Chinese Virus


As the coronavirus took hold in Wuhan earlier this year, staff from the Chinese government-backed global property giant Greenland Group were instructed to put their normal work on hold and source bulk supplies of essential medical items to ship back to China.
A whistleblower from the company has told the Herald it was a worldwide Greenland effort – and the Sydney office was no different, sourcing bulk supplies of surgical masks, thermometers, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitisers, gloves and Panadol for shipping.

Meanwhile, in Chinada…

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  1. And how many of those masks came from our Canadian contribution? Anyone? And this is why foreign aid is such a waste of time! It rarely gets to the people that need it without the current dictatorial regime taking its cut, or making a profit in some way or another. Yes, the Liberals of Canada do not understand history, do not care about history, and will suffer the lessons of history as they are cast off by history as morons.

    1. The airhead in Ottawa sent the plane full of medical supply to china to get support for future consideration for a post at the UN, not unlike the useless character that somehow got to be in charge of the WHO. You can take that to the bank. As for the fellow Canadians, never mind they are a non-nation.
      Thinking that the medical supplies were probably made in China in the first place.
      And another thing.
      Read somewhere that China is the second largest economy, how is it then that it needs foreign aid from Canada that’s going from bad to worse economically, the government of which is willfully destroying economy of a province with apparent glee from the rest of the confederation?

      As for history, the poor children of recent past have no idea what history means. It is prohibited to teach actual history. The history taught is relentlessly reengineered to suit the prevailing socialist aristocracy and the ruling class.

      1. One of the worst and best parts of growing old.

        You realize that almost everything you ever learned may just be a lie.

        That most everybody is lying to you. And always have.

        Governments, Media, Business, Institutions of every kind.

        Nothing but Fake News.

        Like a Seinfeld episode.

    2. Well according to a podcast from Frank Vaughn the other day, the FEds had a massive Wharehouse filled to the Brim with Medical PPE. The did not renew the lease on the building at th nd of Nov 2019 – and the Supplies have simply dissappeared.

      How Fkn convenient – I’m thinking this is where those supplies sent to China came from.
      But it raises the BIG Question:

      What did the FEDS KNOW Well before hand.??
      Their Filthy Corrupt & oh so Cozy Relationship with COMMUNIST China speaks Volumes to me. “I admire their basic Dictatorship”…yea, no shit sherlock, we’ve seen ample evidence of that.

      1. Terdo may well be that dumb…but he is not running the show. The crooks who actually run the show are fairly competent.

    1. Kick backs. This stuff doesn’t happen without kick backs. Trudeau Foundation comes to mind. Then there’s all that “foreign aid” sent offshore recently, while Canadians will be drowning in their own fluids here at home, for lack of same. You’ll soon hear the cry “No one over age 60”. Then you’ll hear it from a Doctor’s mouth…even before this “Why are you here?” a local hospital doctor while waiting for a consult on cancer from a specialist.
      Suddenly media wakes up this morning on what that $600 million .Gov cash is all about. A .Gov that sat on it’s hands dickering with whiny Indians blocking rail lines, while COVID-19 rages through China and spreads world wide, planes arrive from Iran and China daily unopposed (still are, prove me wrong), infected walk-ins stroll across our border at Roxham Road. Were they even checked? Have they really stopped?
      After the stunt by the LPOC on Tuesday, would you believe anything from anyone in .Gov, especially from their Civil Servant “advisors”?
      I got a “Tax brochure” from my local CPC MP. I think the second hand out since she was elected. Whoop de do. How’s that new raise eh? This “.Gov” is still sitting?

        1. But, but we are told the Wuhan virus is essentially over in China.

          If so why are people still leaving, and coming to a place where it is still ramping up?

      1. Daily flights continue…
        Maybe thats why President Trump is talking about deploying the military at the Chinada border… lets hope he does it.
        We have a Government doing what the Chicoms tell them to do putting Canadian lives and lively hood at risk so why should Pres.Trump put up with it.
        Canadians put up with it because they are stupid cucks with a corrupt Media, but the USA should”nt have to suffer for Canadian stupidity.

  2. Our Justin admires the Chinese.I really can’t help but think the UN has a connection to the Chinese flu and where the UN is Justin isn’t far behind.He reminds me of a hang around with a gang they will never let him enter the club but keep him around as someone so stupid he will do what he’s told and then throw him under the bus

      1. When it really hits, it appears that Governments’ first move is to let the elderly die.

        One could only expect that sentiment to be doubled in Socialist, Globalist, Chinese Surrogate Liberal Party Canada.

        If I’m not gonna get any of that free health care, then I want a post 60 tax break.

        I matter as much as any Liberal supported Quebec big business!

        Where have all the ice flows gone……

        Long time passing….

        1. We are rapidly moving in that direction. As one who never ever thought I would live as long as I have I no longer give a shit. I have witnessed the lies and avarice of the average politician and voter. When we are gone and there are no longer productive people, just leeches, then the Venezuelan model will be what future generations have to look forward to. What we are experiencing with the whuhan flu is just the start of control. When no one fights back and everyone is stupid enough to destroy the economy because, “well, if only saves one life”, who gives a shit about the rest.

          1. “I thought human beings had value as such.”
            That ended with a universal right to butcher the unborn. Seniors will be next.

        2. You know, grinning here, at times it sure seems that way, although its not only those like this 74 years old that think like that from time to time.
          The government is working on the language of the bill so as to point into the out to distract from their fatalistic policies,

  3. “ The Canadian government, however, says the shipment was an effort to collaborate with China in the fight against COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.“

    Collaborate in liberal speak means grinding sesame seed for those they wish to find favour with.
    By the way, wonder how those two chaps being held as ransom for Meng Wangzou are doing?

  4. This is another scrap of evidence, as if the pile needed to get any bigger, that the Chinese are the Jews Michael Chomiak warned you about.

  5. Latest under line on CTV @ 0900 Calgary time: “US troops to be stationed near CDN border.” Gee, I wonder why and what part of the border?

  6. Oh, don’t forget the Canadian Carbon Tax arrives April 1st. Who gets the money…Chinah? Help ’em with their space program? It’s what neighbors do.

    1. EVERYBODY should simply short their payment on any bills they receive by the amount of “carbon tax” showing on the bills.

      1. Got a furnace, heat water, lights, stoves you pay C-tax. Job or no job. Your groceries will have a carbon component, too.

        1. Toilet Paper would have a lot of tax . A lot goes into turning a tree into a bum soft roll. Then there is the waste disposal system once used.

  7. Not a fan of old timey country music, and now I have Tennesee Ernie Ford stuck in my head. “You load sixteen tons and what do you get?”
    Time to audit the Trudeau Foundation, I smell kickbacks.

  8. I’ve always maintained that there are at least four things a “world-class” country should never, ever outsource or lose control of (provided the capability exists or can be created):

    1) Military hardware/supply
    2) Communications hardware/software
    3) Medical hardware/software/supply
    4) Any critical infrastructure, including energy and critical supply chains

    When a nation offloads this onto others outside its borders, it becomes clear that it doesn’t care about itself or its people. A corollary to number 1 is that if you can’t protect/defend your national sovereignty, you don’t have any.

    I also believe that as a nation (private charities are different), we shouldn’t be spending money on other countries until our own is free (or mostly-free) of all its problems. It’s an abrogation of the duties of a government to its citizens. The amount of money pissed away on ventures like this always angrifies the blood.

    1. Agreed!
      Looking after Canada first will deny LiberalCons of schemes to “line the pockets” of their key supporters. You would not believe the amount of money that leaves Canada via various NGOs.
      Why work for a living – we should all start our own NGOs to syphon money from the tax payer.

      Environmentalist have been doing this for a while.

      1. They’re following the golden rule of retirement investment: pay yourself first.

      1. See #4.

        Also, too much of our food supply can’t be produced or procured locally at the scale needed. For us, that makes some things challenging. But while we have people who can barely feed themselves, we sure AF shouldn’t be exporting any.

        Hydrocarbons should only get produced/refined here for internal consumption. Only the excess should be exported, once strategic reserves are filled. Unfriendly nations should never be allowed to “help” develop our resources.

  9. Let’s say five million people qualify for this emergency bailout of $2,000 a month, for four months — that’s $8,000 times five million for a total of 40 billion dollars. The net damage is more like 60 billion since most of those recipients would have been paying payroll taxes through the same period. Do we even have 60 billion dollars? Doubt it.

    If there isn’t a significant death toll by mid-April I think the pressure should be on to end this lockdown and get back to normal, perhaps with a few localized exceptions — spend some serious money on security around hot spots where outbreaks have been confirmed, otherwise let the thing run its course, before we all go down in a much worse disaster, Venezuela style.

    Force an early election and put the Liberals out of business. They can’t be trusted. I am no fan of Andy the Panda but anything has to be better than the Liberals (anything other than parties more overtly socialist that is, we would be totally screwed under an NDP government).

      1. Borrowing, printing, whatever….

        Debt slaves! And, risk of inflation as our currency is devalued by excessive deficit spending/money printing. Not that any other western country isn’t emulating the same strategy.

        Own stuff with real equity. Inflation is a bitch. Homes, real estate, art (yes, believe it) and valuables like gold. Silver bugs anyone?

    1. Peter, NO andy pandy is just as bad, maybe not intentionally , butt just as stupid as the turd. Tho with 2% the damage would be different, but just as destructive.

  10. Fact is, this Pan-North American reliance on outsourced essentials – everything from antibiotics to masks to equipment circuitry – has been tolerated, expedited, and encouraged for years and years under both Liberal/Democrat and Conservative/Republican administrations.

    And it isn’t as if alarms haven’t been raised. Negligence comes to mind…of the highest order.

    1. Hospitals full before a crisis=negligence!

      Having no medical supplies for a pandemic=negligence!

      Having no manufacturing to make medical supplies=negligence!

      Having to beg for supplies from an antagonistic communist country=negligence!

      Having no Media to point out negligence=negligence!

      Re-electing such negligent governments=stupidity!

  11. China emits more carbon, aka pollutes, with its growth dwarfing most nations’ entire output; then sells wind turbines to them.

    They sell a third of the world’s turbines, but use them for 4% of their needs. We pay carbon taxes, they build coal fired generators.

    Mining precious metals for turbines in the most adverse conditions of earth; while stealing any technology that isn’t nailed down.

    Their denial irks me. Come clean, admit fault. Nobody’s perfect. Now they shine a light on the scope of their nefarious deeds.

    This will not end well for the Chinese leadership or any politician stupid enough to take their side. People are actually woke.

    1. Sorry Shamrock but people are brain dead. Even the word woke actually awakens me to the fact they really have stopped thinking. I woke up years ago.

    2. “This will not end well for the Chinese leadership”

      You don’t know communists.
      As long as they can lie to the population and to themselves, things will go the way they are.
      They are prosperous and getting more so every day, never mind the Wuhan virus.

      The only time it can, not necessarily will, happen if the people are hungry and they have nothing to lose, or in the event of someone or two from the central committee seize power and decide otherwise.
      Other than that there is a slight and no chance of it to happen.

  12. Something that hasn’t been reported in the MSM.

    Now those of the ‘intelligent’ left if they see these numbers will dismiss them out of hand, but to some of us this could be another piece of the jigsaw that is slowly being assembled.

    There is a whole lot going on that the daily briefings of Li’l Tater Head are not telling us. The recent blatant attempt at the power grab should be another indication that our governments as they are cannot be trusted.

  13. I haven’t decided whether the government is simply bloody minded or stone cold stupid…or a toxic admixture of same.


    Hans Rupprecht – Commander in Chief
    Army Group “True North”
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army

  14. Ezra Levant reported on this days ago. Will this get the major national media attention it deserves or just a small article here and there? We all know what the reaction would have been if it had been a Conservative government.

    1. It was from the Mope and Wail, so pardon me while I gasp in faux shock at the MnP’s story. Will any TV talking head Unifor member question Dear Leader about this ill-thought gift to their Chinese masters?

      Crickets…………all questions must be vetted by Jerry Dias and his censors first!

  15. 21 million cell phone accounts cancelled. They really don’t give a rats A. Mao said, we have plenty of people and losing a few million is no big deal! What matters is the Chinese Communist party. They think long term, like long in centuries not decades! If we look at the big picture, they are flexing their military muscle, building island bases, extending their reach around Asia! They are making huge inroads into Africa for farming food for their population. They are buying up real estate and businesses in the US and Canada and elsewhere at an astounding rate. Buying gold and silver by the ton. We have large Chinese populations in both counties, and in Richmond BC they have been massing on the US border for decades now. I would bet thirty to forty percent are still loyal to the motherland! They have control of our pharmacuticals, our electronics, at least the newer ones are outfitted with spyware and data communications. The Wahwei 5G is loaded with spyware as are our phones and TV’s plus Alexa, etc, all loaded up as well. Why would they do this without a long term plan? Lets think this through, Hmmm, they want their Yuan to be the worlds trading currency, with all the gold and silver they have their economy is strong, while both US and Canada Governments are bailing out citizens and businesses with cash due to the Wuflu! Hmmmm, where is that money coming from? Well, they are both in massive debt up to all our eyeballs, and no longer any gold standard, so, they will simply print it, that will deflate both currencies, while the yuan rises. Hmmmm! I could go on for a while here, but If Mao who wrenched power from the original Mandarins in 1949, was thinking in centuries not decades, it’s only been 71 years since that happened! Hmmm, if they were thinking things through, and I’m sure they were, If you could produce a virus to unleash on the world, when you have a strong currency, control of the west’s pharma, industries, spyware crammed into electronics and so on, what’s the big deal if some of the Chinese peasantry gets it as well, no biggie when the ultimate prize is world domination and control! They can be ruthless, and if the West can damage their own economies out of their own stupidity, why not! We are toast people, unless Trump can get those industries back to North America, and I doubt the Minstrel give a flying F either, he’s a fan of the CP of China. The two poor souls held in China are just icing on the cake! (Just my ten cents worth) (OK, with currency deflation, my 99 cents worth)