The Progressive Pecking Order

Inevitably, objections to being shouted at, and sworn at, are framed with great haste as a sign of complicity in oppression… In short, when a suitably black or gay person shouts at you, you “need to be quiet and listen” – and by implication, should promptly defer, however wrong or ridiculous, or nakedly opportunist, the shouting person may be. You must “validate” their rage, and any incoherence, with lots of silent nodding, before rolling submissively onto your back.

Because reciprocal courtesy is “rooted in colonialism and white supremacy.”

What, you didn’t know?

8 Replies to “The Progressive Pecking Order”

  1. Totally a mainstream media generated event as they have no Trump to smash down.
    This was happening before Trump was in office and now they are continuing where they left off.

  2. Colonialism brought civilization to the savages and improved their lives. White supremacy keeps it that way.

    1. It is not white supremacy, it is western superiority. Or in other words it is not skin color it is culture and values.

  3. I’m reminded of when I was teaching at Armpit College. During the initial in-service session I was required to take as new staff, I was told that I was there because I was an “expert”.

    Yet, the place also expected that my courses were “participatory learning” and that we all “learn from each other”. In other words, I was expected to hold frequent kumbaya sessions with the kiddies and learn from their “insights”, whatever those were. Uh, no. If they’re supposed to be so smart, how come they’re not the ones giving the lectures?

    In reality, it was simply an excuse for some smart-aleck to try and convince me that he or she actually got a “right” answer, even though the logic and presentation were complete rubbish. Then again, teaching at AC was more about validating feelings and perceptions of self-declared genius than in actually conveying knowledge and, presumably, wisdom.

  4. “colonialism and white supremacy.”

    They spelled “culture and western superiority” wrong.
    Useless savages, can’t even get that right.