe has to grow out of the mindset that Europe’s problems are the world’s problems but the world’s problems are not Europe’s problems. That if it is you, it’s yours, if it is me it is ours. I see reflections of that,”
    Indian external affairs minister S. Jaishankar

          1. Not apparent to you. You have limits.
            Allow me to explain, back in 1961 India invaded sovereign Portuguese territory and got to keep it. It only emboldened the world’s greatest open air toilet and India has been undermining Civilized World and siding with russians ever since. The recent comment by Indian government officials (not just Jaishankar) further illustrate that they are nursing a huge anti Western chip on their shoulder and cheering for orcs. This could have and should have been avoided decades ago. Not bringing India to heel is one of the greatest mistakes of the Civilized World since not nuking russia in late 40s and on par with decolonization and rapprochement with China or mass immigration from turd world.

          2. Note that even today, despite decades of India’s anti civilizational stand and persecution, Goa remains the richest and most prosperous part of India largely thanks to five centuries of Portuguese care. Talk to Portuguese Canadians from Goa (yes for decades Goans were automatically granted Portuguese passports) and ask them what they think about India being allowed to get away with destroying their world and why they had left first chance they had?

            You see Thommy, you’re just uneducated and not particularly quick on your feet. There is a reason why I mentioned 1961 in my first post. You should have checked it instead of hyperventilating.

        1. He’s had plenty of rope but the comment about nuking India removes all doubt about his qualifications and humanity. I don’t know about Ukraine but the denazification of SMA would be a good thing.

          1. Oh, it’s been all too obvious what he is for a long time now. And it ain’t Nazi. Nazis valued competence and discipline. Snuff-porn wank, not so much.

          2. In this case, if it steps like a goose, and honks like a goose, it definitely isn’t a duck.

            Just because a term has been abused by the left-progressives, doesn’t mean that it isn’t always a slur.

          3. Keep pearl clutching and hyperventilating in holly outrage douchenozzles, none is buying your act, but it is sure fun to watch.

  22. The intelligence agencies in the USA have a total budget of + $65 billion, I think the CIA’s portion of this is less than $3 billion.

    Without that bogieman in the east, what would their budgets be? Nothing motivates gov’t workers like a big budget, even “power” may take a seat to “big budget” and needing to be needed ….

    also, that the imbecile PM of tier 2 Canada invited the Nazi to the House of Commons, then he lied about it, then the Speaker of the House lied about it for his boss, then the other MP’s lied about it, then the inquiry into it was shut down by the #Libranos to try and save face for the governing #Librano imbeciles, then the lying PM gets called out for what he has said and done in the middle of the most watched political interview which is freely able to be viewed by everyone on the entire planet without being edited, or stopped / hushed up by edict of the #Librano PM… well that’s gold.

    Those 2 minutes of the interview, pure gold. Thanks Vlad.
    150 million views in the past 24 hours.

  23. Alright, you win. This is my last post here. Colonoscopy and his ilk are welcome to this site. I’m accomplishing nothing and merely wasting my time.

      1. Yeah… Colonialista isn’t the only one here that’s guilty of the name-calling. Frankly, all the slurs reduces the quality of the commentating on this site a hundred-fold, and really, I wish it would stop, because many here have made, and continue to make significant contributions otherwise… yes… even Colonialista.

        If we’d only stop attacking each other with pejoratives and slurs, and actually have a civil dialogue, all of us may actually learn something. As much as Colonialista’s popularity appears in the gutter in this forum, I do appreciate his insight at times. It provides a perspective (all be it not a popular one) that is important to the discussion.

        1. I reply in kind. Note that we have plenty of disagreements between the two of us and I have not insulted you once.

      2. ” whore and simp for a genocidal sociopath.”
        “low rent troll in a dirty cubicle”
        ” a chimp holding a straight razor”
        “his level of personal hygiene was too high.”
        “you in particular, should never be feeling good about yourself.”
        “cancerous afterbirth of the Mongol Empire”
        “all orcs left civilized countries should have been marched at bayonet point to the border.”
        ” Siberian subhuman boot”
        “you’re just an orc pretending to be civilized”
        “Be quiet savage”
        “India should have been nuked”

        You were fine with all that, Navalny.

        1. Agree with YeahWell. The more Colonialista hurls dehumanizing insults the less credible his points and argument. It also helps affirm my reluctant shift away from the increasingly corrupt, sclerotic, deluded and hectoring elite-dominated West, made increasingly obvious through Covid. I’ve always been a staunch supporter of Western values and market forces—we had our children educated at elite U.S. universities and they have escaped Canada to work and live in the U.S. —but now it’s become too monopolistic and detached from the soil, root and stem of the flower. One sees a crisis of competency at every turn resulting from “progressive” nihilism. I’ve regretfully concluded a multi-polar world with dethronement of the Western elite seems the most promising path forward. Colonialista helps one get over the regret.

          1. You are right on the money Murray.
            Thanks for stating the current sad state of affairs so well , that really never had to be.
            Apathy has it’s consequences.

  24. If NATO is such a huge threat to Russia, why did Russia try to join it? Why did Russia do excersizes with NATO up until 2013?

    1. If Russia is such a huge threat to NATO, why did Russia try to join it? Why did NATO do excersizes with Russia up until 2013?

  25. When all is said and done, the interview reafirms for me that pootin remains a corrupt and dangerous megalomaniac. It also brought the deficiencies of the likes of turdo, Joe Depends and virtually all leaders of NATO into glaring and worrisome comparison.

    Pootin is not without defenders and admirers, just like Bismark, who craftily engineered the Franco-Prussian war (and it’s hundreds of thousands of deaths) for one selfish purpose: to unite german-speaking states into an cruel monstrosity that would twice do its best to destroy everything that resembled civilization in Europe.

    1. Not quite. Bismarck did not craftily engineer the Franco-Prussian war. Napoleon III declared war on him and invaded completely out of the blue, for no reason at all except that he thought he needed a war to stay popular. The most you can say about Bismarck was that he had had his doubts about Napoleon and had tried to keep up well-prepared defenses, which as a result were not irrevocably overwhelmed by the surprise attack. Germany was able to halt, hold, and then drive out the French, and then enforce a regime change on them.

      His purpose was not to unite the German states, but to save Prussia. The states united on their own initiative to protect themselves against France, and Bismarck then took advantage of that new unity. He had no intention of uniting all the German states, and did not do so. To some extent, he was a committed Protestant and did not want Catholics in his country; to some extent, he recognized that a fully united Germany would be so big and threatening that the other powers of Europe would automatically be hostile. He created a limited Germany big enough to be viable but deliberately not big enough to be a cruel monstrosity. Well, it may have turned out cruel and monstrous anyway, but that wasn’t the idea. Bismarck wanted a civilised and peaceful Europe. He recognized that such a Europe could only handle so much Germany, and tried not to overdo it. And it worked for a good 40 years, which frankly isn’t bad.

    1. Yes absolutely russia is. We can revisit this conversation in a few years. There is no question that the damage russia has done to whoreself will make the 90s look like a picnic. You’re like those forecasters circa 1987 proclaiming that Soviet Union was there to stay.

      Germany is a different matter altogether. It suffering primarily not because of the war but because of terminally stupid green policies. Yes the war has hurt Germany in a sense that their entire model depended on collaboration with orcs, and that model is gone. But it was their choice and since then, they could substitute towards other sources like the rest of Europe has done (sans Austria, Hungary and Slovakia). But they seem to be unable to free themselves from the mindset that loomed over their foreign policy since the time of Bismarck. Namely that russia was German strategic partner in the long run. Completely suicidal and irrational but still guiding German strategic decisions.