Nova Scotia Shooting

What the actual hell?

Nova Scotia’s police watchdog is investigating why two uniformed officers were shooting in the direction of a fire hall in Onslow being used as a place of refuge the morning of the shooting rampage.
In a statement to Global News, Nova Scotia Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT) interim director Pat Curran said the team is investigating the discharge of firearms by two RCMP officers near the Onslow-Belmont Fire Hall about 10:30 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Speculation, from the commentsI have heard from a legal source that the reason the RCMP didn’t issue an emergency alert is because they actually thought Wortman was one of their own who’d gone off the rails.

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  1. They put this info out on twitter and facebook though as it was happening…I was just heading out the door when I heard about the fake police car which my wife saw on social media. Why not the emergency alert? The RCMP press conference was a 30 minute word-salad yesterday. They did a great job; but they don’t know what happened yet. Makes sense. I wonder who’ll be investigating this for us?

    1. *
      Dudley DoRight doubles down…

      “The RCMP are defending a decision not to send out a public alert
      until late in a gunman’s 12-hour rampage through rural Nova Scotia,
      in what has become the deadliest mass shooting in Canadian history.”

      it’s actually 13.5 hours… but who’s counting?

      And they only stumbled upon this guy when he pulled
      into a gas station where a cop was refueling.


      1. Where was the HELICOPTER?
        Nightime….. no traffic.
        ONE F$cking CAR……

        Was a Cadet in charge this nightshift???

  2. This is why canadians don’t need guns. We have the RCMP to shoot at us.

    Never stop for an RCMP without calling 911 to verify its an RCMP and never open your door for someone claiming to be RCMP.

  3. Talk to any retired RCMP. They are ashamed of what the RCMP have become. Canadian forces are in the same shape.

    Don’t rely on these folk to protect you, that is just not their mandate anymore.
    They’re not your friends.

    1. Yeah, over my adult lifetime police training has seemingly morphed to shift an officer’s priorities from protecting innocent civilians at all costs to protecting themselves at all costs.

      1. Why should anyone risk their life to save those who morphed this country into what it now is?

        The average Canadian is in support of the Liberals or NDP or Green Party.
        These are the police they want.

      2. Have they held the press conference yet where each agency and each department congratulate each other? Stomach turning when our public “servants” do that.

        1. I still haven’t managed to find out what firearms Wortman was using; I’m assuming rifle or shotgun. A kevlar vest would not stop a rifle bullet.

  4. who did the pretend RCMP kill and who did the real RCMP kill? Did we out source RCMP training to Florida?

  5. That is an extremely disturbing situation but certainly not the first case of trigger-happy cops we’ve seen.

    At this point it is legitimate to ask if all of the victims were actually shot by the suspect. We need to demand a real investigation that includes full transparency of the firearms involved including ballistic analysis from each crime scene.

    Maybe this was the only case of trigger happy cops and no one was hurt but it is now a legitimate question to demand real answers. And this may explain whey they’ve been so reluctant to answer questions about what type of firearms he had and whether they were legally acquired.

    1. He had an assault charge against him from 2001 to which he pled guilty. Automatically disqualified from getting a PAL in order to legally purchase firearms.

  6. After High River,I doubt we will ever be told the facts by the RCMP.
    Their default position is to regard the taxpayer as criminal suspects who might question their authority and expose their incompetence.
    Policing is impossible without the consent and cooperation of the policed.
    This is gone,every place the Arrogant Bureaucrats have risen to prominence.
    Canada is done for,diversity being our “strength”..
    The institutions have been marched through leaving rules and regulations without sense or reason, rammed down the citizens throat by junior hall monitors..
    Just as the USA has discovered the rot in the FBI goes from top to bottom,so we will eventually realize the RCMP is as corrupt as we imagine,or worse.
    The evidence has been there for all to see,but we refuse to acknowledge reality wherever we can..cause we are Canadien and is 2015 or something.

    We will see,but I will bet the butt covering will be more important than learning anything about the failures to perform.
    Performing the duties the public imagine they are paying for,is not the priority of the political police.
    Hassling teenagers over social media pictures is more the speed of our modern “peace keepers”.

    1. Make this “after Mad Trapper”.
      They pursued a cripple across the hundreds of miles of the Arctic. YEAH!

  7. This fluster cluck is more evidence that the over-centralized and over-politicized nature of the RCMP has made them well past their best before date.

  8. The RCMP is a bad organization that does bad policing. They are both abusive to the public and their own members. There was an RCMP cop on CBC a while ago who spilled all the beans about the awful workload they endure and how he’s certainly going to lose his job for spilling the beans. Another reason for Alberta to separate.

  9. I feel safe knowing that a 23 year veteran of the force could be over-powered by a 50 year old denturist with no firearms or police training, and then continue his rampage for several more hours while the rest of the RCMP were shooting at buildings housing people seeking shelter.

    1. Mark. My understanding is that she rammed the perpetrator’s car. He bailed from his car and shot her multiple times in the chest. Then set the cars on fire.

      1. He also dragged her out of her cruiser severely wounded and executed her on the ground.

        1. Is that in some newspaper, David? Any more info? There is so little info on the topic. It’ll soon be a week since this horrible tragedy occurred.

          Here’s more info about the murderer:
          From the enclosed article, the N.S. murderer was:

          “a person who had in the past been given a conditional discharge for an assault on a 15-year-old boy and even a temporary ban to legally own a firearm.”

          (What? What happened there? Anyone know more about that?)

          It is obvious that bits and pieces are slowly filtering out about the killer like the info from the Toronto Sun.

          Would it be possible for you to provide a link or write your sources so that we can learn more. If your info has been provided through the grapevine, it would be appreciated if you’d please say so. Often word of mouth info comes from the ones affected by some tragedy before the Press has a chance to follow up.


          1. Q
            Thanks! Very informative. TV NEWS reports hold back a lot of info not surprisingly. What an evil man.

  10. RCMP will have GPS locators in their vehicles. Anyone with a smart cellphone has the ability to be tracked. Most smartphone users understand this.
    RCMPs SIRT will already know who shot the firehall up and the induviduals will be part of the investigation.

  11. Someone in the top brass of RCMP must take the fall for this grossly inept performance in failing to give the province of NS the public warning.

  12. As it is with Dr. Tammy WHO Flu, people will say its not the time to lay blame.
    Then months down the road they’ll say that’s water under the bridge.

    When immigrant citizens bomb airliners out of the sky the RCMP send one dude to jail for 5 years.
    The RCMP help people enter the country illegally.
    The RCMP will NOT stop the We Were Here First Nations from smuggling cigarettes, drugs and guns.
    Did anyone from the High River Break & Enter Episode get anything more than a handshake?
    These idiots exemplify Chinada and are just doing their part to quicken the swirl down the drain.

  13. I am willing to bet serious money on the theory that the “hit list” of Gabriel Wortman was in reality his loan book. He was avenging his deadbeat borrowers who found all kinds of excuses to not repay the moneys that he loaned to them, or they were his clients who owed him for the services. There is no fire without smoke, in this order.

  14. Nova Scotia shootings began after gunman attacked his girlfriend, sources say

    “Investigators believe Wortman and his girlfriend were at a party at a nearby home in the Portapique area when Wortman began arguing with her. They left the party and sources believe Wortman escalated the argument back at his cottage — assaulting her and tying her up. She escaped and hid in the woods.”

    “Wortman left his cottage after the assault and investigators believe that’s when the shootings started. He returned to the house where the party was being held and killed several people there, sources said.”

  15. Possible copy-cat iincident underway near Cultus Lake BC, check info sources if you live in the Fraser valley. (posted 5:40 p.m. PDT Thursday). Police searching for Toyota p/u with alleged shooter. No details available yet, will post if I hear more.

  16. Above incident now classed as distraught man, armed, believed to be on a back road near U.S. border in the Cultus Lake area. Threat to general public seems downgraded but police still searching for vehicle and advising residents not to approach if spotted. No shootings reported.

  17. 28B11 was the fake number on the denturists fake RCMP vehicle …
    it is also the name of a proposed antibody for covid19 …

    There are those who believe the date of this tragic occurrence was not a coincidence … April 19’th was the start of the American Revolution and the shot heard round the world … Waco and the Oklahoma bombings also happened on this date … was this a false flag or just a jealous boyfriend who went postal?

    Eyewitness reports of a second shooter … multiple vehicles used in the commission of this tragic event … massive amounts of ammunition and accelerants … 16+ crime scenes … various uniforms … he’s in custody and later reported deceased … the military is investigating … this is a very complicated crime …

    There is more to this than what the CBC is reporting …

  18. re: your highlighted comment.

    My working theory was that the RCMP were worried of possible vigilante retribution by accident if the fearful public thought the killer was appearing as a LEO. That’s why they were hesitant to distribute a very public alert.

    My theory would quickly fall apart though if the RCMP had no description of the perp until late in the event; which is what I thought I read today. Could just be a story to provide cover though.

  19. I don’t sense any false flag potential in this event. A false flag would probably be designed to unfold in a less complex single event, this was a prolonged rampage by somebody who passed some limit and went into a zombie state where further killing became automatic. It was fortunate that he finally lost out in a confrontation before disappearing into the more target-rich environment of the Halifax-Dartmouth area. Anger, humiliation and desperation evidently came together in a very lethal way. I would imagine that the virus tag on the police car is a tell that the perp had issues about the pandemic (lots of people do, very few have gone on a shooting spree). I believe there was a tweet on that thread about the shooter to indicate hostility to Bill Gates. There again, if everyone who detests Bill Gates went off, we would have global chaos.

    I find it interesting that the media and police have not yet acknowledged the twitter-based account of the perp’s run in with the cops earlier this winter (source, Frank magazine) at his denturist business in Dartmouth. Either they don’t find it significant enough to be included in the profile and account, or there are aspects to that which they wish to avoid further developing.

    The press conference going on at present has clarified a number of issues around the timing and overall sequence of events. Apparently even some of the later (after Portapique) victims were targets and it was a couple who did not answer their door around 9 a,.m, Sunday who identified the gunman and provided the detail of his fake cop car and uniform. Just before that I think they may also have received an independent identification from the assaulted female friend who managed to escape and survive the night. But before those two accounts, the police probably had no idea who was behind the rampage. Another potential victim who survived (the brother who hid in the woods) would have had no idea who the perp was, as he was not a frequent visitor to the cottage area.

    The April 19 date might have been a trigger but it seems more likely that this may have exploded out of a bad scene at a house party, it is not clear yet whether there was any pre-planning of these events, or if he went home in a bad state and started drawing up a hit list then. Only a small segment of the public know the significance of April 19th, he may or may not have been one of those. We’ll only learn of his politics if he happened to have shown any support for the PPC, any other affiliation will go into limbo. And of course that is largely irrelevant but we can be sure a certain segment of media and politicians will be hoping to expand this narrative. If he was a green party voter that won’t work.

  20. Maybe I should go back to commenting as R U Kiddingmee.

    Never too sure what’s real or fictional in our country but totalitarian lifestyle? I have read the odd book ya know.

  21. I would agree there are some totalitarian elements to our country’s government philosophy and this is not entirely confined to the Liberals. And I’ve been to court to defend my political views (as most people know). So I don’t need any lectures from anyone about what kind of society this is. But it’s a sort of low-grade totalitarianism where various people get away with whatever they think they can, it ebbs and flows, and I would say America is the same, as things actually play out. Trump may have different values but he isn’t that much in control. In some ways America is a more managed society than Canada is. We don’t have the degree of technology and the expertise in surveillance. It’s not for a lack of will. But bottom line is, we are only as free or as enslaved as we allow ourselves to be.

    As to the new situation around Halifax, that sounds a bit like panic over-reaction in an aftermath, maybe some activity sounding like gunfire, or some minor copy-cat not up to the full agenda but wandering around with a gun, you get kooks crawling out of the woodwork after every major incident. Are there false flags? Maybe, I don’t know if every mass shooting is what we are told, but was this one? I doubt it, this guy fits the profile of trigger-happy maniac before, during and after. Some people can’t accept the concept of random madness. I’ve met a few, I am forced to accept it.

  22. This latest alert will very likely turn out to be something like people hearing kids in the woods taking shots at beer bottles, or maybe something a bit more sinister like an idiot with a gun shooting at squirrels. As to a lot of cop cars assembling in a parking lot, check for a Tim’s, maybe that’s the focus. Or maybe they were already gathering for some sort of ceremonial showing of the colours on the highway.

    Keep your cool, folks, there will be false alarms and minor copy-cat madness in these difficult times.

  23. Lots of good info and speculation, and as mentioned above, it is almost a week since the event unfolded! He used a genuine RCMP uniform! A close fake representative of an RCMP chase car, but we now know he did not have a firearms license, but don’t know what firearms were used! AFTER A WEEK! They are withholding this information deliberately! I suspect, Only suspect, as I have no actual knowledge, that these may have been RCMP issue firearms! What other possible reason would there be to hold back that information? For sure, he probably had the firearms from the officer who he assassinated! Word is she rammed his ride, and he killed her. It would appear that at least she tried to do her job with courage, and all the other limp dicks in the force did not do their jobs, except for the officers in the final shootout! What a mess, and Turdo, with the anti’s, will find a way to politicize this and use it for gun control! My heart goes out to all the victims and their families! We all deserve better.