24 Replies to “One Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest”

  1. … there’s no suggestion it was an intentional release.

    Really? Why not? What evidence do you have that can prove the leak was *ahem* unintentional? What sort of evidence would prove either/or? That has to be the most fraudulent, misleading statement I’ve ever heard.

    I have an entirely different working theory … that is far more sinister. Why? Because this entire disaster is just … too perfect.

    1. Is there a trail of evidence that the virus was secretly used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to undermine the re-election of Donald Trump, to damage the recovery of the US economy and to punish the Trump Administration for its tough stand against China?

      IMO this was a planned and deliberate attack on the US. The fact that it has crippled other democracies around the world is a bonus for China and the CCP because it is allowing them to accelerate their push to become the dominant superpower in the world ahead of schedule.

      That the ‘illuminati’ in the mainstream media, political leadership, and business and economic leadership have buried this deliberate attack is not a surprise. They all wanted Trump removed from leadership because ‘Making America Great Again’ disrupted their agenda of achieving a global cabal of government and business interests.

  2. China shut down all travel from Wuhan to the rest of China, but still allowed international travel.

    Was this to deliberately spread the virus?

    China wanted to get Trump out of office. Was COVID a means to an end?

    Next notice how Democrat politicians behaved: the China travel ban was “racist and xenophobic” (Biden); Go out to restaurants and enjoy yourself (deBlasio and Pelosi); New York is ready for this (Cuomo); etc. Almost like they wanted COVID to spread figuring it would hurt Trump’s re-election chances.

  3. China would make such an excellent precision nuclear attack test site. If you got the politburo and the top 50,000 CCP officials, could that be anything other than effective sewage treatment and generally good for the gene pool? Sure there would be collateral damage, but much less than Covid has unleashed.

  4. I have a much better conspiracy theory. Covid-19 was created in the US Army’s biological warfare laboratory (USAMRIID) in Ft. Detrick, MD, and was planted in Wuhan province by US Army athletes participating in the 2019 Military Games being held there.

    Considering the evident surprise the Chinese exhibited, and their initial bumbling, a US source is a more convincing story.

    1. Comrade Bob,
      How many renmimbi did the Chicom’s pay you for that bullshit?
      The same story is on Wikipedia’s Wuhan Military Games site so everyone else here then knows for sure its bullshit.

    2. Yeah, right. I have a much better conspiracy theory. You and your comrades are all in with The Great Reset.

    3. If it came from the US Army biological warfare facility the Democrats would blame COVID on Trump, who was President and Commander in Chief at the time of the outbreak.

      1. Yep. It would’ve been a slam-dunk impeachment, followed by arrest and federal detention.

        And “bob”, that story was pushed by the Chinese themselves. Is that the hill you want to die on? It came to me through Chinese channels before the West ever heard of it. The CCP *always* deflects responsibility. Always. Kinda like the Democrats/Liberals, now that I think of it.

    4. BOB.. thats a pretty bigt stretch.

      But I will say there are many (Govt Shunned Medical Dissident types), who will tell ya for the asking, FAUCI (likely Gates as well), was involved, that research on gain of function on corona Viruses was indeed performed at not only at Ft Dietrick but in Wuhan & The Lab in Winnipeg.

      Wasn’t it also Dr. Zhi Shengli who was looking into this alley of research as far back as 2014…?? And in fact, publishing papers that basically stated they could make one of these Bat viruses into one that could infect Humans.??

      Wet market me arse bys
      Manufactured CCP Virus….Via Winnipeg
      INTENTIONALLY let out….And I’m betting they have one or more that are significantly more lethal waiting in the wings.

      This one was just to set the stage: 14 months of Human Conditioning

      1. They don’t need a more lethal version. This one has done the trick and it’s genius. Why develop a virus that kills almost everyone when this one got everything they need including their Manchurian President? I’m thinking designing a deadly but not super deadly virus was what was going on in Wuhan.

  5. I believe that the only saving grace is that the WEAPON wasn’t ready yet; its release was premature.
    I also believe that this accounts for our “leader’s” harebrained response to the resulting outbreak. They thought it was the actual completed weapon and not a version that wasn’t ready yet and so they all shat themselves, threw their established pandemic response plans away, put the “health officer” apparatchiks in charge and promptly hid. Now they’re stuck in narrative preservation mode.

    1. Maybe but who wants to rule a world where almost everyone died? No money in that and a hell of a mess. I believe this virus was designed as the perfect biological weapon. Either that or, if it was accidental, Chinese Intelligence pounced on the opportunity. I’m sure they war game all this stuff. Anyway, it did the trick any way you look at it. They got away with it and got everything they wanted or will have soon. Genius! Now shut up and wear your mask!

    2. This is what I think too. It was let out too early. They weren’t done with it yet.

    1. Millions were sent home to get sicker without any treatment although there are treatments. However, since Trump was in favor of them, that wouldn’t do. Of course, without hundreds of thousands of deaths, the whole plan would have been useless and … they still had to rig the election!

    2. This is why the administration of these homes has been so quick to lock everyone down and keep visitors away and so slow to open up again. They don’t want family members snooping around and noticing neglect.

  6. Hardly matters at this point.
    As a pandemic it was a miserable failure.
    As a revelation into how pathetic western leadership is,it was an outstanding success.
    The collapse of Welfare Government is revealed as well advanced.
    The much bragged about “Free Healthcare” “Civil Liberties” and gracious society of the “free” West have been exposed as utter scams..
    Chinese citizens can take comfort,their home grown rulers are better organized and much less dangerous to most of them ,than our “Well meaning Nitwits.
    And Russia ,Russia of all places, has greater civil freedoms than Canada..
    CS Lewis was right.
    The destructive “benevolence” of our enlightened freeloaders is incalculable,especially if you use Emperor Justine’s maths..
    Only in Canada can bequeathing each and every taxpayer a personal debt beyond all comprehension,be called “A Good Thing” by the media and parasitic overload..
    “Hi Canada,we love you so much we have cursed you and your offspring into the distant future with debt beyond your wildest dreams and mathematical comprehension..”
    Public Education is so good.

    Either way China wins.
    Malice or accident ?
    Their intent has never wavered,the Middle Kingdom shall rule,by any means possible.
    I will not be surprised as Canada dissolves,for China to proclaim all “First Comers to this land” as hereditary Chinese citizens,for all our “authorities” claim these first comers came from the region that is now China..So The Great Empire must accept responsibility and step in…
    And who is going to stop it?
    Power comes from ?

    What was the joke the other day?
    Optimists learn English,Pessimists learn Mandarin and Realists buy guns and learn to use them..
    Looking forward to the revival of religion.
    “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”.
    Such is the glorious way FORWARD.

    We are beyond pathetic,when we become so terrified of living that we can be utterly cowed by a flu virus..
    May as well dig that grave and crawl on it.
    “I’ll Go Too” by Stiff Little Fingers” kinda sums us up.
    When did we forget that life is incredibly short in geological terms?
    That a Giant Redwood or Kauri sees us as passing insects and that death is in the circle of life..
    Did we become so involved in “First world problems” that we forgot to live?

    Telephone Sanitizers one and all.