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All In This Together

For themselves;

Some hospitals and health systems are offering COVID-19 vaccines to staff who don’t interact with patients, including administrators and researchers, as thousands of front-line workers and long-term care residents wait for their turn to be inoculated.
Erie Shores HealthCare in Leamington, Ont., and Toronto’s Michael Garron Hospital each began vaccinating non-front-line staff in recent days, while the University Health Network in Toronto invited a wide range of staff to a last-minute vaccine clinic on Sunday. […]
With a limited supply of vaccines expected for the months to come, each province in the country has established ethical guidelines to ensure available doses are directed toward those most at risk. In Ontario, for example, the first phase of the vaccine rollout is meant to target health care workers and essential caregivers in hospitals, long-term care homes and other settings where seniors gather – followed by other essential caregivers, long-term care and retirement home residents, and First Nations.
Some hospitals say they’ve been forced to look outside these groups in order not to waste doses. Storage challenges have also limited distribution as the provinces ramp up their inoculation programs. Some regions have yet to see a single dose administered to high-risk populations, while several Toronto hospitals are planning to open up vaccination clinics to more staff this week.

They Went From “Flatten The Curve” To “Put Your Hands Behind Your Back” So Fast We Didn’t Even Notice

HERE THERE BE TASERS: Premier Francois Legault announced a “shock therapy” of several new lockdown measures on Wednesday afternoon.

Your official government watchdogs welcome the “heavy police presence”.

Selley: Because governments can’t get their act together and some critical mass of citizens can’t or won’t take the precautions necessary not to spread and catch the virus, you can’t go for a healthy walk after 8 p.m. in Canada’s second-most-populous province unless you have a dog.

Meanwhile, at Pallister Penitentiary – COVID cops fine mask exempt Manitoba man, tracked down with co-op code and security footage.

The Wisdom of Václav Klaus

Václav Klaus, the former Prime Minister of Czech Republic, is a very wise man. SDA regular LindaL recommended this recent interview with him:

One of the things he talks about is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World being a dystopican prophecy for what is happening post-Covid. Here’s a summary of this important book:

The boys learn about the Bokanovsky and Podsnap Processes that allow the Hatchery to produce thousands of nearly identical human embryos. During the gestation period the embryos travel in bottles along a conveyor belt through a factorylike building, and are conditioned to belong to one of five castes: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, or Epsilon. The Alpha embryos are destined to become the leaders and thinkers of the World State. Each of the succeeding castes is conditioned to be slightly less physically and intellectually impressive. The Epsilons, stunted and stupefied by oxygen deprivation and chemical treatments, are destined to perform menial labor.

The Director then leads the boys to the Nursery, where they observe a group of Delta infants being reprogrammed to dislike books and flowers. The Director explains that this conditioning helps to make Deltas docile and eager consumers. He then tells the boys about the “hypnopaedic” (sleep-teaching) methods used to teach children the morals of the World State. In a room where older children are napping, a whispering voice is heard repeating a lesson in “Elementary Class Consciousness.”

Outside, the Director shows the boys hundreds of naked children engaged in sexual play and games like “Centrifugal Bumble-puppy.” Mustapha Mond, one of the ten World Controllers, introduces himself to the boys and begins to explain the history of the World State, focusing on the State’s successful efforts to remove strong emotions, desires, and human relationships from society.

Let Them Eat Taser

Globe and Mail;

A senior public servant at the Public Health Agency of Canada accepted an all-expenses-paid holiday to Jamaica courtesy of Air Canada Vacations in November, even as her agency has been advising Canadians since March to avoid non-essential travel to combat the spread of COVID-19.
Dominique Baker, the acting manager at PHAC’s Office of Border and Travel Health, flew with a friend to the upscale, all-inclusive Royalton Blue Waters resort in Montego Bay in mid-November.
Ms. Baker, who bills herself as a beauty, fashion and travel influencer on her off-work hours, posted a video a few hours after she arrived in Jamaica, calling the hotel suite with its own infinity pool “mind-blowing – whoa.”
“One of our two butlers is bringing us our pina coladas right now. No, we are not kidding – we have two butlers,” she says in the video. “Thank you, Air Canada Vacations. We are beside ourselves.”

More at National Post: “Dominique Baker is the manager of the office of border and travel health, a Public Health Agency of Canada program whose purpose is to keep communicable diseases out of Canada and reduce public health risks to travellers.” h/t Chris

Laws Are For The Little People

Hospital CEO, Ontario COVID-19 advisory team member, spent weeks in Dominican Republic amid pandemic

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi confirms two members of his staff including his chief of staff travelled over the Christmas break. No consequences.

Kenney’s Chief of Staff along with 6 Alberta MLA’s, not so lucky.

CTV: Two more federal Conservative politicians have joined the growing list of officials who have come under fire for travelling internationally during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to Saskatchewan Highways Minister Joe Hargrave I can now craft my “essential travel” story for US Border officials.

6 days after announcing she was positive for COVID with symptoms — [Rep. Gwen Moore] was somehow able to travel to Wisconsin to DC to enter the Capitol and deliver Pelosi a needed vote for Speaker.

By no means a complete list.

The British Columbia Stasi Have Arrived!

The Lives of Others should be mandatory viewing for all students, to see how terrible things can get in a totalitarian regime.  Under the dark realm of East Germany, citizens were encouraged to report on their neighbours.

It appears that B.C. police agencies are taking a big step in that direction:

Police say they issued tickets and broke up gatherings in several places in B.C. on New Year’s Eve in keeping with COVID-19 safety rules.

Vancouver police say they responded to 34 calls for gatherings and issued four tickets of $2,300 each to event organizers, including one to the owner of a restaurant near Granville and Davie Street found hosting a private party with around 100 people in attendance, and serving alcohol at 11 p.m.