On the twelfth day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, our intellectual betters in the media sent to me
A lump of coal wrapped in a message not to dare deviate from their official narratives in 2021,
An urgent plea to stock up on food and toilet paper before he locks down America next year,
Membership cards for Antifa and BLM (and a promise of no future presents if I don’t join both),
Gift certificates from their favorite hair styling salons,
Travel photos from Mississippi,
Leftovers from Il Forno Trattoria,
A sunset photo from their comrade’s condo in Cabo,
No pubs open after 11pm (while Covid sleeps),
A guarantee of bankruptcy for decades,
A promise of no fun ever again,
Thousands of dead grandparents, and
A never-ending lockdown for me but not they

* *

12 Replies to “On the twelfth day of Christmas”

  1. Best year ever for us on our isolated lake home north of Kirkland lake.
    No covid, no diversity, no government, no BLM and no trouble here.
    2020 was the proof of concept we needed for our self sufficient lifestyle.
    That we are net receivers & pay little taxes… Up yours, Canada!

    1. I’ll pass on to Trudeau where to ship our next batches of immigrants that we need 1.2 million in the next 3 years.
      Be sure to share the misery more evenly…you know like gender equality.

    2. Ahmed – I learned a long time ago not to gloat. Fate has a funny way of giving you a backhand that will knock you on your backside and keep you there until you learn how to quietly appreciate what you have.

      1. Bitter envy…
        Been living the dream for 3 years.
        Jealous on & enjoy the Doug Fords everywhere

        Up yours Canada!!!

  2. Merry Christmas Kate & Robert, thanks for another year of this blog, my first stop every morning.
    Let’s hope 2021 is an improvement, but indicators suggest 2020 was just the start.
    Hopefully we will see the demise of the Liberals in the PMO and cooler and saner heads will prevail.

    1. Thanks, Bob. For me, all thanks goes to Kate. It’s such an incredible honour for me to be able to contribute here.

      I sense that 2021 is going to be more of the same, if not worse, than 2020. The docility of the Canadian & American public because of the outbreak of what has turned out to be a relatively mild virus has shown our political leaders, and their masters, that the sheeple are numerous and the sheep dogs are very few.

  3. One of their usual tricks is to quote some dickhead who is in agreement with the story line and this, for many, somehow legitimizes the narrative. We’ve seen this throughout the Wuhan Scamdemic.
    The truth is out there, but you need hip waders to get to it.

  4. The globalists should never forget that Christmas Day was the day Nicolae Ceausescu and his whore were brought to justice, and that they, too, can be killed.

    Doug Emhoff and his whore especially.

  5. Merry Christmas to Kate, Robert, and all the SDA family.
    Like you, I appreciate the informed opinion, knowledge, and wisdom gleaned from this excellent site.
    I have learned and been edified by so many of you.
    May your day be full of joy and gratitude.
    God Bless Us, Every One! As Tiny Tim sagely said.

  6. The Democrat Killing Fields in Nursing Homes will be kick started AGAIM… The lock downs of Nursing home was not an error of command, it was the desired feature of communism

    Yes the Biden Admin will again re-direct the Vaccine from the most threatened members (65 + ) to Union members of every civil service… Prisoners get priority because lawyers need their clients healthy…The elderly are killed off & their Trust Funds (SS & Medicare) are stolen to pay BLM leaders.

    Evil is as Evil does