29 Replies to “You’ll Love Being Chinese”

  1. That’s a lot of Dollaramas and Canadian Tires. Had no idea that they were in almost every country!

  2. And yet Canada sends 4% of our taxes to China in the name of foreign aid.
    Aren’t a lot of those companies in China American?

  3. I think I’m turning Chimese, I really think so, do, do, do, do, do,do,do

    1. Your turning….
      Our politicians love their great kick back bonuses.

      One thing that I’ve really learned from buying with China…
      Their products get more inferior as the quality falls off and tanks.
      One of the drawbacks of reliance on foreign nations.

    1. You will have to take the whu who flu shot to qualify, if you live through it.

  4. Easy to implement a long-term economic plan under a totalitarian regime, while members of Western governments are dithering over what pronouns to use to address one another.

  5. Wells Fargo and Morgan are already ending lines of credit to small business and closing accounts. Local suppliers can not get products. Example wanted graph paper local IDA sells this usually. Told me no reorders because supplier enforcing minimum orders of 6000 dollars on paper products. They can never sell that much in a year so just quit selling paper. So no more graph paper locally. Same at parts stores etc. The system is locking up. Expect chaos. I did mention months back that by mid summer late summer expect chaos.

  6. And if you want to see who is responsible for this go look in a mirror. We as a Nation have for years demanded that the things we bought on a daily basis were cheaper and less expensive. So the manufacturers went out and sourced cheaper products.. first from Japan, their products were crap at first then they got very good and they took over the home entertainment electronics field and we lost a whole industry : then we demanded ” even cheaper” so the manufacturers went to China, first to buy said products and then moved manufacturing facilities there. Their products started out being crap and it has only gotten worse. Now the Chinese have our intellectual property, our manufacturing expertise and our jobs; notice how the Chinese have never designed or built anything on there own, they have had to steal it ! Next it will be our national defense “such as it is” and because they seem to have a good hold on our Liberal Government it wont be too long before we will be having to learn Mandarin… just my 2 cents worth….Steve O

    1. At least Japan didn’t set up propaganda units at universities nor did it enforce a one child policy or forcibly repatriate North Koreans or fix currency or basically any of the crap that China does.

    2. Agreed SteveO, I remember as a child of about ten years old, looking at cheap plastic Japanese toys through a store window. Now cheap has moved on to China, but there are others such as Bangladesh, and other places that make cheap stuff, by using almost slave labour. Yet those other countries don’t seem to want to become the most dominant totalitarian world state. At least the Japanese stuff kept improving as they became more sophisticated in manufacturing. The Japanese were focused on improving their economy and their citizens way of life, not so the Chinese, they are focused on becoming Number One! The way things are “progressing”, if that is the right word, in a few years, north America will be the third world slave labour market. We certainly appear to be moving in that direction, and picking up speed as we “progress” to becoming a third world vassal state of China!

  7. Amazing that now you can clearly see the world balance of power shifting to China. Not just militarily, but economically and culturally. The US is no longer the pre-eminent country on the world stage – and the present leadership is busily accelerating the decline. As for Canada, we barely qualify for “vassal state” status; just a minor province that occasionally needs to be taught a lesson to keep our place.

    1. As I have posted previously, I am a “geography and history” nerd. You must always be careful about making future predictions by extending the existing status quo. In my reading of history, just when you think life will continue on a “jig”, it “jags”. A classic example of this was in the 1890’s, the local governments of cities in the NE United States were very worried about the piles of horse manure from all the horse-drawn carriages/carts. Within 30 years, with the advent of the automobile, horse manure was only found on farms.
      I think (and hope) that demographics will “get” Red China.

      1. I think (and hope) that demographics will “get” Red China

        Thanks to decades of the One Child Policy and sex-selective abortion China has a surplus of young men with no hope of having a wife and family of their own.

        There’s no way that will end well.

  8. Don’t look at me. I check labels and avoid “made in China”. Every dollar I spend, I do my best to direct it towards people who do not hate everything I believe in.

  9. I have some quibbles with the chart, some of which have already been stated above.

    What it does show me, however, is that if conditions do not change (who’s going to stand up to them?), who in their right mind would believe that the Chinese are going to willingly restrict their position in the world to “member of the globalist order”? They’re shooting for number 1 and they’re well on their way to getting there, the rest of the world be damned.
    Highlights for me again, the hoax that is global warming.

  10. This is what happens when unions and regulations destroy a country’s competitive edge, in this case almost an entire hemisphere’s edge; China was poised to fill the void.

  11. Even though it has nothing to do with trade – the Moon and Mars – the presence of the Chicoms at two other “worlds” is a sign of some big-time power.

  12. Here is a little bit of predicting the future by Pres Bill Clinton when he voted to allow China into the World Trade Organization in 2000. He knew that in ten years time, his strategy would be a great advance for the US and the world.


    However the article does admit that the US only lost millions of jobs due to the move.
    Thank you Mr Clinton.

  13. I’d be curious to see this comparison for the years 2017 to 2020, so we can see what being held directly as hostages for over a year looks like, as compared to “recent normal”.