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    1. Not necessarily.

      Both of my parents were journeymen in their respective trades. I encountered people who thought that I betrayed my social class by going off and getting a university education.

      I spent several years in industry, many of them hard, before I started my teaching position. Yet, there were colleagues who thought that because I had a master’s degree that I led a life of pure privilege. My other experience was, in their minds, nullified and irrelevant.

  1. So it has been quite a day. The spin masters won’t get much sleep tonight. The story is evolving and appears to me the spin will be this is all the results of white privlage. Obviously, this will require a concerted program to educate the offending group. I would like to point out something of the privlaged whites I grew up and attended school with. I attended a small town school during the last half of the sixties. Many of the families were large. A good portion of these people lived in homes without running water. Some of you will comprehend this, others will have to digest this. In a nutshell people were dirt poor. I guess we were privileged, as we had running water. However if you think I lived five star, my dresser was six wooden orange crates stacked with a curtain cover. Many of these people went on to successful careers and businesses. I am sure it was only due to their “white” privileges. It would have nothing to do with their hard work and integrity. Justin Trudeau says he has a blind spot ( his exscuse) . Plenty of our media support this. They have no clue as to the position of privlage they enjoy nor the struggle to put them there.

  2. I’ve spent my whole life trying to help people, except those times when I was doing something else, which actually amounts to 98.79% of the time. Oh well, vote for me anyway. I’m cute.

  3. Kate, you got to juxtapose this:

    Old and busted:
    “Racism at work. The equivalent of blackface. Media should be all over this. Straight out of a propaganda textbook. ” ~ Bob Rae, June 27, 2019

    New hotness:
    “There are moments in politics that are tests of character. Mr Trudeau’s full apology tonight for thoughtless behaviour 18 years ago is a first step on a journey that can be a lesson for all of us.” ~ Bob Rae, September 19, 2019

    Actual tweets screen captured here: https://www.thepostmillennial.com/trudeau-must-resign-because-he-would-not-allow-himself-to-run/

  4. BTW, here’s Quebec nationalist cartoonist/artist Henri Julien’s representation of Liberal P.M. Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s cabinet as the By-town C00ns minstrels — a frequent theme of his. (By-town being Ottawa)


    [Picture link.]

  5. The VIRGIN Canadian Wignat cries out “White Genocide” as his country is flooded with legions of Muslim migrants, while the CHAD Justin Trudeau simply colors his face with dark brown shoe polish and metamorphoses into an Ottoman sultan with a multiracial harem of nubile concubines


  6. Oh Noooo. More shootings in diverse Toronto last night by men in blackface. Meanwhile Gerald Butts has his bought and paid for media in full damage control this morning. Trudeau’s CBC had coverage of Al Jolson’s rally last night, before a carefully selected crowd. People complained about old photos and stories being brought up about Groper. The Liberal Party would never do that against their opponents. Justin complained that racism is running rampant in Canada. Meanwhile Justin fan girl Katie Simpson at the CBC ranted about Hitler Scheer releasing the video, and demanded that Scheer apologize for his views on abortion and gay marriage. And lots of interviews of people in downtown Toronto who still think Blackface Justin is wonderful. In other news, Trudeau’s Globe and Mail reports that third party groups are spending millions on the election. Mostly from unions. This should make that head honcho of the Canadian Labour Congress happy, as he gives more interviews to Venezuela television in Syria. And Warmington has an interesting story at the Toronto Sun website on how Groper treated Karen Wang.

    1. He’s Canada’s Beto O’Rourke? Not Barry O?
      Here’s what FNC’s “The FIVE” had to say about the latest Trudeau fiasco:


      HRH Prinz Groper has made things worse for himself with his ‘woke’ apology. The World is laughing at him but Liberals forgive him.

      1. Liberals forgive him

        I was in my apartment complex’s gym bright and early this morning. Someone had left the TVs running and one of them was tuned to CBC Newsthingy. In the few moments that I was exposed to its blather, there wasn’t a single negative word about HRH Prinz Dummkopf of the House of Blackface.

        He’ll win with a larger majority. Regrettably, Canadian voters are that stupid.

        1. …..”HRH Prinz Dummkopf of the House of Blackface.”

          HA! That’s brilliant!
          ☆°*☆ POW!
          *°☆*° ZAP!
          Ah Ha ha ha!

  7. Liberals trying to change the blackface story by deflecting onto another hot topic saved for a time like this and our corrupt media will comply feverishly and Canadians will swallow it wholeheartedly.

    As of this morning, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has only one event on his schedule: A mid-morning policy reveal at a Don Valley hotel, where he’s expected to provide more detail on how his party plans to tackle gun crime, as well as take questions from the media.

    1. On Trudeau’s schedule today: you say:
      “A mid-morning policy reveal at a Don Valley hotel, where he’s expected to provide more detail on how his party plans to tackle gun crime, as well as take questions from the media.”

      He’s Canada’s Beto O’Rourke now!

  8. Tucker Carlson:

    “Trudeau is the most sanctimonious Head Of State on Planet Earth”.


    Can’t argue with that.

    It is just so nice to see the Liberal Party’s Identity Politics blow up in their face for a change.

    Frikkin downright exhilarating!

    Sadly, the Canadian Media will get right to work covering up this little peek into Canadian Truthiness.

    1. Fox News was all over it last night with the Trudeau idiocy- their coverage of him is more lengthy lately.

  9. From Max

    That’s exactly the kind of hypocrisy and twisted logic I denounced back in February, and all the leftist media went ballistic.

    I wonder if they would to the same extent today…

    Political correctness is just a leftist weapon against common sense.


    Barbara Kay

    Funny how blackface is about the worst thing you can do, because it mocks blacks, but drag queens mocking women are the darlings of society and we’re told they are paying homage to women. Uh huh. Just saying…

  10. But I thought womyn had recently overtaken vizmins on the LIberal Woke Scale.

    So, shouldn’t it be worse to dress up and pretend to be a womyn?

    Although I’m sure the Finger Bowl Intellect has a collection of those.

    It’s so hard to keep up with Liberal Identity Politics and their fellow travelers in the Canadian Media.

      1. I’ve spent my life in the dog house for my tart tongue, mockiness and revelling in the truth.
        At least my version.

        Liberals and I are from different planets.
        Reality and wherever they are from.

        So mock away!

  11. Gerald Butts knew this story was going to come out about his little hand puppet. So he has his bought and paid for media accusing Hitler Scheer today, of being beholden to the gun lobby. Yes Blackface Groper’s CBC is pushing the story that Scheer is a puppet of the gun lobby, and only Justin can save us with his announcement in Toronto today. Lots of pictures of Groper taking selfies with only women in the city, and they had Bob Rae on to explain that Justin is wonderful.

  12. Future Canadian history course multiple-choice question:

    “Which of the following Canadian prime ministers once performed in blackface?

    a. Sir John A. Macdonald
    b. Sir Wilfred Laurier
    c. William Lyon Mackenzie King
    d. John Diefenbaker
    e. Jean Chrétien
    f. Justin Trudeau”

  13. There must have been a corporate memo advising local CBC what to do:
    – CBC in Calgary interviewed diverse people here; three out of four were not offended by these 18 year old photos and videos.
    – They played an interview with someone from the Vancouver school where the racist event happened. He noted that everyone was having a great multi-cultural time and no one was offended, not even the culturally diverse organizers of the costume party.
    – They interviewed a political pundit and pollster who were deeply offended but forgave Justin due to his heartfelt apology and suggested that it might have no more impact on the election than the scandalous Jason Kenney interview with Charles Adler.

    Key take-aways:
    – It’s not immoral or illegal if a Liberal does it. More so for the Teflon Con
    – What someone claims you did 30 years ago as a teen is indicative of your character if you are a conservative, but actual pictures of what you did in your late 20s as a Liberal is water under the bridge.
    – The CBC will financially benefit from the Liberals winning so it’s not an arm’s length relationship. They should be banned from reporting on federal elections.

  14. Anyone know how to kindle a “sacred” fire?

    It is time to just take matters into our own hands. Kenney ain’t gonna shut off the taps to BC. Moe ain’t gonna do anything besides talk. It is time to shut down the rail going east and south.

    I vow that there will never be another CNR pipeline or CPR pipeline leaving this province.

  15. If white privilege is to blame why aren’t you wearing blackface?
    Why aren’t any of the other leaders wearing blackface?
    Looks to me like we need a PM that isn’t weak and that can resist this terrible urge paint their face black.
    We all are immersed in this horrifying ocean of white privilege.
    The only way to defeat this terrible scourge is to elect a leader that has a track record of bravely resisting the siren song of the Shoe Polish.
    Justin Trudeau doesn’t need our condemnation, the poor broken down soul deserves our pity and kindness, like a heroin addict or any other derelict broken by the terrible temptations of white privilege or drug addiction.
    He will never be healed of his affliction while under the stress of his current job.
    Do the poor man a favour, boot his ass out of power.
    Let him heal in peace..

  16. The way that Prinz Dummkopf slithered his way out of his blackfacing makes me wonder whether he was ever raised to accept any personal responsibility for anything he ever did.

    I can imagine Maggie catching him with his hand in the cookie jar and his excuse was that it was the fault of the kitchen staff for putting it where he could get into it. How many cooks or nannies were fired at 24 Sussex because of his antics?

    We don’t have an adult as a PM. We have someone who’s level of maturity hasn’t even reached pre-adolescence.

  17. Here’s some information we dare not let get out to liberal voters.
    That if they want to stop Scheer from becoming PM they should vote for the PPC. So whatever you do, don’t tell liberals that if they vote PPC it will keep the CPC from winning the election.
    We don’t want liberals to start telling other liberal voters that valuable information lest they vote PPC to stop the conservatives from winning.
    Such an outcome would be devastating.

    See what I did there.

  18. Blackface Groper just gave his Harper is evil speech in Toronto. He ranted how all the violence in cities is because of Harper. He then spewed a bunch of lies that Hitler Scheer will weaken gun laws, get rid of gun registration, and make it easier to buy assault weapons. He also announced a ban on assault type weapons, and will be buying them back. If you don’t accept the buyback you will be a criminal. And he will allow cities to ban hand guns. That should stop men in blackface from shooting up Toronto. Remember people are being shot because of Harper, and Scheer will make it worse.

    1. Don’t forget, he also promised a return of long gun registry so they too will get confiscated in the future. Shameless sociopath whore.

  19. Good news for Toronto. Mayor John Tory has made an announcement regarding the most important issue facing the city. He has declared a climate emergency.

    1. Did you hear any sirens, like the air raid ones we heard during the Cuban crisis in Tronna back then?
      I mean, if there’s some emergency like climate, get on it Tory.

    2. I came across a chart indicating what percentage of a population believe in man- made global warming. In the US it was only 38% — amazing, given all the propaganda. Most other countries were at or below 50%. That’s encouraging . The gullible were in India and Spain. Not sure why, but in those two countries, people were big believers. I think religion may have something to do with it.

        1. Surely you do not mean that man made global warming is a scientific fact? That simply is not verifiable. And if you have information that it is verifiable, do shard, as there are many scientific arguments countering the AGW theory.

      1. He’s right. Justin Trudeau is not good for Canada. I think he has lost Liberals their traditional base.

  20. Right now Trudeau’s CTV has as its main story that Hitler Scheer is dodging the question on whether he will apologize for past comments about gay marriage. Yes that is more important than Groper wearing blackface. Six hundred million dollars in bribe money is sure paying off.

  21. In southern California for the weekend, it truly is like being in East Berlin in 1985 if that benighted city were in a desert. Everything is subject to regulation, I discovered that the enviruses are eliminating the private septic systems (the environment!) and forcing all Yucca Valley residents to hook up to the centrally planned sewer system at a forced cost of $20,000 per household with the state kindly adding the amount to their property with a one percent vig. I am certain if one were to examine the audit trail on this nonsense, you would find a convenient junction of private interests leveraging the gun of the state; much like the requirement in AZ for rabies vaccines for all pets unfortunate enough to have owners who license them to provide a nice guaranteed income for AZ veterinarians.

    Wild animals accounted for 91 percent of reported cases of rabies in 2017. The lack of cooperation of wildlife to get their vaccinations leaves scientists baffled.

    The rabies scam is even affecting the Brexiteers as the apparatchiks in Brussels put the screws to the runaway slaves.

    Once we crossed the state line from free AZ (relatively), fuel prices increased a solid dollar per gallon in the benighted California landscape.

    Not to be outdone, the feds:

    “While spending a record $4,155,323,000,000, the Feral government ran a deficit of $1,067,156,000,000.” Total federal tax theft in the first eleven months of fiscal 2019 equaled $3,088,167,000,00.”

    Keep in mind that Comrade-Governor Gavin in Calidishu has proposed a record 213 billion dollar budget to fund the Soviet experiment on the west coast. Six percent minus of the total budget approved by the Mango Emperor.

    They tax and regulate EVERYTHING in Cali…

    “When California rolled out its marijuana tax plan, I, and pretty much everyone else who follows the industry from a business perspective, cringed. Aside from state and local taxation that would apply to any retail sale, California also tacked on a 15% excise tax to recreational weed sales, along with a cultivation tax on growers. This tax worked out to either $9.25 per ounce of cannabis flower, or $2.75 per ounce of cannabis leaves. All told, consumers in some counties could be paying as much as 45% in aggregate tax on legal weed.”

    Of course they did.


    A stack of one-dollar bills equivalent to this current revenue theft is 281,983 miles, the rough equivalent of the distance between the Earth and the moon.

    That 22 trillion-dollar stack of one debt-buck bills is equivalent to 1,493,052 miles.

    No social shifts have caused greater quakes than collectivist women’s causes in concert with the franchise at the federal level enabling the mass transfer of wealth from other people’s wallets and the curious notion of indenturing the unborn through debt without their permission. The notion of collectivism is built on the perversion that humans are nothing but economic engines and beasts of burden to fashion the vision of violence brokers. Taxpayers are the modern equivalent of Hebrew slaves building the pyramids for the Egyptian political class.

    We know why:

    “However good their intentions are, progressives cannot be trusted with unchecked power, for the simple reason that no human beings can be trusted with unchecked power. It is precisely because their behavior is so well explained by power maximization that we should do everything we can to keep them from it.”




  22. This is ridiculous

    “Canada’s Trudeau pledges assault rifle ban, pivots campaign amid blackface scandal”


    Like Canadians are armed up to their teeth with assault rifles.
    Of course there is always a chance that the LIV’s will think that there are thousands of assault rifles among the population and in stores.

    The whole proclamation is a lie and the airhead will get away with it, even elected.

    1. This is almost enough to get me to vote CPC.

      Of course the ‘holes over at the Sun newspapers can take quite a bit of responsibility for this. They’ve spent years ginning up a fake gun crime crisis because they were butthurt over the end of carding.

  23. From Max

    Maxime Bernier

    The reason @JustinTrudeau should be defeated is not the costumes and makeup he wore at parties decades ago.

    It’s that he’s a fraud and has been the worst Canadian Prime Minister in recent memory.

  24. Story Time.
    …..Relax and grab a brew:

    It’s a slow day in a small town and the streets are deserted. Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and everybody’s is living on credit.

    A tourist visiting the area drives through town, stops at the motel, and lays down a $100 bill on the desk saying he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs to pick one for the night. As soon as he walks upstairs, the motel owner grabs the bill and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher. The butcher takes the $100 and heads off to pay his supplier at the Co- Op. The guy at the Co-Op takes the $100 and runs to pay his debt to the local prostitute, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer her “services” on credit. The hooker rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill with the hotel owner.

    The motel proprietor then places the $100 bill back on the counter so the traveler will not suspect anything. At that moment the traveler comes down the stairs, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, picks up the $100 bill and leaves.

    No one produced anything. No one earned anything. However, the whole town now thinks that they are out of debt and there is a false atmosphere of optimism and glee.

    And that, my friends is how “government stimulus package” works!

  25. Trump has been a boon to Canada.


    “The Trump tariffs on China have turned into a boon for Canadian farmers. China stopped buying agricultural products from U.S. farmers to retaliate for the Trump administration imposing tariffs on imports from China. According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report, “Canada’s share of total Chinese imports of wheat has rocketed above 60% in (Marketing Year) 2018/19, up from 32% in 2017/18, as U.S. wheat exports to China have plunged.”

    1. Thanks. Great post. I regularly listen to your videos. Guess you must have noticed that most of the people who post here aren’t voting for that bum Trudeau. I’m worried about voter fraud and sense that’s what got him in the first time. Ultimately I’m disappointed in the Party for letting Justin be Leader. Shame on them all. He’s no Leader. Hope they come to their senses and boot him out. L’Affair SNC Lavlin was obstruction of Justice. He needs to retire in jail.


  26. So 4chan has come up with probably THE BEST NPC triggering poster I’ve seen so far. “Islam is right about women”. It’s absolutely brilliant. Already it’s made the news where it’s been labelled by NPC newscasters and NPC ladies alike as “deeply offensive”. Have fun getting threatened by the local mosque ladies. I encourage everyone to print up some “Islam is right about women” posters and putting them up at the mailbox.