Nashville: Christmas Morning Explosion

Bomb squad on the scene, as a reported RV explosion in the downtowm… developing

UK Sun: “multiple casualties” as a downtown building collapsed in flames. Other outlets report no significant injuries.

Being treated as an “intentional act”.

More at Zerohedge.

Update: It appears there was a message broadcast from the RV prior to the explosion, warning people to evacuate. This is a strange one.

This was no minor blast. ATT service is down in the region, there’s random speculation the target was their data center.


Update: Who is S McG, (and does it matter)?

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  1. I’m sure it has nothing to do with islam. Muslims want us to have a great Christmas.(before they kill us)

    1. I will say we don’t know who did it. We do know that Nashville is considered the heart of country music and country music is where the anthems of White Christian conservative America especially White “redneck” “cracker” types as defined by certain groups with a grudge. Considering the target, I would suspect one of those leftists cross over ANTIFA types although I would not rule out some White supremacist group out to ignite a race war or even an old fashioned criminal operation to take out a competitor or collect insurance. This does not fit the profile of Islamic extremists because the timing and the lack of a second bomb meant very few casualties whereas they prefer mass casualties and much carnage. So we don’t know who did it or why. We just have to wait.

        1. Yes zerohedge has a video where a woman is telling anyone in earshot to evacuate the area.

          1. Re: the warning notification … remember that BLM has lectured us that “things can be replaced” but people cannot. So this has all the earmarks of the anti-Christian who are bent on destruction and looting of “things” … while claiming “Peace and Goodwill toward Men(sic)”

      1. Precisely.

        Nashville (forgive me) does not strike one as a target for most terrorists, the area is not political or financial and the early detonation makes one think other things.

        Again, we shall see.

        1. False Flag event? Hmmmmmmmmm

          There has been speculation elsewhere, predicting this possibility, between election and inauguration. And of course, it could be totally unrelated

      2. My daughter’s best friend is from Nashville. She says Nashville residents consider Memphis to be the armpit of the State. And since Memphis is home to ANTIFA and BLM types … it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine them trying to terrorize their betters to the North.

    2. So…was it Aloha Snackbar or was it Jewish lightning?
      Lots of businesses going under…might be a good time for some good old fashioned insurance fraud…just sayin.

    3. Honestly, seems like someone has a grudge with AT&T and they didn’t really want to harm anyone else or someone really wanted to disrupt US Communications infrastructure.

      We’ll see what shakes out.

  2. ” being treated as an intentional act”. Yah think! Because a car packed with explosives could be unintentional. And this passes for journalism today. Now you could just let the world think your an idiot or you could vote Liberal/Democrat and prove it.

    1. Thanks for toning down the rhetoric, Kate. No, at this point, we know neither who nor why. Only that it was a horrendous and vile act. The time to slam the perps is when (if) the truth is revealed.

      1. Horrendous and vile? It seems to me that they took great pains for the bomb to detonate when no one was there (early Xmas morning), and warned people who were there to evacuate. So, we can safely conclude that terrorism was not the motive, else neither of these things would have happened. That eliminates the Muslims, and probably BLM too.

        Some of you might remember the film “Zulu” with Michael Caine. In an early scene, hundreds of Zulu warriors are mown down by the guns of the British squad defending a small outpost in South Africa before the Boer War. The Zulu withdraw, and an overconfident Caine thinks they’re beaten. The old Boer trekker with the British laughs. He points to the Zulu chief on a distant hill. “He’s counting your guns”.

        I worked in telecom for many years. There’s a building in Toronto which, if attacked successfully, would result in major outages across the country. These sites are few in number, not very heavily guarded, and high in value. Certainly, if I were preparing for an uprising, disruption of communication networks would be high priority, and a simultaneous attack on these centres would be the easiest way to achieve that.

        The movie plot is the people behind the bombing are now judging the response – how quickly was AT&T able to restore service, where was the traffic re-routed, etc., in preparation for a larger, more coordinated assault on multiple centres. Whether their goal is insurrection, Civil War II, or something else, I haven’t figured out yet.

    2. Could have been a faulty propane tank. Not unusual for RV’s to have 200# tanks. I’ve known a garbage bag filled with acetylene and oxygen to knock down every piece of equipment in a 10 million ton per year iron ore pellet plant.
      Let’s wait and see before blaming anyone.

      1. I lived in an RV for five years and one time one of my dogs licked the knobs and turned the propane stove on. I was outside at the time and his frantic barking alerted me something was up. I opens the door and the flood of gas, plus the exiting frantic dog nearly knocked me over. I ran to the front and shut the gas off at the source and then opened the doors and back away. If that gas had hit an ignition source the entire RV would have gone up. However I can’t imagine it would have been anything this big. Plus there would have been two explosions, one of leaking gas and then one of the propane tanks. There are pictures of a truck hauling 300 propane tanks that crashed and exploded and it was nothing like this one. Therefore I would rule out an RV propane accident. The authorities apparently already have.

        1. Yeah the RV is burning, I f the RV exploded with a force felt 50 miles away they wouldn’t be able to tell it was an RV.

      1. Not messy and deadly enough for your average ISIS/Al Qaeda types. They would never try to blow up an RV somewhere with no innocent people around to kill. Nope, doesn’t fit their MO.

        1. See my BLM theory above … makes as much sense as anything this early. I’ve never know Islamic Terrorists to give warnings …

    3. The Daily Mail U.S. Online is reporting that there were only three non-serious injuries sent to hospital. And note that the blast took place at 6:40 a.m. on a Monday morning, on a Christmas morning. Anyone wandering around downtown early on a Christmas morning will know that, outside of one or two homeless people, absolutely no one is up and about at that time.

      1. Awk! “Monday morning” should read “Friday morning”. Too much back bacon for breakfast.

  3. Being an RV, there is the possibility that the propane system was faulty. It’s not the first time that happened.

  4. There’s a still shot out there from a dash cam a few miles away that shows a massive fireball.

    Re propane tank just how do the contents ignite by accident with no oxygen to assist?

    1. A small leak or venting through a relief valve in close proximity to an ignition source, such as an exposed wire, would be enough.

    1. If so there would have been two explosions, the initial leak igniting then a much bigger one when the tank is breached.

    1. It’s not the M.O of Islamic extremists if that’s what you’re thinking. They always make sure to kill lots of civilians. Plus they like to have a second bomb to take out first responders.

      1. Again, police sussed this out. It might have been planned to go off hours later but since police were on to it, it could have been set off remotely before it was intended to. Use it or lose it?

  5. Looks like the work of Blowhammad but BLM and Profa are not beyond this sort of thing. Who am I kidding? Definitely White Supremacists in action!

  6. Reports saying that police spotted the suspicious RV and cleared the area.

    Bomb squad was enroute when the explosion occurred.

  7. This is a good time to mask your mind, just as people loyal to the president-elect wear masks to demonstrate obedience to climate conditions. Simply enough, wait for the journalists, who are so much smarter and better than the dirty peasants, to tell you what to think. As a precaution, get out your ‘ban all guns’ protest signs.

  8. All thru every article its reported this was an “intentional act”. Then you read this,

    **While authorities don’t suspect foul play, scenes from the explosion area look like a warzone.**

    I think there’s too many authorities….

    1. An intentional act, but not foul play.
      Like a Peaceful Protest where buildings are burned and white folks beaten.
      Open your mind, Bro. Open, open, just a bit wider….
      Not There! I said your Mind, Dammit!

      If it was in Nashville, and risks killing mostly rednecks, I guess it is not foul play.

  9. Okay Twitter is reporting the RV had a PA system and began blasting a warning message 15 or 20 minutes ahead of the explosion saying that it had a bomb and was going to blow and everyone should evacuate. hat’s why police were clearing the area. The voice is American sounding, not southern accented and probably a woman. I was skeptical at first but then there was a Facebook post from a couple confirming having heard the message. They grabbed their cat and fled. Another report is the building targeted seems to have been some kind of huge data centre.

    Hm I wonder if it has some Dominion machines in it? Maybe some CIA stuff?

    1. @Justin
      This PA warning situation eliminates islamic idiots as being the perps. They would never issue a warning, they want max deaths.

  10. Baseless and no evidence. I would not be surprised if if this is reaction to the stolen election. People who have mistaken people that wish to abide by laws as weak. They have forgotten that part of that “privileged” culture is sacrifice.Freedom will not be stolen without cocquence. If the Democrats truly didn’t cheat it is time for them to step up and demand independent verification. After all ,If you won fair and square you have nothing to hide. No proof, just my paranoia at work. I believe at Gettysburg nearly 50,000 were causalities. Americans will pay the price of Freedom.

  11. If you wanted to cause maximum mayhem, then why choose early Christmas morning downtown nashville?

    1. Well, it appears that AT&T communication centre is right there. Perhaps take out communication links for something larger to come?

    2. Thomas and Robert – Cleary not intended to cause maximum mayham nor injury – just a shot over the bow I suspect. Just random speculation on my part I totally recognize.l really do believe however there is a significant number of Americans who will not be content to just whine and bitch and accept this.

  12. NBC News Correspondent on twitter:
    NEW: Police in Nashville, TN say they arrived at a ‘shots fired’ call this morning to find an RV with a recording playing saying that the vehicle would explode. Police sought to immediately clear the area and call on bomb squad and then the RV exploded near an AT&T facility.

    Fox News Reporter:
    Nashville PD says when officers arrived on scene early this morning they found RV with a “recording” saying the vehicle would explode in 15 minutes

  13. This gets weirder by the minute. Now looks like whoever did this wanted to make sure there were as few people around as possible when the bomb went off. 9/11 Call. Recorded warning. Is there any reason to target ATT? If it was closer to the Country Music Hall of Fame or The Ryman, I’d guess maybe just someone who hates country music. Beats me.

    1. “Is there any reason to target ATT? ”

      Perhaps because they own CNN?

      I’m skeptical about the “near an AT&T facility” part, though…if they were really trying to send that type of message they would have parked right in front of it, wouldn’t they? The whole thing sounds amateurish (possibly ‘false flag’, as someone suggested above).

  14. I’m going to go with this wasn’t an AT&T data centre. It was some kind of government/swamp/CIA/union outfit type operation and they have decided it’s time to destroy evidence. Rudy did say things were going to blow up after Christmas.

  15. Hmmm. So little to go on and it was done to be a big event but not cause causalities. I bet it was done to use as propaganda. The evidence of who did it will be nearly impossible to corroborate too probably. But the ones that did it will provide friendly media just enough evidence to paint a group of people in a bad light.

  16. If casualties weren’t the target, that only leaves the RV itself as a target, or the data building as the target, or this was a test for a future event.

    The major event near to this location in the near future is the Georgia Senate election in 10 days.

    Will data need to be rerouted? Through a different filter?

  17. Usually mooselimbs take credit soon after. This seems to be some kind of Obama/BLM/weather underground kind of thing. Not really sure what his end game is.

  18. Lots of speculation by everyone, so I’ll add my ten cents worth. A deliberate “Shots fired” 911 call. A clear recorded 15 minute warning to evacuate. An early morning, even better, early Christmas morning, for even less folk out and about. A nearby “Data center”, perhaps they couldn’t park any closer! A political battle currently underway, enough nut jobs of all stripes to commit mayhem, yet attempting to minimize loss of life for residents or nearby people. I am sure that even if they don’t catch the culprits, they’ll find out either by investigation, or a “claim of responsibility” call, or some such.

    Sadly, no matter the warped mind reasoning, the evil that some people will do, can never be rationally explained or understood by sane thinking people, nor can it ever be justified, no matter the cause championed by such insanity! Sad indeed.

  19. A rather weird event (horrific, yes, but weird). From some reports there was a firefight at the beginning, and then the loudspeaker announcement of the 15 minute warning.

    A bit more oddness, if not weirdness, was the “relatively” light damage from the explosion. If that RV had been packed with a few 55 gallon drums of ANFO, you would have seen a lot more than mostly windows blown in. The facades of the two buildings on either side of the street where the RV was parked would have been obliterated with structural collapse at least along that facade. The Oklahoma City bombing was a horrific example of such an explosion, and while the bomb was a farther distance from the building, you could see that the destruction propagated dozens of feet into the building.

    It remains to be determined just who the perps were, and what were their motives. It certainly wasn’t likely Jihadis or Iranian revenge, as there would have been zero warning, and the timing would have ensured maximum casualties.

  20. I would guess given there was a warning that is was a warning from Patriots. Middle Eastern sorts give no warning, and neither does antifa. Could be the beginning of CW2

  21. Well here’s a guess: terrorists that were infiltrated by state agents might equal a sort of happy ending explosion with some casualties but no deaths

  22. The FBI has just announced the arrest of an entire clan of Jewells related to Richard. They are conducting sweeps of deer hunters in Idaho and Montana as well.

  23. Could be a deep state false flag to trigger Trump into acting. From reports it was a directed charge. Fairly professional handiwork

  24. Judging from the title, CCTV footage was of an “alleged” explosion?

    declared or stated to be as described; asserted:
    – The alleged murderer could not be located for questioning.

    doubtful; suspect; supposed:
    – The alleged cure-all produced no results when it was tested by reputable doctors.

    Thank you Kate, for all you do 🙂

  25. ok, how about this….it was a “test run” to see the extent of damage/blast radius. Placed to go off Christmas Day so as NOT to have victims at this time….that will come with the “real target”.

    Oh and CNN reports it was a mostly peaceful bombing

  26. And no one will have even noticed the masked ones leaving the scene..
    Masks are a great idea.
    They won’t stop the wuhan Flu.but they just might defeat the security camera records from that area..
    And remember your Progressive Comrades want to mandate mask wearing for the next year?Or Decade?
    Funny how wearing masks in public emboldens the cowards and bullies.

  27. I’ve no doubt that a connection to “White supremacist” groups or individuals will be duly uncovered, followed by a connection to “Trump supporters”, followed by a call for harsher action, new laws etc etc.

    This has false flag written all over it. The questions will be who and what is required.

  28. One thing:
    1. Will somebody please confirm that Clark Griswold received his Christmas bonus this year.