“This is the breakdown of the basic logic of civilization and it’s spreading”

What happened at Evergreen College in 2017 was a pilot project. As you watch these videos, you’ll recognize terms and phrases that are being repeated everywhere we turn today.

These are the people now cancelling academics. sports figures, and celebrities; holding corporations hostage; ripping apart hard science; demanding bent knees, destroying property and tearing down statues.

You’ll see in these students and agitators the same incoherent authoritarianism, demands for submission, public humiliation and violence; of those in authority the same capitulation and eagerness to be co-opted.

This is why the media — from news and opinion to sports journalism, has curled into a fetal position, repeating the mantras of Black Lives Matter like North Korean hostages. “Don’t hurt me”.

Now Evergreen College has gone nationwide. It’s important that we understand this is no longer the fringe, that tens of thousands of youth have been indoctrinated into this cult. From Human Rights Commissions to cancel culture, it’s been a long time coming. I still don’t think many fully appreciate the danger we’re in.

From 2017, in three parts. Stop feeling bewildered. Share it as far as you can.

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  1. What was that thing I said about destroying your enemies before they destroy you? Cowardice in the face of evil will destroy you.

  2. As far as I’m concerned it always points to “group rights”, an anti-individual battle-cry from the left for decades from the women’s movement to gay rights to We Were Here First Nations to BLM.
    Certainly these four groups had some legitimate complaints. But now more than ever, they have not just equality but state-imposed preferential treatment.
    And the result? This full-on attack.
    This is revenge.
    And they can’t exact revenge with individual rights and freedoms as a cornerstone of human liberty.
    You can’t control populations that way either.
    The neo-Marxists are taking over, using these four empowered groups and the future looks grim.

      1. While faggot means a burning log (put another faggot on the fire), a burning cigarette or a homosexual?

        did you ever axe why?

        no. apparently not.

        1. I did ask why the animus, as it happens. The best answer I got was that this condition is spread by predation on children. Some prejudices derive from generations of observation.
          To save the next generation, we have to suppress the “natural” urges in this one. I am wholly uninterested in the rights of a disease, let it be Covid or HIV or a disgusting transmissible perversion.
          Run along now to your safe space.

  3. Harder Faster.
    No mercy.
    We too can participate,mock the Woke for any let up in their madness.
    Complain they have left other “rich” targets undestroyed.
    Incite their jealously,envy and lust toward their comrades.

    These idiots never think,they FEELZ.
    Let them feel a world of pain.

    I cannot take the mob seriously,they hold sway only in the cities.
    These cities will burn,for the takers have ruled them for decades,the seeds are well planted.
    Human Nature has not changed,as Antifa has been finding out in their “Coming to the country” campaign.

    Never corner a frightened man,is wisdom the Woke will never comprehend.

    However seeing them turn on each other is glorious,just another episode of the “Victimhood Games”,where the prizes diminish as the number of participants rise.

    What a stupid game;”I am the best victim,respect my victimity”.

    BLM what a logo.

  4. There is quite literally one man keeping western civilization from slipping over the precipice. It will be very interesting to see what happens in Tulsa today/tonight and ultimately in the November election.

    Canada is done no matter who gets elected next go around. McKay is a knee bender through and through and I’m not sure Otoole is much better (and either one’s prospects aren’t that great in a general election )

    Im afraid we have reached the point where a civil war is inevitable at some point in the not too distant future. Very sad. I feel for anyone that has kids.

      1. I sure as hell hope he does. The past three years have been nothing but attempts to remove him from office . I know people who are usually intelligent enough to see what is happening but when it comes to Trump someone stuck a turd between their ears.

        1. the Right is law-abiding, 300+ million firearms and 12 trillion rounds of ammunition notwithstanding. Nothing will happen from the conservatives.

          Can’t say what the woke progressives will do when they are inevitably betrayed by democrat party.

    1. Where? The US obviously.
      Surely you are not speaking of Canada.
      The home of the walking dead.

      Easily misled, uninformed, misinformed, not too bright to start with Canadians?
      Virtue signalers par excellence?
      Lied to with impunity?
      Laughed at by the Liberal larsonists and the Laurention grifters, their corrupt Media and sham Institutions?
      Too comatose to move out of the way of the steady urine egesta regularly deposited on them by the foregoing, Canadians?
      Those Canadians?

      It is to laugh.
      I’m pretty sure the verdict is in and it is screamingly obvious that Canadians will remain on their knees, if not completely prone, right til the bitter end.
      A simple Gallic exclamation of bigot, a CBC aboriginal cry, and the latest and most effective, you racist!, has long ensured the particularly white, particularly male Canadian species will scuttle to the crevices; appropriately chastized, censured and convicted.
      And liking it.

      Although watching Western Canadians waiting for their Godot is entertaining.
      Not Trump entertaining but entertaining.
      Can’t wait til the action starts.
      Any day now right?

    2. johnboy:

      There’s not enough energy for a civil war.
      Or the fantasy land of Wexit.

  5. What does one expect from an “experimental” college? The fruitloopery of tinkering with the educational system went on for the last 100 years, going back to A. S. Neill’s Summerhill school.

    “Child-centred” or “student-centred” learning…. Yeah, right.

    1. I am very sad for your gross ignorance regarding how an experimental college might work.

      Bret and Heather are happy to explain just how great Evergreen was, the part that worked anyway.

  6. Where in this country can we find a real leader when we so desperately need one?
    Leaders don’t try to be all things to all people, they make choices that reflect the common good. You have special interests you work on them, find your own support network.

    1. Well one thing for sure is that you will NOT find ONE in the Conservative Party.
      That group of Traitorous scum sold their soul over the past 5 years culminating to what we saw in the last election. Cowering, bending a knee to Laurentien – QUEBEC Elites’ aspirations…all of them:

      Climate Change: Check
      UN: Check
      CBC: Check
      Gender Neutrality: Check
      Monopolies: Check
      Ignore the WEST: 100% check
      Anti Free speech: Absolute Check.

      Fk the Conservatives – THEY DONT SPEAK for me – EVER. I have burned my membership card and told ea and every one of them why.

      AS a conservative thinking person – there is No one or party in Kanada that represents me and the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of us in this country. All I see is a Disgusting panorama of self fellating, gutless, gender neutral, feeble EUNUCHS…CONTINUALLY kissing the LEFTS (_i_).
      (PIerre Polliviere Notwithstanding)

    2. “they make choices that reflect the common good.”

      We’re a post national nation. That means there is no common good. Political power is about robbing the treasury to enrich yourself and your supporters. It’s over for civilization in Canada. It ain’t ever coming back.

  7. I think that many in positions of authority and opinion leaders genuinely think these Maolings represent public opinion and other are just plain cowed into agreement.

  8. Media is fully complicit and so are globalist corps. They are a key part of the machinery.

    This cannot and would not happen without them.

    1. Ward: 1000% AGREED.

      Look no further than to the Globalists man in Ottawa…no, it isn’t Justin.
      This person was recruited by the Rockefellers of Standard OIL Fame, years before Justin even aspired to be Furher. They installed him as President and CEO of the worlds most militant of so called Environmental Groups, the World Wildlife Fund. There you will find this Evil NAZI gem.

  9. All American Schools require accreditation to maintain credibility and access to the student loan system. The accreditors should start dropping schools that give ethnic passes. Any accreditor that does not drop schools giving ethnic passes should be dropped by the US Dept of Education. Send Betsy DeVos after them. Things will change in a hurry.

    1. I’ve been involved with a number of post-secondary accreditation applications while I was an instructor at Armpit College and also as a grad student.

      First the institutions tell the accreditation body what they’re teaching and then that body turns around and tells them that’s what they’re supposed to teach.

      Ridiculous, to say the least.

    2. Scar,
      The BUSH family investment in Education … AKA Federal Funding hand outs…..The push back will come from Crony Capitalists who just follow the Money….Look a GE who built Windmills for Obama, now nothing but a shell store front with Debt…….

      The Education Systems need more than Reform… They need to be eliminated… The last two Generations only learned the methods of tearing down the Economy….They haven’t built any sustaining business, the MBA’s only know how to sell-off assets & spin-off orphans…. The Toy groups like MS & Social media are ONE quarter from total failure.. They have nothing that can’t be made obsolete by a nimble competitor… Without Government protection & control of the Market place…they belong in a parking lot flea market…


  10. Media is fully complicit and so are globalist corps. They are a key part of the machinery.

    This cannot and would not happen without them.


    That may be the single most honest thing any Canadian has ever said.
    Well, other than Junior is an idiot.
    Which, in itself says a lot about Canadians.
    Nothing nice.

  11. I still say exactly what I want whenever and wherever I want. I ratchet it up if there are lefties present. Always polite but firm and never lose your cool. These people are little punks and easy to push over the edge. With politicians it is different. I am flat out rude and hostile to them. Without touching them I escorted an NDA Mla off my property In a flurry of invective and mockery including humiliating their genitalia during the last provincial campaign.

  12. The mystery is how do marxist ratbags and mendicant blacks seeking cheques in the mail persuade corporate America to cancel those the ratbags despise?
    It can’t be any real commercial revenue threat, beyond torching buildings, they have nothing.

    Straight up cowardice explains a lot in corporate America. Just like the global warming lie compliance.

  13. In case you missed it: From Part III, after students take over the faculty meeting:

    The student leading what had become a Maoist struggle session says:

    “didn’t you educate us on how to do this shit?; it was you who taught us that in class”

    I got the impression that Weinstein did not fully appreciate that many of his alleged colleagues were on the other side.

  14. Alan Bloom called this in the 80s when he wrote Closing of the American Mind. It’s basically a prophecy for 2015-2020. The moderate left (Weinstein among them) is to blame for adopting a no enemies on the left attitude for decades allowing the radicals to take root and the right is to blame for running away from the battle and fooling itself into thinking that schools, universities, culture, art, etc. don’t matter and the “real world” will adjust young people.

    I have to say I find it somewhat funny to hear people on the right complaining about statutes being torn down. Many of us have been yelling into the void for years that conservatives needed to get involved in and protect the arts as a critical part of our lives but we were constantly laughed at and told that all that matters are STEM degrees, tax cuts, making widgets and GDP. The left has been destroying the world of the arts for decades from erasing the classics in painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, etc., to commandeering every modern form of art (comic books, video games, tv, movies). While many on the right have been laughing about learning to code and how the left can’t shoot guns or farm, they have been focusing on erasing our common culture, ideas, customs and habits and replacing it with their own.
    And now, having seen who has won, it’s clear which side was focused on the correct things.

  15. The destruction of Western Civilization has accelerated in the last two weeks.
    Its nothing new, its just going faster.

    And it will accelerate even more in the coming months and years.

    I don t see how this can be stopped and reversed. ( war would, but there will not be war, most humans have lost the will to fight, they now kiss the boots of black thugs and pay ransom money to those who loot millions of dollars of merchandise from their store )

    The madness and hysteria are spreading like wild fire.

    Before the end of this century Western Civilization will be a sh*t hole like Venezuella or Haiti.

    Its over.

    PS: I love Western Civilization, don t get me wrong.