Embrace Hollywood!


Actress Kristen Connors walked off the set of a movie over former FBI Director James Comey and an intelligence-gathering operation against President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.
Connors, who had agreed to play the part of a congressional interrogator in the upcoming film “ObamaGate,” quit the job after early table readings of the script. She called the film “propaganda,” according to the show’s producers. […]
“ObamaGate” producer Phelim McAleer, who is a contributor to The Daily Wire, slammed Connors in a statement, saying “‘ObamaGate The Movie’ is the complete opposite of propaganda. It is 100 percent verbatim. There is no drama or evidence added. Everything that you will see on screen came out of the mouths, memos, or is the sworn evidence of these FBI and DOJ operatives. It is the truth not propaganda.”

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        1. “Actress”
          As soon as I see this word in a story, the word “idiot” immediately comes to mind next.

    1. By the way I donated money for “Gosnell” as it was crowd funded. I met Phelim at a mining conference where his movie “Mine you own Business’ was shown.

      Get a copy of that and Gosnell – they are both brilliant.

  1. Just more evidence that it’s okay for leftists to spew propaganda but not okay for the right. Even if the storyline is as close to the documented evidence it is still not okay for the right to tell its side. She knew going in that it was based on documentation and not rhetorical conversations.

  2. I’m surprised that they could find anyone (save James Woods and Kelsey Grammer) within the state of California, let alone Hollywood to go against the institutional left in acting out the truth.

  3. So, she flipped her heels off of the couch and got her moral compass reset to woke.
    Buh bye princess….

    1. Confirmed. The one to the Rebel News item is active and the producer talks about some of the fun and games with actors walking off the set in protest.

  4. You have to understand,,, the msm contains these people. They have no exposure to other media,,, they will only get their news from cnn or another alphabet station. More likely they only get their news from late night talk shows and the huffpo. And if that’s all you ever watch or listen to, that is what you know and think.

    1. Excellent point Carl, but I also think they have made a conscious choice to not seek further information elsewhere, as it might harsh their very comfortable mellow. When they have everything they think they need and enjoy the comforts of their bubble life, why would they swim against the current. The ones that annoy me are those that step out of their bubble to tell the rest of us how wrong we are. Adam Baldwin, Kathy Griffiths, and others come to mind, but there are many, unfortunately many more.