Narratives and pushback

Perhaps there’s still hope for the Conservative Party. The grassroots are showing some muscle. It remains to be seen whether O’Toole acts on this message or continues down the Liberal Lite path.

“Efforts to get official Conservative policy to recognize that climate change is real have failed.”

It may seem like a minor point, but it’s worth noting how the tone of the story would change if the writer had framed things this way: “Efforts to get official Conservative policy to recognize the damaging effect that climate change measures have on the economy have succeeded”.

The standard narrative sees Conservatives embracing failure. Change a few words, and they are embracing success. It’s all about the narrative.

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  1. Oh, dear….. a lot of party members voted against “climate change”. I guess Error O’Foole will have to expell all of them, won’t he?

    1. How will he be able to show his face in public again, or expect to be invited to the very best dinner parties.

  2. Only 54% !!!! of … CONSERVATIVES … Conservatives … voted to call climate Fraud a fraud? Color me unimpressed. Losing by such a narrow margin will simply empower O’Tool to gather up a few more votes, and stab Canada in the heart.

    Shameful numbers from … “conservatives”

    1. Well major win … 54% eh ? What a sweeping victory.

      I will be voting PPC as the CPC has to be wiped out before (if ever) they realize Liberal-lite is a perpetual losing position.

      1. John McCain sure lost his ass playing Lib-lite. All the way up until he gave the middle finger and thumbs up to keeping the shit sandwich known as Obamakkare.

    2. “Only 54% !!!! of … CONSERVATIVES … Conservatives … voted to call climate Fraud a fraud? ”

      They may have been confused by the wording: climate change itself is obviously real (the earth has always been getting warmer or colder, right from the time is was formed), but *human caused* climate change is still very much an unknown.

  3. The real shame of it is that the resolution appeared to use the language of their enemies as in the absolutely undeniable “climate change” instead of the CAGW that people usually think of as the so-called climate “crisis”. Conservatives are not only fatally compromised libertarians, they have outsourced their policies and strategies to 20 something “interns” and spin doctors.

    1. “The real shame of it is that the resolution appeared to use the language of their enemies as in the absolutely undeniable “climate change” instead of the CAGW that people usually think of as the so-called climate “crisis””

      Exactly what I was trying to say, but more eloquently expressed.

  4. Is the climate changing? yes. has been for over 4 billion years. What is the driver of the change? Nobody knows, we have a bunch of competing theories. These are scientific questions, to be answered by experiment, honest modeling, careful observation, not by screeching that the sky is falling.
    Should we tax and regulate everybody into submission and poverty? I say “No.” This is a political question and has nothing to do with science. if your answer to this question is “yes”, then you are the enemy of a free people, no matter what your rationale for saying “yes” is.
    Of course, critical thinking is also rare on the Con side (equating not wanting to tax and regulate people into submission with “not believing in climate change”), because much of the Con side has, whether they know it or not, been brainwashed by the Liberal Newspeak.

    1. The data is clear that warming over the past century and a half or so is due to human emissions of CO2 and some other gases. It is what it is. Doesn’t mean it’s a crisis.

      1. How much of that tiny amount of warming is due to man made CO2, and how much of that temperature increase is naturally occuring? Give or take a percent.

        1. At least the majority of the warming is due to human emissions of CO2 and some other gases. Apparently CFCs and their HFC substitutes are very strong greenhouse gases far more so than CO2.

      2. The politics is clear, but there is no data that shows human made CO2 causes anything, they just claim there is data. The IPCC Summary for Policy Makers is what everyone refers to and it twists what the actual report says.
        CO2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere, Human generated CO2 is 3% of that 0.04%; 0.0012%.
        Warms didley squat.
        Geological records show without a doubt that CO2 concentrations rise and fall after global temperatures change so it cannot be the cause of warming. It’s the sun. DUH!
        This climate crisis is a power grab, waiting for the first climate lock down to save the planet, we’ll see how many sheep follow along with that.

        1. There is literally only one explanation for the warming and the fact that you bring up the CO2 percentage of the atmosphere in such a way shows you have no understanding of this subject. Just stop.

    2. Orbit, wobble and DORKS. I see Hunmee hovering in the wings with his scientific “opinion”. I’ll close now. Release the Kraken.

  5. If the Fool wants to change the conservative party he should rebrand it to the LiberalToo party.

  6. The “Conservatives” (the very foundation of irony), need to take lessons in influence from Scott Adams. The CPC is now a horrible joke dressed as a clown annoying and humiliating the party-goers he’s trying to entertain.

  7. Damn it, YET AGAIN, the language!

    “Climate change is real”.

    No one — not a single sentient human — denies that “climate change” is real.
    I catch myself doing this sometimes as well, but we should never use the phrase “climate change”. We should always say “man-caused (or human-caused) catasthrophic global warming”; after all, that’s what the Co2 focus was all about. That was a truly brilliant and seemingly seamless marketing switch by the cult and we should be ever vigilant against legitimizing it.

    1. Even if “man-caused (or human-caused) catasthrophic global warming” were real, its still not a valid reason to implement taxes or regulations. In fact, the strongest argument against its reality is its use as a pretext to tax and regulate.

    2. Total agreement.
      We been conned again,by the shifted goal posts.
      “Climate Change” is a meaningless phrase.
      For it is as meaningful as “Water Wet”.
      Baby talk.
      Especially when every parasite and worthless do-gooder who berates us using that phrase,means Anthropogenic Global a Catastrophic form.
      Climate changes,but it remains Climate..
      It is a lot like say “Wind Blows”,every time you mean wind.
      Or “River Flows” as if there is any other kind ..

      Perhaps it is time to take command?
      The Cult of Calamitous Climate are Gang Green,toxic to civil society where ever they emerge.
      Smite these foul creatures on sight.
      For any society that lets gullible fools and bandits rampage unchecked,soon falls apart.

      “Mommy..What did people use for night light before candles?”
      “Well Honey,once upon a time people had electricity on demand,with light bulbs and illuminated strips”.
      Before the March of the Mumbling Morons.

  8. Derek Sloan and others have been working very hard to have real conservative delegates sent tot the convention. Good.

  9. The party system is dead. The Liberals are kleptocrats and MP Girl Name has proven that he will push anyone out of his way.

    It’s time for the independent candidate, who directly owes his existence to the constituents, to rise.

    1. Aside from the fact that such a man would be instantly set upon by all parties, and the act of his ruination called “democracy”, I think you’re onto something there.
      How about this?:
      Municipal governments arbitrate disputes between neighbors.
      County governments arbitrate disputes between municipalities.
      Provincial governments arbitrate disputes between counties.
      The Federal government arbitrates disputes between provinces.
      The law of the land exists only on the municipal level, as modified only by dispute arbitration.
      Individuals can only have a 5% income tax and a 5% purchase tax, paid to the municipal government.
      Each municipal government pays 5% of its earnings to the county government.
      Each county government pays 5% of its earnings to the provincial government.
      Each province pays 5% of its earnings to the feds.

      That way, as you go up the ladder to larger and bigger levels of government, the amount of funding they get drops correspondingly.

      1. Close. I propose no income tax at all. The government has no business knowing how much a free man earns or how he earns it. (as long as it’s legal)

        1. Agreed. We should also privatize all roads and sidewalks. I only use a tiny fraction of all of that infrastructure in my community. There should be tolls at every intersection — pay for only what you use. Private companies would spring up to build and maintain roads/sidewalks, manage electronic toll booths, and chase down scofflaws.

      2. It’s possible.

        I say give only a stipend and no pension to any of these MPs.

        Let’s see them try their duplicitous crap when they realise that they aren’t going to rob us until they are in the ground.

  10. A resolution with the wrong motive. The NP Headline quoted O’Toole as saying that “an ambitious climate change agenda is a must if the Party hopes to win power.”

    Whatever happened to caring about Truth?
    Or what is good for average Canadians?

    We are sick of politicians who fixate on crafting a narrative to get elected (which they think means pleasing a certain bubble of the Chattering Class).

    If your goal is to heal Canada, come talk to me. If your goal is just to get elected, go take a flying leap.

    Why do you think Trump had tens of thousands at his rallies, while Biden had, like, tens?
    Give us a flippin platform that is unabashedly common sense conservative, tell the talking heads to shove it, and let the chips fall where they may.

    I am even more angry at O’Toole than at Blackie. We expected nothing else from the Spawn.
    We had hoped for something much more from what’s-his-name.

    1. Traitors should be executed when caught. Enemy fighters just get sent to a POW camp. O’Toole is a traitor to his base.

    2. Exactly. O’Toole would want us to embrace a lie. Time to smarten up. Promising to get rid of lockdowns would go a long way towards getting Conservatives elected — especially if it is explained that lockdowns do not stop the virus and there is no correlation between lockdowns and Covid deaths.

      1. the cuckservatives need to gather information on topics that the lying liberals use to beat us with, and make it available to all, so peopl can become informed. O’Stool is just a continuation of grinning idiot McScheep. i Feel the the back room sloped forheads are the real problem

    3. “Why do you think Trump had tens of thousands at his rallies, while Biden had, like, tens?”

      Because one is a cult head and the other was in charge of a successful presidential run.

      1. Wow . Completely flawless logic and a brilliant deduction. Obviously the product of a mandatory government school system.

    1. He needs to drop the “O'” and the final “e” from his name. They are redundant.

  11. The usual, un-biased, non-manipulative media headline, from the NP of all places. Guess they couldn’t include other possibilities such as “Tory Membership doesn’t agree that Global Warming is best dealt with in ways other Than Taxation” or other equally-plausible options, could they?

  12. I notice,when I go read the “NEWZ” article,that the motion under discussion is not presented.
    More informing by omission?
    Our modern media are so pathetic as to be comedic.
    Most of “Climate Change” motions,questions and polls deliberately obscure the question,presenting “Climate Change” as a proven thing,while the real topic Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is ignored..
    Straw man manufacturers have nothing on our Presstitutes and bureaucrats, first they insist Black is White,then they demand you acknowledge the “Blackness of Light”..
    Turning Carbon Dioxide into “The Dread Carbon” is amazing..How do people this stupid manage to breathe?
    Did basic biology and the miracle of photosynthesis become heresy in the tax payer funded dens of child imprisonment and indoctrination?
    Rhetorical Question,reality and un-commonsense were drive out decades ago.

  13. I’m not sure why the Con Party insists on having corrupt CCP/LIberal Party operatives run the Con Party… but if I was to guess why I would say its because they want to continue to lose so the CCP/LIberal Party who then govern unopposed.
    One Party States are predictable.
    Lets face it, the Cons don’t want to win an election and even if they accidently did, they wouldn’t govern any different then their bosses in the CCP/Liberal Party… the permanent bureaucratic Government of Weirdicks and other life long CCP/LIberal operatives encrusted within the corrupt bureaucracy are simply keeping the CCP/LIberal Party seats warm.
    Vote Maverick… fuk the Liberal/Con Party of losers…. O’Stool is actually worse then the Queerbek milk idiot Scheep, by design IMO.

  14. Yah I keep reading the headline,still “Hope for the conservative party”.
    I believe that there is exactly the same hope for Can Ahh Duh.
    Barring a sudden awakening of Eastern Canadians,this country will break up into more cohesive units.
    For this festering corpse that was Confederated Canada currently provides rich picking for scavengers and maggots.
    But has no future,except continuation of decay.

  15. Just had call from the local “Conservative” leader for this area wanting to know if they could count on my vote . While I was questioning the caller as to what this local trough sucker had done to our advantage over the past many years and why all I ever got from him was a ” newsletter” (occasionally) answer and send back my concerns. Constant question was Climate Change. Biggest worry!
    Caller could not get off the call fast enough! Especially after I said I was fed up with that party that is more Lie- beral than the Lieberals!
    Guess she didnt get the fawning answer she hoped for.

  16. An EDA in Quebec proposed the “climate change” question and wording, as well as the “blame/charge industries” solution.

  17. If Trudeau gets a majority his global warming insanity gets more insane. On his carbon tax schedule we will all be paying $20 to $30 more for a tank of gas. That’s by 2030. Plus his fuel standards will drive up costs even further… on everything. This should be the constant message from the Conservatives, instead we get climate change O’Toole languishing as leader. It sickens me. I will be voting PPC again. It’s the only party that represents me.

  18. I’ve been a financial contributor to the conservative party for several years but the more the party seems to be swinging to the left the less I feel like parting with my hard earned money.. I understand the party hoping that they can win by trying to appeal to dissatisfied liberals but in doing so they are turning a lot of us long time conservative voters off. I live in the west and have seen little change in climate other then winter comes earlier and spring seems to come later. To destroy the economy to stop that from happening hardly seems worth the cost we’re being asked to pay.

  19. Otool is as inspiring as wet grass. We need a real leader to remove that silly fop I think.

  20. “Efforts to get official Conservative policy to recognize that climate change is real have failed.”

    Which is stupid. It’s one completely reasonable thing to be against terrible policy like C-69 etc, it’s another thing to not recognize AGW as a (non-catastrophic) problem. It’s real and claiming otherwise is scientifically illiterate.

    In any event, there is no saving the CPC. It’s a dysfunctional organization and more importantly, it’s conservative. Conservatism is fundamentally unserious.

    1. I feel strange! UnMe actually has it right.

      The globe has warmed at a rate of 1.4 degrees per century since 1939 when credible satellite based measurements started. This is not a crisis.

      The carbon tax is next to useless. If it delivers what the Liberals predict (a very iffy assumption) global warming will be deferred by one degree C in 7200 years. Not value for money.

    2. unDork, talking about scientific literacy, learn to do math, and git some facts. AGW is a mathematical dead horse, and you are an illiterate in so many ways and things, science should study you, a rare specimen of so stupid it’s a wonder you breath!

    3. Undork, you wouldn’t know anything on the subject except what you read as “news”. No earth science creds, or knowledge on the subject Undork and if you’re biologically capable, then you’re blowing smoke on the subject. Let’s hear your arguments for it, lab rat. I will agree on the CPC thingy though, they’re dead in the water on this subject, too.
      There, I just did what the Chinah Buoys did yesterday to some folks and yanked your pants down around your ankles on this subject. C’mon, speak up, I just challenged you. Warning, I’m not “scientifically illiterate” on the subject.

  21. “perhaps there is hope for the conservative party”

    Truly, there is not. None of the leadership has been changed. None of the party leadership will be. All the same people who approved of Scheer’s use of Warren Kinsella, will still be there in 10 years.

    All the members are just as squishy and willing to abandon principle as they always have been. Winning only for the sake of winning. Not to implement any lasting reform, or rational policy.

    When this party is killed from the inside, by the person playing the part of “Peter McKay” at the time, and he makes the deal with the person playing the role leader of the “new united conservative movement” party, … .

    Well you know how it is going to go already, because you’ve seen that movie before.

    And all the same people who brought the last 2 conservative parties down from the inside, will be brought into the “big tent” of the third iteration. It will be for their “wealth of experience”, and “years of dedication” to the conservative movement.

    1. Jawohl Field Marshal Windbag!
      They do not pass your purity test hence they shall be purged.

  22. Wonder why nobody has started a petition to make the CPC quit using the term “conservative” in their name? These clowns are making Kim Campbell look like Margaret Thatcher.

    And if you think global warming is a farce and you’re still planning on voting CPC, here’s your sign.

  23. Sell out the west? If the stated aim is to “leave it in the ground”unused, where do they get the Equalization from to pay baksheesh to Kaybec?

  24. There is a small but significant minority who votes environmental who now will not even look to vote conservative. Goodbye 3-5% possibles.
    There is a noticeable change in the climate. Not significant compared to long term changes, most likely not connected to CO2, and definitely not affected by any Canadian economic suicide tax.
    Another couple of percent available if you can talk up an international effort – ie the 98.4% of CO2 not from Canada.
    Paris agreement? Much has been said about our obligations. Our obligation? to set a target for reducing CO2 – fine I set the target at the same level China does. No problem Another 2-3% possible.
    I liked Max. Max probably won’t win his seat but the result of voting for Max is to divert 2-3% of the vote. Liberals love fools to vote for Max.
    I agreed with PM Harper about 2/3 of the time and it looks like Mr O’Toole about half of the time but Conservative is the only viable alternative to Trudeau. Either the Conservatives win or we get PM for life Trudeau.
    It was almost amusing to watch journalists on Telford’s rollodex publish articles – O’Toole won’t cancel gun grab, Social conservatives are running the party, hidden agenda (an oldie but reliable) – and all from the CBC, Toronto Star Politico etc. But it works, throw out a headline and we attack ourselves. Trudeau’s liberals are the real target, attack where they are weak (has he done anything right?) and layoff destroying ourselves.
    Hold your nose if you have too but support the only option against Trudeau

    1. “There is a noticeable change in the climate.”
      Today is the first day of spring. A few years ago in mid March, 2001 I went out to drill a gas well north of Calgary… was -30 for 10 days. The same time frame another year, 2009 the last two weeks of March it was +30 C, we cut hardwood floor planks on the patio. Then in June one time, 20 years ago, we endured a foot of snow and minus 25 C, for a week after we put our perennials in.
      A thousand years ago, Vikings settled Greenland and set up camp at L’Anse aux Meadows, NFLD. Europe experienced a Big Freeze in the period 1350 AD to 1500 or so. The Vikings abandoned their settlements in Greenland, they never came back and The Black Death reigned and the Thames froze.
      These people live in cities and have heard of the heat island effect, right? CO2 is a byproduct of volcanic eruptions, the most prolific “generators” of CO2 bar none, among other gases emitted more lethal than CO2. We don’t know how many “active” volcanoes exist under the oceans that puke this stuff out daily, because they aren’t visible.
      Now, tell me about Globble Warmenting v.2021.

      1. Unfortunately for the suburbanites who live under the protection of the heat island effect, global warming is an article of faith, they cannot be disabused of the belief with logic. Any attempt to do so will be met with the askance look reserved for the very Satan himself.

    2. Actually, if Gretchen Witmer of Michigan fame gets her way and shuts down Enbridge’s Line 5 across the Mackinac Straits, I’m buying a load of popcorn and watch Zentrul Kan-eh-duh collapse economically, among Ohio and some other places. That 3-5% will be walking with the rest of the herd. Praying a big old Spring blizzard roars outta the west, to explain the facts of life to them.

    3. “Hold your nose if you have too but support the only option against Trudeau”

      The CPC is not a viable option. It is dysfunctional and needs to die. People like you propped it up through the 2010s and thereby gave us Trudeau.

      1. Sorry, didn’t vote for them for the time period stated, but I do agree on your take of the CPC now.

  25. Anyone who believes that an over bloated Government bureaucracy can control the weather or change the climate through nefarious tax schemes is a god-damned idiot.

    1. “How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and [how] hard it is to undo that work again!” ~ Mark Twain

      It is not only the fact that that a person was sold a lie. To get them to admit they believed a lie, means they have to admit that they were fooled, gullible. That they were taken advantage of; that they were played like a fiddle. This is actually the thing, that people generally refuse to do. It is the quirk of human nature, that keeps con men in business.

      It is more damaging to the ID to admit gullibility, than it is to double down and keep writing cheques to Ponzi. It is why the colon has given up on argument, and simply dropping steaming piles of name calling.

  26. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing,repeatedly,while expecting different results.
    Communism has just never been done right..this time it will work.
    Paying taxes while having no one representing my interests has been a lifetime peeve..I had hope for a few years…more fool me.
    Contributing to a Ponzi scheme makes us participants.