One BC First Nation standing in the way of another’s development of LNG terminal

The Nisga’a signed one of the first modern treaties in 1999, and is well on its way to making a final decision next year on the development of a multi-billion dollar LNG facility, with the backing of numerous natural gas producers, including Crescent Point Energy. But its neighbouring First Nation, the Lax Kw’alaams, are standing in the way. In the meantime, the world isn’t waiting and another opportunity for Canadian LNG is going down the tubes (posted last week).

Also: Senator Pamela Wallin was doing video interviews decades before Zoom existing. Last week she spoke to Pipeline Online editor and owner Brian Zinchuk regarding electrification, EVs, fuel economy, nuclear power, heat pumps, carbon tax and whole lot more.

Speaking of which, the Epoch Times picked up Zinchuk’s recent column on five year plans for the “Just Transition.”  Since that publication’s driving purpose is to fight against the Chinese Communist Party, they might know a thing or two about how five year plans went there.

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  1. In terms of chain of custody in the serial occupation of any given area of North America wouldn’t penultimate nation be a more accurate description of whoever was here immediately before the latest occupiers?

    Asking for a friend.

  2. Let us stop calling indians first nations and ditch the capitals. Nisgas number 5000; not sure about the smaller tribe next door. Some tribes were not even here first; USA immigrants.

  3. Got to love the spelling of the tribal names,but one needs to ask, how were they spelt before they appropriated the white man’s writing?

    1. Picture signs in the dirt, maybe; simple 2-d cave drawings down east …

      English or French phonetics just seem to miss the mark, somehow.

      Thanks to Canadian schools, many are now quite articulate and very skilled in fund-raising vs, fishing/hunting (without guns, rods, tackle).

      DNA testing might be useful, as les coureurs de bois had manly needs en route to swapping pots and knives for daughters.

      1. exactly, and who took the bottle of letters and symbols and shook it up and made the first alphabet?.. They could have made it more user friendly.
        How do you spell extortion in that language?

    2. Obviously there was no spelling. And as for vocabulary, probably a couple of thousand words. Maybe someone can provide the actual number.

  4. Does anyone have lots of smallpox infected blankets that can be given out?

    I’m just asking for a friend.

    1. A HUGE bridge WAY TOO far, Arbitrator.

      It is a huge myth that immigrants to Canada gave out smallpox blankets to Indians. No one even knew about germs then. Our Canadian children got sick and died, like everyone else. My aunt died of diptheria in 1933.

      Over 70% of my relations are buried in now unmarked graves, which likely had wood crosses. No one could afford fancy granite markers, especially east of Ontario, where there is the Canadian Shield and there are rocks/quarries. Even my grandfather and grandmother who died in Calgary have graves with no markers.

      Tell your friend to learn something.

  5. The ‘nations’ are competitive, fiercely jealous of each other. It goes back to their history of constant warfare with one other. The tribes basically hate their brothers from other tribes.

    I talked to a chief this fall in the bush of NW Ontario. The subject of moose hunting was on his mind (and mine). He said he had been approached by a native guy from another rez asking for permission to hunt. Natives can only hunt their own traditional lands. They must seek permission if they want to hunt another tribes land. The chief scoffed at the request saying, “these guys aren’t coming here and shooting our moose.” He made it known to me that that he didn’t like any hunters shooting ‘their moose’ whether they had purchased a license from the province or not.

  6. Nations generally are independent. Let this be so; fund yourself.

    My family has oral histories too: tales from great great grandma about our past.

  7. I thought that Pamela Wallin was smarter. First, Pamela, there is no existential crisis except for the one being created by the federal Liberal/NDP coalition. And it is based upon the same lie, that there is an existential crisis in climate. The opposing point of view is that there is nothing we can do about climate change because the drivers of climate change (mainly, our sun) is beyond our control and reach, and meddling with complex systems that we don’t fully understand is a formula for disaster. That is the opposite view (coupled with an understanding that a computer model is not reality, ever).

    In fairness, I do appreciate that she is taking the time to hear from the other side of the fence, being ensconced in Ottawa as she is (where sanity and reason go to die). And Brian Zinchuk is very well informed about both questions so kudos to her for seeing that.

  8. I’m actually the last surviving tribe member that owned their territory and more before my ancestors were wiped out by these savages. Nobody speaks of THEIR victims. Where’s my freaking holiday?

    Anyways, in return for the return of MY ancestral land, billions of dollars in compensation and the recognition and celebration of my culture and beliefs -many of which revolve around beautiful women dressed in native costumes that amazingly resemble today’s Japanese schoolgirl uniforms – I will happily be more accepting of progress for the avengers of my dead.

    Sadly, it’s onky my word versus theirs. But I have full faith in the Canadian legal system to do what is right…given the proper motivations to write ancient wrongs…

      1. The Neutral tribe of Southern Ontario is unavailable for comment (genocide by the 5 Nations of the Iroquois confederacy). Maple Leaf cemetery in Chatham. Ontario is located where it is as that was were the Indians did their human sacrifices of their captives.

  9. The Lax Kw’alaams can give up cars, pick up trucks, boat engines, electricity, iPhones, etc.

    None of these are traditional.

    1. Cut funding. They all vote NDP anyway. PP- not brave enough.

      Personally, unlike Buffy, I claim absolutely ZERO Indian blood and have studied/researched genealogy, but my country is suffering from lies.

      I wish the Indian Act had been ditched decades ago.

    2. You forgot wheels, whisky, glass bottles that contain said liquid and rubber-soled shoes. Oh yes, and no bank accounts and big screen TVs.

    3. Yes. And in order to make them themselves, they would have to become Disciplined Kw’alaams. And that would be cultural genocide.

  10. Why not settle this the old way: With a steely eye, a strong backbone and a party of warriors armed with spears and war clubs.

  11. Parahrasing align with our cultural and environmental values.


    Our palms and bank vaults need to be lined with sacred Wampum.

  12. Let them squabble. Meanwhile in Manitoba, the First Nation chiefs are PO’d that the Metis have signed a multi million deal with Hydro. The new and upcoming urban reserve…a gas bar is going in, and after that let the bickering begin since there are about 10 players or so, our Premier is letting the First nations have more say in the affairs of the province…amateur hour for the next 4 years…

  13. The Nishga are watching the Talthan get rich from gold mines in northern BC and the Haisla about to get rich from Coastal Gaslink. Slightly farther south the Tsecane (sp?) are logging the interior flat. They just want their piece of the action. The idea that “first nations” care one whit about the environment is laughable.

  14. From the Epoch Times
    The act’s full name is “An Act respecting accountability, transparency and engagement to support the creation of sustainable jobs for workers and economic growth in a net-zero economy.”
    Specifically, section 7 (a) of the legislation focuses on unions. It says the Sustainable Jobs Partnership Council’s responsibilities include “advising the Minister and specified Ministers on strategies and measures to encourage growth in good-paying, high-quality jobs — including jobs in which workers are represented by a trade union — in a net-zero economy.”That council is also supposed to have a balance of members who represent labour, indigenous organizations, and industry.
    From 1919 Italy
    The Fascist Manifesto
    Italians! Here is the program of a genuinely Italian movement. It is revolutionary because it is
    anti-dogmatic, strongly innovative and against prejudice.
    e) The formation of a National Council of experts for labor, for industy, for transportation, for
    the public health, for communications, etc. Selections to be made from the collective
    professionals or of tradesmen with legislative powers, and elected directly to a General
    Commission with ministerial powers.

    They arent even trying to hide it