Remembering When the Madness Began

I’ll never forget the sequence of events that occurred in mid-March 2020. On Friday, March 13th, I was living in San Francisco and went out for dinner with 3 friends in the Mission District. One of them started talking about how she was working as the personal assistant to a virologist and that he was preparing for a cataclysmic change in our society next week. Huh? Here we were, enjoying a nice meal under normal circumstances, no different than all of the others I had enjoyed all of my life and everything was about to change? Surely, my friend must be exaggerating for dramatic effect?!

As the news over that weekend evolved, things appeared to be getting more dire. Then on the Monday, Mayor London Breed issued this pronouncement:

^^^ For extra fun, open the comments and search for the word “allowed”.

The next day, everything changed.

London Breed’s declaration was the first domino, of many, to fall. It started a cascading devolution into insanity for arguably the next two years. Even today, we are still feeling the after effects of what happened back then. Some of us have moved on but so much damage has been done. Some people are still walking around with masks & gloves on. Trust in public health has completely evaporated amongst everyone with a reasonably skeptical perception. Those in power who lied back then, and then continued to over & over, have, for the most part, refused to admit they did anything wrong and are mostly still in power.

The world has definitely changed … and not in a good way.

16 Replies to “Remembering When the Madness Began”

  1. I went out for dinner tonight in the restaurant at Tapestry in Vancouver as the guest of my friend who lives in one of the apartments. Would you believe they had to check my vaccination passport, and my forehead temperature. I was given a mask to walk the 30 yards to our table. Tapestry is about 200 apartments designed for old people. Mind you I’m old, 81 . In 2020 or 2021 I could see some sense in this but 2023, ridiculous.

    1. People really are f**** stupid. “covid” proved that in spades and apparently is still proving it. I too am old and I never believed any of the covid sh*t and still don’t. Refused any shots and refused to wear a mask over my nose. Wore it once or twice below my nose and had to tell morons where to go and how to get there. Our governments need to be charged with crimes against humanity.
      Masks=failure, shots=deadly, lockdowns=deadly, the whole load of Kabuki theatre should never have happened.

      1. “Our governments need to be charged with crimes against humanity.”
        For sure and can’t happen soon enough, although I doubt anybody will be held accountable.

  2. I’ve yet to see a masktard in a restaurant since the lockdowns ended last year. Do they avoid restaurants? Do they believe that covid doesn’t spread in restaurants just like the fake doctors did? Some other reason? Anyway I’m eternally grateful to the truckers for ending the madness.

  3. Today, I’m still not allowed to play in the local 50+ hockey league because I’m unvaccinated. The stupid continues unabated.

    1. At least your immune system hasn’t been damaged by the experimental gene therapy. I don’t need to associate with a holes that want to kill themselves.

  4. And flights from China never stopped. I could not fly from SK to AB but Vancouver had 8-12 747 land everyday, But of course they quarantine for 14 days….cough cough. Early on i suspected it was a sham.

    Sad time to be a human. History will not be kind to 2020

    1. Stupid people are the problem. They will believe any lie they are told, even if that lie results in their death.

    2. People arriving in Vancouver from Peking were also able to travel on connecting flights to their destinations before isolating. It seams it was UAW that pushed the two week business. Until then, anyone asking if the WhuFlu might be serious was laughed at. Afterwards, the government jumped on the band wagon and won’t get off.

      Early on it was something to see David Menzes all wrapped up with a microphone on a hockey stick. Everyone he interviewed coming off the airplanes at PIA were normal. Even CBSA officers were normal.

  5. And to think it was all done on purpose to get rid of Trump. The Democrats conspired with the Chicoms to destroy the world just so they could regain power and control. Sick sick sick.

    The worst part of all this was what they – the teachers’ unions, government, and their co-conspirators in the media – did to children. The forced mask wearing, the damage to their social development, the utter failure of zoom classes.

  6. I have no doubt now that this was planned. I don’t think it was at the beginning, but as things rolled along someone or some group said, yeah this is when we do this.
    As for the rest of you guys putting up with this garbage today, you need to tell them to GFY to their faces and leave.

  7. Seems ,that if you truly want to be left alone,to live life as you chose then, certain Fools and Bandits need to be sent a message.
    For they have crossed all those lines in their desire to “help” the rest of us.
    They have no limits to their “Compassion”.
    And are completely deaf to the idea,that you or I might best choose how to live our lives and where we might focus our own talents.
    They KNOW that “they know best”.
    Hence the nudging,the winking and the constant lying..all for your own good of course.

    I was of the opinion our fearless leaders are deliberately seeking to provoke a violent confrontation..Now I remain convinced they are not,they are just so indoctrinated,arrogant and incompetent that such will occur..
    The more the Powers That Be attempt to control the masses,to prevent a violent retribution..the more they will cause one.
    We are accused of every old evil ,every other day,by incompetent children..
    Violent destruction of the “Ruling Class”?
    Gee,why didn’t I think of that.?
    Evil Alt-right nasties?
    What the ? is that?
    I am an enemy of the State?
    A spreader of Misinformation?
    Because I see lies and propaganda?

    I help you,oh entitled Parasite,I help you..Real Good.

  8. Don’t forget Nancy Pelosi encouraging everyone to go to Chinatown to show that they weren’t racist right before they closed everything down. Did she ever express regret for her bad advice?

  9. “These steps are based on the advice of public health experts”

    The “experts” have spoken, so shuddup, they say.
    They, the “experts” know stuff, and you don’t.
    They tell you that climate changes, that the sky is blue and sometimes it’s cloudy, sometimes its hot and other times is cold. You would not know that if the “experts” did not tell you, so shuddup.
    They know that some viruses cause sickness, if the virus is not up to it, they will make sure to help it along.

    Yeah, the “experts” know until they don’t.
    They have a way around not knowing, they use sophisticated syntax the blow snow over your eyes.
    They have learned at H’vard how to talk shit.

  10. The lefty progressives have infiltrated all levels of government. In the UK a “paper trail leak of 100,000 ministerial WhatsApp messages, managing the lockdown project gives an insight into the MO of these progressive collectivists drunk on power.

    “To be clear, the Lockdown episode is iconic of this new schema of control effected through hegemony, ideology and tech. Autonomy for the individual – and his or her search for a life, lived with meaning – now is displaced by its opposite: The instinct to subjugate and dominate, and to impose order on an inchoate and seemingly threatening world. The surveillance-based liberal managerial state has ballooned into “a totalistic and aspiring globe-spanning Leviathan”, fraudulently disguised in the feel-good casing of liberal democracy – the key liberational elements of which, having been long replaced by their antonyms, in an Orwellian inversion. ”

    There is no winning. With the collectivists, its war 24/7 vs. those who just want to be left alone to live their lives. Still, there is no harm in collecting long pork recipes in the event of an EMP.