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The “W” Word

“Jyoti Gondek is the Lori Lightfoot of Canada.”

The City of Calgary is conducting an on-line survey as part of its Anti-Racism program, to gather “recommendations that address and remove systemic racism for indigenous, black and diverse racialized communities in Calgary,” says the city on its website.

“The focus of this work is on people-based public safety; making sure that all who live, work, and visit Calgary can access and enjoy public spaces free of harassment and discrimination.”

But, if you’re white, you are not allowed to participate in the survey.

Swarthy disabled non-binary Calgarians like myself can complete the survey here. Here’s a Calgary neighborhood map for reference purposes. Warm up your “no” button.


CTV Calgary: Should provincial funding be pulled from organizations requiring employees/participants to have a COVID-19 vaccine?

“No” is leading 447 to 367 at the moment.

I think we can fix that.

10:50pm update.

That’s better.

Morning update: Yes 1542 (66 %): No 807 (34 %)

Well done, me droogies. Well done.