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Showing Up To Riot

Andy Ngo, in the NY Post;

In August, NPR gave an unchallenged platform to Vicky Osterweil to promote her book “In Defense of Looting.” During the interview, the author argued that rioting and looting were legitimate acts of protest. Both local and national media rigidly only referred to the far-left rioters as “protesters.” The Associated Press, which sets guidelines for journalists, amended its stylebook to discourage use of the word “riot,” given protesters’ “underlying grievances.”
Hours after pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol, Antifa tried to break into the Multnomah County Courthouse in downtown Portland. A mob of black-clad Antifa militants proceeded to smash businesses and public buildings using hammers. On one wall, they spray-painted an Antifa logo and the warning, “The state can no longer suppress us.”
Protesters then confronted Mayor Wheeler at a restaurant and hit him. But by morning, no national media had reported on the anti-government violence in Portland — the third riot in the city since New Year’s Eve.

Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors

Meet self-styled masking enforcer and Huffington Post contributor Sandi Bachom…

@Cernovich Everyone needs to watch this. Especially the middle. “He’s about to punch me.” They will LIE. Falsely accuse you. Always be recording and always travel with a buddy.

Wanna Know Why Your Friends & Neighbours Have a Warped View of Reality?

The #1 reason many people have lost any semblance of common sense is because the media has brainwashed them.

Quick example:

Florida New York
Population 21,477,737 19,453,561
Deaths 22,090 38,510
Deaths per 1M people 1,029 1,980

So New York state has almost twice the Covid deaths per capita than Florida yet Andrew Cuomo is praised by the media as a benevolent visionary and Ron DeSantis is portrayed as a heartless villain.

Feedback of this post from your brainwashed friends and family members would be appreciated.

Enemy Of The People

A host of corporate media outlets including CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and MSNBC have participated in private dinners and sponsored trips with the China-United States Exchange Foundation, a Chinese Communist Party-funded group seeking to garner “favorable coverage” and “disseminate positive messages” regarding China, The National Pulse can reveal.
Other outlets involved in the propaganda operation include Forbes, the Financial Times, Newsweek, Bloomberg, Reuters, ABC News, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, AFP, TIME magazine, LA Times, The Hill, BBC, and The Atlantic.
The relationship is revealed in the Department of Justice’s Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) filings, which reveal a relationship spanning over a decade between establishment media outlets and the China–United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF).

On the twelfth day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, our intellectual betters in the media sent to me
A lump of coal wrapped in a message not to dare deviate from their official narratives in 2021,
An urgent plea to stock up on food and toilet paper before he locks down America next year,
Membership cards for Antifa and BLM (and a promise of no future presents if I don’t join both),
Gift certificates from their favorite hair styling salons,
Travel photos from Mississippi,
Leftovers from Il Forno Trattoria,
A sunset photo from their comrade’s condo in Cabo,
No pubs open after 11pm (while Covid sleeps),
A guarantee of bankruptcy for decades,
A promise of no fun ever again,
Thousands of dead grandparents, and
A never-ending lockdown for me but not they

* *

Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors

…we see an alliance between corporate media and corporate tech titans to squelch debate, silence conservatives, and literally censor regular Americans, dissenting scientists, newspaper competitors, and even the president of the United States. No longer even content with simply nitpicking and undermining debate, the fact checks on the United States’ COVID vaccine timeline expose how outlets like NBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post are willing to attack American dreams and aspirations to score political points.

Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors

We fell in love with the fact that we had gotten a member of ISIS who would describe his life in the caliphate and would describe his crimes,” New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet tells NPR in an interview on Thursday. “I think we were so in love with it that when when we saw evidence that maybe he was a fabulist, when we saw evidence that he was making some of it up, we didn’t listen hard enough.”