13 Replies to “The Power Of No”

  1. I was around Evergreen College in 2017 when they decided to have a no Whites on campus day. The ensuing attacks on Professor Weinstein for speaking against this approach included students calling him a Nazi which was rough on a Jewish man who lost family to the real Nazi’s. Weinstein and his wife left the school and won a multi-million dollar lawsuit. The school has now been in the red for 5 years and is down 40% in enrollment. I wonder if they realize the real world consequences of this type of behavior? I joined what I presume is just about every HR director in the US in deciding to never hire a Evergreen graduate.


    1. That college went of the deep end years ago. Funny thing, sure don’t hear much about that school like we use too.

    2. If I recall correctly Evergreen was also the alma mater of Saint Corrie the Pancake of the International Solidarity Movement who lost a confrontation with an Israeli bulldozer while trying to protect the smuggling tunnels of HAMAS terrorists in Gaza. She’s been canonized by a motley assorted of leftist Jew Haters since her martyrdom.

  2. As I watch this all unfold, I keep asking where all the sensible people went. Where are the voices of reason that can denounce the mob assault. Where are the objections to the injustices.

    I know they are there, but there are far too few to be effective. Why is that?

  3. Well there is a judge in Lancaster who is among the ones fighting back. Just listen to the whining of the woke crowd at the mistreatment of mostly peaceful protesters. Magisterial District Judge Bruce A. Roth set bail at one million per person for nine rioters. Now that’s going to put a dent in the Democrat’s bail for rioters fund.

  4. Sue ‘em. Find out who the organizers are and sue them. If you are terminated sue your former employer. Sue sue sue.

  5. Yale cancelled the scholarship for a Taliban leader when the alumni refused to donate further because of it.
    The cancel mob do not donate.
    Marxism is to politics and economics what flat earth is to science.
    Refuse funding to and mock Marxist institutions the way we would do to flat earthers.

  6. “Jacobson said he’s lucky he has job protection. ‘The damage from cancel culture is not to the people who are able to survive, who have a platform or job protection,’Jacobson said. ‘It’s to everybody else who doesn’t have those benefits and those protections. They are scared into silence.'”

    It is a hard thing to bear when you want to say what is on your mind, yet when you have a family to feed and no other job prospects in your field, especially in tough economic times with times promising to get tougher still, tou stay quiet. Just as Mike Tyson once said, “everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the mouth”, it is easy to stand tough until your children get hungry.

    And that is why in the United States the “silent majority waits until the ballot box and lies to pollsters. But here in Canuckistan, we have bo such hopes.

  7. I would do what Adam Carolla would do. Tell them to go eff themselves, I’ve got a pirate ship baby!!!!