34 Replies to “Rules Don’t Apply to Trudeau”

  1. It’s not his fault, I don’t blame him.

    I blame Regina Wascana, and all the other safe Liberal voters in Canada.

    The problem is the same as in the NHL; you want Sydney Crosby gone, you call up one of your 300 goons from your AHL affiliate. No serious penalty for the team, no salary cap hit, nothing.

    In politics, this is the secret ballot. There is no way to tie any individual to their vote; no way to say YOU VOTED FOR A CARBON TAX, YOU ARE FIRST IN LINE.

  2. You know why he’s able to get away with all of it? Sarah Silverman had it wrong. It’s because he’s Christ returned to earth, not Greta Carbonthingy. (Yeah, right).

      No ifs ands or buts.
      OTOH, Western Canada must separate if he doesn’t. Now, or within 10 to 30 years.

      (A gentleman who came here a few weeks ago asked me about my ‘HBC’ red flag outside. I told him ALL about it. Even fessed up to being a separatist. Guess that makes it official!)


        He won’t. Shame is for little people.

        His disciples will not only forgive him (“Well, you know, boys will be boys.”), they will scourge us, the great unwashed, for not bowing down in worship to His Majesty.

        Meanwhile, Trump is a sexist pig and should be impeached. And, yes, I encountered someone who thought along those lines.

        Oh, and Prinz Dummkopf will win with an increased majority with this. His “blackfacedness” are a sign that he’s one of us.

        1. I know, you’re right.
          I just read that CNN is on Prinz’s side. Saw Don Lemon’ s nonsense, it was on a replay on FNC. Western Canaduh will probably never separate from those dweebs.

          (Two knit, one purl, two knit, one purl.
          Need slippers?)

          1. From the brief YouTube clips I’ve seen, Don Lemon is a crap artist, but since he’s with CNN, that’s hardly surprising. If he said that the sun was shining outside, I’d look out the window to make sure.

            As for the knitting, I’ll pass. In the last few months, while I’m settling my father’s estate, I sold or donated more fabric and wool than I care to think of…. and I’m not done with that yet.

      2. I believe two things are now blaringly obvious:

        1. Justin Trudeau is not a truthful person

        2. Justin Trudeau sees things differently and does not seem to realize just how much of a danger he is to women and visible minorities.

        If Justin Trudeau does not have the spine and ethics to do the right, honorable thing and resign immediately, and he does not; then I propose that for the safety of all involved Justin Trudeau be required to wear the following at all times:


  3. It has begun. CNN is apologizing for him and supporting him right now. Watch other lefty biased MSM take heart from this and follow suit as soon as they think Canadians can stomach their tripe

  4. I listened to CBC and CKOM radio a bit today.
    The only actual adult comment regarding this has been from Max but neither station mentioned his comments.
    We got the NDP, Cons, Greens, and Liberal comments, all the usual boringly predictable BS.

    As for CKOM they advertise their election coverage with a clip of Trudeau talking about defending jobs.
    They are still repeating the ridiculous lie that SNC had anything to do with jobs.

  5. Turdhole may be a racist and a criminal, it runs in the Family, like mental illness, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to lose the support from the Poutine Media, not a chance… The Poutine Media will continue to protect the racist criminal prick and are already doing their best to down play the whole scandal. Anyone else in this situation would be toast, fini, savaged by the corrupted Media, resign the Media would scream, he must resign, but Turdhole has the whole Globalist Media machine protecting him from reality. Turdhole is angry he got caught and he’s angry that he has to insincerely apologize, but the act must go on and it surely will.

    1. Turdhole is angry he got caught

      That’s the only reason he apologized. The depth of his contrition is microscopically small.

      1. Today our racist Liberal ruler blamed his blatant racism on, wait for it, “white privilege”, the guy is shameless… Its “white privilege’s” fault that Turdhole is a racist. It’s pathetic, sad and disturbing. You see, Turdhole is the victim here, a victim of “white privilege” and everyone else is simply experiencing Turdholes racism differently from him.

        1. I guess I’m just a better man than Justin because even though I’m immersed in the same culture of white privilege I’ve haven’t put on blackface.
          Three times.
          Nor have I ever committed a serious crime like obstructing justice, despite all this white privilege.
          I haven’t run afoul of an ethics commission, twice, even though I’m practically drowning in white privilege.
          Maybe Justin Trudeau is just a deeply flawed and morally weak person and that’s why he’s such a corrupt racist.
          It appears that there are many other political leaders that can withstand the terrible temptations of white privilege without succumbing to the overwhelming urge to grab the shoe polish.
          Maybe we should try one of them as PM.

    While dressed in Black/Brown Face how did he act, what did he say and how did he say it?
    I seriously doubt that dressing up was all he did. I suspect that he acted the part as well and may have said or done things that were significantly more disrespectful that appearing in Black/Brown Face???

    1. How did he act? The picture answers that question. What normal heterosexual man poses in a group picture with four women and drapes himself all over one of them, as Trudeau did in the picture. Perhaps an arm casually wrapped around the waist of women on either side would have been more appropriate, but a hand hanging down a woman’s cleavage is a bit rich.

  7. If you are a rich libtard, white privilege is actually a get out of jail card.
    I didn’t know any better because of layers of white privilege. (The obverse is, if a deplorable did it he should be hung, because he should have known better since he wasn’t privileged like I was.)
    And all the mediots jump to agree with him.

  8. What the hell is a “racialized community”. Is it a city where everyone has been moved, thanks to Liberal party multi-cu;lturalism, into racial ghettos? Is it “black” “brown” opr “yellow” “communities”? Is race now the defining characteristic of Canadians? Isn’t THAT racist?

    The PPC is opposed to the ghettoization of Canada.

    1. “What the hell is a ‘racialized community’.”

      I make it a general principle never to use such terminology.

      If you do, you’re simply letting your opponents set the terms of the debate.

  9. conservatives should be ashamed and angry about all the times they’ve given in to liberal accusations of racism. Never gonna learn the standards don’t apply equally.

  10. This truly is the face of the Liberal party. How come we’re not seeing ads with that line yet? This clearly is how Liberals and their voters think – black and brown people are good for votes and mockery, but that’s about it. This is who all Liberals are, in their dead little hearts.

    Sadly, I think the others are correct here. This will give Trudeau an over the top majority. The Greens will be the official opposition, with just 4 seats.

  11. Frankly, most people could care less except libs made the rule exist for conservatives and really want to be excluded from it.

  12. So Sorry to hear about the recent spate of Black-outs in Canada

    Still, with a bit of soap and a good scrub, it should all come off. (don’t forget to tell him to do behind his ears)

  13. Has anyone else noticed his super tight jean shorts in the short video. The camera pans down – on purpose I think – because there is a long tubular bulge running down his leg from his crotch. I don’t think the members natural member is really that big 🙂 I’m sure Trudeau would have thought this stereotypical touch to be hilarious with the blackface

    1. Yeah, fearless leader placed a banana down his pants and his T-shirt shows an image of bananas in a bunch… but thats not racist… you know, inferring that black people are apes that like to eat bananas and have oversized schlongs is not in the slightest way racist because the inference comes from dear little Justine the Turdhole, thankfully for Turdhole the Media haven’t noticed these blatant racist expressions either, and never will.

  14. Starting to enjoy this. The more obvious it becomes, that Canada is dead from suicide, the quicker we get the west out.

    The only way to never have another Prime Minister Trudeau, is UDI. People are ever so slowly realizing it. Anyone you meet who expresses any belief in Canada, slap them immediately. We need to make sure people that stupid are never allowed to breed.

  15. We’ve had our fun, he isn’t going to resign, but the voters get the final say. If the Liberal vote comes in 5 to 10 per cent below expectations before this happened, and they lose a significant number of seats, then his career may be shortened by this episode. If not, he will have developed political teflon and will judge accordingly what other things he can get away with. His political opponents should emphasize this fact to the voters — your choice whether you want to reward or punish this kind of behaviour. The excuse of it being in the past and not indicative of the person he has become is already suspect after Kinsella’s comments about his more recent actions during the terrorist incident five years ago, as well as his reported handling of MP interactions. Remember that elbow he tossed at a female opposition MP? That wasn’t a youthful prank.

    (In any case, the person he has become seems like an even stronger reason to vote against the man.)

    He should resign, but I’m fairly sure he won’t unless the polls take a drastic turn, and I don’t see that happening because long-time Liberal supporters are going to look the other way and pretend this didn’t happen. However not all of them will reach that state of mind by election day and I imagine the Liberal vote will be reduced somewhat. With so many parties in the running, losing 3 to 5 per cent could mean dozens of seats lost for the Liberals.

    All bets are off however if there are worse videos yet to come. Pierre was lucky nobody had cell phones in 1942 or whenever he was pretending to be a Nazi in Montreal.