17 Replies to “A New Lockdown Brought to you by one of the Covid-19 Dictators”

  1. Great statement by the Sherriff.
    If I was a cop in Newsom’s town I’d sit outside his house after curfew every chance I had and write him and / or his family.

    1. The Sheriff must not have realized that writing tickets would have been a waste of time as the politicians are Teflon Dons and wouldn’t apply to them as we have seen in a multitude of occasions. Rules only apply the peasants who they rule.

    2. Love that statement by the sheriff…. we don’t have time to police YOUR assinine totalitarian stupidity Mr Governor.

  2. Its an awful thought, but any one who wants you locked down, wishes you were dead. Please prove me wrong.

    1. I can’t “prove” you wrong.
      But I would suggest people have been locked down through-out history.
      Frequently the person locking them down didn’t want them dead they just wanted to know where their slaves were.

    1. That occurred to me as well. I first heard this happening in Pennsylvania, then Manitoba, now California.

  3. In the coming days the vaccine will be approved in the US and people will start getting it in 2 weeks. By the time Trump leaves office millions of people will be vaccinated and none in Canada will be. Trudeau is working on figuring out a plan or something.

    1. And it like the flu vaccine, the virus has already mutated in its 5th generation. But I got the shot and still caught the virus. Oh that was for the first generation. Come back in a couple months and the 3rd generation will be ready.

  4. OC Sheriff Office has no time for Karens and hypochondriacs. The sheriff knows who he works for, the state governor has forgotten. Too bad the brain dead follow the skanks on the View for election advice.

  5. When interviewed about this ordnance, Greta’s response was: “How dare you!”

    1. You wish…
      Many people have never lived when we had very few restrictions.
      Very happy compared to today and very innovative in what you had you used or changed it to use.
      It is against the law today, the many things that I was able to do in the past.
      Cheap throw away products as recycling can’t be done without great costs.
      Plastic cars safe, come on and how do they work in Trudeau green plan.