Exposing the Swamp

In a shocking hidden camera interview, some facts, many of us suspected, are revealed:

A Capitol Hill intern reveals how members of Congress are coerced to vote a certain way through blackmail and extortion after affairs & sex parties: “Cawthorn wasn’t lying neither”

O’Keefe Media Group founder James O’Keefe has discovered that nothing is as it seems when it comes to Congress Members’ voting patterns, the staffers they hire, or their activity outside of Congress.

Meet Titus Warren, a Democrat working for Republicans in Congress. These Republicans do not care about Warren’s political views or the potential of him tipping off the other side. In fact, Titus states that he “loves” Nancy Pelosi and believes that Donald Trump “needs to die.”


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  1. Several (9) minutes into the video. If this was a comic skit? I would claim it was over the top, the characters were stereotypical, and none of this is the least bit believable and realistic.

    Since it is James O’Keefe, I trust his truthfulness. If there was any, smallest slightest bit of exaggeration, OMG Media Group would be destroyed.

    Note that the title includes “Part 1”
    Expect bomb shells.

  2. If all this were true, why has Jeffrey Epstein been allowed to live? Isn’t his business honey traps?

    1. scarp
      Maybe epstain was threatening his bosses. The CIA, FBI ,Mossad, and MI6. He could have let the cat out of the bag, and destroyed every one of those agencies .
      Butt don’t say that epstain and his cow were/are J’s

  3. Years ago, when the Ontario Landowners’ Association was in full swing, we had frequent meetings with high-level Conservatives at both the federal and provincial level. All of us were pretty ignorant about the world of politics, but we quickly picked up on the fact that to a (usually effeminate) man, there was zero difference in the political philosophy of the aids and advisors regardless of which Party employed them.

    Within a few short years most of us had sadly concluded that the same thing could be said about the majority of MPs and MPPs.

  4. Mainstream media hypocrisy is usually far worse than what the narrative that they are hiding or changing from an opinionated perspective.

    President Trump wouldn’t have visited if he believed there was any type of danger.
    Leadership choice of who… whom to hang around.

    Certainly not Obama and his administration operatives.
    Taking one for the team when they’re all been compromised and corrupted.

  5. I think with this expose like many others of Democrats, O’Keefe is exposing the fallacy of DEI hires more than exposing the swamp IMO.

  6. I believe there’s an old adage to the effect that “If they want these jobs/positions, that fact alone should make them ineligible”.

      1. Jimmy
        Yup, several people have suggested I get into politics, I just happen to be too honest.
        Sooooo, no way in hell.

        1. I think they were being sarcastic, because you’re boring and inarticulate, and have no original ideas.
          Half your posts sound like biden on a bad day.

  7. Elite clients of high-end brothel busted in Massachusetts and Washington DC could be unmasked as feds seek to charge TWENTY EIGHT people with buying sex
    The 28 are believed to be made up of elected officials, government contractors with security clearances, and military officers
    The three brothel leaders named in the criminal complaint are Han Lee, 41, James Lee, 68, and Junmyung Lee, 30

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12881139/high-end-brothel-busted-Massachusetts-Washington-DC-unmasked-feds-seek-charge-TWENTY-EIGHT-people-buying-sex.html ______________________________________

    Sooooooo….I’ll take this one step further. Titus Warren should be the recipient of a forensic financial proctology exam. This post gives the impression of inside baseball on politics alone. There is a not too outlandish possibility that he’s compromising people not just for “the all important vote”, but for personal financial gain. And, I doubt that his scruples bar him from working for the benefit of foreign actors. And, sadly, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that such behavior would be encouraged by the DNC if it benefited them.

    Suddenly, Kevin McCarthy grabbing his ball and going home in the middle of a session makes more sense.

  8. I find it hard to believe that anyone in the US political sphere would not recognize James O’Keefe.. he’d be like public enemy number 1….. but as northernont pointed out this is the result of DEI hires.

  9. Not to defend the blackmailees but I’m guessing they are targeted and sometimes lured imperceptibly til they are on the hook. The bad actors can be anyone, foreign states, industry, lobbyists, NGOs, billionaires, cartels….

    1. And, military leaders. Which would go a long way to explaining the “transgender” placements and pronoun conundrums in todays military. I can’t get my head around so many ranked officers going along with the charade. Career advancement would only explain some of it.

  10. This is public secret, there are cadres that know exactly what to do, how to behave, who to suck up to and who to destroy.
    Since the media cartel is holding guard at the gates, only a few events get to be told after severe sanitizing sessions.
    Heh … read Satyricon by certain Petronius in the late 1st century, in imperial Rome.

    Been done before. It took some time for the degradation of the empire though as history records it most definitely collapsed under the weight of the scum that ruled it. It does look like the final phases of the Norh American experiment in self-government, the constitution notwithstanding.

    Could there be a parallel, observing the goings on by the ruling socialist/fascist totalitarian aristocracy?