30 Replies to “Canadian Airports: The Absolute Incompetence of Canada’s Deep State”

    1. Exactly Joe. Let’s recollect a few things here: They tax the shit out of gas… we can’t drive as much. They want farmers to use 30% fertilizer… fewer bushels per acre. And suddenly our airports can only run at 50% capacity. This gang of pillagers literally do not care how much they destroy in the name of their environmental religion.

  1. Never ascribe to incompetence that which is more correctly attributed to malice. The Trudeau regime is the most malicious and morally depraved government in the history of Canada

    1. And the ones who voted for him have industrial grade blind folds dipped in gold plated stupidity.

  2. You all might be right about this being deliberate but have you ever seen videos of Omar Alghabra speaking? If you spotted him the “c” and the “t”, it’s doubtful he could spell “cat”. He’s stupider than SDA’s trolls, which is saying a lot!

    Here’s his official profile: https://pm.gc.ca/en/cabinet/honourable-omar-alghabra He is neither honourable nor capable of running a lemonade stand. Canada should recruit the American Transport Minister instead.

    1. That’s a helluva low bar to set Robert. ButtPlug is his own kind of special, useful idiot in his own right.

    2. Omar was recommended for the position by gran greener Gerald Butts.

      Is Omar stupid? Yes that why the gang greens want him.

  3. You get voters that elect politicians based on virtue signaling nonsense and their hairdos.
    Stupid politicians are not the problem.
    Mock their stupidity to their faces.

  4. Just saying I don’t see the delays at Pearson the way it is being reported. Yes flights are being delayed but not last min left in the airport for hours on end sort of delays. They have always given us at least 24-48 hours notice and most in airport delays have only been 15 min or less due to people trying to bring too much luggage for carry-on. We ourselves first hand along with friends and family have flown more than a dozen times both international and domestic since March without ever even having an issue regarding refusal for Arrivecan even. Non vax and no one asked. So some of it might be luck but some of it is that we never had high expectations for flights on time in the first place. I have sat hours waiting for luggage to get to the carousel my entire life with only a few times it happened in any timely manner… so none of this really new. I feel like to some extent this is like the hospital emergency room reporting where it is “over loaded” when it has been overloaded for decades. Nothing really new just that the general work force in these places seems to be even less capable or interested in doing their jobs, thus slowing things down even more.

  5. please
    I have been through 3 of the mentioned airports, plus one not mentioned, and NO problems. The one not mentioned I had a kiosk operator give me shit, bc I left my baggage unattended for a bit. After SHE dressed me down, I realize why, so no big deal!

  6. Damn,the failure to post a comment is inversely linked to the length of said lost comment..

    Canadian Customs and Immigration.
    This is the bottleneck causing all the chaos and conflict.
    Government solution to government causing the problem?
    Make government bigger?
    The only people being hindered here are Canadian Citizens.
    For terrorists are made welcome by our very own Prime Minister.
    Illegal immigrants have their baggage carried by the RCMP,to hotels where government houses them for free.
    Toxic Drugs and poisons are actively prescribed by Government..
    So what are these Border Guards doing?
    Why bother with them?
    Is it to keep criminals out?
    So as avoid competition with our government forces?

    Or is the Bug the true feature here?
    Results are all you can judge the intent of liars by.
    The results of Government help at airports speak for themself.

    1. Learned that the hard way many times always copy before hitting Post Comment it reduces the blood pressure ratings…

  7. how effing embarrassing , the highest taxes , the worst weather, the worst government , the worst airport in the world. anyone else fed up with soviet clusterfukastan?

      1. Why feed them?
        Jail only serves people with a chance of redemption.
        And if you are too dangerous to be loose in society,you just might be too dangerous to live.
        Banishment to Coats Island Nunavut is my preferred remedy for all of Gang Green and their worthless helpers.

    1. Hey Freeman – those rotten ba—-ds!
      Free healthcare hereabouts? Sometimes it is worthless healthcare!

  8. “The Absolute Incompetence of Canada’s Deep State”

    Just imagine the damage they could do if they were actually competent

  9. I’m just thankful it’s not that inconvenient for me to fly out of us airports. Canada is a two bit sideshow.

  10. hey.
    liberal tranna, wanna keep this then keep voting historically liberal and have historic bottlenecks at pearson named after another liberal.
    good grief look what liberal voters cause everyone including themselves.
    think not? did ANY of these travellers vote liberal in whatever riding they reside?
    see, it works !!! keep voting liberal to keep it happening