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Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors

A fish rots from the head. Here we are at the tail.

Another day, another tiny anti-Israel protest being given breathless coverage in the Canadian news media.

In a June 27 front-page article published in The Regina Leader-Post entitled: “Demonstrators demand Regina take action as city hall protesters denounce genocide,” author Larissa Kurz reported on a group of approximately 20 anti-Israel protesters in the Saskatchewan capital of Regina.

Beyond raising questions as to how such a marginal group merited to be given a lengthy news article, Kurz’s report also repeated terminology used by the protesters, referring to their “strong anti-genocide message,” blurring the line between reporting and stenography.

Bolshevik History Lessons

Leave it to these barely coherent, shopworn Marxists to claim that the source of Iran’s problems lie not with a brutal Islamist dictatorship with zero respect for individual rights, but rather with an insufficiently generous welfare state and too much freedom for entrepreneurs. Apparently, if the West didn’t impose sanctions on Iran they would be able to embrace rigid central planning and usher in utopia. Who knew?

Sanctions have separated Iran, a neoliberal state with Iranian characteristics, from the neoliberal world order it looked set to join in the 1990s. Since then, the government has eroded Iran’s once generous welfare state and cut subsidies on bread, fuel, and other staple commodities. Responding to its sanctioned public realm, Iran’s leaders have expanded a gray, pseudoprivate economy unregulated by the democratic state to reach international markets through front companies. The middlemen doing these deals, “black knights,” satisfy Iranian military-industrial and consumer demand and provide the country with off-the-books cash to support the “axis of resistance,” Iran’s regional allies from Yemen to Syria which look likely to enter a regional war against Israel.