Manitoba’s Propaganda Campaign

From the provincial website.  More here. And yes the goalposts are moving again.

Premier Brian Pallister said vaccines are no longer the No. 1 limiting factor in battling the pandemic. Now that nearly 70% of Manitobans have been vaccinated, the largest challenge is convincing the other 30% to get vaccinated, he explained.

“Epidemiologists call this vaccine hesitancy, and there are various reasons for it,” he said. “It could include your physical location, where you are. It might be a mobility issue. It might be a language barrier. It might be cultural or religious concerns. We have to get past the 70% vaccination mark. We must get to 75%, then to 80% and 85% and higher. Those numbers are achievable and necessary so we can get our freedoms back.

And my spider sense is telling me that all this goes out the window as long as hospitalization and ICU numbers stay where they are.

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  1. He wants to be Emperor. Until they are taken to court and prosecuted they will not stop. Or perhaps the people have to go into open rebellion.
    Not likely in Canada. Canadians like it up the ass dry it seems.

    1. Canadians are passive aggressive. You are not seeing the resistance. It’s there.

      1. I agree, Justin.
        There is resistance, but one could wish it were larger and more vocal.

        1. … And the 30% might be “hesitant” because the “vaccines” are flipping dangerous. (What a jackass.) The fact that only 30% have refused is pretty disturbing.

          1. I am willing to wager the number not jabbed is much higher. They want to make the non jabbed group small and then ostracize them, limit their ability to return to normal.
            Pallister can go fuck himself. That lying sack of shit refused to acknowledge a direct question about Ivermectin. It’s use would save lives, eliminate strain in hospitals and ICU’s. It would also eliminate the need for a lockdown and for vaccines at all.
            Pallister needs to resign and he needs to be arrested for murder.

          2. Just like the rigged Covid Case and death stats this is probably a low estimate

      2. Passive aggressive?? You mean they’ll take it, and take it, and take it and then passively grumble and get drunk? Open resistance? Pshaw. One cop barks behave, and they fall into line, spread their ass wide and look to snitch on friends and neighbours.

        1. Like sheep that may try to bunt you. But, will still go to the kill floor without a fight.

        2. I live in a rural community. All kinds of resistance is going on here. It’s just quiet and I am not going to explain myself further.

          1. I can confirm that.

            I have to travel between Edmonton and Fort St. John to work on settling my father’s estate. For the past few weeks, I’ve been driving my truck. That allowed me to find out certain things.

            When I drove that same route 4 years ago, there was a trailer parked along the highway outside of Grande Prairie with a large “Support Jason Kenney” type sign on its side. It’s not there any more, so either the owner removed it after Kenney became UCP leader or Alberta premier, or it was taken down in response to Kenney’s recent policies.

            Outside of Valleyview, someone put pro-separatist signs on a service rig. It’s out in an open field, so you can’t miss it.

            I noticed while driving south from Pouce Coupe, B. C., someone put up a pro-oil/anti-Trudeau, anti-NDP sign.

    2. Watcher, I have been saying for some time now that massive civil disobedience is necessary. But first you will have to get the assholes out of the lineups for their shot. You are aware that a majority of Canadians think they are going to die from the freaking whu who flu. For all the morons who think I am heartless, get over it, 56 million people die every year whu who flu not withstanding. By the way, it didn’t bump the stats by even one person.

      1. Only 2% of Canadians actually read CBC. I’m not sure where you the idea the majority thank the virus will kill them.

        1. I simply have to talk with people in, say, a grocery store lineup or in the elevator in my apartment building. There are lots of people convinced that they better wear their masks lest something should happen to them.

      2. As soon as I get my Visa issues resolved I will be going to Montana and stay there. I am so tired of whiny Canadians.
        Canadians are a medical marvel, they manage to walk without backbones.

    3. He wants to feel safe – politically. He’s scared, like all the politicians in office. They are out of their depth, they don’t know what to do, they have no experience or training relevant to being in charge of things like this. They thought they would have power and control over an organization and structure that could do things, fix things, if only it had someone like them to tell it what to fix. Now they are responsible for government and are realizing it doesn’t work as advertised.

      1. He’s scared, like all the politicians in office.

        They’re only scared that they’ll get booted out in the next election, figuring that being excessively cautious to the point of causing harm is the only way to guarantee that they get to remain in office.

        1. Yes, for what scares them I meant that. I think when they decide to run for office very few think it through past the exhilarating image of themselves winning, taking office, and being the people’s hero that fixes everything wrong with government. Nothing about the possibility that having won, and being given the keys and the big desk, something will come up and they won’t cope and they’ll be someone remembered only for failing and getting booted out by the voters.

          1. Those elected to Office find out that the ones who are really in control are the millions of Bureaucrats.
            The unelected all powerful Bureaucrats which can not be fired or held to account run Canada.
            And they have thousands of pages of rules and regulations and laws to control everyone.
            Canadians live in a Bureaucratic Prison which they pay for and are told everyday what to do and how to talk and what they can watch on tv and say publicly by Bureaucrats.

      2. They created the problems and what they did was unnecessary, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    1. Crusty old Pallister with highly reduced cognitive abilities and elevated emotional status. That sounds about right.

  2. “We have to get past the 70% vaccination mark.”. Yeah, I’m sure you do.
    I’m fully prepared to be a member of this nation’s “Goat Class”.
    Bring it on MF’ers.

    1. I’m with you Burt.

      I notice this arrogant asshole didn’t mention that those who have not consigned themselves to “self Immolation”….do so cause they know goddamned well this shit is experimental, dangerous with zero long term data.

      My body – My Choice. see Nuremberg.
      …and Y’all can Ram your Vaxport(s) up your collective (_i_)’s.

      1. What has failed to be acknowledged from data are cancers due to the use of simian virus to create the first vaccines

        1. Btw if one looks it up, one will find that IARC has refuted that data. On the other hand the experts on the panel were affiliated with big pharma, public health representatives concerned with liability and tort lawyers wanting to continue to milk asbestos

        2. Someone mentioned the history of the Simian monkey virus and vaccines. Here is the reference:

          Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine is regarded as a veritable medical miracle, for it largely eradicated one of the most feared diseases of the 20th century. But the story of the vaccine has a dark side, one that has never been fully told before. Between 1954 and 1963, close to 98 million Americans received polio vaccinations contaminated with a carcinogenic monkey virus, now known as SV40. The government downplayed the incident, and it was generally accepted that although oncogenic to lab animals, SV40 was harmless to humans. But now SV40 is showing up in human cancers, and prominent researchers are demanding a serious public health response to this forgotten polio vaccine contaminant. A gripping medical detective story, The Virus and the Vaccine raises major questions about vaccine policy.

    1. It took DECADES and TWO vaccines to bring Polio to heel. Remind me of the time-frame of the clinical trials for both the Salk and Sabin vaccines. In the 1960’s, several kids at my primary school were “survivors”; complete with leg calipers and wasted muscle tissue.

      My own father had a childhood brush with Polio in the very-late 1920’s. He walked with a slight limp for the rest of his days; didn’t atop him signing up for WW2, either. He was preparing to embark with his artillery unit for operation “Olympic” / “Downfall”, etc, when the “full-time” hooter went. Lucky man, apart from the Malaria he picked up while on active service and which dogged him for decades afterwards, until the malarial shakes were overwhelmed by those from Parkinson’s Disease. NASTY!.

      Turning the whole populations of several countries into “lab-rats” is NOT a good look.

  3. I’d like to know why Manitoba and Sask are experiencing different infection rates.
    Our populations are almost exactly the same make up.
    Could it be that the entrenched Unionized government workers are doing their level best to keep this emergency going to make the PCs look bad?
    Palister gets his information from these union members and if they want him to fail, by god they’ll do everything in their power to make it happen.
    Anything to get back to the glory days of the NDP shoveling money at any Union demand or whim.

        1. CDC says anything over 28 PCR cycles is unreliable to indicate the virus. The head of Manitoba’s lab admitted under oath in court that we have a 56% false positive rate. As for ICU admissions, Manitoba has had these ICU spikes as long as I’ve lived here where the news goes on and on about the flu overwhelming the system. Now change flu to COVID via a PCR test and voila. We now have a pandemic emergency.

          Note how carefully the official statistics from the government do not include any information about risk factors. CBC had a story about a woman with a 30 year old sister with Down Syndrome who could not get the vaccine even though people with Down Syndrome are at high risk from COVID. All due to Pallister’s incompetence of course. Now her sister was in the ICU on a ventilator struggling with COVID and she might die. Well it just so happens people with Down Syndrome are also at high risk for being hospitalized by ANY respiratory infection, especially flu. So maybe she had flu which a false positive turned into COVID or maybe she had COVID and the bug killed her. Shortly thereafter a 30 year old woman dies of COVID. All over the news. See how horrible this virus is?!? Killed a 30 year old. Was that the same 30 year old woman with Down Syndrome, which would be a huge risk factor? We’ll never know.

          If it was her I feel really bad for the family. They have my condolences.

          1. Its June.

            The flu season is long over.

            Also there are many ways to diganose Covid, and with extreme cases like ICU admissions, it becomes even more obvious. Influenza and Covid19 are treated very differently because they affect the body very differently.

            So to just say “its the flu” just goes to show how much of a mouthbreather you are.

        2. A shitferbrains S

          Are you THAT STOOPID..??
          First off sonny, ICU’s across Canada have been FULL since 1962.
          Secondly sonny, Hospitals have been FULL since 1962
          THAT sonny boy is the NORMAL state of affairs.

          The Wuhan flu has not made 1 Dent in occupancy.
          Total #’s of Deaths in Canada are at the exact Same Level as 2018, 2019.

          Go bak to yer MORONS r Us meeting with UnMe

      1. Rousin admitted in court he did not know what the ct counts were.
        Incompetence? Found out they were 40. 90% false positives.
        I do think you are right about the bureaucrats trying to do Pallister in.
        He needs to resign as he will not be elected again. .
        But the NDP are far worse, they just drip entitlement.
        By resigning he will help Manitoba avoid another disaster terms of NDP

    1. Winnipeg. Much larger city relative to total population than Regina.

      Our largest cities seem to have produced higher per capita infection rates and hospital admissions, deaths etc (whether these are real or bogus, I am in no position to say).

      1. Ita the southern part of MB that is the problem. Morden Winkler area. 10% vaccine uptake rate. That area makes a very disproportionate amount of ICU admissions.

        Many entering ICUs have not had a vaccine and have been eligible for quite a while. Some even deny Covid exists. Big wake up call when a tube is shoved down their throat.

        1. There is absolutely no truth to the rumour that all the ICU cases are coming from the Morden Winkler area. There seems to be a government hunt on for Christians, probably because more of them have taken the government to court and beaten them than any other group. In fact the ICU cases are mainly from Winnipeg’s East Asian Community and the reserves. White people, like those Evangelical Christians from the Morden Winkler area represent under 8% of the total. Only Chinese are more underrepresented by percentage of the population than Whites.

          1. Excuse me, I checked those stats again. 8% is the Chinese. Whites are 11% of ICU admissions. (That is an adjusted percentage against per capita so the East Asians by contrast represent 145%)

          2. How can a disproportionate number of cases come from Morden Winkler when they are under represented? You hate Christians or what?

        2. Some even deny Covid exists. Big wake up call when a tube is shoved down their throat.

          CNN wants their fake news story featuring the eyewitness testimony of a North Dakota nurse from last year back, lying fuckstick.

        3. Actually Pallister is the problem. His government has long moved on from flattening the curve and we are all in this together, to outright medical tyranny. He is a thin skinned, vindictive, over his head megalomaniac, who has from day one targeted the Christian community and anyone who supports free choice and pro-freedom. Retaliation is his plan for any dissention. It has never been about covid, it has always been about the “vaccine”. Once you realize that, it all makes sense.

          1. There is zero consideration for existing immunity either by having had it or natural.
            He says I would never mandate that people take the vaccine, and in the next sentence, if you want to return to normal take the vaccine.
            That is out right coercion and illegal on many levels.
            People are refused treatment to reduce symptoms with known cheap drugs which is tantamount to murder if they die. Totally illegal.
            They continually imply that the vaccines are safe, another lie with thousands dead and hundreds of thousands harmed. Local radio station CJOB is 24/7 COVID COVID COVID non stop. Not one question about HCQ or Ivermectin. They just take the propaganda and shovel it out.

        4. No reason to be putting people on ventilators. If they aren’t using Ivermectin, budesinide or HCQ at this point they are being grossly negligent.

    2. Like AUPE and HSAA is doing in Alberta. Kenny is just too stupid to realise that French kissing Wretched Knothead’s ass is playing into their plans.

  4. Im not vaccine “hesitant” at all. I don’t need it, its likely to do more harm than good, it wont protect me from getting Covid, it wont stop me from spreading Covid – a virus that in my age cohort is 99.97% survivable with few ill effects.

    So I am not at all hesitant to take a shot. I am outright refusing it. I don’t want it and I don’t need it and nor does anyone else.

    I’ve got my HCQ (and will be getting Ivermectin) so should I get symptoms, Ill take those immediately.

    Meanwhile continuing to take daily doses of vitamin D, C, B, Zinc and Quercetin

    So take your “hesitancy” and shove it.

    1. Ward exactly right. They can FOAD. They are all in violation of Human Rights Laws
      But they never seem to learn. They are getting a big lesson from the Indians on how corrupt Canada and all its institutions are, but they still are not F*CKING LISTENING.
      The RCMP, The Liberals and the Conservatives have all been the biggest Human Rights Abusers in Canadian History right back as far as JA MacDonald.

      1. Every single government has been a human rights abuser, since forever. Heck, George Washington was leading 4 state militias against Pennsylvania distillers before the ink on the Constitution was even dry. You either like submitting to being ruled, or you do not. You are either an An-Cap, or you are pro-slavery. It’s that simple.

        Let the ad-hominem, straw-man argument and other logical fallacies commence!

        1. The infamous Whiskey Rebellion.
          Can’t have the locals using booze as a currency, can they.
          Gotta tax the shit out of it.

          1. I was born 8n Pittsburgh, the HQ of the Whiskey Rebellion. Got a mention in our American History class, when I took it way back when.

          2. Read up on the activities of the “Rum Corps” in early Australian history.

            They appear to have save simply been “rebadged” and are STILL on the public payroll.

      2. Don’t forget the Canadian Media has been covering up for the guilty every lying step of the way.

    2. The main reason I’m not getting the ‘vaccine’ is that government is so insistent that I do get it. That alone should make anybody hesitant.

      1. Yup. Whether or not the vaccine is legit, the people peddling it are provably not legit.

      2. If you’re past 12 and still trust and believe the Government and its Media, you may be a dumbfuck.
        No may about it actually.

    3. WARD.

      I am in an IDENTICAL Ideological Boat as you.
      I too have some HCQ.
      I too look after my Immune system: same vitamin Mix – daily
      I too don’t buy the complete disgusting pile of fascist HORSESHIT over this 2 bit bug.
      …the Fear Porn HYSTERIA is simply unbelievable.

      vaccine Hesitant..?? DILLIGAF..??? – Call it whateverthefk ya want.

      I (will), REFUSE to put some experimental SHIT into my system – for simple reason that I don’t NEED to put Any experimental SHIT into my system nor do I want to put some Experimental SHIT into my system….over a 2 bit Virus that ONLY kills those over 80 and only those with at least 1 or more co-Morbidities.

      GOVT can KISS MY ASS……all of them.

  5. Option B:
    Expand your icu capacity for a year. Let the unvaccinated take their chances.
    We shouldn’t have to adapt our lives to a mediocre health care system. They are supposed to serve us.

    1. This is exactly the problem.

      There’s 44 people in Manitoba’s ICU and it’s wrecking the system.

      It’s our health care system that’s the problem.

      1. ICUs are always at capacity. The the way they design the system. Just like exclaiming that 25% of the people are below the poverty level when they define the poverty level as the bottom 25% of the population. Bullshit on top of bullshit.

        1. Scary shit scar, that being the the Canadian intellect that can’t figure that out.

      2. If 44 people are a problem then the government, that controls medical care is the problem, the damn whu who flu is not.

    2. The problem isnt ICU beds. Its staffing. These arent regular ICU patients either

      1. They have had 18 months to train staff for covid. Doesn’t anyone think a few moves ahead anymore?

          1. Only as far as the next election. Our system is designed to prevent long-term planning at the expense of the (electable!) whims of the day.

            The medical approval systems are worse. Aspirin couldn’t be used for heart attacks because no company was willing to foot a $1 billion bill to do the testing without a patent to recover their costs. I think that that’s why Iver and Hydroxycholorquinine aren’t available (other than questions of whether treatments are actually wanted) is that the system is rigged against re-using non-patented meds. The government system should assist in testing of older drugs for newer applications, if they actually are in the business of saving lives.

        1. They, like Allan S, were all sucking their own d*cks about Canada’s amazing COVID response this time last year. Why prepare for anything else? The problem was solved! Everyone had masks and was standing 6 feet apart from each other in the Canadian Tire checkout line, like retarded automatons. Staying safe!

      2. I agree with you on that one. My son is an aide at HSC and every time someone is “exposed” they have to take time off to quarantine. This leaves them constantly scrambling to get staff. He’s been off himself eight times since this pandemic started. He never got sick though.

    3. They all had Field Hospitals that were never used.
      All part of the Big Scare.

  6. I’m so old I remember when 70% vaccination plus the immunity conferred by having the virus was herd immunity.

    1. I’m so old I remember herd immunity was achieved without a vaccine.

    2. Yet the vast majority of ICU admissions come from one area of Manitoba with a 10% vaccine uptake.

      Go figure.

      1. I’m going to repeat myself again so you stop spreading this false slander. There is absolutely no truth to the rumour that all the ICU cases are coming from the Morden Winkler area. There seems to be a government hunt on for Christians, probably because more of them have taken the government to court and beaten them than any other group. In fact the ICU cases are mainly from Winnipeg’s East Asian Community and the reserves. White people, like those Evangelical Christians from the Morden Winkler area represent under 8% of the total. Only Chinese are more underrepresented by percentage of the population than Whites.

        1. Correction 8% is Chinese.Whites are 11% (Adjusted by percentage population.)

  7. Blackmail is only legal when the government does it.

    While creating pariahs out of the ones who choose not to get “the shot”

    The asteroid is way overdue…

    1. I agree…
      The asteroid is way overdue.
      This computerized system has to crash totally along with this banking and governments corruption.
      Not recoverable whatsoever until this system is toast.
      All these decades of laws, restrictions and regulations only add power to government enforcement and is useless in economic recovery as it’s citizens are irrelevant and illegal.

      1. The government wants to kill someone/me. they will have to do it face to face and without a needle in their hand, while I am engaged in self defense. Come on down. It sure would make a man look stupid trying to kill and old man like me without a gun at a distance.

        1. That’s the problem, they do have guns, SWAT or what have you should you not follow their command orders…
          Illegal that they may but adjusted for what they choose is needed.
          Look at the Church that the cops are hassling and arresting as they change laws to suit.

      2. The Financial system is already dead.
        Dead man walking.
        And you’re really not going to like the replacement.
        Liberal wet dreams Totalitarianism.
        While you slept.

        1. Gold predicted at $ 25000/ ounce ?
          Silver into the $ 300/ounce plus range ?
          Bitch coin into $ 100000/coin ?
          Oil into $ 200/ barrel + .
          Food up , steel, lumber 3 times more in cost.
          Who says inflation ain’t headed to Zimbabwe /Venezuela /Weimar German Republic territory, certainly not StatsCan.
          Like Klass Schwab said ” You WILL have nothing and LIKE it “.

          To da moon Alice.

      3. Government is staffed by those who generally suck at life. Now these losers have gotten a taste for power. Just like the nerd as hall monitor they are going to wield it for the thrill it gives them.

    2. “The asteroid is way overdue…”

      Now THAT will put a bit of a load on ICU capacity.

      And everything else that is not outright vapourized or buried in the re-entering detritus. Or frozen when the sunlight is blocked out for a decade or so.

  8. Privacy of health-care info: Bad.
    Using health-care info for rabble-rousing: Good.

  9. There should be a band called Uncle Crusty and the Old Pariahs.
    Stay tuned for their big hit song….
    Take your Jab and Shove It, it ain’t workin’ anyway.

    I am already sick of their creeping beyond 70%.
    Some of us aren’t “hesitating”, as comments here and elsewhere attest.
    My body, my choice. Informed refusal.
    Ok, time for a stiff whiskey and some ciggies.
    Have a nice day.

    1. They are already ignoring a 15-35% immunity already in the population.

  10. No wait. Didn’t Biden say cases were going down but deaths were up? These fools can’t spell science let alone understand it.
    Normalize hesitators rechecked “the science.” 90% double vaccinated is required or the kleptocrats must continue control.
    IYI pontificators, statists and Fauciesque rent seekers demand certainty nobody, anywhere will catch the virus. Belief is science.
    Zero cases. Heaven forbid a covid droplet gets through. The disgrace that is the media has woven fear, itself no longer trustworthy.
    They might all end up looking bad; even having to admit their policies failed. When power rules, honesty is out, censorship is in.
    The peasants cannot understand their brilliance, not sophisticated enough to realize them being wrong is actually correct.
    So, they use our borrowed money to underwrite their political risks. Unenlightened despots; no real reputations to salvage.
    The virus of progressivism is what needs eradication, including the media, including social, that thinks it’s part of government.
    Coming soon, unless 110% of the public is “fully vaccinated” society must stay under the thumb of our neo-regal dear leaders.
    No outdoor gatherings, none at all, as the 137th wave comes in, killing dozens, no intimacy, now to be provided by the state.

    1. Even though we have been kept in this government run Pandemic…
      Nothing has changed…only gotten worse by our Government Leaders…
      Ops, sorry couldn’t control the laughter on Leaders…blind leading the blind….
      Over the cliff…

      1. “Plandemic”, or “Scamdemic”?

        Why to the words of that nasty little man, Rahm Emanuel, spring to mind?

        “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

  11. The virus is hardly worse than a bad flu. There is tons of research out there showing ivermectin is safe and effective against all variants of the virus. Israel and other places achieved effective herd immunity at 60% vaccinated so this talk of needing 85% is ridiculous. They say it is the science but they use questionnaires and surveys to make decisions. Their own head of the laboratory that does the PCR testing admitted under oath that the current use of 40-45 cycles results in a 56% false positive rate.

    Watch Pallister’s face and listen to his nonsense reply
    My daughter says there is a line in 1984 about thanking big brother for the rain. He is signalling he’s helpless and under outside control. I’m not sure that’s true because I tried to find such a quote but if it is then this makes sense.

    Obviously there is something else going on here beyond a virus and a vaccine for it. There has to be. It makes no sense otherwise because nothing about “pandemic” this adds up.

    1. 45 cycles? that’s insane. By their logic, they should increase to 50 cycles, just to be sure.

      1. No I am not. I didn’t say a regular flu I said a bad flu. It is about 4 times deadlier than regular flu which would constitute a bad flu year.

        1. Justin, AllanS struggles to comprehend your clear and concise points.
          Or he is in denial.

        2. Yet even a bad flu year doesnt even come close to this.

          A bad flu season Mabutona would see over 40 ICU admissions for the flu. For the entire year.

      2. Not much worae than regular flu; so maybe #4 in the list,

        I’m surprised you’re even willing to venture out ont othe interweb, Allen, if you think this is so terrible and scarey a flu. Visitin ghere, yoiu might catch something.

      3. And you have your head rammed firmly up your “inbox”.

        No more total deaths than 2018 – 2019.
        PERIOD…what about that do you not understand Sonny..??

    2. Ground Control on Earth to Space Cadet Pallister:
      the normal acceptable words to use in an instance like this, and they must be acceptable because I’ve even heard an atheist use these words, are
      ‘Thank God It Rained’

    3. “The virus is hardly worse than a bad flu.”

      Actually it’s not even close to a bad flu.
      The worst flu infected a third of the earth’s population and killed 10% of the people it infected. Covid hasn’t even come close to that and it never will.

    4. “Their own head of the laboratory that does the PCR testing admitted under oath that the current use of 40-45 cycles results in a 56% false positive rate”

      Not correct, go back and check, it’s 56% false positives at a ct of only 18.
      They are using 40 which is more like 95%+ false positives.
      I firmly believe the Federal Liberals and union bureaucrats are trying to do in the conservative governments in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario by providing bad advice.
      I also believe the premiers of those provinces are idiots for allowing that to happen.

  12. Lest we forget, Louis Real had the grand rebellion against governmental forces in Manitoba.

    Me thinks that those who have been locked down and abused the hardest, when woken from their slumbering spirit, will be the first to bring the hammer to their abusers and oppressors.

    …Or they will just go into a coma and die.

    Choices, choices.

    1. Or maybe they just ignore all the edicts and are carrying on as usual. Pallister’s health police has been complaining bitterly about the number of people not getting their PCR tests when symptomatic, not cooperating with the contact tracers, and not following the lockdown rules almost as much as he has about the vaccine hesitant. Passive resistance.

  13. People should absolutely not all get vaccinated with an experimental vaccine, the long term effects of which are not known. This is an excellent analysis explaining dangers of the vaccine and also why we can no longer trust our institutions.

      1. I thought it was an excellent summary of exactly why we should be mistrustful of the institutions that are pushing the vaccine. Very compelling arguments and analysis.

    1. A good read. I would add that this idea that the “experts” know what they’re doing has taken a very deserved blow – the “experts” like Fauci are bureaucrats and administrators whose “expertise” extends to nice neat theories and models but they no longer have any contact with the real world and have no idea how these theories work in practice. And this problem extends all across government, all of our Top Men have impressive credentials and not a lick of practical experience. Look at Joe Biden, for example. He’s dumb enough to take advice from John Kerry and John Kerry is a moron.

  14. Socialists who supported Occupy Wall Street are demanding that everyone be injected with the experimental GMO vaccine produced by Big Pharma who have a 100% liability shield.

    That seems a little inconsistent with their former demands.

    They are going to need bigger signs for their protests.
    ‘Occupy Wall Street Except Big Pharma’.
    ‘Anti-GMO Except Experimental Vaccines’
    ‘Soldiers In Our Streets With Guns Unless They Are Forcing You To Get Vaccinated’..

    1. First they protested about chemically-altered vegetables.

      Now , they are bitching about people unwilling to be turned into chemically-altered vegetables.

      Situational ethics writ large?

      Or; business as usual?

  15. This isn’t about a “virus”, this is about Globalism and the desire by Globalists to have a population of serfs and slaves that are kept on a short leash by their elitist rulers and tracked by “credit score” or digital tracking. Only corrupt politicians like Pallister and their Media whores call these experimental concoctions, “vaccines”, even Big Pharma who are making billions on these serums don’t call them “vaccines”. Pallister like Kenney is a fake conservative, a Globalist on a Kamakazi mission knowing they are destroying any chance they had of re-election, but comforted in the fact they will both be receiving obscene amounts of unearned taxpayer cash through gold plated pension deals they gave themselves federally and provincially… (double dippers) who knows whatever other payoffs these politicians are in for. Perhaps BIg Pharma is kicking back some of those billions of dollars they’re making on this scam to their sales people, the politicians and their media…. Sure as shit this is NOT about health. Follow the money.

  16. The amount of advertising on TV and radio, papers, facebook, online etc, about “doing our part” and getting vaccinated is being the “socially responsible” thing to do, is what I find seriously scary. They know if they try to force us to get vaccinated there will be more push back, yet they keep trying to “convince” us that it’s needed to “get normal back”. As said above, the intent is to turn the “vaccine hesitant” deniers into pariah’s, in an attempt to gain compliance.

    Even some “vaccine hesitant” have admitted to being browbeaten by family and friends into getting it, just to cease the pressure to comply, to just do it to be left alone.

    If there is a natural herd immunity, and/or you’ve been vaccinated, and you are supposedly now safe, then why is the government pushing this “need”??? There are much more shadowy forces driving this than they’ll admit too, as well. This vax is either a distilled water, training precursor, for future vaccines that will do what they plan for, or this is already the vax they have designed to achieve their goals. That will either kill off the weak or elderly, or both, thus reducing pressure on pensions paid out, or perhaps it creates some kind of medical lobotomy to control us easier, or some other nefarious or evil idea for when they initiate their long term reset plans, Either way, none of it is good for us peons. The amount of pressure insistence they are putting out is a clear signal, (a clear signal to me anyway) that what their end game is, needs us controlled, compliant, behaving, or dead/ostracized and out of the way. Why this is so not obvious to any thinking person, is forehead slapping idiocy!

    1. ““doing our part” and getting vaccinated is being the “socially responsible” thing to do, is what I find seriously scary”

      I’m not scared but I do think it is absolutely terrible and manipulative garbage. Think of it another way. Right now I have organs and other tissue I could share with others but do I feel obligated to give strangers a kidney or bone marrow? Can the government withhold my rights and freedoms until I “consent” to part with my organs and tissue “for the greater good”? No, of course not. So…should I feel obligated to give up my entire body to take an experimental vaccine with no long term safety data for a disease that poses almost no threat to me “for the greater good”. No, I do not.

      There no such social obligation for either scenario – organ donation or experimental vaccines.

    2. My Family can go git stuffed …. none of whom have even had the slightest interest in understanding what they’ve put into their system…..I Tried to warm them and ended up getting the “conspiracy theory attack” ….other than 1 niece, 1sister & Bro in law, I don’t speak to them any more.

      We shall see in the next 0-10 Yrs who’s right….and who’s dead or sufficiently maimed to wanna be dead.


    15-16 23
    16-17 35

    No its not “just the flu”. Also the average annual ICU admissions for the month of June is less than 1. It almost never happens.

    1. High cycle PCR tests produce false positives which inflate Covid case numbers.
      Everyone has Covid because the tests are a joke.

      1. Are you fucking dense? What does PCR test cycles have to do with ICU admissions?


        1. The tests are used for predicting hospital cases. In Ontario, we have been locked down not because hospitals and ICU’s were gull, but because the many new “cases” (or positive tests) looked threatening,

        2. Bullshit PCR testing has plenty to do with ICU numbers.
          Are they in the ICU because of an actual Covid infection, or for something else plus a false positive Covid test?
          Is it an actual case of Covid that is detected at 28 cycles, or a false positive result produced at 40 cycles?

          When your data is garbage then your conclusion is garbage.
          You don’t know how many Covid cases are in ICU because your PCR test data is garbage.
          It’s not that complicated.

    2. Have you informed Pfizer that their dosage interval is wrong, lying fuckstick?

    3. Manitoba averages 6000-7000 ICU admissions for all causes each year. It wouldn’t take that many false positives to bump up those with COVID numbers.

    4. 2011-2012 10 in ICU
      2012-2013 25 in ICU
      2013-2014 44 in ICU
      2014-2015 62 in ICU
      2015-2016 78 in ICU BUT BUT BUT you say 23
      Manitoba’s actual 1516 report says ( ):
      “in total, 291 patients with influenza were hospitalized, 78 of whom were admitted to intensive care units (ICU). In those hospitalized patients, 75% were younger than 65 years of age. There were 25 deceased influenza patients, 64% of whom were younger than 65 years of age”
      ‘Allan S is a little loose with the numbers’. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

  18. Nice propaganda,”Vaccine hesitant” indeed.
    Coming from the assholes that never accept “No” as an answer.
    Maybe “Hell no” followed “You are are fired and about to be held to account for your criminal actions?”
    Think these parasites might understand that?
    Based on results,our so-called leaders do not know what to do.Every path open to them,damns them.
    Of course telling the truth,naturally, is not an option .

    Our Progressive Comrades all share that little quirk,they would sooner hang than be honest.
    Government Panicked.
    They allowed themselves to become the crisis.
    Now what is the likelyhood of any politician admitting that?

    The idiocy,mass hysteria and total incompetence to treat a viral sickness demonstrated by our “helpers” has been mind blowing.
    But as the Wuhan Flu has run its course,we have seen the extent of the bad choices,foolish assumptions and the lack of sickness.
    Now the “Medical Emergency” cannot be justified.
    In hindsight,the draconian abuse of power,the proud destruction of all our illusions of individual rights,freedoms and responsibilities,looks like a massive overreaction.
    And the rush to inject us all with the Government Goo,looks like Butt Covering 101,more so each day.
    For as this flu season ends,they need to be able to claim victory through vaccination.
    That looks pretty shabby when so few have been jabbed.

    The awful irony, for our bureaucrats and elected helpers, is this.
    If they had followed their own,plan for pandemic response,we would all been better off.
    Instead they chose to not just ignore it but to invert it.
    Doing to us,damn near every action,their own plan deems useless and more harmful than the sickness.

    And as the months of “Just two weeks” have dragged by,we get to see a wild divergence in outcomes between persons under government care and those free of such help..In Canada being helped by government is fatal.

  19. 70% ? Really. If only small portion received vaccine booster on time, is the rest really vaccinated? It is a freaken show with phony statistics. Natural immunity will come sooner or later and these idiots will claim credits for ending the pandemic.

  20. “…so we can get our freedoms back.”

    If Canadians ever get their freedoms back, it won’t be through vaccination.

  21. I can be bribed. If all my friends and family want Crusty Old Uncle RN vaccinated then they can set up a GoFundMe and get it to $750,000. Otherwise, I don’t need any of them.

  22. On a somewhat tangentially related note: This just popped up as an ad in my FB feed and I like:
    A. the message they’re spreading and that they’re supporting organizations fighting to protect our constitutional rights.
    B. their entrepreneurial spirit
    C. They appear to be a SK-based company

    Placed my order, happy to support them, will see how the coffee tastes.

  23. Epidemiologist that explains “vaccine hesitancy ” and leaves out “doubt of their efficacy and harm” as a reason for it aren’t scientists and shouldn’t be trusted.

    1. I think epidemiologists belong in the same tumbrel as climatologists; each can be paraded with their computer model around their necks. Or, like Socrates in Aristophanes’s play, be suspended in baskets from windows. There is no chance of falling because their heads are full of hot air although the gravity of their false claims may weigh upon them.

  24. Canada today posted just over 1400 cases today. The UK who has twice the population has around 2900 per day when they fully reopened. Canada sucks and will always suck. It’s time to break it up. The eastern bastards will never stop.

  25. I have been vaccinated with my first shot. I really don’t care if you refuse to be vaccinated and die. Your family will miss you but you are really too stupid to be alive.

    1. What are the long term risks of these new experimental GMO vaccines that were rushed into use?
      I’m curious to see if anybody has hopped into their time machine and gone ahead a few years to check that out.

    2. If you have been vaccinated, what do you care whether or not I have been vaccinated?

    3. Wow, what is this, amateur night at the Apollo?
      You can do better than that BJ, I mean DJ.
      So the only outcome of not getting vaccinated is to die?
      I got news for you, kiddo: The outcome of life is death!
      Childhood is over, the moment you realize, you are going to die!
      It’s what we do in the meantime, that matters..

    4. I know you are scared, having taken their poison for nothing, and now you look like a fool.

    5. DJ is Latin for Government Programmed*. You believe all the crap they are spewing out don’t you?

      I would say that getting a covid vaccine does not improve my chances of avoiding death noticeably, such that the the probalility of dying of covid is about the same as the probability of dying from the vaccine.

      *OK I made that bit up

    6. DJ

      Go get your 2nd , and then your 3rd shot..!!
      I for one will REFUSE – for there is simply NO demonstrable NEED whatsoever.

      YOU and all the rest of you vacuous NPC’s rushing to get inoculated HAVE absolutely NO FUCKING CLUE what you’ve put into your system nor how your body will react today, tomorrow, next month or even in 5 yrs from now….NONE – ZERO – ZIP.

      MY bet is I’ll live but you’ll possibly end up with thrombosis in the legs or spike proteins that at some point will enrich you with auto immune disease or prions that will end up killing you similar to mad cow disease…..and even if nothing happens, you will always wonder & worry – something that’ll kill ya sooner than later too.

      Bet you NEVER thought you’d play Russian Roulette with a fully loaded revolver now did ya….???

      As of June 05
      ~15,500 Dead
      ~ 510, 000 Serious Adverse Reactions
      …………………………………………………………but its safe they said..??

    7. Oh DJ, you actually think it is a choice of getting the vaccine or dying???? Oh you poor poor brain washed washed person. This is an example of our governments crimes against humanity. They have terrorized people.

    1. Yep….the entire Canadian body Politic: Every Council, Mayor, Every Premier, Every Health Bitch, Tham, stoner Hadju, the entire PMO, the entire Liberal Party, the NDP party, CBC, CTV, Red Star, Globe n Mail & McLeans + anyone involved in FB, Twatter in Canada and a shit ton of police.

      Just to start.

      We are Talking CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY here…..not just some 2 bit criminal negligence.
      3-4000 ropes needed..?? (I guess they can be re-used)

  26. Meanwhile, south of the border:

    This Friday, I traveled from Winnipeg to Fargo for my nephew’s graduation.

    I show my US passport at the border (dual citizen), no problems, no questions about COVID.

    First rest stop south of the border there is a sign saying State of ND is offering free COVID vaccinations to travellers. I pull in. Ten minutes later I leave with my second shot and a vaccination card.

    In Fargo, not 1 person in a 1000 is wearing a mask. Restaurants, bars, everything open.

    1. Yep Canada is a retarded two bit he’ll hole. Anyone who’s been outside the prison knows this.

  27. The average number of people who die of influenza and pneumonia in Saskatchewan is 240 per year. In 2019, only 81 died. In 2020, zero died. In 2021, 1 person died of influenza. Total for 2 and almost 1/2 years is 82 people dead from influenza and pneumonia. We would normally expect almost 600 deaths over this period. Our health system is wonderful isn’t it?
    But if we are even a little bit cynical, we might question these numbers. If we add the 81 to the 530 covid deaths over this period, we get a total of 611 deaths. An excess of 11 deaths. So covid is actually worse than influenza and pneumonia by a margin of 1.8 percent.
    The only statistic that is more startling is that last year there were 380 overdose deaths in the province, exceeding the maximum record of 78 in a year. Covid was not responsible for these deaths although it was a factor. Government policy was responsible for this increase in overdose deaths. And these will go on for years. It is amazing that the media cannot put two and two together and report on this travesty.

    1. When adjusted for population increases there are no excess deaths.

  28. It is truly hilarious. That there are still people so foolish, so in denial, that they still think it means anything to say things like “it has something to do with the hospitalization numbers”.

    It never did. It never will. Happy lifetime of denial.

  29. The emperor’s repulsive naked body in all this is that COVID-19 was never sufficiently threatening to justify the tyrannical “protections” imposed on people worldwide. Nowhere has there been an alarming jump in all-causes deaths, so what is the reason for any debate over masks, shunning, business closings, schools, etc? From the earliest TV reports of people dropping dead on the street, a fear campaign has metastasized out of closet Fascist dreams into the most costly hoax of all time. The efficacy or danger of this year’s flu vaccine is only one more red herring; the real debate should always have been over what danger COVID-19 posed (high side of normal, as it turns out).