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      1. 1. As you mention wages always lag.
        2. Do you have any savings? Inflation wipes them out.

        1. Been watching my retirement investments be devalued by inflation for 20 years now. I built in a 10% buffer which has proven to be inadequate. Every year the purchasing power is reduced. People really are not very bright these days. As far as wages lagging inflation, well, increases in wages also cause increases in inflation. The basic definition of inflation used to be, too much money chasing too few goods.

          1. Agree completely. What I means by wages lagging is that wage increases are always slower than price increases.

            Inflation is a tax on ants to subsidize grasshoppers.

  1. This is a long but powerful listen, one hour 22 minutes, but Dr. Martin exposes the patent fraud around Covid since 2003-4, with some patents going back to 1998. There is nothing new about this virus since 2008, but the media has been used to spin the narrative.

    This whole “filthy jab” thing is about the money.

    And DO NOT TAKE THE JAB! He explains why not, far better than what I can remember and recall.


    1. Glacierman…that was posted here near a week ago.

      Still, likely the MOST POWERFUL – Devastating 1 hour of Deposition / Evidence I have heard since Mar 2020. Completely Vindicating Dr Judy Mikovits and many more who have pulled the veil off of this MANMADE Virus and Bullshit VidVax SCAM.

      Reiner is no slouch – a Guy who took down Deutsche Bank and VW..?? Yea, definitely a HEAVY HITTER. I wonder when tickets go on sale for front row seats at NUREMBERG.

      1. I am seeing this one posted intermittently, not just here but elsewhere. It is a powerful testimony and important as factual information that reveals the agenda behind the fake pandemic. Post away. Everyone should watch this one.

        1. 100% Agreed LindaL.

          It absolutely needs dissemination. Likely the best of many very good vids on the virus and the vidvax. Putting significant TEETH into commentary previously shat upon by the usual suspects. Vindicating Dr Judy Mikovits, Dr Lee Merritt, Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Delores Cahill and among many others, Alberta’s Dr Roger Hodkinson and BC’s Dr Hoffe.

          All of whom showed significant courage while maintaining their adherence to their hippocratic oath: DO NO HARM.

          1. Saw the Dr Judy Mikovits interview a few months ago. Her book “Plague of Corruption” should be out now in Canada. I checked with Chapters (Shawnessy) in Calgary about a month ago, they said the book was due July 15th. This one I’ll buy.

          2. Nancy, It’s an excellent book exposing some very scary things. She’s also coming out with a new one called Ending the Plague in August. You can pre order it now.

      2. Thanks, missed that link, been so busy I’m not able to check in as often as I am used to.

        Thanks for that…

    1. Great find Boots.

      Wondering where those numbers are from. Californication? US numbers? World-wide? Those re pretty large, regardless.

      1. Watch it….and then watch the run on tik-tok clip right after – on the Homeland Security Training Course on how to conduct a rounding up of unvaccinated rural Folks throughout rural America.

        Holy shit…!!

    2. Well Boots , it is estimated that the VAERS reporting is only 1% to maybe 10% of actual deaths and it stands at 10,991 deaths as of July 17th, now extrapolate that number, it is freaking horrendous. But hey, Canadians will still around with their heads firmly up their arses.

      1. Yup, and Allan S was doing his best to poopoo the VAERS numbers as overstated.

        I’m taking this one with a grain of salt.

    3. This aught to be most interesting. It Should come as ZERO Surprise to anyone that is even slightly curious about the VidVax, it’s apparent deadliness & it’s Immediate & potentially latent lethality.

      Many seem destined to die – those that live will be forever $$$$$Cows for the needed repeat injections.

      The Full on EVIL that is being perpetrated on HUMANITY Requires massive pushback and a shit ton of HEMP ROPE….may it come to pass.

  2. Teddy Bear Justin had a wonderful weekend at his Harrington Lake resort. Now he is burning jet fuel at taxpayer expense to the Islamic caliphate of Brampton Ont. He will be joined by his cabinet and MP lapdogs to throw money around. Unlike in other provinces where the premiers were allowed to kiss his ass, Ford has not been invited. And the bought and paid for media are excited that muslims will be releasing a list of demands today, before Mohammad Justin’s summit on Islamophobia this week.

  3. So, what’s the plan when we are hearing vaccines don’t cover the so-called Delta variant or whatever Greek alphabet variant happens to come in by plane?

    The only plan Trudeau is concerned about is his quest for majority government. Nothing tops an election when we are still reeling from lock downs and losses, timing is everything.

    1. Booster Shots are in MO, the #1 reason that folks are being coerced to take the VidVax. that part is all about the MONEY.
      Secondary side benefit is dead & sterilized people….less folks competing for the diminishing pile of materiel available.

  4. Breaking over at BNN-Bloomberg news: the US and UK state that the big Microsoft hack was carried out by the Chinese government. Four Chinese nationals have been charged.

    1. Confrontation appears to be the chicom objective.

      Sanctions and talks produce nothing but contempt. No consequences. They are ramping up to the next level.

  5. Justin Trudeau, better known as Agent .007 has been caught lying again. After he and his lapdog cabinet warned of foreign cyber influence in the upcoming fake election, the federal agency responsible for cyber attacks states they see no evidence of this. Story at Blacklock.

  6. Blackie The Olympian Boxer has quickly turned the games into an election ad. All the bought and paid for media just covered him announcing the flag bearers for Turtle Island. A black woman and a Japanese Canadian. It must have been important to him, because he had his sleeves rolled up. He is so cool.

    1. Unfortunately, like most slow learners, Canadians will have to learn the hard way.

    1. Oh, but let’s keep masking kids in school. So what if it reduces their oxygen intake, causes headaches and hampers learning.
      In Ottawa, I wrote a letter to my local counsellor objecting to an extension to the mask mandate and providing reasons. I never heard back. Next thing I know, this same counsellor is sponsoring a motion to extend the mask requirement. I think many of the people running things are ill informed. The general public is also ill informed as the media simply ignores the problems with masks.

      1. It’s not being ill informed at all.
        They have a specific agenda and will not veer from that objective.
        Same as decades ago with this global warming scam…never listened then and still doubling down on this even though the predictions failed.

        Here’s something else scary…
        Don’t trust the testing numbers.
        They too can be controlled to scare everyone into taking this dangerous concoction that they claim is a vaccination.
        Bill Gates dream of knocking off the population is currently happening.

      2. At least half of Ottawa City Council are, in general, mental defectives and specifically fiscal retards.

        1. That NDP goon now is the only one coming forward to replace Harder. Not a good situation. Say goodbye to development in Ottawa if he gets in. He’s the one who got Council to agree that we have a climate emergency.

  7. Rex Murphy talks with Anthony Furey at the National Post about progressives destroying Turtle Island.

    1. From the piece…
      “Legendary journalist Rex Murphy joins Anthony to discuss what he sees as the deliberate destruction of Canada’s history and institutions. Murphy says it’s the work of a radical minority determined to impose a Great Reset on not just the national economy, but on our democracy, our culture and our society. And he explains how the Trudeau Liberals are eagerly helping it along.” (Recorded July 7, 2021)


  8. Wretchard has a new column up at pj media.

    “Trust the science” is exactly wrong. The science is controlled by people in the NIH and the Communist Party of China. The right formula is “trust but verify”.

    1. One suspects he shall make a great politician.

      Who denies reality more than a NDP economist?

    2. The idiot from CUPE is confused. He is not an economist, he is a communist. I have read his past bull shit.

  9. Mohammad Justin’s CBC celebrates the release of 61 demands by muslims. One demand is that their prime minister must do more to fight white supremacy. And schools must teach how wonderful Islam is. Meanwhile the CBC reports another church has been burned down in B.C. This time an Orthodox Church. And a large cross that has been atop a mountain there for decades, has been torn down. Authorities warn not to jump to conclusions, even though orange paint can be seen splashed on the base.

    1. You should be see the Demands of the Native Community on CBC.
      All immigrants not born here by Native Ancestry… Get the fuck off our land you racist bastards.
      Plus give us more money for compensation for any type of harassment of decades past.
      Plus, your laws are not our laws. So fuck off trying to arrest any Native.

    2. Someone call the FBI.
      Sounds like more of them there White Supremacists.
      Place is lousy with them.
      I often worry that your local loyal loco CBC public servant may not make it to work safely.

    3. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/national-muslim-council-policy-recommendations-1.6108161

      “Funding for a proposed National Support Fund for Survivors of Hate-Motivated Crimes.
      An investigation into national security agencies and how they deal with white supremacist groups, and whether they have infiltrated those agencies.
      New provisions in the Criminal Code around hate-motivated assault, murder, threats and mischief that include specific penalties corresponding to each infraction.
      A federal anti-Islamophobia strategy by the end of 2021.
      Funding for Muslim storytelling.
      Provincial legislation that bars white supremacist groups from rallying on provincial property.
      A review of school curriculum with an anti-Islamophobic lens and resources for Muslim students.
      Municipal street harassment bylaws that address verbal assault.
      Local community-based anti-Islamophobic initiatives and anti-Islamophobia advisory councils.”

      The CBC attached their document if you want to read more.

      Seems like a Special Treatment List if you axe me, but I didn’t see a We Get To Hate Jews With Impunity demand, so that’s something.

  10. More information on the latest church burning in B.C. An arson attempt was made at it last week as well. Its a Coptic Orthodox church which means its members are from Egypt, where Christians are persecuted by the muslim majority. Still no comment from Blackie yet, although he was pretty quick to express outage when the mosque in Cambridge was vandalized.