18 Replies to “Frankly My Dear”

    1. Kenji… this is going to be a Richard Gere gerbil crack free zone.

      Your comment will stay up as a warning to others.

  1. And we are as distant from Blazing Saddles as Blazing Saddles was from The Jazz Singer.

  2. We’re now as distant in time from Lawrence of Arabia (1962) as Lawrence of Arabia was from the Great Train Robbery (1903)

  3. We’re nearly as distant from Blade Runner as BR is from The Maltese Falcon (the third and best version of the story).

  4. We are as distant from Wag the Dog as Wag the Dog is from The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

  5. We’re closer in time to Cleopatra (1963) than Cleopatra (1963) was to Cleopatra.

    Wait, can you come back to me.

  6. We are farther away from the writing of “Beowulf” than “Beowulf” was from the birth of Christ.

  7. American Gigolo? Never seen it, and seeing the few strange comments, I’ll make sure I never do see it. As a really good friend often says, “thanks for the warning”.