21 Replies to “Mischief is important”

  1. Why bother with paperwork? They should try the Roxham Road crossing, where no one is turned away and officers will gladly carry the couple’s luggage.

    ‘Being famous’ was not considered a skill in demand … unless your last name is Trudeau, then they’ll make you PM

  2. I hate to but out a downer but. This useless twittet has determined that she would rather live in the shit strewn LA but would not move there until Trump was gone. Does that mean we have to support its for 5 years or does it include Trump kin for 8 years after that.

  3. Not so funny. I had to shopw I had a job 40 years ago but now you just turn up on the border and claim refugee status, even now you could claim to be a climate change refugee.

  4. They won’t be a burden. They give anyone a driver’s license these days so they can drive drunks around or bring slop-in-a-box to basement-dwelling turds like UnMe.

  5. Someone do a DNA test on Harry, he is about as royal and Trudeau is French. What he sees in that mutt he married is beyond me. I would do AOC before her any day of the week. Mind you his “father” married Camilla, another dog but then his “father” liked to hang around Jimmy Saville and his favourite uncle Mountbatten who was blown up by the IRA for what he did to Irish orphan boys.

  6. Loved the article…satire at its best. Wish Markle hadn’t put the Queen’s grson into this position as the last thing she (the Queen) needs is more family problems.
    How do we the taxpaying public let Trudeau know that we are not going to pay for their security? Emphasis on NOT.
    Seeing that a Mulroney was involved is pushing me over the edge, I”m afraid.

      1. RE. Canadian Taxpayers bashing Harry and Meghan. You bet they do! And I just zapped them off my e-mail for even thinking about stopping Harry and Meghan from coming to Canada. Of all the useless drones we have in our civil service, the Canadian Taxpayers targets a couple of celebrities that can generate more cash than Wall Street in exchange for what??

  7. I am not Canadian.

    How about giving him a make work ceremonial job like Canadian Governor General?
    Call where he lives a palace and ask the Queen to pay him as a remittance man?

  8. Come now people!! Who wants royalty coming to Canada?? Royalty who can generate 100s of millions of dollars with their names alone!! Much better to invite illegals to cross over at Roxham Road crossing while the RCMP and the Border Services Officers carry their luggage for them!! Better yet! Why don’t we just open our borders to the Mexican Drug Cartel and tell Harry and Meghan to go home!!

    Seriously guys and gals!! These people can generate more cash than Wayne Gretsky and Celine Dion combined!!

    1. And where do they live? I don’t Harry and Megan are destined for Canada. The biggest star in Toronto is Jessica Mulroney and in Vancouver it’s Graham Greene.

  9. Turdeau will have lots of spare cash around after the carbon taxes that Alberta and Saskatchewan residents have to pay to keep warm for the next week. They’ll be a bargain.