A Few Questions for Biden Supporters

This revelation seems very strange:

President Biden has revoked a Trump-era executive order that sought to keep foreign countries and companies out of America’s bulk power systems – principally entities associated with the Chinese Communist Party – as part of his “Executive Order on Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis.”

Is it okay to question this decision of Dear Leader, especially given multiple allegations of financial ties between him & his family and the Chinese Communist Party? If the answer is ‘No’, then is it ever okay to question the decisions of Dear Leader? Asking for a friend.

Update: Nothing to worry about, eh?

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  1. You ought to be very concerned about who builds transformers and their supply chains, in the event of a wide spread disaster that takes down the grid. Worst case, a Carrington event.

    1. I’ll second that, but his silent string pullers need to be outed and kicked to the curb. Start with that “carbon tax”. Chinah doesn’t pay it. Why are we? That’s like letting Kaybec get away with not including hydro electric sales in calculating “Equalization”. At around 10+ BILLION a year since inception, just pure, unadulterated BAKSHEESH. They are the square peg in the round hole where it comes to “co-operation”, federally.
      Someone care to defend that policy? How about someone from Ontario, that other “partner” in Confederation.
      And then there’s that other issue: the Twit’s love for anything Chinah. Who has an inside track with that bunch? Powercorp. Lookit up. A Kaybec organization with ties to Chinah.

      1. These secret trade deals also hurt our competition for companies as a few companies from China get free delivery and no taxes status on the goods they get shipped in. So, our Canada Post eats these costs.
        Is it a wonder nobody wants to buy Canadian when the shipping and taxes can double or triple the cost of what we buy here. I should know, this is what I have been doing the last few years.
        We also have massive amounts of laws and regulations that China is exempt from as well.

        Mind you, the quality from China has totally tanked now and its a hit or miss that the goods your getting are as advertised.
        Mostly miss, so I don’t buy there any more.
        With the trade deals, we have no idea what special status each company gets.

        1. I can get it cheaper shipped up across the border, less than 200 klicks south. I buy stuff shipped from New Yawk to Calgary, cheaper than I can buying it right here in this town. Better selection, too.

      2. Another thing:I heard some muttering about the term “Libranos” being batted around as being “derogatory”. With the track record of the target of that term and just perusing the clowns paid by you collectively in that organization today and past denizens of that organization, it’s not far off the mark.
        Block pipelines and product from a certain part of the country on spurious, crackpot claims of “saybing duh blanet”, while slapping Equalization gelt on the producers on the fortunes of geography/geology (where are all the gold mines? We don’t get a cut?) looks like the workings of a group called the Libranos. Ten billion a year can sure build a lot of hydro dams, dontcha think?
        If those “tar sands” were located in Kaybec, you’d see a bigger crater than exists in Alberta and you’d be paying $4.00 a liter, not $0.98 out here. Because.

      3. Where did that odious, malevolent creature called Maurice Strong run to hide out after being outed. China. His female cousin actually lived with Mao tse Tung. Deep connections between Power Corp, Laurentian Elite and China and now President Puddin Cup and Son.

      4. AECL built the CCP a couple of CANDU nuclear reactors back in late 90’s. CANDU was developed in the aftermath of the war effort in the mid 40’s at Chalk River.
        ..fast forward…
        “The Canadian government sold AECL’s reactor division to SNC-Lavalin. In 2014, SNC announced a partnership with the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) to support sales and construction of the existing CANDU designs. Among these is China’s plan to use their two CANDU-6 reactors in a recycling scheme under the name Advanced Fuel CANDU Reactor (AFCR).”

        So YES there is a Quebec connection to these China deals.

    2. Sadly so. Sometimes it seems he is at least self aware… The usurper is never this way.

    1. It wouldn’t be a cake walk. The Taiwanese just might give them a very black eye. A hundred thousand dead Chinese soldiers will not help the regime maintain power and maintaining power is more important than Taiwan.

        1. I think they would and they fear dissent besides if they could I believe they would have done it already. It wouldn’t be like invading France from the sea. There’s only one way to attack. Crossing the Straits of Formosa with an invasion fleet would be difficult indeed and they couldn’t possibly surprise the Taiwanese who, apparently, have spies deep within the CCP and military. The death toll for any attack would be staggering and what would be left of Taiwan if the CCP was successful?

          1. Do you think the CCP cares if there is a single living cat or dog in Taiwan after they are done attacking? They want the island to be “reunited” with China because right now it causes a loss of face.

            I would not be surprised if they immediately go nuclear if their initial wave is slowed (not stopped). Western decadence says that all lives are important. 5000 years of history show that that has never been a Chinese belief. The Chinese leadership knows that China is mighty and the rest of the world must cower in fear. And it’s not as though Xiden would do anything about it.

        2. No, they are totally evil and they only care about power and maintaining power. They are not stupid though and the status quo is working just fine for them. Anything that threatens that would be a mistake on their part. Regimes can fall. It happens. They don’t give a flying fig about anything else and attacking Taiwan would weaken their hold on their own people. Think about it instead of thinking in terms of propaganda.

  2. Just waiting for Huawei’s 5G network to become the primary 5G in the US. And of course, full withdrawal of charges against Meng What’s-her-Name. We are in much deeper $#!+ than many realize.

  3. A twofer.

    De-stabilizing the grid by requiring it be run by unreliable sources (wind / solar) appeases the Greens. Allowing Chinese devices to be used to protect the grid appeases those making big bucks on clandestine deals with China.

    China would never cheat on anything, right?

    Win, win

    1. They don’t need to; California is showing how unstable grids can be Made in America.

  4. When you realize that our leaders not only don’t fear China but they aspire to be China, it all makes sense. Biden isn’t oblivious to the threat posed by our reliance on China for critical infrastructure components, he sees our reliance on China as a good thing.

  5. So many happy Canadians now that Biden is POTUS. The same lot will be ecstatic when Trudeau calls an election when he’s riding high in the polls thanks to covid and rampant stupidity among Conservatives.

      1. They’ve been TOLD to like Xiden, repeatedly and regularly by “the media that would never, EVER lie to anyone”.
        The Matrix was closer to reality than we thought. At least the part where the vast majority of people are living in a make believe, false world. And all they have to do is LOOK!

        But, they are scared of being labelled a conspiracy theorist, for daring to question the norm.

  6. Creepy Joe will let the CCP take Taiwan, and in return he will get Canada. And Canadians won’t do anything about it because A) they can’t, and B) Trudeau will say it’s OK.

  7. Nothing strange about it. Make China Great Again may as well have been his motto. Bought and paid for.

  8. Ask any Canadian Biden supporter (If he ran here he’d get at least 250 seats) about anything that he does to reverse the last 4 years and all you’ll hear is ‘Trump is a liar’ ‘Trump is a pussy grabber’ “Trump is in bed with the Russians’ etc etc etc. Biden could launch an invasion and most Canadians would cheer.

  9. As it appears, the current president is signing these papers so he shows how energetic he is. Setting aside that he does not know that he is the president.
    It is as though he is doing it for no other reason than to show he can do it. That he is doing actual damage is of no consequence in his mind. The hate of Trump and what he has done is the prime motivation.
    Must add though that it is actually his handlers that are doing it, the thinking behind it be that nobody can blame the poor sucker, he of limits of advanced deterioration in the cranial area.
    When you think about it, it’s no different than what we have here, a complete nobody, if there ever was one, with inherited name and money that can’t see past the end of his bloody nose.
    Must be North American disease, the media cartel will do that to the masses.

  10. Canadians’ animosity toward Trump has been motivated by 3 things — brainwashing by the MSM, a residual anti- Americanism (always there), and a residual anti-Conservatism. Only Conrad Black has tried to provide perspective and most don’t see his columns. MAGA did not sit well with Canadians. Even Trudeau balked at that. All of them failing to grasp that every leader must put his country first, or they will be manipulated by those that do. That’s us — manipulated by China and globalists while we naively think we are “good guys”. Canada has had a tremendous advantage because of its proximity and relationship to the US. Watching the US go down will be a wake-up call, but it will be too late to save ourselves from the globalist tyrants.

    1. LindaL – agree. Canadians are clueless and strangely incurious about reality. Canada is functionally an economic appendage of the USA – and Canadians don’t realize it. We don’t invest or produce enough in this nation to sustain ourselves; many of our ‘businesses’ are simply franchises from US businesses. Entrepreneurship and investment is discouraged here by taxes, regulations and frankly, the rule of the Laurentian Elite which locates major industry within Quebec and within the control of this Elite.

  11. Hunter Biden will be Joe’s first pardon?

    Hunter knows all about this criminal enterprise and Joe used him as a bag man. According to his text messages Hunter is well aware that he’s being used and isn’t all that enamoured behind the scenes with “the big guy”. He has leverage.

    1. Hunter diies of a drug overdose in 2021. President Stolen Election is devestated, retires and is found dead in his bed, dead of a broken heart, his favorite pillow, wet with his tears, close by.
      VP Spread Legs becomes the first female president. Hillary flies into a rage and has a stroke.
      Assassinations become popular again.

  12. Everyone here is giving Xiden way too much credit. Let’s turn the clock back to the Dem primaries. Remember shock weekend? Biden had once again had a poor showing, finding himself with4th amongst delegates overall, well back of the Bern. Heels Up had dropped out weeks before, she was not well liked whatsoever, by the Dem party.
    The problem, was that head to head polls showed, Biden was “the best shot” at beating the Bad OrangeMan.
    That weekend, quite surprisingly, all other leading competitors dropped out, ahead of Xiden, to take on Bern. It made no sense at all.
    The fix was in. The party gave its orders. This was a party effort, with Xiden as the figurehead only, the real power, again, is behind the scenes. The party was calling the shots now, and still is.
    Remember, Xiden’s campaign was a total shitshow up until that point, and, his “performances” during their debate/stage shows, was that of an old man rambling on in runoff sentences.
    This is very much a Central committee command and control regime.

    1. DanBC – agree. Biden was the neutral or perhaps, the ‘imaginary’ candidate. He had no policies; he was ‘whatever you imagined him to be’. The other candidates had policies – and the Democratic Party was not going to run on policies – that was Trump’s domain and they knew they had nothing to offer in that area.

      Who is running the show? The Obama Gang – all the ‘executive orders’ – which are not policies to be debated in Congress but Rules to Obey- are pure Obama. From the removal of the Churchill bust from the WH, to the ending of Keystone to open borders to funding WHO and the Paris Accord – it’s all pure Obama.

      My question, however, is how long can they keep up this pretense? Biden is clearly deteriorating at a rapid rate. Can they even allow him to appear in public? Can they allow him to take phone calls with world leaders – or – are these calls fake? How long can they keep up the pretense?

      1. Well, the strategy works for the Liberals with Trudeau. Very similar circumstances, unless one truly considers Dopey to truly be a quantum physicist.
        The answer is, as long as it takes, and as long as the charade can continue.
        One has to give the left a little credit, they coalesce around Dear Leader, and new stay on message, to a person.
        Kind of like a cult!

  13. Ten thousand years to His Majesty the Emperor of China, Xi Jinping!

    Ten thousand years to the Middle Kingdom, the centre of the universe!

    Ten thousand years to the Han tribe, by the mandate of Heaven the master race!

    May the least of the Han breakfast on a suckling pig daily before this generation passes away, while the blue-eyed devils kill each other over corn remaining in the pigshit!

    May the Judah tribesmen who pretend to be the Chosen People be ground up to feed the pigs of the Han! May the Name of their barbarian God be blotted out!

    May His Imperial Majesty be pleased to drink the blood of their children, the better to sire healthy heirs!

    May His Imperial Majesty be able to buy the most beautiful daughters of the barbarians to serve as his concubines and playthings for a bag of rice or a cat dead three days!

    May the barbarians be eternally grateful to the Han for bringing them civilization at last, and to the Emperor!

  14. But Linda … “We are the world. We are the Children”. “Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do”

    We’ve been brainwashed to believe that humans are all the same. That there are no Tribes. There is no culture “better” than another. Hence … Canadians = Chinese = Senegalese. Right?


  15. So let me understand … Creepy, sleepy, Joe “come on ma’aan” Xiden spends weeks insisting his son, Hunters, dealings with China are all on the up and up … and then … days after he is installed as America’s FIRST Fraudulent POTUS … he signs an EO that will shower his coke-head, crack-pipe, baby-daddy, dishonorably discharged, son with hundreds of millions of dollars?!!!

    Nothing to see here. Pay up America!

  16. Well at least we won’t get kicked out of FiveEyes now that the U.S. President is China’s puppet.

  17. This is basically an illegal government brought into power through a fraudulent election.

    There appears to be no legal avenue to its removal from power (the Supreme Court is part of the coup).

    A forcible removal by patriots remains the only possible end to this government, unless one wishes to see it continue to hold power.

    However, a second option exists, which is the withdrawal from the Union by a significant number of states. It would be hard to call this secession when in fact the sentiment is expulsion of the non-participating states from the true (or continuing under the Constitution) union.

    These facts will come into clearer focus soon, patriots in general are in a state of shock and denial at this point, but that won’t last — events will get ahead of anything Trump can manage or direct, and spread to a political process around the partition option, since the direct (armed conflict) option appears unfeasible at this point in time (too many elements of the armed forces would support the coup).

  18. Just watching ‘Airforce One’s on TV. This ‘thriller’ starring Harrison Ford as the hard-nosed POTUS, becomes a comedy when I imagine Xiden playing the part.

  19. China OWNS Biden. Why would anyone not see this coming?

    While the Biden administration will destroy all incriminating evidence involving Hunter Biden, rest assured the Chinese still have it all and more, and Joe is very aware of this.

  20. America needs all the foreign investment it can get. Yellow Peril paranoia need not get in the way.

        1. Gotcha.

          Race baiting pieties are your reason for giving China a pass when they run roughshod over every purported value you say you hold.

    1. Translation: “I get chills just thinking about tiny Chinese d1ck up my 4ss.”

      COVID cutting into your ghey bathhouse activity UNcle MEat?

      PS: your usual ghey retort only proves you’re a homophobe.

  21. He also killed the Trump price controls on Insulin and Epi.

    But I’m okay with it, because Grandpa Joe tweets so gently.

    1. “He also killed the Trump price controls on Insulin and Epi.”

      Seriously? If so, Biden’s a hero for this. Price controls kill supply and innovation.

      1. It’s almost redundent to say “you’re wrong” when responding to UnMe.

        When the government provides controls for who can compete then there’s no free market. A government mandated monopoly can charge as much as they want, those who need it to stay alive must pay. If Farmer Joe down the street could legally produce insulin then you might have a point. Since the government makes alternative supplies illegal, you’re still an idiot.

        If the government limits who can produce, then only the government can stop over-charging. Those who live in the real world and practice free enterprise know this.

  22. Must be a huge priority if he did this for China in his first few days in office.

    Orders from headquarters in Beijing.

  23. China has its North American vassal state.

    All of it.

    Let’s not harbour any illusions that Biden and Trudeau know exactly what they are doing. Installed puppets don’t. They simply benefit from being at the devil’s right hand.

  24. I’ve been accused of wearing a tin foil hat, and perhaps I am, and would truly love to be wrong, but I think this is much bigger than what most are seeing. It’s all interconnected. The Davos elites want control and population reduction to reserve planetary resources for their particular and peculiar lifestyle continuation. Think Hollywierd is bad, they have nothing on the one percent of the one percent. The Laurentian elite want the same, but they are lower on the totem pole. The Left, at least the left power brokers are also on that totem pole, they all are, and it’s all about them, not us.

    The climate change/green crap is a front for the great reset, and China has Joe Xiden and Sock monkey, either by financial or blackmail, maybe both, in their back pocket. Trump, Scalia, Breitbart, Seth Rich, Epstein, were all “removed” for various expedient reasons. How much of a stretch is it to see that most of these totem pole members are in it for greed, follow the money. those at the top, whether it’s Davos, China, Laurentian, the US progressives, are all in it together. China see’s itself as the chosen ones and have been asserting their power more and more. It’s not about Taiwan, it’s about global domination for them. For the elites it’s about their privileged lifestyles and how to preserve it. how long China allows the elites to exert their will, after the reset is completed, remains to be seen. however, I’m sure they don’t really consider them a problem once they have their domination, and their money, the yuan, as the world trading currency once the dollar collapses. As the central banks keep printing fiat money, and each bubble is bigger than the last, it will eventually be to big too stop a dollar collapse, and I’m sure China uncle Xi is assisting that collapse as well.

    The Wuflu, the Plandemic, the assault on small business, the exercise of authoritarian control, travel controls, although, not if you are a politician, as they know the truth! Not allowing people to congregate and therefore express ideas or discord, the stolen election, Digital currency, massive control of all individuals, even their minutia, hi tech listening devices in our homes, the big tech crackdown on dissent, Bill Gates owning Microsoft, and the most farmland, plus a bunch of pharma, all of it interconnected. Also we can’t do a damn thing about it. It’s no longer about “wake up” it’s gone to far, as a Soros exec said a long time ago, that ship has sailed. They’ve been planning this all for almost two decades, or more. This is why they are not hiding it anymore, they don’t need to, they have won, and they know it. It’s going to get very dark and I’m not sure the light will ever return. We don’t count, and they are just showing us that simple truth! I’m willing to entertain rebuttals.

    1. I agree with you about the Laurentians. I think that the Bilderburg crowd are just trying to keep a place for their own elite status on top of things. The COVID lockdowns to start a new international serfdom is still far-fetched in my view, I think it more likely that it was just to cool the US so that Trump’s overthrow… er, I mean Xiden’s victory… would be more believable.

      Global conspiracies to rule everyone are a step too far in my book. Global conspiracies of elitists to “get that prick who made us look bad” on the other hand, are much more believable. Because I think that those who caused the lockdowns and the huge loss of global output associated with them really are that petty.

      No need to bring in Evil and The Fall of Man when petty vindictiveness fits the bill.

      1. C_Miner, I agree you have some clarity, and the petty part rings true, but only time will tell. I truly hope I’m wrong. Thanks for your input.

  25. Make sure to vote PPC in the election coming soon to a neighborhood near you.
    Split the vote.
    Drive the Libs into majority.
    Drive the crash quicker.
    Embrace the suck.
    Atlas Shrugged.

    1. PPC aren’t western separatists. Closer to a cult of personality with a reasonable printed agenda. So no, I’m not voting for them.