We Don’t Need No Flaming Sparky Cars

No Tricks Zone;

German online weekly FOCUS reports according to several Allensbach surveys that although there is a strong interest in environmentally friendly mobility [in Germany], they don’t view electric cars as being particularly practical, let alone green.
Fifty five percent, a majority, said the purchase of an electric car is out of the question. and only 29 percent can imagine buying an electric car in principle.
The cold wintry weather last February led to a drop in enthusiasm for electric mobility among German motorists because the wintry weather “apparently led to a critical debate about the performance of e-cars”.

“Only nine percent of those surveyed could imagine purchasing an e-car in the the next three years,” FOCUS reports. “The acceptance of electric mobility is much more pronounced among younger people than among the middle-aged and older citizens who have more purchasing power.” This does not bode well for the electric car market.

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13 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Flaming Sparky Cars”

  1. Good morning sda’rs.!!

    Reality trumps Woke, Eco-Tard Iidiocy….any day of the week.
    Just ask any Texan…

  2. Good News. There will never be enough electricity to keep all the EVs charged and electricity for stuff like lights and other needed machinery. Let’s stop pretending.

    If we directed all wasted green funding and ditch the centuries old technology of windmills, to finding a new true power source we might just get it.

    As it is we are heading in the wrong direction.

    1. “As it is we are heading in the wrong direction.”

      Yes. Porsche, of Germany, built the first electric car the P1, in 1898. It was not a success then, their new e-cars will not be a success.
      It should be noted that Germany is decommissioning it’s nuclear power plants, just in case they are swamped by a tsunami.
      Wrong direction there too.

  3. Duh.
    Anybody know what the “made in Ontario/Quebec” electric toy is to be called?
    Maybe we should name each one after a member of the “Royal Family of the East”.

  4. It’s good that young people are so positive about “electric mobility”, they’ll be riding subways, streetcars, and perhaps electric buses thanks to the carbon tax keeping them at the poverty level.

    Tax the young to the max and promise them rebates down the road, education is important.

  5. The Buttinsky, Buttmobile? Folksvagen version. An in line 8 version….8 TFW’s to do what Fred Flinstone did to get from here to there on hizzown. There’s always a Powerstroke, or a Ford. Need a Fraaaanch one, too. A Legaultville, plush like a Cadillac, with dingle balls around the windscreen. Don’t cringe, I’ve seen those decades ago, in La Belle Provaaaance. “Public Transit” will be a non starter with COVID-45 around. WHO wants to ride in a crowded bus, subway, LRT with some dude or dudette up close and personal wiping his/it’s schnoze on your shoulder, sneezing all over the back of your head.? “Zorry, I’m saving on tissues/masks, plooshun you know”. Walk through the UV-C lamps up the escalators. Wear personalized surgical gloves anywhere downtown. Never mind what’s on the public toilet seat, you’ll hold on til home. Decontamination entrance ways, with more UV-C and a disinfectant spray. I guarantee robots will deliver anything by then, to avoid any human contact. Brave New World.
    Gee, musta said something badd….moderated.

  6. The catch-22 of EVs is that if they are to be adopted in large numbers there has to be a forest of charging stations throughout the country. But charging stations, IOT to be economical, will only be built if there are a lot of EVs on the road.

    1. Everyone’s been down a highway. Seen those food gas plazas.
      20+ pumps.
      Handles 40 cars. Each taking 10 minutes, say.
      Every 10minutes, 40 cars.
      Every hour, 240 cars.
      Every 8 hours, 1,920 cars.

      Lets do charging stations.
      1 hour charge.
      40 stations=40 cars per hour.
      320 cars per 8 hours vs 1,920.
      To move the same e-cars down that highway you need 240 charge stations.

      But wait, it gets worse!
      I do 250 mile drives, on gas. No stop unless I leave with half.( I hit 4 states so I get gas at the cheapest, stretch my legs ) About five hours.
      If I had electric, Id have to leave fully charged, make at least one stop. So 5 hours becomes 6. If there is no waiting for a charge station.

  7. There’s nothing “greener” than my 1991 BMW 325i 5-speed. By continuing to maintain, and drive this ollllllld car … nobody needed to fabricate a new car for me. No steel or aluminum smelting. No new plastics. No cows slaughtered for their leather. And certainly no rare earth metals and toxic battery chemicals.

    Yes, my ollllllld car doesn’t have a touchscreen. Hells Bells, it doesn’t even have a built-in USB port!

    Conservation of existing goods and materials? That is truly green. Shit! PG&E spends $Hundreds of Millions each year lecturing me about how to conserve energy and when (4pm – 9pm) NOT to use electricity. One would think Gavin Newsom would be lecturing us to preserve and conserve our old cars (which easily pass stringent smog tests).

    But … this year, I am having trouble getting the smog test for my olllllllld car. Why? Because the ollllllld smog check machines are breaking down, and the Smog Shops aren’t replacing them. I’ve lost three of my go-to smog shops. So the ‘Green’ State of CA is essentially driving me … *giggle* … to buy a new(er) automobile … and hence add to the Demand and Production of an environmentally damaging automobile.

    1. Last of the solid BMWS.

      I do my own maintance on my F150. 4.2 V6. About $200 year including $ for tires. A new Ford rebuilt, warrantee engine is $2,500.
      I can switch that in a weekend. Why buy new? Crazy.
      Thing is these are hitting 250-300k miles, I’ll be dead or drooling by then.

      1. Nice. That’s a very modestly priced engine replacement. My BMW has 175k miles and other than RELIGIOUSLY replacing the timing belt (not chain) … because the penalty of a broken timing belt is valve parts embedded in the head … the engine is strong and trouble free.

      2. My son has hand-me-down 4.2 F150 5spd manual tranny, 320,000 kms, too bad the body/box is rust shot.
        I’ll take it back and repair sheetmetal for retirement project!

  8. My wheels:
    – 2009 Chevy HHR panel ( Wish it was one of the rare SS version), 2.2 liter ecotec , std 5 spd. 140k km
    – 03 Chevy Astro, panel…125k Km

    Battery powered cars have already started their decline simply by bad publicity from those imbeciles who bought one.
    Like zeppelins, they are a poorly thought out idea that will fail. The Ford Edsel disaster will pale in comparison to when Tesla implodes.