War On Meat

Wind turbines for your plate;

The point is the companies pushing this do not have a better mousetrap. They are not even making that claim. In fact, they make it clear that their products are not better than what they seek to replace. In their public demonstrations they concede that it is, at best, a close facsimile. Instead, they claim their products are morally superior. You see, the burger made from grass clippings and dried leaves pleases Gaia. She will therefore reward the grass eaters and punish the meat eaters.

That is insane, but these products have the backing of the oligarchs. Both of these companies are supported financially by rich people. The troubled Bill Gates is behind the Impossible Burger scheme. He is the guy trying to blot out the sun because he thinks it is part of the cow conspiracy. Other oligarchs are rushing to get in on the fake meat racket as well. All of a sudden, the rich are sure real meat will go the way of the buggy whip and be replaced by bugs and grass clippings.

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31 Replies to “War On Meat”

  1. That’s the sales pitch.

    In reality, in the order foreseen by our betters, only our Chinese creditor-masters and their globalist bootlickers are to be permitted to eat real meat—as much as their Canadian debt-slaves can export—while the blue-eyed devils are expected to learn to like eating vermin if they want to avoid beri-beri.

    And the only fat person your grandchildren are expected to ever see is the Chinese landlord come to take his pick of which of their daughters he will buy for re-sale into prostitution in Beijing for the price of a few bags of rice.

  2. Al Gore looks like a big, fat slab of tainted meat.
    Bill Gates is evil and should be beaten to a pulp with a cow femur.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Both Al Gore and Bill Gates are fake meat. Grass fed beef is plant based protein.

  4. We can be 105% sure that Gates won’t be eating his impossible burger. I’ve tried to conjure up the scene of his eating one. But I found it impossible.

    But he does assure us that in time we will get used to the taste.

  5. Meat substitutes can’t arrive soon enough. A&W’s beyond meat already tastes better than a regular burger.

        1. You seem confused. Maybe you should hop in your car and come as you are to the nearest greaseburger joint, buy a few more of those non-meat items, and come back and tell us again that we need more meat substitutes. Do this until you get my point. Maybe even stop off at the health food store for some crickets.

    1. Shee-it, son,
      Any meat I throw on the grill tastes better than a regular burger from anywhere. Of course, craving meat substitutes is like craving masturbation when you can have actual sex at will.

    2. You really are antique!! Haha!
      Going to have one hellova battle to take red meat off the table of any TRUE Albertan!!
      Slobby Gore and scrawny Gates can both go play with themselves and their greenie ideas.

  6. There is no conspiracy here, bones is needed. People are keen to morally preen so there’s that. There is also the new religion around animal rights. People have been Disney-ized to the point that a lot of folks would rather eat excrement than cause an animal to die. Like the Peta folks they would rather an animal never have been born than live a less than ideal, long life.
    It’s a sick religion, based on self loathing. I wouldn’t care except like all religious zealots the vegans can’t let the rest of us alone.

  7. Although I see a need to treat all animals with care and compassion, and especially those we breed specifically for our food consumption with a need to be raised and slaughtered in the most humane way possible, the idea of eating plant based meatless goop is abhorrent. We are, derived from hunter/gatherer stock and need to recognize that fact. If PETA and other anti meat types succeed in eradicating our food sources, then I think we’ll see a rise in PETA farming for meat. Beyond beef is beyond belief, and will never replace our natural need for meat protein. Again, I would bet that the elites will not curtail their meat consumption, that will be only for us peasant classes, assuming we are still alive to be peasants. That is doubtful if the elites have their desires met.

  8. Fortunately we still grow,hunt,kill what we eat out here in good old Saskatchewan.My Grand sons and daughters hunt and the younger ones won’t be far behind.So stuff your fake meat where the sun doesn’t shine.

  9. Why is it that vegetarians are always trying to design their foods to look and taste identical to meat?
    Serious question.

    1. Just like if sex is only a social construct then why do trannys need reassignment surgery, and why do trans kids need hormone blockers?

    2. Why are the sex toys lesbians use remarkably similar to things that appeal to straight women?

  10. I’m curious if the rest of the “Lab Cow” produces as many useful products as the Grass Fed Free Range Cow?

  11. If they could make mercury free feed for salmon that the fish would eat and grow on, we could have mercury free and delicious farmed salmon, and that would actually be something worthwhile. Convert the crap out of their vats into something good to eat. Right now the feed for farmed salmon is full of the same mercury they get in the ocean.

    Feel free to steal this idea.

  12. Once the US passed a law that could force us to buy health insurance whether we wanted it or not, forcing us to buy fake meat will present no obstacle. That’s what Bill Gates and Al Gore are banking on.

    I have eaten a couple of impossible burgers, but after the third or forth one, over a few weeks, it started to get a little hard to choke one down. Certain not so pleasant tastes become more noticeable.

  13. These oligarchs have no intention of following any of their advice for the regular people. They will continue building giant mansions, flying around the world on their private jets, sailing monstrous yachts and enjoying copious amounts of fresh, REAL meat.

  14. The popularity increase in fake meat goes along with the belief that if it’s plant-based, it’s automatically better/healthier for you, even if it’s processed. Read the ingredient labels on some of these packaged products, especially of the snack variety, and you’ll see a quite a few have little to no nutritive value.

  15. What no one has commented on yet is the fact that raising this fake lab meat requires bovine serum albumin for the cells to grow in. Where does bovine serum albumin come from? They are assuring us they are working on developing the technology to replace the bovine serum albumin with a non animal source feed for the little cells. I’ll believe that when they solve the storage issue around renewables.

  16. Cows can share habitat with wildlife just like the bison used to. Plant based means cultivation, which is the destruction of habitat for many flora and fauna species.
    Mentioning this fact will make a vegan’s head explode and they will violently deny it.

  17. Meh.
    Know your local vegans.
    Encourage them to eat healthy.
    Cause vegetarians taste better than most carnivores..
    Although Cougar ain’t bad.
    Omnivores taste just like pork.
    And of course a skinned bear is quite human looking.

    The long hair who does those videos mocking the fads of the day,has it right.
    I too demand all vegan restaurants provide meat carrots,medium rare.

    I am tired of idiots insisting they share their “wisdom” with me.
    These clowns cannot figure out which washroom to use,want to advise me on diet?
    I am leaning toward converting to a form of the Aztec worship,invoking some rituals involving beating hearts,onions and solar cookers..
    We are way past due to invoke our right to be left alone,open carry and public duelling would improve society overnight.
    As it is all about “My Feelings” now,releasing my inner psycho should be considered”Very Progressive”..No?

  18. First some background so I’m not dismissed as some city guy or some uneducated jabberer. Albertan, from a farm – mixed grain/oilseed, cow/calf, had some feeder hogs, etc. Moved to the city at 17 and graduated #1 in my university STEM program.

    I get it. Steak is my favourite thing and the plant based substitutes are crap.

    That said, change is coming. The article suggests that our ‘meat’ will be made from grass clippings and bugs. Bullshit. The advances in cellular technology will soon result in a product that will be genetically and chemically identical to the meat we have today, only without the costs of raising the entire animal. This will cut the input costs massively. They will be able to produce this meat anywhere so transportation cost will be low. Automation will keep labor cost per unit of production down. Meanwhile, carbon taxes, land taxes and employee costs for farms will continue to rise, increasing the cost of traditional meat.
    Without labelling you won’t be able to tell the difference. People will pick the cheap meat because that’s largely what they do. It’s the beginning of the end for the commodity meat producer. There will always be a market for high end traditional grass and grain fed beef but it will be a smaller direct to consumer market with high costs and prices.

    I hate it but I don’t see another outcome. In the meantime I will continue to buy my beef by the half from a family farm in my hometown.