45 Replies to “A Fish By Any Other Name Would Still Smell Like Global Hegemony”

  1. “A Fish By Any Other Name Would Still Smell Like Gwyneth Paltrow”


  2. Loada Carp, by the sound of it.

    Here in Oz, some fools let them loose in many marginal waterways and the effect on the streams and on the native fish has been bad.

    The ONLY “upside” is the bloke who started a business turning these giant, inedible goldfish into fertilizer on a commercial basis.

  3. It’s just foreshadowing, that’s all.
    Soon we’ll all be swimming near the bottom and accomplishing very little.

    1. And, if one is white, one is already regarded as being an invader.

  4. It is amazing, everyday I open my eyes and see another insane pronouncement. It is getting so bad I wish I could go back in time in my own experiences, the current timeline sucks.

  5. Nazi fishermen are running rampant on Turtle Island. Oh my God, I said fisherMEN!

    1. I learned many years ago in Vancouver that the proper term is “fishers,” and never mind that this is also the name of a member of the weasel family.

      Wanna bet the actual fishermen had nothing to do with it and didn’t give a damn?

      1. And then there was the MP who, a few years ago, referred to them as “fisherfolk” during a speech in the House. One of the things about PC speech that truly irritates me, going back to the term “personhole covers”, is the contortions people undergo in order to not be “offensive”.

    1. I never had seen a Japanese beetle in my garden before this year. It must be climate change. They like pole beans apparently, leaving behind the skeleton of leaves.

      At this point there haven’t been too many. They aren’t that fast but they can fly. So, I spray them with a mist of water to weight them down, then grab them with a paper towel and crushingly whisk them away to heaven.

  6. If a fish turned you into a racist it isn’t the fish’s fault.

    It’s your brain.

      1. Canada Goose? Colonialists! American elk? Same deal! Red-winged Blackbird? Black lives matter! Indian Pipe? ( a plant) – soon to be First Nations Pipe…..

    1. Henceforth to be known as Sambo elephants and curry elephants respectively.

  7. I just buy more popcorn, watch and wait. This fall/winter is going to change peoples perspective on life in Kan-eh-duh. My bet it comes sooner. Peak COVID Vaxx is fast approaching. Enforced by the suckers who got sucked in (stampeded) to get vaxxed with the non vax. Your .Gov wants to get elected, so the un-vaxxed will be rounded up and forced to take the goo, as a sacrificial lamb ….even if it kills you.

    1. Its renaming entitles the Asian carp to all the same privileges that whitefish have.
      From now on they will even be going to the same schools.

    1. Winston Smith, Records Department, Ministry of Truth, will get right on correcting history.

  8. You would think they would have renamed the ‘ mambo-lipped n*gger fish ‘

    1. I’ve always called them “trash fish” … but I suppose that’s too *ahem* … judgmental.

      BTW … the ChyyyNahh carp isn’t the ONLY “invasive” fish species. Some American waterways are infested with snakehead fish.

  9. Thinking, there is a serious mental decease spreading like a wildfire.
    The post on Politicizing Science above is very instructive on this subject.

    1. I actually have a crappie pole, which I bought for some antenna tinkering.

  10. “INVASIVE Carp”??? AYFKM? It’s “UNDOCUMENTED Carp”, you xenophobic racists!

    1. Nonononononono! They are “refugee” carp, escaping persecution in their homewaters.

    2. Catch and release ALL invasive species … according to our woke betters. Barbless hooks. America’s berries have lost their barbs…