13 Replies to “Oddments For The Weekend”

  1. Ralph Woltstem’s Breast Supporters are just lovely! But, made with springs? I no tink so, honey! The under-wire-round ’em-ups-and- heads ’em-outs, invented by Wonder ‘Bruh’ were, yada, yada, yada! {~_~} Haha!

    1. It reminded me of this classic article:


      It was a fossil even when I was an undergrad in the 1970s.

      And then there were the posters showing a certain trio of numbers both in Imperial and metric units, using a shapely young lady to demonstrate the equivalence. As my sophomore year strength of materials professor put it, it’s a set of numbers that one can get–ahem!–a feel for. (His words, not mine.)

  2. The clip with the racoon reminds me of my father and my canine stepbrother. The two became inseparable after my mother died. They went just about everywhere and did just about everything together.

    1. My niece’s 4 year old has had a corgi at his side since birth; and yes, they are inseparable. And then there is the child hanging from the drone, which looks like one of my bright ideas.