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  1. Was in the local Costco tonight.

    Mask report. Approx 80-90% of the sheeple were all masked up.

    The irrational fear is deep with the far left hooMANS that inhabit the South Island.

    Very sad to still see so many NPCs who can’t think for themselves

        1. Indianton is probably more accurate now.

          As I mentioned on another thread, the wards will soon officially have Indian names. One candidate in my ward has a “we is on stolen Indian land” statement on his website.

          I think you get the picture.

          Bill Hawrelak, please come back. All is forgiven.

          1. And then there’s this coffee outlet, which is a few minutes walk away from where I live in Indianton:


            Yup. We’re all squatters on Indian land here in “so-called” Edmonton…..

      1. My informal mask survey in Nisku Costco…less than 40% masked. Must be all those “normals” coming from rural parts!

    1. It’s getting better on the south island. It’s probably 50/50 and I haven’t cared for a couple weeks now. Not uncomfortable at all to be a normal human here. Only freaks wear masks.

    2. But But the Gubmint and the Sheep just want to save lives…Inject Mystery Goo, Lock You Up, Mask and Gag You, Control and Censor all your language and ideas, KEEP EVIL MISINFORMATION FROM UPSETTING YOU.. Decide where you can go and for how long, who can come in your home, if you can worship or not, if you can visit or hug your friends or family… It is all about saving you… Protecting You… Helping You Manage Your Property Through Taxes… And If You Refuse To Submit We Will Send The Gestapo That You Pay For To Club and Kill You If Necessary To Protect You.

      Hopefully You Get The Idea… Hopefully You Can Find A Way Out Of The Canadian Penal Colony…

    3. Last time in Costco – last Monday – only 30% masked. I think some even removed their’s when seeing everyone else.

      1. That would be the Infinite Clock… it’s hooked on a power trip.
        “You hear the tick tock in your mind
        Like hammer blows across whatever’s left behind”…

        “Infinite O’Clock by Ken Nordine”


          1. Prof, you challenging again? I like it. How about this?

            The Sundial is one thing but there’s also a Moondial and even an Almanac… it’s located in India…Konark, India, to be precise. The time piece is about 750 years old. It’s genius, really. Here’s a video about it, it’s precisely 7:25 minutes long and well worth your time:


          2. I just forgot to ask about the other timepieces when I posted my original response.

            I’ve noticed that analog wrist watches are enormously popular. They’re of little use to me nowadays, particularly when I’m waiting to get on the air over a satellite.

            Then again, I’m one of those creatures as described in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as being so amazingly primitive that we think digital watches are a neat idea.

          3. The series is online but the movie looks hilarious, see trailer here to:
            “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

            I was thinking of the original BBC radio series. The TV adaptation missed a lot of the subtle humour. I started watching the movie when it was on cable a few years ago, but quickly switched it off.

    1. That POS needs to be put down.
      I’ve never heard of this kind of shit till today..Swatting that is.
      fucking lowlife….grrrrr

  2. Everything on the Internet is about to be wiped clean as John McAfee had created a program before he was the virus guy.
    I watch a movie series on the early days of the internet where they were seeking to increase the speed of modems and in his haste, he created a program and accidentally sent it to another early pioneer who were creating games and totally wiped out the years of work formatting clean her game.
    I suspect that our internet will be no more.
    Everything on it totally gone. That’s why the message of the skeletons as the water recedes.

      1. This would effect EVERYTHING going through the internet totally wiped clean.
        No data recorded.
        So, if you wake up tomorrow morning and nothing is working.
        Don’t panic.
        You know what has happened or is happening.
        Including Bitcoins and all debt and investments, satellites and all BIG tech, gone.
        All ownership papers and charges in courts.
        Everything going through education and history records on the internet, gone too.
        Also no internet record of who is our politicians and laws.

  3. Blackie’s CBC is excited this morning, about a new movie regarding the Oka crisis. Genocidal white police and army attempt to murder peace loving Indian children in Quebec.

    1. More CBC revisionist History.

      I lived in Cornwall those days….it was about MONEY….shit tons of it smuggling Cigarettes more than anything else. At night time around 1:00 Am you could hear some heavy Weapons fire (20 or 30mm), going off on Cornwall island – that signalled: “Get the Fk off the RIVER..!!”….10 min later you would see (Many times), 2 sets of wakes in the moonlight, the boat pulling the barge laden to the rafters with Cases of Cigarettes. Had a buddy with a cottage on Pilon Island…and could see this plain as day EVERY night in the Summer. One day we took a cruise on his 19′ foot runabout around Cornwall Island…lots of Big Fancy homes with huge Concrete Ramps coming out of the river – Gee wonder what those are for eh.??

      Some of the “lads” took a dislike to Cornwalls mayor (Ex policeman), and did a BOAT BY shooting one afternoon from the river to the City pavilion on the edge. We saw the bullet craters on the concrete wall later on.

      Fun times….in the early 90’s

      1. Got my year supplies of smokes at $20 bucks a carton, check.
        Got my money, check.
        Got my pot, check.
        Got my case of popcorn, check.
        Got my booze, check.
        I think I’m ready…

  4. Big Chief Gay Eagle’s CBC is excited that they will be broadcasting the Olympics in eight whiny Indian languages.

    1. Talk about superfluity, then again I’m sure they are all fluent in their native languages and will understand better what’s going on.

    2. Hey OJ dey invented Olympics. Settlers stole it, like everting else.
      Elders talk bout Lympics many years ago, Settlers steal everyting.

    1. SEEMS to me those that Discriminate against those of us that have decided not to partake in experimental – non approved – non biological – Untested injections of some conjured up concoction that seemingly is killing folks at a pretty good clip, have never heard of INFORMED CONSENT. The Basis for Nuremberg Article 6, Sect 1 & 3. LAWS to which Canada is signatory to.

      Its MY personal CHOICE which is ZERO business of YOUR’s. Capische.??

      It’s IDENTICAL to YOUR Choice to abort a perfectly healthy Baby or your CHOICE to cut off yer BALLS and take Estrogen.

      And it seems to me it might be the mRNA vaxxed that are the ones to avoid given they are Viral Loaded and shedding S Spike protein….?? Regardless, I could care less what shit you put into yourself…nor will I avoid you either – I don’t wear masks nor use snaitizer.
      I have an IMMUNE System and I fully believe I had SARS back in 2003.

      Anyone know of how or where to access an ANTIBODY test…??? I’d be curious…

      1. Will the day come when delivery people to your own home ask of you, in advance of delivery, to wear a mask? It happened this morning to me.

        I opened my garage door and asked the person to leave the stuff on a newly placed rug strip on the garage floor as I stood many feet away, without a mask.

        I will not be dictated to by delivery people.

        The gratuity tip to these people is included in the purchase price, thankfully.

        Some people have gone really nuts about COVID.

      2. A friend of mine was donating blood and they told her she had antibodies so she must have had Covid. She had suspected so, mildly ill at one point, but this was the proof.

  5. Golfed with 3 other gentlemen last night. All 4 of us are filthy-jab free.

    What a great time, joking, abusing, irritating, laughing, encouraging in complete freedom. We were so relaxed, able to talk life without “the fear”.

    Could use 3 of those a week.

    1. I don’t know if I could find 3 people in Victoria, not living in Irrational Fear and delusion at this time, besides myself and the household.

      This place is crippled with commies and Karens. People I used to know as rational people, have abandoned common sense, and are now NPC sheeple, obeying the Big Screen commands and instructions without question.

      Am plotting the exit plan to the interior, where there are more free thinkers, but still too many commies and Karens, it is BC after all.

      1. Now that’s a sad stament if I’ve heard one. But, what do you expect from that part of the world? Government town where most people are not going to bite the hand which feeds them, and the arrogance there is knee-deep. They are always telling others why to do…because!!

        Our on just moved to the southern interior, says there are lot of maskless freedom fighters there. But no shortage of Karen’s too.

  6. Blacklock reports that the half a billion dollars in bribe money to newspapers from Blackie, didn’t create any jobs as promised. Oh well, it did buy there loyalty, and that’s all that matters.

  7. My gym reopened this week and there is the required “screening” at the entrance. Last year, when they opened for a couple of months, the screening included a temperature check. This time however there is a sign stating that they will not be checking everyone’s temperature “in order to maintain social distancing”.

    I have concluded that the real pandemic is of mindless stupidity.

  8. “Legault government abandons LNG gas terminal project in Saguenay”
    If Quebec doesn’t want gas from Alberta will it also refuse to take ‘equalization’ money ?
    Looks like a good issue for the next election. Poor, poor Quebec which even Max claims to be true just can’t succeed without other people’s money. Will Justin claim it as a ‘Peace, Order and Good Government’ priority ? WEXIT begins at the Ottawa river.

    1. Saw it on the CBC Montreal yesterday. They are sure their friends in Alberta are willing to partner with them on the next project. Note that the carbon footprint was allocated to the plant and terminal as the pipeline had already been exempted for the carbon penalty. Also the fed dept environment was rejecting it as the tankers were a hazard to beluga whales. Haven’t seen the study that shows only ships carrying western products endanger whales but am sure it is coming. Constitutionally, interfering with interprovincial trade is illegal so compensation should be sought. My comment at the CBC was “Content disabled”

  9. Fuck this corrupt Pope and fuck the entire corrupted Catholic Church, while I’m at it. It is now beyond question that they both clearly represent evil, not promoting ‘goodness’.

    If I am not making myself clear and anyone here would like me to expound that further, I would be more than happy to oblige. Meanwhile, consider this…

    Cuban Catholics feel ‘betrayed’ by the Pope: Rachel Campos-Duffy


    Of course they feel betrayed by this Pope, they ARE being betrayed by this Pope. The self-righteous scumbag seems to respect Communism even more than he respects Globalism and Islam.

    I certainly don’t remember learning any teachings or parables about the goodness of social wokeness in Catechism class. This corrupt Church and it’s ‘holy’ leader are currently far, far more lost than many of the sinners they claim to offer salvation to.

    1. I certainly don’t remember learning any teachings or parables about the goodness of social wokeness in Catechism class. This corrupt Church and it’s ‘holy’ leader are currently far, far more lost than many of the sinners they claim to offer salvation to.

      It’s not just the RCs. Other denominations have gone whole hog for that malarkey as well. That was one reason I broke with the Lutheran church.

      Unfortunately, many congregants figure that anything that’s preached from the pulpit believe is a divine mandate, even if it is heresies such as “liberation theology”.

    2. His actions do confirm he is an atheist and a commie. There was also one of those documentaries that claimed the Vatican has an ancient document listing him as the last. At the rate he is going he will destroy the RC church without any outside help all on his own.

  10. Dr Judy Mikovits….Always Enlightening.

    Talking About the Grand Experiment: Supposed Covsars2 “vaccines”. whereYOU are the animal being experimented upon. Interesting to note, tah in said Experiment: Could be Saline, could be HIV vectors, could be any number of maladys with a little bit of this or a lot of that…..???

    Scary shit regardless.


  11. The historical ignorance exhibited in this video was breathtaking. Clockmakers were creating pocket watches and repeaters in the late17th century, and even before that. Read up on Breguet. If you’re rich enough, you can still buy watches made by the company he founded. They start at around $9K.

  12. Gee, I wonder if the CBC’s bag over the head muslim news host will mention the election ad Islamophobia summit tonight. I had a glance at it. The only parts I saw was Grand Vizar Blackie and numerous cabinet ministers explain what a wonderful job there are doing, fighting white colonial racist bastards.

    1. Switching the narrative of racist white bastards beating Muslims from the Covid catastrophe and murdered Native kids.
      Our politicians should be actors, they are so good at faking outrage and bullshit narratives that they’re the ones responsible for.

  13. Mohammad’s CBC reports 13 acts of vandalism against churches in Vancouver since June 1st. No outrage in the media or summits planned.

    1. Any in Montreal, or rural Kaybec? Maritimes? Ontario? Same denominations out here as there.

  14. CPI. Consumer Price Index is a joke. It is supposed to reflect the costs of living for average people.
    But never reflects the biggest single cost in every family’s annual budget.
    The cost of Government and Taxation. Taxation consumes more of the Family’s income than the necessities of life now….

    1. According to my latest training, if my employer keeps most of my pay, it is now considered a “human rights” violation.
      No mention about that if the government takes most of my pay, in various taxes.

  15. Not a tip, just an observation.
    In all this virus mess. Has anyone heard any Leader of any Government anywhere.
    Demand that any Scientist or Head of State that Knowingly or Unknowingly allows the creation of a Lethal Pathogen or Virus or Bio Weapon. Be put to death or incarcerated for the REST OF THEIR LIVES.
    Were is the Out Cry From the UN and Human Rights Groups? So Far they have killed 4-5M Globally.
    That Should Not Be OK.

    1. Excellent comments and links on the topic of COVID. Thanks Watcher.
      Thanks to all who’ve covered this topic as well. We need to keep this up and fight the good fight when they’re wrong.