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Gays For Gaza (How It’s Going)

The enemy of my enemy is I KEEL YOU!!!

A court of the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen has sentenced 13 people to public execution on homosexuality charges, the French wire service AFP reported on Tuesday. Another 35 people have been detained for similar charges.

The ruling was made in Ibb, a Houthi-controlled province from which the jihadist group has been launching attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, opening a war that reached its four-month mark this week.

Scratch A Leftist

…why do these globalist elites hate Netanyahu?

IF YOU’VE been watching the situation in Israel, you’ll have noticed a contradiction. On the one hand, the Americans, the British, Australian and EU politicians and officials have been queuing up for photo opportunities on the Gaza border to express their solidarity against the horrific Hamas attack of October 7. On the other hand, in almost every case and the passage of a few days – even minutes – the same people effectively blamed Israel in general and PM Benjamin Netanyahu in particular for causing the problem by oppressing the ‘poor Palestinians’ and failing to provide Statehood.

Confused? Let me explain.

Since a free and fair democratic election in November 2022, Netanyahu has led Israel’s coalition government. One of his primary campaign goals was to clip the wings of Israel’s Supreme Court, which shockingly has greater powers than its elected government, as expertly explained by Eugene Kontorovich.

By seeking to restore the democratic balance over unelected judges, Netanyahu drew the ire of Israel’s liberal, secular anti-Zionist elite – a group I estimate at over 95 per cent in its MSM …