Vincent Racaniello: Viruses and Vaccines

This is very much worth your time, and touches on nearly all the discussion points that have been raised and debated here at SDA over the past 18 months.

From the nature of viruses to vaccine history and safety, the effectiveness of masks, ivermectin and other interventions, the tragedy that inexpensive home rapid tests have never been deployed, and how the failures and misrepresentations of health bureaucrats have sown the seeds of public distrust.

If you’re looking to feed your confirmation bias, at least seek it from an unimpeachable source: Vincent Racaniello is a virologist, immunologist, and microbiologist at Columbia. He is a co-author of the textbook Principles of Virology and co-host of This Week in Virology podcast.

There’s a time stamped topic outline in the Youtube description here.

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  1. Better watch it while you can. YouTube will probably take it down, with prejudice.

    1. No youtube censor is going to sit through a meandering 3 hour yawn. I have it going in the background while I do yard work.

    1. Also second Kate, but should not this question be asked?
      With persons such as Vincent R. out there, How come others such as Peter Daszak and Fauci are calling the shots?

  2. Watched most of it. Many of the things he was saying have been said by others. I still cannot grasp the irrational insanity embraced by the populace. Everything that has been done has been wrong. I just am so tired of the insanity and stupidity, people have to wake up and educate themselves. The vaxxes are not “vaccines” and things are going to get a hell of a lot worse unless we stand up and put a stop to it.

    1. I used to spend a lot of my time pooh poohing the conspiracy theories and trying to figure out WTF is going on. All semblance of ethics is just gone. I now firmly believe that a portion of our politicians are eagerly and happily using the vaccine to introduce a Chinese style social passport. The rest are just taking huge bribes and their greed has blinded them so they don’t care what this means. I am definitely moving towards the vaccine also being a deliberate planned depopulation tool designed to wipe out about 90% of us. It’s a common feeling among so many of our highly intelligent elite types that a majority of them would probably look the other way while it is happening and quietly applaud. Even this guy makes several quips/comments that lead me to think he feels most humans are a waste of skin.

      1. In Australia, the accusation of politicians being heavily bribed by pharma lobbyists is now public. Note the Aussie witch resigned. Also now in the open is the successful use of Ivermectin in India. Hopefully the pharma scam will die. I didn’t use to be anti Big Pharma, but this scam is of such enormous impact that I am now.

        What is it about the 21st. century that two enormous scams, covid and global warming, can be perpetrated on the world? It must be the quasi-monopoly of international and national news organizations, with blanket propaganda and the almost complete censorship of alternative information.

        1. It is easy for me to understand – I have met so many “stupid” people who are intelligent in other parts of their lives.

          As a lover of history, I put it down to the “dumbing down” within the K-12 system and to people wanting “free” stuff from the government. I read a news item in which one of the Democrat Squad wants the US Healthcare system to cover the costs of wigs. Whatever happened to strong, independent people who just “get on” with their lives?

        2. This may be “too big to fail.” Despite all the revelations since 2006, debunking “A Inconvenient Truth.” Still, it seems that this “code red on the environment” has captivated the majority of the world’s population.

          Sadly, I believe the same thing is happening here. There are just too many powerful brokers pushing this on humanity for it to fail.

      2. Well stated Justin.

        I am of similar mindset. Definitely for Profit and as I’ve been used to saying, with an unhealthy side of Genocide. There can be no argument, given the preponderance of evidence, that this was planned and planned a long time ago.

        De-Population has been a goal of UN – Global appartchiks for decades.

        Only thing where I would differ with your comment is i fully believe that the entire Western Hemisphere Body Politic is being COERCED…be it via massive $$$ or more likely, threat of violence against family. One has to look at those who intimately were involved in some aspect of Virology/COvSars2 or High Political office who have suffered untimely deaths in the past 2 years. A Couple of Presidents in Africa I do believe & the RT PCR inventor…

        I think so

        1. Dr. Frank Plummer who was in charge of the lab in Winnipeg. Dropped dead unexpectedly in Kenya after a nice dinner meeting in Feb 2019. Total coincidence.

        2. Town of Lyton 90% burned to the ground three hours after Dr. Hoffe published on social media that he was testing patients for and finding a clotting disorder appearing after vaccination. Total coincidence.

          1. I rest your CASES….
            One can literally see the fear in their Govt Fed eyes on their daily/weekly “updates” of Bullshit…

            I also note that this Professor talks of RT PCR use like its the Golden Rod of determining Infection..?? WTF.??

    2. Yes VOWG, it is indeed irrational insanity. And how did this come about?

      The vast majority of our population now makes decisions based on FEELINGS, not Facts! It explains everything. If they FEEL that masks work, then they do. If they FEEL that lockdowns work, then there’s lockdowns.
      Sociopathic political leadership is in tune with this and only too happy to oblige. They rule by opinion polls, the FEELINGS of the populace, so they keep power for power’s sake.

      Once people are switched to fear based living, critical thinking turns off. That’s why we see so many people we know, that we used to know as smart, intelligent people, now stuck in a Karen based Fear world of irrationality when it comes to this virus. People we used to engage with, are now a text every two months, if any at all. Neighbours give us ‘the look’. We’re disgusted, but stoic. The game is slowly changing in the other direction though, as the jabbed are now starting to fill up the ICUs……..will the narrative change? Somehow I doubt it, it will be spun into pretzels again, as the political medical authorities like Bonnie BS and Hinshaw continue their masquerade party.

  3. It’s not just Big Pharma. It is the entire medical establishment, public and private, including, with rare exception, doctors. I have seen comments by many people saying that the relationship and the trust they had in their doctor is irreparably broken

    1. That’s where my wife is at. Absolutely no trust in doctors now. She’s been sick twice and simply refused to go to the doctor and she read on line and came up with her own treatments. Okay they worked and it wasn’t life threatening but I do worry about that. She’s terrified of being jabbed without consent or murdered with a ventilator and remdisivir.

      1. +++++/\ Justin

        Identical situation here. ZERO TRUST in govt or the Medical Establishment.

      2. Yes, same boat here, our trust in doctors has plunged significantly. Case in point, my wife had to see hers 4 months ago, and he questioned why she was taking “so much Vitamin D”. 3 tabs a day, 3,000IU……….what a Twit!
        I don’t know how we return to normalcy with that establishment. And yes, we are avoiding medical visits for minor issues. Anyone got some liquid nitrogen advice……..?

        1. Neither do I Dan. as I mentioned in other posts, had my Annual conversation with my CARDIOLOGIST (one who works at the Knee Clinic in DT Calgary)..a week ago. Last Question was whether I had taken the Vid Vax… I told him point blank “not putting poison in my body”. His Reply was “well the Data suggests otherwise”. Said to him your data is pharma/Govt propaganda – end of conversation.

          ….Ad fucking nauseau.
          Shove yer Vax up your outbox…MY BODY – My Goddamned choice.

  4. Just got to the part about how we need to vaccinate to save the children. This guy knows a lot about viruses and absolutely squat about epidemiology. The risks to kids from the vaccine from short term effects far exceed the risks of COVID. The Kids narrative is just a narrative. It has no merit.

    The current hospitalization rate of children is largely due to RSV with COVID as a side infection they picked up after they got in hospital.

    1. It’s to use kids as human shields for Teachers…………it’s disgusting on so many levels.

      1. Simply put, a society that would use children as human shields to “protect” adults does not deserve survival. And probably won’t have it either.

  5. His comments on ivermectin are straight up Big Pharma propaganda. No mention of anything like the results from India and Mexico. His pooh pooh ing of multiple other studies is wrong as well and indicates a towering ignorance of epidemiology. There is far more evidence for ivermectin safety and efficacy than for the safety and efficacy of these damned vaccine treatments.

    His comments about the new Merck drug are correct. Ivermectin however blocks and shut downs that inflammatory response as well as viral replication at multiple points in the infected cell’s life cycle. This means there is an astronomically tiny chance of resistance developing to ivermectin.

  6. “We know the vaccines prevent you from dying.” Completely ignoring the possibility of antibody dependent enhancement. That’s shameful in someone purporting to be an expert in viruses. But I suppose it is possible one can be an expert in viruses while not knowing one thing about the immune system and how it works.

    Oh and ivermectin, because of its multipoint effects on the cellular machinery in the cell is going to remain effective on any viral variant.

    I have concluded this guy is one of those experts who think because he is an expert in one area he is an expert in all areas. He is also lazy and has a closed mind. He is basing much of his response on what other experts he believe are telling him the truth are saying. He is not doing his own investigations. On other words he’s full of shit.

  7. H G Wells was a genius. The underlying lesson here is that we will never meet those space aliens whipping around in their UFO’s because they would be insane to expose themselves to the skillions of viruses on this planet. This guy, also, pretty much ruined every science fiction space genre for me. And, any trip of humans to Mars (or any other planet with their own viral armies) is a fool’s errand.

    What was that number? Ten to the 31st power of viruses found in just a cup of sea water?

    1. Not to mention what we could do to other planets with our assortment of viruses and other bugs.

  8. I’m going to slightly disagree with Kate. There have been MANY “unimpeachable” sources that have already spoken out against the vaccines. We don’t need any confirmation bias, especially from fly-by-night “experts” who are primarily exercising their privileges from public health sources on behalf of the government. The one that comes to mind off the top of my head is Dr. Robert Malone.

    Having said that, I will welcome any and all opinions on the vaccines, regardless of the source. There is nothing wrong with gathering as much information as possible to form informed consent, with the caveat that buyer must be made aware of mis and dis-information.

    1. Ick… my post needs a re-write. I NEVER meant to imply that Dr. Malone was an “impeachable” source. My bad. I’ve got to learn to proofread before posting.

      (was…an…impeec… no… “impeachable” source. There! I think I got it now.

      Gawd… that was a participle that was left dangling a little too long.

  9. There used to be a thing called informed consent. That means you personally take in all possible facts and come up with your own personal risk/benefit analysis and decide.

    Instead we have tossed all that out. We no longer have informed consent. We are not permitted a choice to use alternatives like ivermectin. Ivermectin is not only completely blocked in Canada it’s outright banned with special searches and seizures going on at the border for smuggling of it into the country now. Our doctors are under threat of having their medical licenses removed if they don’t conform precisely to the government line. Even getting the horse paste is hard now. We are using enticement and coercion to force people to take the vaccine. No treatment is offered if you are hospitalized with COVID. You get a ventilator to provide support until you either recover or die. If you’re considered elderly you are offered a ventilator or euthanasia. Every aspect of ethical and moral approaches to medicine have been completely abandoned. If you chose not to be vaccinated in spite of the coercion you and only you are to blame for every failure of our health care system.

    If this doesn’t scare the hell out of you, nothing will.

    1. But Justin,I am to blame for the failure of our healthcare system.
      I have paid taxes for over 40 years,enabling the bureaus of waste and corruption to continue.
      Given how miserable a failure State run Medical care is,I am to blame.
      For not inventing a pocket flame thrower for inner office usage.
      The comedy of “Just two Weeks to save Healthcare” is beyond parody.
      18months of denial and still the fear maddened hysterics continue,their theatrics.

      Lock down follows lockdown,usually a week or three after the viral spread.
      Government can never anticipate,they react.
      Most commonly in a most destructive manner possible..
      Canadians response?
      “We need more government”.
      The very same people who cannot operate within budget,cannot stop systemic government corruption,cannot stop smugglers or even invasive plants..Will stop a virus..
      Delusions of adequacy ,in all its destructive glory..

      The minions assure us that this is a crisis,then they show us how they perform in crisis mode..
      Fire them all.
      For they are the plague,the danger and the destruction.

      Florida just blew the doors off of the Magic Vaccine Meme,the whole vaccine is the only cure,nothing else will work lie,is in full collapse.
      For North Americans are horribly blind to the rest of the world,but once it happens in house,they cannot hide.

      And yes.
      Covid-19 does not scare me.
      My Government terrifies me.
      They have attacked you and me calling us, who house, cloth and feed them,the enemy.
      Causing us massive financial and social damage in the name of a “Pandemic” .
      A Plandemic of their making.

      Help such as this cannot go unrewarded.

      Step 1 Reduce your taxable income to as close to zero as possible.
      Barter is back.
      Trust only those you know.
      Step 2
      Chargeout rate to all who identify as your enemy,at 5x or better,cash up front.

      Step 3 Never forget,never forgive.
      It only took 70 years for the last bunch of murderous State Thugs to be normalized.

      Disband all government departments.
      The one truth of Dread Covid Theatre,has been government is useless,clueless and endlessly destructive.

      Without the “Expert Help” of Government The Dread Covid would long be over and forgotten,as just another ugly flu season..
      Instead it continues into a third year of slow death and torture.

      And of course,note that none of our helpers will explain why they give China a pass for gifting us this plague.
      Almost as if it is a joint venture.

    2. Justin

      DEFACTO Medical NAZIism. That is what we have here with Goebbels like Propaganda from our version of the Ministry of TRUTH.

      We, the unvaxxed are this generations JEWS…
      Arbeit Macht Frie y’all.
      Identical Coercive BS as: Regain freedom – take the Vax.

      1. I used to get offended when people always compared things to Nazis because it diminishes the horror of the Holocaust. I think in this case it fits. In fact it may be worse the Nazis. They only killed 12 million people in their camps and started a World War.

    3. Justin:

      Therein lies the Crux of the matter:

      “..If you chose not to be vaccinated in spite of the coercion you and only you are to blame for every failure of our health care system…”

      If this doesn’t scare the hell out of you, nothing will.
      My fault…uhuh.

      What a CROC of complete BS…particularly in light of “leaky” Vaxxines & the reportage of
      VAERS – EUDRA. Nothing to date has given me ANY reason to disbelieve these Vaxxes are a BIO WEAPON…not one damned thing.

  10. Thanks to all who took the time to listen, especially Justin!….first 20 mins lost me.
    Vaccinate the children? No …I do not need to waste time listening to him.
    I have a long list of reliable doctors who deserve my time: Dr. Malone, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Kulvinder Kaur, Dr Phillips are a few.

    1. 26er

      Add: Dr Hodgkinson, Dr Modry (both of Alberta), Dr Delores Cahill of Ireland, Dr Judy Mikovits (AMERID), Dr Lee Merritt, Dr Hoffe of Lytton, Dr, Simone Gold, Dr Davidosn of RedDeer….along with the other 60,000+ Eminent Physicians, Epidemiologists, Virologists etc of FLDA.

      ADD in the utter DAMNING EVIDENCE of Dr David Martin in his deposition to Reiner Fuellmich re: US PATENT History…Plus the “prescience” of Peter Daszak and I’m beginning to see a Pattern……

      All tin foil hatters without a doubt right…??
      Add in the “prescience” of Peter Daszak and I’m beginning to see a Pattern……

  11. My biases were confirmed by facts some time ago.
    Much like my conspiracy theories are now simply conspiracies.

  12. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Interview: a review. The host is dumb as a stump. I have little patience for that. Would have preferred a peer to peer discussion with depth vs safe lane silo talk and unchallenged assertions – such as The don’t know how long the RNA stays around. Why? What have past multi generation studies said? What can we infer from the half life of the antibodies in the vexed for example? Haven’t we all done calculation? that so why hasn’t he as an RNA expert? The fact he didn’t go there was as telling as anything. What’s being done to figure that out now? Would have liked someone to challenge him with research papers on things like reverse transcription pathways and some of these injured people with India Ivermectin data, VAERS side effects because there are a lot more categories than the 3 he mentioned, or the hand waving around it stays in the arm because of the concentration which sounded like bullshit. Nano particle transport (with cholesterol mimicking fat encasement) were just touted as exciting because they may be used to target ovaries due to the transport and concentration outside the arm. Where’s the data showing that concentration transport sensitivity claimed? Also the whole we can cure cancer now bit. I thought we were in the Vax arena with RNA technology because that didn’t pan out and this was the hail mary business maneuver but whatever. No double he knows a lot from an inside perspective. Psychologically this was interesting. Watched the body language. His meaning of life part was illuminating. A few interesting bits from a guy that loves his sexy god like technology and believes nothing has meaning.

  13. Vincent Racaniello is one of the most informative interviews yet …. best 3 hours I ever spent .

    Thanks to SDA for providing it .


  14. I often ask those who are rabid supporters of this jab have you read the pharma warnings before you accepted the shot? Crickets.
    I also ask are you aware there is an immunity clause protecting those who deliver the cocktail and those who made it so they can not be sued? Usually the look tells me they haven’t a clue what I am talking about.
    I then will ask has the fda approved this for those healthy in the less risk groups? You know what most people say, and they haven’t a clue.
    I say remove the immunity clause, let the FDA approve it and have people understand what they are allowing into their bodies(disclose what’s in it fully) put a drop date of January 15, 2022 and give people the choice of whether they want the shot or not. After that, those who aren’t complying can pay for whatever jab one wants if they change their mind. Leave people the hell alone. What has happened to this once great country that is described as strong and free? The anthem can’t stand up in 2021 for many of these crazed zombies have gone along with pop culture brain washing that alters JFK’s words to
    “Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you”

  15. I dislike the dishonest or stupid naivety about aggression, hatred, war and evil. The arrogance, the fascination about deadly parasites, the feeling of entitlement to money and power, the closeness to shady figures like Fauci (“what did he do wrong?”). Not somebody that I could trust or would be interested in listening to again.

  16. L – For this interview to have credibility. It would require this researcher, Dr. Bryam Bridle Dr. Robert Malone, and Dr. Ryan Cole, in open discussion. Lex is very bright but did not do the research needed to ask the hard questions arising from VARERS, waning immunity, ADE.

    The Freedom of Information request by Dr. Bryam Bridle to the Japanese gov’t. discovered data that was not divulged to the U.S. (Canada/U.K.). The Spike Protein circulating in the blood stream changed the risk/benefit analysis. Gov’t. censorship instead of free and open discussion about, the Lockdowns, therapeutics, and the E.U.A. vaccines…has reduced physicians from medical professionals down to medical technicians under the direct control of the state. Marxist Medicine.

    The cost/benefit of the Lockdowns is another question going unanswered. Quarantining the healthy was a radical measure. Reintroduction of the scientific method in public medicine, how long is that going to take. Vaccine Passports are too close to the C.C.P. social credit score to go unnoticed. The destruction of small, family independent businesses, while giving billionaire companies a virtual monopoly… There are a lot of unanswered questions.

    2021-22, the winter of our discontent, then two decades of seeing if Canada survives as a nation-state.

  17. My 2 cents:
    One would think that in a 3 plus hour interview with Racaniello questions about the origins of the SARS-COV2 virus would have been asked. Where were the question about why Racaniello and his supporting cast at TWIV prevented debate over the role of Peter Daszak and EcoHealth alliance in creating chimeric viruses in China.
    Racaniello needs to participate in a sincere discussion of the broad role virologists like himself in creating this biological-Chernobyl. Heck, during this podcast he is bragging about his postdoc at MIT tinkering with the polio virus. He specifically states work needs BSL3 minimum but one would think that would be a good point to mention the WIV was performing experiments on SARS at BSL-2.
    Another thing: can someone get the podcast host a cup of coffee – the kid seems half asleep.