34 Replies to “Old MacDonald . . . Got a Grant”

  1. The deeper we sink into debt, the more they ramp up the overspending. They know it’s all going to come crashing down sometime soon, and so they’re all stealing the proverbial silver and china before the Titanic sinks.

  2. Gotta wonder about all those numbered companies.
    A grain dryer worth nearly a million $$$?

    1. That’ll be a grain dryer costing nearly a million dollars. “Worth” isn’t demonstrated yet, which is why it is being paid for by the government that won’t use it with money taken from people who won’t receive any appreciable benefit if it does work.

    2. So first they have to tear out the working natural gas powered grain dryer, and replace it with a fancy computer controlled electric powered grain dryer, and then since it requires additional power, they also need to upgrade the power service for the grain dryer, as it’s not just running a fan any more.

      And that’s also assuming they didn’t go for the Heat Pump version.

  3. Government by Oprah.
    “You get a grant and you and you”..
    Insipid audience applauds.
    What is mistaken for “Economic Life” in Canada’s business world,is in fact the movement caused by the writhing mass of subsidized parasites moving under the skin.
    Well “mistaken” may be the wrong word.
    These are Lying Progressives ,after all.

    However the true believers point to these subsidized activities and claim “Jobs”.
    And “Jobs are good” as post holes are dug by one bureau and filled in by two more..
    2+2 =5.
    And every productive Canadian gets to carry the cost of the non productive.
    The only logical response to such abuse and theft?
    Stop with the producing.
    Which induces government to hand out even more subsidizes,to cover the evidence of how destructive,to the economy,the first subsidizes were.
    A stall and spiral into the ground that none of the Parasitic Overload knows how to correct,if they actually wanted to.

    Don’t you wish you had a parachute?

    1. Here is technology that is REALLY REALLY interesting.
      It’s pretty much what I have been trying to generate and create.


      By adding fenders, your generating more downward thrust to the torque your generating.
      Inverted has even more surprises when you put the energy inside this turbine.
      It eliminated blowback from the housing in our current turbine technology.

      Our politicians hate efficiency as your needing many more.

  4. Unfortunately farmers are no longer noble or trustworthy. Many have inherited large paid for farms and are highly arrogant and using their size as a bargaining tool to try to extract as much leverage during negotiations as possible. Bought grain from one guy, he bitched and moaned over .10 cents a bushel and wanted a lot of other concessions too. At the end, after delivery, he deferred payment till the next year. He was willing to go full retard over about $3000 and lose a relationship, just to win. Don’t even get me started on some Hutterite colonies… they can be FAR more crooked than anyone.

    1. A fact going unnoticed, pp.

      A lot of farmers vote liberal for this agri welfare. $15 k for letting a windmill be built on your farm is gravy.

  5. “Major Major’s father was a sober God-fearing man whose idea of a good joke was to lie about his age. He was a long-limbed farmer, a God-fearing, freedom-loving, law-abiding rugged individualist who held that federal aid to anyone but farmers was creeping socialism. He advocated thrift and hard work and disapproved of loose women who turned him down. His specialty was alfalfa, and he made a good thing out of not growing any. The government paid him well for every bushel of alfalfa he did not grow. The more alfalfa he did not grow, the more money the government gave him, and he spent every penny he didn’t earn on new land to increase the amount of alfalfa he did not produce.”

    Joseph Heller – “Catch-22”

    1. The number one joke told around the grain loader:
      Why does AIDS have an “s” on the end? So farmers don’t apply for it.

    1. The interesting part here is that it does not bother nobody.
      Fascism is cool when you get the cash.
      Sometime they call it socialism, which it is not, though it is the same ideology in a different wrap.

  6. If any of those projects were worth funding, private capital would be lining up to fund them in order to reap the benefits.

    That said, there are probably a few on that list where some industry lobbied for the research for the free R&D with the expectation that they might get something out of the results.

    I suppose there’s also the obligatory bit of excess funds included in the grants that the ever-grateful grantee sees fit to use to *ahem* make a few campaign donations.

    BTW, where is the list of what public good was generated from the grants? Did anything at all useful come about from the grants? Does anyone know or care?

    1. “If any of those projects were worth funding, private capital would be lining up to fund them in order to reap the benefits.”
      Yeah, if you can’t do it get a job in government bureaucracy and start your own company as a side hustle.
      Worked for the ArriveCAN scam, heh it even rhymes.
      This is a very key to understanding the underhandedness of the socialists/fascists that run this country.

  7. Is it complicated to juxtapose the ownership of numbered companies, directors, owners of said grant gaining recipients and their donations to the #Libranos?

    Similar to knowing how much each of the media companies in Canada have gotten from the #Libranos in the form of “tax credits” so their journalists aren’t unemployed.

  8. Yet I’m about to replace my oil boiler with an electric one at over $10,000.00 and not a penny available for my good greenness.

    No one will ever convince me that Canadians aren’t World Class Suckers.

    Everyone and their govt dog has their hands in your pockets in this country of sad little, mousey people.

    Canadians live on their knees and don’t even realize it.

    1. Yeah, most of the population today is down on their knees sucking the big brother dry.

    2. Hate to tell you buddy, but if you’re going electric you REALLY REALLY need to keep a back-up generator in the garage with a few 5-gallon fuel cans to keep it going until the electric is restored after the next storm. Even our natural gas furnace has issues when the power goes out; one of the reasons we bought a home with a wood fireplace.

  9. that’s just the tip of the iceberg..big farmers pay big bucks to accountants to find every source of grants and subsidies, most of which are tied to the so-called “green” zero-carbon philosophy that is destroying our societies. then you add the carbon credit bullshit, marked fuel etc etc. and it doesn’t matter which party is in power.. it is the entrenched bureaucracy that perpetuates the idea that agriculture MUST be subsidized because everyone else in the world subsidizes their farmers…
    anyone remember when the New Zealand government went broke and stopped agricultural subsidies? seems to me the strongest (i.e. the lowest debt load guys) survived and thrived.
    I guess we will just keep going until the economy completely collapses….

  10. Yes, lots of farmers are welfare queens. Lots of other businesses are welfare queens too. There are many trades, businesses and professions that operate as government protected trade unionists for their benefit and the public cost. There are many industries in Canada that are oligarchies (telecom, banking, insurance) protected from competition by mountainous regulations and government boards. Canada is not free enterprise.

  11. In Ontario, you can’t be a landlord without being a expert in regulation and groveling to bureaucrats and politicians. Remember that the Ford PC’s made it illegal to collect both residential and commercial rents. Ford PC’s continue to expand rent control. Why would anyone want to be a landlord in Ontario? It will be the reserve of big business who can master regulations and lobby.

  12. What am I missing here?
    Farmers getting money instead of Lib friends in Ottawa is a bad thing?
    80 million is missing with no production value (Arrive scam)
    We are surrounded by hardworking dusk til midnight farmers in our neighborhood, likely no grants.
    These ‘numbered companies ‘ do not sound like our neighbors.
    So a couple million in grants to maybe 100 ‘farms’. Has anyone crisscrossed farm country in Ontario? Thousands of operating farms.
    This is not an issue with me. I would rather see some money go to the farmers instead of Ukraine, or UNWRA, The WE nerds, or any of Trudeau’s pet projects.

    1. You’re okay with green grants for farmers then.

      So if $197.2 million was good, double that would be twice as good …. right?

  13. Develop a plant-based polymer

    Heh, this was done years ago. Bioplastics are in use today. Some (although I think they embellish this) are said to be biodegradable (but only in commercial compost application using hot water and some concoction of sulfuric acid..which would degrade regular plastic as well come to think of it).

    I tend to think that grant is some guy wanting the govt. to finance a personal hobby.

    1. Orsen , you nailed the problem! NO ACCOUNTABILITY for the gov’t employees who administer the subsidies. if the private sector was handing out the money due diligence would be the first order of business.

    2. Yep.
      My point….I doubt the farmers are benefiting on a large scale.

      Correction on my comment above.
      Farmers work from DAWN til midnight.
      But you all knew that.

    3. If my information is correct, Calgary Co-op used this technology to provide “green” take-out bags which could then be used for composting. Were the idiots in Ottawa impressed? Of course not, if it’s not from Québec it’s worthless. So now the Co-op sells these bags in bundles. Suspect a fair few customers buy a bundle, rip it open, and take their groceries home in same.
      Where were these Ottawa idiots anyway when the big switch from paper to plastic happened back in the day? The mantra was “save a tree” and – once we got over not having paper bags for other uses – we appreciated the advantages of having plastic bags to line garbage pails and use elsewhere. Haven’t met a “single use” plastic bag in my life unless it was seriously contaminated; M Guibeault obviously has a profligate life style if he was just tossing them out without re-purposing same.

  14. A number of years ago my cousin who was a highly placed bureaucrat mentioned that there was a government researcher studying ‘heritage oats’. However as is often the case birds were eating his oats before he could complete his study. His solution was to rent a border collie and let it guard his oats. I love border collies and a year before this was made known to me I had bought one. It cost $100.00. Lovely animal that died of old age. However the researcher’s solution was to rent a border collie. The cost for the rental? $40,000.00 per growing season.

  15. I lived my whole life in the ag business. It’s full of the most wonderful people you could find but it’s being diluted bit by bit. Where there used to be thriving communities, you now have a few big operations that will run over each other for a dollar.
    The problems that always plague the ag business are never fixed by government programs, it’s just the opposite.
    If my neighbour manages to snag a grant for say , $100,000, that money will rise the price of land around him by at least that much, just so he can have a new grain dryer or solar panels or whatever. If he really needed that item, it’s unlikely that he couldn’t have gotten one anyway. While millions are being spent on overpriced equipment and land and whatever, the machinery companies , the banks, the grain companies, the fertilizer producers, are the real winners because that money just flows their way. It’s always been that way