24 Replies to “One Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest”

  1. What population were they trying to kill?

    Old folks, fat folks, North American black folks, are all more susceptible to death from Covid because it is a peculiar cardiovascular disease.

    Does this tell us anything about who the Communists wanted to kill?

    1. Recall the rest of the world decided swapping infective sections of viruses around was too dangerous because of the potential for an accident unleashing a pandemic on the population. Everyone agreed to stop. The Chinese didn’t stop this line of research when everyone else did. So the Americans went back at it so the Chinese would not get ahead. Of course we already knew all this. The Chinese were actually publishing their accomplishments in the regular literature. We already knew the COVID-19 bug had the same infective spike as SARS 1 which was one hell of a coincidence given this bug was supposed to have come out of the wet market. This information tells us the exact enzyme tool was used to cut into the RNA sequence of the COVID-19 bug and put in the SARS1 spike. NO WAY they can say this came out of a wet market. It was a natural occurring virus that was altered in a lab to make it more infective.

      Like studying fission which you can use to for warfare or for electricity, studying how these bug work can be used for vaccine development or biological warfare. This information does not tell us their motivation for doing this. Given how corrupt and sloppy the Chinese are, I think they were playing with fire and it got away on them. They were likely not targeting anyone in particular or planning anything. It just got away. If they were trying to kill everyone they would have had a vaccine available for the senior officials and military.

      We likely won’t be so lucky with COVID-21 or 22 or 27 or whatever, when they do have a vaccine.

      1. They also mentioned at the end that several recent papers showing a natural source were likely fraudulent. Quite a stunner, though I cannot follow the detail, it looks pretty water-tight.

      2. Have you considered that the window of opportunity for the chicoms to destroy the Trump economy, before the election, was closing? That with that economy intact, there was little hope of electing their bought and paid for candidate. That because he had exposed their vulnerability’s, a second term of Donald might well mean the chicoms loose control of China. Might that motivate them to release a bio weapon not yet perfected?
        I wouldn’t bet a lot of money (say twenty bucks paid to Kate?) against your accidental theory BUT the timing is damn suspicious.

  2. Even if the proof is iron clad with eyewitnesses to the modifications having been made and documentation, the communist government of China (being of such high moral character – yes, that is sarcasm) will deny any culpability until eternity, the witnesses will vanish, and any documentation will be destroyed (kind of like our own WE scandal or SNC Lavalin). Either the world starts to punish China economically or nothing will come of it. There must be real world consequences or the behavior will be repeated.

  3. I don’t understand much of the science, but assuming COVID was grown in a lab…. I don’t think it was meant to be released. It isn’t deadly enough or selective enough. Once it got out of the lab and China realized the world would firewall them in to stop the spread, I don’t think Xi Jinping hesitated even a second before deciding to spread it far and wide so everyone felt the economic impact.

    1. From what I can gather, two of the protein strands on the virus spikes have been added on in similar fashion to other work done within the Wuhan lab, and are not known to be found anywhere else in natural viral strands – kind of like finding chrome exhaust pipe on a vintage Model T that wouldn’t exist on the original product. And no, I am not an expert by any stretch but that is what I surmise from the summary.

  4. Globalist Bloomberg is spending $100M in FL alone to defeat The People’s Choice, PDJT. And what do you believe a compliant, sold-out, America is worth to Communist China? The kind of America Biden will deliver?

    The CCP knew they could take any and all draconian measures to LOCK DOWN their own population … and so what if they lost some old, ill, people … they’ve got a couple Billion of em …

    And the TIMING of the outbreak … relative to the upcoming election … right when the American Economy was at its ever-rising PEAK under Trump? Coincidence? Accidental? Sorry, I don’t think so.

    Conspiracy? No. Just logic.

  5. The Stalinist, Xi jinping, allowed it to spread internationally while locking down Wuhan. It involved some risk but in hindsight, it payed off as the west went half nuts in shutting down much of their economies while releasing their inner domestic totalitarian urges. Now they know what to expect when they engineer a better virus. They can count on the western institutional left to be on side with whomever their political enemies hold as enemies and that would include the Chicoms for most conservatives or populists.

    1. I watched that…
      It was good although at times hard to understand her.

      But, nothing to date has indicated to me in any way shape or form that this virus is “natural” … in fact given the numbers of PHd level types working on diff parts around the Planet for years incl Canada leads to and can ONLY lead to the conclusion it was, as I’ve suspected since Jan, a Non Natural viral agent.

      Man Made and designed to be virulent….just not as deadly as it’s. Creators wanted I suspect.

  6. One important Caveat. This is not a publication in a reputable peer reviewed science journal. It was published by “Rule of Law Society & Rule of Law Foundation”. Since this foundation is dedicated to exposing everything rotten in Communist China they are not an unbiased report. I would skeptical until it’s confirmed somewhere else.

    1. More or less integrity than the Lancet?

      Rhetorical. But I, like a lot of people, need to work on being suspicious when I see conclusions that make sense to me.

    2. Yes, the “source” of the information is relevant … however … even MORE important is the science and the mechanism described. No. I am not a viral biologist … but I understand what I’ve read … and it sounds … sound.

      There are NO unbiased sources of information. Hence, the information must stand on its own merits. Just like CAGW global warming cannot stand on its merits. It’s a theory with no proof.

    3. Unfortunately it might be difficult for this paper to get a fair shake in a “reputable” scientific journal. Linking the virus as man made by the Chinese is political kryptonite, and these journals remain very brave on diving into subjects which match the approved party line, but not so much if it falls outside approved thought.
      But there remains what now has turned into a herd of elephants in the room linking the virus as man made. (The first being that it emerged in the Chinese epicenter for viral research, Wuhan.) I was awaiting to see if a paper would come out illustrating restriction sites for enzyme cleavage and this paper didn’t disappoint. It looks very compelling, and I hope that the paper will inspire further investigation and debate. Time will tell.
      My theory of what happened: It is no secret that the labs in Wuhan were working on corona viruses including their genetic manipulation. There are multiple papers describing such. They were being decidedly lackadaisical about it, requiring only level two as opposed to level four. Add in the current Chinese societal problem of cutting corners and selling substandard product (illustrated by Gutter Oil or the tainted milk formula scandal) and you have the formula for something to go drastically wrong. How reliable were the fume hoods? How much could the janitor supplement their income by selling lab animals out the back door into the wet market?
      With time the eventual happened and then things got real interesting. When it became known a virus escaped from the lab the Chinese leadership panicked. Half tried to destroy any evidence and cover it up to avoid blame, while the other half tried desperately to contain it by all means necessary. Understandable, they had no idea what they were dealing with and what the consequences might be as it was a man made virus now infecting the population at large.
      Unfortunately, panic, like the virus itself, was contagious. The world observed how the Chinese were “freaking out” attempting to contain the virus and with limited information escaping Wuhan due to government censorship the worst was presumed. Stories and images of people collapsing in the streets and the crematoriums running 24/7 captivated those attempting to discern what was happening there, and when the virus jumped borders the reaction was to follow the Chinese example and embrace extreme measures of containment. With a media salivating at the opportunity to sensationalize and self important politicians eager to wield control at a size of their own egos the result was only Sweden and Belarus escaped the call to tyranny for your own good. I have no doubt that if this had been a naturally occurring virus the response would have been radically different and we would be living life as normal and remarking at how this has been an atypically bad flu season – the worst since the Hong Kong flu of the 60s.

  7. The Chicoms are evil, no ifs, ands or Gerald Butts.
    Giving them the benefit of the doubt is how they win.
    At some point their leadership needs to be nuked.

    Jim Watson the gay mayor of Ottawa and Liberal whose middle names are Back-door & Shenanigans:
    “Mayor Jim Watson is urging residents to ignore “kooks” who oppose wearing masks and listen to the advice of health unit boss Dr. Vera Etches as Ottawa’s daily COVID-19 case counts creep up.”
    These two would feel quite comfortable at a Chicom planning meeting.


    1. Ah, but if my mask isn’t completely over my nose as I go through airport security in Edmonton, there will be mountains of dead bodies in Prince Edward Island the next day, courtesy of me.

      1. If my mask isn’t completely over my nose … the clerks at my local ACE Hardware scream at me to … COMPLY!!! Yes … that really happened to me … when I walked thru the front door

        1. One of the things I’ve noticed at the Edmonton airport is that there doesn’t seem to be too many normal human beings in the security staff now that there’s more activity at the facility.

          Most of them are apprentice Maolings. Many are the short, fat, purple-haired creatures I mentioned in another thread. A lot of them aren’t of European descent and they tend to be belligerent. The rest seem to be soyboys whose favourite pastime is playing with their Xbox in Mommy and Daddy’s basement when they’re not looking at Internet porn.

          Oh, and just about all of them have tattoos, making me wonder just how many would rather work for Antifa or MS-13.

  8. Kenji – you must go to the wrong stores. Am seeing all sorts of people “wearing” masks but with noses totally exposed when the mask isn’t down under the chin. Given I doubt the efficacy of mask-wearing, I’m not much bothered.