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Reading The Fine Print

A nice large sample size in this one.

The Lancet- Effectiveness of Covid-19 Vaccination Against Risk of Symptomatic Infection, Hospitalization, and Death Up to 9 Months: A Swedish Total-Population Cohort Study

Vaccine effectiveness of BNT162b2 against infection waned progressively from 92% at day 15-30 to 47% and from day 211 and onwards no effectiveness could be detected. Overall, vaccine effectiveness was lower and waned faster among men and older individuals. The effectiveness waned slightly slower for mRNA-1273, being estimated to 59% from day 181 and onwards. In contrast, effectiveness of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 was generally lower and waned faster, with no effectiveness detected from day 121 and onwards.  whereas effectiveness from heterologous ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 / mRNA was maintained from 121 days and onwards.

Overall, vaccine effectiveness was lower and waned faster among men and older individuals. For the outcome severe Covid-19, effectiveness waned from 89% at day 15-30 to 42% and onwards, with sensitivity analyses showing notable waning among men, older frail individuals, and individuals with comorbidities.


Masks work!…until they don’t…

With airline flights now being barred from various nations in the latest knee jerk response to avoid importing the latest Covid variant, (which is apparently already here), this news item inadvertently destroys the case for mask usage.

The traveller from South Africa used a mask with a valve that doesn’t filter exhaled air and may have transmitted the virus to his neighbour when the hotel room door was open, a health department spokesperson said Friday.

As the mass vaccination program lurches to another grandiose failure, it would not be a surprise to see mask rules mandating the use of industrial respirators. Who knows what absurdity is next at this point?

Virus Still Immune to Propaganda

In the words of Rambo, ” nothing is over”. Maybe, maybe not. But chaos and confusion still reign supreme.

The Guardian- WHO to assess new highly mutated Covid-19 variant as countries ramp up health checks

UK civil service sources said the variant, which is feared to be more transmissible and has the potential to evade immunity, posed “a potentially significant threat to the vaccine programme which we have to protect at all costs”.

I think its supposed to work the other way around. But what do I know.

Meanwhile Manitoba is declaring victory again.

Sun- BEGINNING OF THE END: Manitoba launches vaccine for kids 5-11

Zerohedge- Pfizer CEO Warns New Vaccine To Combat Heavily-Mutated Coronavirus Could Take 100 Days

Toronto Star- Who’s getting sick 

UK Efficacy Stats Week 47 There are charts there for everyone’s point of view but one would think its the absolute numbers at the end that really matter.

A couple of nice charts here comparing vaccination rates and rates of infection in Europe.

The anti-viral that shall not be named. 

A look back at German ICU numbers compared to today.

Double jabbed Bryan Adams gets covid for the second time in a month.

And to round things out an interview with Geert Vanden Bossche. This is probably one of the better ones I’ve seen with Geert. Its long but his theories on what is going on, while complicated, are very well explained.

Badges of Honour vs Badges for the Deplorables

HealthPartners is a Minnesota based health care provider run by CEO Andrea Walsh. It appears that she has sanctioned the following:

Is it actually possible that Ms. Walsh is completely oblivious to what happened in the last century and what it lead to? In case she is, here’s a refresher course.

Farringtons, an expensive private school in England, is enacting yellow badges for mask-exempt children. You can read the details here.

Hockey Night In Covid Land

They’re making it up as they go.

Sun- The reason why the NHL hasn’t postponed more games due to COVID-19?

There is no threshold. No exact number. Instead, it’s a case-by-case scenario that is determined by the league, the NHL Player’s Union and medical experts. And it is far from perfect — or fair, for that matter.

The NHL no longer publicizes the daily list of those in COVID protocol. But that doesn’t mean the cases have subsided. Despite having a league that is practically fully vaccinated — Detroit’s Tyler Bertuzzi remains the lone holdout — the pandemic continues to take down players.

Every day, there are new players who have been infected. Most are asymptomatic. And yet, the NHL is still surprised by the rate of infection.

The number of positive cases is more extensive than we originally anticipated,” said Daly, “but the nature of the cases we are seeing are generally less serious than they were last year, which is obviously a testament to the vaccine.”

A firing offense?

How long will it be before this doctor gets turfed for challenging the standard Covid narrative? If she manages to avoid dismissal, that may be an indication that there is a little more light at the end of this very dark tunnel. She’s definitely pro-vaccine, but still recognizes the bizarre contradictions and futility of many aspects of current Covid strategy.

Politicians need to abandon the quixotic quest for COVID zero, making many of the interventions intended to stop virus circulation irrelevant. Public mask-wearing, social distancing etc. were only going to defer, not eliminate, transmission.

Society also needs to shift how it sees the unvaccinated. The prevailing opinion, including among many of my colleagues, is that the unvaccinated pose a threat to others. Since the vaccinated are still likely to be infected and transmit disease, with similar viral loads as those who are unvaccinated, this is not entirely true.

Questions Back at You, Leftist Cult Members

Molly Jong-Fast is an arrogant piece of work. She recently wrote this screed: Deprogram your relatives this Thanksgiving

This is your chance to deprogram them. Facebook knows its algorithm radicalizes users. This is your chance to tell your aunt that maybe the news she gets from it isn’t all that reliable. And that maybe the MAGA news network is not giving her unbiased news, either.

Especially when it comes to vaccines, family members can actually win each other’s hearts and minds. A professor who has studied coronavirus-vaccine promotion at North Carolina State University, Stacy Wood, told The Washington Post that “the effort is worthwhile … A lot of people are convinced over time from small bits of information that trickle in.” According to a Time/Harris poll, 59 percent of people got vaccinated after a friend or family member did. You could literally save your creepy uncle’s life.

For Ms. Jong-Fast and other members of the Leftist Covid Cult, here are ten questions to ask them around the dinner table:

  1. Can fully vaccinated people contract Covid?
  2. Can fully vaccinated people give others Covid?
  3. Statistically, are children more at harm if they contract Covid or if they get the Covid mRNA jab?
  4. Why has Japan turned away from vaccinations in favor of giving its citizens Ivermectin?
  5. Since Japan made this decision, what has been the result?
  6. Tell me what you know about the yellow star program in the 1930’s.
  7. Would you have been in favor of treating homosexuals differently during the AIDS crisis in the 1980’s?
  8. Are you in favor of “othering” those who have chosen not to get the Covid mRNA jab?
  9. If you are fully vaccinated, then could you explain to me why you are worried about being around unvaccinated people?
  10. If the Covid booster program continues for some time to come, are you prepared to continue to get a jab every 3 to 6 months?

Our SDA regulars undoubtedly can add more!

SDA Gets Results!

So I vented my uppity Jewish spleen on this last week. 

Then, Dr. Loh and Behold, it was yanked from the Interwebz!

Meanwhile, maybe creepy Toronto Mayor John Tory will get a van with tinted windows, a puppy and a stash of candy for the next popup. 

But definitely keep trusting the government of the 300-pound Premier Doug Ford and his ghoulish, scolding gargoyle harpy of a Minister of Health, Christine Elliot to make the very best policies and decisions for the health of your children, you know FOR THE CHILDREN and also for you!

They know best, peasants!

In short: children in Ontario will die because of potentially treatable brain cancer because of the government’s despicable fear mongering, the repulsive policies of the TV doctors, the influence of Big Pharma shills, the irreversible psychological damage they done to otherwise relatively functional humans, and because of the utter rot at the root of our socialist medical system.

But the main thing is that coronavirus “vaccination” will eventually be forced upon healthy children and ruin their hearts and/or kill them, and that for your health, you can’t buy a cup of coffee in this godforsaken province or go to a gym without showing your papers.

And that, is obviously what is truly important.

One Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest

Lab Leak Denier Daszak Gave A ‘We’ve Done Nothing Wrong’ Interview And An Insect Literally Escaped a Cage In the Middle of It.

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