The Othering of People Has Dire Consequences

In times past, people with different political views could agree to disagree. Then when #OrangeManBad came into office in 2016, folks of a Left-leaning bent developed a mental illness called “TDS” and essentially went crazy. Symptoms of TDS include overly large eyes when engaged in a political rant, an incapability to deal with facts and process them logically, a complete lack of self-awareness, an inability to realize rampant hypocrisy emanating from their TDS-infected brains, and a host of others.

Agree to disagree became You’re a Racist/Bigot/Sexist/Homophobe/Islamophobe/Transphobe if you dare disagree with any of my views, which more recently became You’re Evil if you disagree with The Narrative™ and must be dealt with accordingly.

Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden and their countless legacy media apparatchiks can pretend that their inflammatory rhetoric is not directly fueling all of this but they’re lying.  They know it.  We know it.  And they know that we know it.

Which brings us to a recent politically-motivated murder: Biden’s Demonic Speech Leads to Teen Murdered for Being MAGA:

At the beginning of September, in his second year in office, Joe Biden desecrated our nation’s birthplace with a hate-filled speech that can only be described as demonic, on sacred ground at Independence Hall. In this speech, Biden laid out all issues of the country at the feet of his target scapegoat group – MAGA Americans. Biden warned that MAGA Americans were a threat to democracy itself within our nation.

Two weeks later, a left-wing adult in rural North Dakota murdered a teenager for being Republican. He admitted this to police while seemingly unaware he had done anything wrong. In fact, he complained about his bail being too high. At this time, he has not even been charged with murder. Biden has claimed repeatedly to be interested in unifying the country, but perhaps what he really means is unifying the Left against anyone who disagrees with them.

13 Replies to “The Othering of People Has Dire Consequences”

  1. Anyone so unstable as to be motivated to murder based on Biden’s hate speech is likely to have done so regardless. Hate speech, like all speech should be freely out there to be judged under the light of day. Taking away free speech leaves violence as the only remaining tool for social change. The Spawn-Fuhrer’s hate speech was additional motivation for the freedom convoy and for those who supported them from home and abroad.

  2. This is not something new, you can go back to the FRC shooter, and the bernie bro who tried to take out the republicans at a baseball game…

    or further back for other examples

  3. I have no problems othering leftists, climate activists aka disciples of Pol Pot, WEF believers, COVID fetishists, gender grooming, child abusing subhuman shyte and the rest of the depraved circus. I want them dead.

    They want me dead and I return the favor.

    Whoever wins gets to hang the losers. Are the cops in western countries aware that they’re among the ones who will hang if they keep supporting the genocidal regimes running the G7?

  4. Oh please, the Great Orange Buffoon is obviously an idiot. His latest brain fart: “I can declassify documents just by thinking about it”. One of countless examples of idiotic crap from his tiny little mouth. If anything needs to be cancelled, it is him. The worst presidential blot on American politics to date and that is saying a lot. Close behind are Biden, Bush Jr. and Clinton.

    1. Do you have to work hard to be stupid? The authority to classify or declassify is solely the president’s, as is all other executive authority. If he says “it’s declassified” that’s all there is to it.

      And if you’re a particularly slow learner, Trump was the duly elected president.

      To reiterate, because you’re stupid: the president can declassify anything on a whim. Now, be silent while adults discuss serious things, child.

    2. You know that medical assistance in death is a way out of your congenital stupidity, right, Liberal ass kisser? As for blots, you’re pretty much it on SDA. I’d recommend hemlock, but your sort is impervious to irony or anything above double digit IQ.

    3. If you’re really a Canuck from New Brunswick, thanks for your input.
      Now if I as an American citizen ever give a rat’s a$$ what you as a Canadian think, I won’t even have to ask.
      Now apologize to the 99.999% of other Canadians who are fine people (and apparently have higher IQ’s than you).

    4. To The Trumpers:
      It obvious that you lot certainly have ‘being stupid’ down pat.
      Must have been born that way.

  5. Left-leaning mental illness began long before 2016 and Orange Man Bad TDS. My political “awakening” began in 2000 with the election of President Bush. The left demonstrated how unhinged they were then and have only become worse over the years.

  6. If you disagree with the Halfrican’s policies, you’re a racist. That was the mantra before TDS was a thing.